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Room 9 is a podcast centered around Substance Use Disorder, Mental Health Disorder, and Personal Development. The goal of Room 9 Podcast is to bring to light that our pain and mistakes are what makes us who we are, and is our greatest teacher for our future success. What can truly be loved about a person is inseparable from their limitations

Room 9 is a podcast centered around Substance Use Disorder, Mental Health Disorder, and Personal Development. The goal of Room 9 Podcast is to bring to light that our pain and mistakes are what makes us who we are, and is our greatest teacher for our future success. What can truly be loved about a person is inseparable from their limitations
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Room 9 is a podcast centered around Substance Use Disorder, Mental Health Disorder, and Personal Development. The goal of Room 9 Podcast is to bring to light that our pain and mistakes are what makes us who we are, and is our greatest teacher for our future success. What can truly be loved about a person is inseparable from their limitations






Epsd. #49 - The Many Ways We Approach Addiction | Solo Episode

In this episode of Room 9 the host is flying solo. Grab a cup of coffee and sit down with Sean as he talks about how we need to stop forcing the way that worked for us on everybody else, how to find our authenticity, and the importance of learning how to take our mask off. Find out more about Room 9 at


Spectrum Health & Human Services Episode 4 - Home Health Care Coordination Team

In the fourth collaboration episode with Spectrum Health, Sean sits down to have a conversation with three members of the "Health Home Care Coordination" team, Amanda Zepeda, Tara Riordan, and Christin Estrada. They touch base on their role with the team, why they got into this role, and how you can be helped by the program. To get in touch with the team you can call (716)539-is 5465 Monday - Friday between the hours of 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. or go to You can also...


A Reminder To Us All

This 8 minutes audio clip was created to remind everyone about the difficulties and pain that are involved in Substance Use Disorder as well as the the joy that comes with recovery. Let us not pretend we know what anyone is going through and just bring Love, Acceptance, and Support to the table. Music by The Owl from Fugue


Epsd. #48 - W/Anne Constantino & Judith Tejada

In this episode of Room 9 Sean has a wonderful conversation with the Horizon-Health CEO and the Vice President of Clinical Operations, Anne Constantino and Judith Tejada. This spectacular trio touch on topics such as the barriers in treatment and how treatment is so different for each individual. These two women are no strangers to the Substance Use and Mental Health universe and have a lot of experience every one of us can learn from.


Spectrum Health & Human Services Episode 3 - World Mental Health Day - W/Brittany Derry

Brittany Derry is the Program Manager at Spectrum Health & Human Services' Seneca St. building, located in Buffalo, New York. Sean and Brittany get together, on World Mental Health day, for a conversation centered around how the language we use can add to stigma, just because we struggle with a Mental Health Disorder doesn't mean we are it, and the services that Spectrum Health is currently offering.


Epsd. 47 - W/Raymond Ganoe

Raymond Ganoe is the President/CEO of Evergreen Health and has over 25 years of experience working in Healthcare. Sean and Ray have a wonderful discussion centered around what pushed Ray into his field, the difficulties of finding what services each individual needs, and the popular topic of Harm Reduction.


Epsd. 46 - W/Jeremy Hitt

Jeremy Hitt is the program director at Horizon-Health's Terrace House located in Buffalo, N.Y. Sean and Jeremy talk about his role as program director, what led him from being an engineer to his current position with Horizon, and how change is difficult, in general, for anyone.


Epsd. 45 - The Fallacy Of Chasing Happiness | Solo Episode

In this rare solo episode of Room 9 Sean talks about how are constant search for happiness is the reason why we are unhappy. Influenced from the book "Everything Is F*cked" by Mark Manson, The Room 9 host touches on how our emotional constant is "it's not terrible but could be better", antifragility, and how pain/suffering should be valued more than anything.


Epsd. 44 - Strong Relationships In Recovery W/Christine Glavey

Sean sits down with his BFF, Christine Glavey, for the third time in Room 9 history. Christine and Sean continue to talk about the challenges that a couple has to overcome when one of them is in recovery, dealing with a family members "two cents", and the importance of leaning into the "I don't know". This is Christine's third time one the show and has been Sean's biggest supporter since day one.


