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SCM is a collection of conversations that should be part of our daily discussions but aren't because of various reasons. SCM is a place where I talk to people who are niche experts and/or have developed expertise through their life experience on the themes of Sustainability, Tech for Good, Global Citizenship, Mental Health, Education and other areas. Hello everyone, I am Saurabh Nanda and I ask interesting questions. I was a Computer Engineer. I am now an Educator, a Career Consultant, and a sustainability proponent. #suchconversationsmatter #saurabhnanda Love SN




SCM is a collection of conversations that should be part of our daily discussions but aren't because of various reasons. SCM is a place where I talk to people who are niche experts and/or have developed expertise through their life experience on the themes of Sustainability, Tech for Good, Global Citizenship, Mental Health, Education and other areas. Hello everyone, I am Saurabh Nanda and I ask interesting questions. I was a Computer Engineer. I am now an Educator, a Career Consultant, and a sustainability proponent. #suchconversationsmatter #saurabhnanda Love SN





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Youth, AI, Careers, Future | Saurabh Nanda | SCM Finale: S2E25 | Aditya Mallya

“…the world belongs to the youth from the emerging economies, so they need to work on systemic problems…problems that will take decades to solve…AI and Digitisation will not affect their futures then, in fact it will enable their progress for the world they are going to inherit! ” - Saurabh Nanda YT- Please welcome Mr Saurabh Nanda, founder of Such Conversations Matter, founder of SN Mentoring and co-founder of Career Choice Pro, an AI Career Counsellor. Saurabh jumped into the Education space in 2012 after leaving his cushy American IT job (B.Tech in Computer Science from NIT Jalandhar, 2005-09). He was confused and knew that if this is happening to him then it must be happening to a lot of others like him. He up skilled himself in psychology, learnt from psychometricians such as Dr Itishree Misra. Since then, he has impacted over 20,000 students, parents, teachers and aspirants across 35+ universities and colleges, 600+ schools, companies and education institutions 25+ countries. As an international youth mentor, he mentors youth for multi-disciplinary projects in sustainability, tech4good, psychology and more for organisations such as Government of India’s Atal Innovation Mission, Huawei CSR, YUNGA Japan, RISE, NIT Jalandhar, Enactus chapters in Delhi University, Jagriti Yatra among others. He hosts 2 podcasts and is a multiple TEDx speaker. For his work in cyber bullying awareness, he was awarded the Jagran Josh Education Award for “Best Initiative for Mental Health Awareness” by the Dainik Jagran group on 31st March 2022. You can know more about him here - Career Choice Pro - This episode is also the finale of SCM Season 2! Please refer to other episodes mentioned in the podcast here - Subscribe and Follow SCM - #AI #Careers #Youth #Future #FutureOfJobs #Spirituality #introspection #retrospection #SuchConversationsMatter #UniversalNative #SaurabhNanda #Information #Democratisation #AccessToInformation #sustainability #changemakers #careerconsultant #careeradvice #careercounselling #careercounseling


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Preserving Languages thru Tech | Satdeep Gill | Wikimedia | Saurabh Nanda | SCM S2E24

“…in today's world, I think even humanities is about digital humanities. So you have to start forming those connections. You have to think about what's the state in the digital world? Can I directly contribute to that aspect if it's not really digitized?” YT - Meet Satdeep Gill, a linguist working to preserve languages and cultures with the help of technology. He is the Senior Program Officer, Culture and Heritage at Wikimedia Foundation. His journey with Wikipedia started in 2009 by becoming a volunteer and then a few years later he was representing the Punjabi language community at national and international forums within Wikimedia Foundation and other places as well. Most recently he represented the Wikimedia Foundation at the G20 Culture Working Group organised by UNESCO and Ministry of Culture, Government of India. Satdeep is a passionate story teller, poet, writer and traveller and is fluent in Punjabi, Hindi, English, French and is currently learning Balinese Bahasa. Satdeep and I met online at an internal event of an online media organisation. Since then we have stayed in touch and admired each others’ work and our passion towards that. Know more about him - ; Wikisource Loves Manuscripts - Subscribe and Follow SCM - #wikipedia #Culture #languages #SatdeepGill #DigitalTechnologies #Ethnography #Heritage #preservation #indigenouscultures #india #indonesia #cambodia #wikimedia #wikisource #wikitongue #SaurabhNanda #SuchConversationsMatter #IndianPodcast #SpotifyPodcast #Podcast #GooglePodcast #ApplePodcast


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Media, Technology and Future | Bharat Nayak | Saurabh Nanda | SCM S2E23

