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Helping you to incorporate recycling into your daily life

Helping you to incorporate recycling into your daily life


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Helping you to incorporate recycling into your daily life




Episode 16: A Big Pane in the Glass

If you’re like Keith and Mollie, which you must be at least a little if you follow this podcast, you’re always looking for alternatives to throwing things in the garbage. Let’s face it, though: some things are really hard to get rid of or...


Episode 15: Recycling by the Yard

It’s summer time! On this episode, Keith and Mollie take it outside. Specifically, they take recycling to the back yard. If your outdoor furniture is broken, your outdoor cushions are dirty beyond repair, and your lawn care practices wouldn’t exactly be considered environmentally friendly,...


Episode 14: Recycling You Can Sit On

Ever think about all of the plastic lids and caps that get thrown out instead of being recycled? If you’ve been losing sleep over them, or even if you haven’t, don’t worry. In fact, that’s what Keith and Mollie talk about today. We can’t...


Episode 13: How Many Lightbulbs Does it Take to Change a Person?

Lightbulbs are everywhere, but we usually don’t think much about them until they burn out. When that happens, what do you do with the old one? While you’re stumbling around in the dark trying to figure that out, why not join Keith and Mollie...


Episode 12: Hit a Home Run for the Environment… Obviously

As the World Series gets underway and this year’s baseball season draws to a close, Keith and Mollie make one last trip to the ballpark. But what’s this? Broken bats? Old gloves? And don’t even get us started on the concession stand. On this...


Episode 11: Take my Stuff, Leave my Ping-Pong Table

Got a pile of things that you need to get rid of but that you know can’t go in the garbage? We’ve all got old electronics, dead batteries, and other things that we’ve been told shouldn’t go in the landfill. You could try throwing...


Episode 10: In the Garage With George

Got a garage full of junk? No, we’re not talking about your car. That’s a different podcast altogether. But for most of us, the garage is a convenient place for common household items to disappear to. The problem is they only get as far...


Episode 9: Trust Your Crazy Idea

Sometimes, it’s the crazy ideas that end up making the biggest splash. Today, Keith and Mollie are joined again by Mary Liz Ingram of the Clean Up Project USA, a resource that grew out of her family’s crazy idea to try going 40 days...


Episode 8: 40 Days Without Plastic

Here at Rome Was Not Recycled in a Day, we’re as much about small lifestyle changes as we are about what goes in the recycling bin. But sometimes, someone makes a big lifestyle change and ends up showing all of us that, all in...


Episode 7: Let’s Eat, Please Pass the #1 Plastic

Ah, dinner time. We all gather around the table to enjoy some good grub. But is the environment enjoying our meal time as much as we are? If it’s take-out, there’s the obvious question of what you can do with the container after the...


Episode 6: How Did the Bread Tag Cross the Road?

It’s pretty ridiculously obvious that recycling is good for the environment. But did you know it can also be good for charitible organizations? On this episode, Keith and Mollie are joined by their friend Mallie to learn about one such example. Check out how...


Episode 5: Recycling in the Kitchen Takes All Sorts

Feeling overwhelmed in the kitchen? We can’t help you figure out what to have for dinner tonight, but on this episode, we’ll at least help you sort through the craziness of recycling in the kitchen. For all of that stuff that can’t go in...


Episode 4: Everything in the Kitchen Sink

Sponges and dishes and plastics, oh my! A lot of waste happens in the kitchen, especially in the sink. Are you wondering how you can be more environmentally friendly with your dish washing habits? Then join Keith and Mollie with a couple of special...


episode 3: recycling in the time of covid-19

There’s no question that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed things for all of us. It’s even changed our eating habits, shopping, and daily routines. So, have you stopped to think how it’s changed the garbage and recycling that you’re producing? On this episode, Keith...


Episode 2: In the Bathroom with Ben

Ever wonder what to do with empty toothpaste tubes to keep them out of the landfill? Or maybe you’ve got a collection of empty soap pump bottles that you don’t know what to do with? On this episode, Mollie and Keith are joined by...


Episode 1: The Five Fingers of Recycling

In this first episode, Mollie and Keith identify the five categories of things that can go into most curb-side recycling bins and a few items that definitely don’t belong there. In the meantime, Keith learns how to say MRF.