Spectrum Health & Human Services Episode 2 - W/Jaclyn Vaccaro and Heather Randolph

In the second Spectrum Health & Human Services podcast Sean sits down with two Peer Support Specialists, Jaclyn Vaccaro and Heather Randolph. Heather and Jaclyn discuss their role at Spectrum Health and how they are using a specific grant to create a recovery community that allows people, from the ages of 16-30, to participate in convivial activities. Spectrum Health & Human Services has been serving the western New York community for over 40 years and take great pride in their...


Epsd. 42 - Cuddihy, Oliver, and The 12 Steps

In this episode of Room 9 Sean sits down with his regular guest Matthew Oliver. Sean and Matt take the twelve steps and talk about them in a new way. Matthew Oliver has been on the show plenty of times and he continues to bring his well rounded experience to the table.


Epsd. 41 - W/Janet Gaskin

Janet Gaskin is the Parent and Family Support Liaison for Horizon-Health. Janet has dedicated her career to helping those struggling with Substance Use Disorder and supporting their families. Her main focus is building relationships with her clients and their family members by educating them as they transition in between levels of care. Sean and Janet have a conversation about the different experiences Janet has had working with family members, the language we use when talking about those...


Epsd. 40 - W/Nick Matiash

Nick Matiash is a men's life coach, a teacher, and an author. He is the owner and operator of Moving Past Mediocre, the platform he created to lead people to their version of success in mind, body, and soul. Nick has been giving away his "Emotionally Successful" workshop which you can be a part of at Sean and Nick have a conversation about how many of us are not only fearful of failure but our own success as well, how we get stuck in our "familiar...


Spectrum Health & Human Services Episode 1 - W/Kevin Beckman & Emily Anderson

In this collaboration episode with Spectrum Health & Human Services, Sean sits down with two of the leaders from Spectrum's "Holistic Health Project". Kevin and Emily from Spectrum discuss the new approach of tackling all of an individuals needs, or a “holistic” approach to their care. With the intention of being fully engaged with the people they serve, the Holistic Health Project has been created to meet every need simultaneously, while still giving the client the care, support, and...


Epsd. 38 - W/Matthew Oliver - How We Talk To Ourselves

This Room 9 episode was pulled out from the vault. Sean and Matthew sit down and talk about the many different pathways of recovery and the incredible importance of self-talk. In order for us to be able to change anything we have to start with how we talk to ourselves. If we our constantly saying negative things in our head we will only produce a negative existence. Change your point of view. Change your perspective. Change your life.


Epsd. 37 - W/Meghan Cuddihy

For the second time in Room 9 history Sean sits down with his sister, Meghan Cuddihy. Sean and Meghan discuss the importance of developing relationships where people hold each other accountable, different techniques on rebuilding trust, and the importance of carrying your own weight before you decide to carry some one else's.


Epsd. 36 - W/Brittany Bennett

Brittany Bennett is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and the Sole Proprietor of Bridge Over Troubled Water Mental Health and Community Services. In this episode of Room 9 Sean and Brittany talk about the importance of communication in relationships, how a mindful routine before bed can help with sleep, and how pain and tragedy can be everyone's teacher.


Epsd. 35 - W/Matthew Oliver - Toxic Relationships and Mindfulness

Sean and Matt discuss how so many of us find the ourselves stuck in a toxic relationship even tho we know it is toxic, how mindfulness has been able to change Matt's entire point of view on depression, and different ways to stay out of guilt after a slip up.


Epsd. 34 - W/Keith Greer

Keith Greer leverages over 40 years of experience as an Executive, Life and Recovery Coach, School Social Worker, Family Therapist, Addictions Specialist, Speaker and Trainer toward his compassionate, creative and influential work with individuals, families, organizations and businesses. Sean and Keith touch on topics that include the importance of language in the professional community centered around Substance Use Disorder, how there is many different roads to a successful recovery, and...


Audio Journal Epsd. 2 - Awakened recovery

How Continual Introspection Is Key To Sobriety: In the second solo episode of Room 9, Audio Journal, Sean talks about the four main points that have been key for him over the last 17 months; how focusing on not being in self-pity, stopping the comparing oneself to others, being truthful, and vulnerability are so important to living an incredible life.