“Media Literacy is needed at the individual level for all.” YT - Meet Bharat, a media professional and one of the core team members of the Logical Indian. Bharat Nayak has spent some 9 and a half years at Logical Indian, starting his journey at the Logical Indian startup, when he was still in college and worked for no money for over a year and then becoming one of the Founding Editors. He turned the Logical Indian into one of the most followed media outfits in India when he was the Editorial Director. Later he headed the Fact Checking division which has taken him to forums representing Indian media in Washington DC and Oslo. Bharat and I share very similar perspectives over media literacy, future of media and access to information. He is an alumnus of NIT Silchar. He and I also share a spiritual seeking journey which has made us connect over mental wellness, youth empowerment and engagement and many related topics. Know more about him - The Logical Indian - Subscribe and Follow SCM - #logicalindian #factcheck #IndianMedia #BharatNayak #MediaTransparency #MediaTechnology #FutureofMedia #MediaLiteracy #SaurabhNanda #SuchConversationsMatter #IndianPodcast #SpotifyPodcast #Podcast #GooglePodcast #ApplePodcast


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Youth, Governance, India | Lakshit Mittal | Y20 | Saurabh Nanda | SCM S2E22

“But once that leader is in power, once the leader comes to defining policy priorities. What they need is you, is the globalized educated youth to provide your perspective. You are now essential and all the leaders, right, in their sane mind, are looking for youth's participation and for you to lead from front. The problem areas the solutions that they want to see in the country, right? So there is absolutely great political, you know, will to involve the youth, it is time that the youth steps up!” YT - Meet Lakshit, a management and policy consultant. Lakshit Mittal is currently the track chair of the “Health Wellbeing and Sports” track at Y20, the youth engagement wing of the G20 forum. As India is the president of the G20 in 2023, Lakshit and others are convening and leading conversations around different tracks of the Y20 mission. He has earlier worked with Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission implemented by the National Health Authority (NHA). He has helped political parties campaign pre-covid and prior to that he has worked as a consultant in the healthcare sector with consultancies such as ZS Associates and McKinsey. He is an alumnus of Punjab Engineering College (PEC), Chandigarh. I have worked with Lakshit since 2020 when we connected to discuss our common ideas about youth and governance. Know more about him - Y20 - Career Break Article - Subscribe and Follow SCM - #Youth #Governance #politics #policy #y20 #g20 #Leadership #YouthInGovernance #YouthMentorship #india #AyushmanBharat #NationalHealthAuthority #SaurabhNanda #SuchConversationsMatter #IndianPodcast #SpotifyPodcast #Podcast #GooglePodcast #ApplePodcast


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भारत के लिए उद्यमिता | Elements of Entrepreneurship for India | Ashutosh Kumar | Jagriti Yatra | Saurabh Nanda | SCM S2E21

“ये भी समझने वाली बात है कि भारत जैसे एक विविध देश में, हर जगह की संस्कृति अलग है। अगर आप वहां के कल्चर में कुछ बहार से लेकर कोई चीज थोप देंगे और बोलेंगे के ऐसे ही करना है, ऐसे ही चलाना है, तो नहीं चलने वाला है, बल्कि आप वहां के कल्चर को समझ उसके हिसाब से इकोसिस्टम बनाने की कोशिश करें। लेकिन अगर आप ईस्टर्न यूपी जैसी जगह पर जाएं, या ओवरऑल इंडिया के लिए, ये वैलिड है, यहां पर काफी फैमिली बेस्ड एंटरप्राइज होते हैं” YT - Meet Mr. Ashutosh Kumar, CEO of Jagriti Yatra, which is an ambitious train journey of discovery and transformation that takes hundreds of highly motivated youth, from all over India and world, on a 15 day, 8000 km national odyssey to meet the role models - social and business entrepreneurs - of the country. The vision of Jagriti is 'building India through enterprise'. It is a confluence of change-makers, leaders, problem-solvers and innovators. This model has been replicated in many countries and regions of the world including the USA. He has been with the Yatra since its inception in 2008. After completing his Mechanical Engineering education from IIT Kharagapur, he joined CSC in Chennai. He left that comfortable IT job to join this movement and has led the movement since 2012. He is a 2 time TEDx Speaker. He was the invited by the US consulate’s prestigious International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP), he is an Asian Development Fellow run by the Asia Foundation in 2018 and IIT Kharagpur awarded him the Young Achiever Alumni Award in 2019. Know more about him - His TEDx Talks - ; Jagriti Yatra - Subscribe and Follow SCM - #jagritiyatra #entrepreneurship #socialentrepreneurship #Youth #YouthMentor #india #incubator #saurabhnanda #SuchConversationsMatter #IndianPodcast #SpotifyPodcast #Podcast #GooglePodcast #ApplePodcast


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Adoption Reforms for India | Vidyadhar Prabhudesai | Saurabh Nanda | SCM S2E20

“… there are roughly about 30 million children who are orphaned or abandoned; they are living on the streets as far India is concerned. But out of the 30 million, roughly about five to six lacs (hundred thousand) only make up to a formalized channel itself….Surprisingly, the adoption rate is very low in India, unlike the US or Japan, there are roughly on an average 3000 to 4000 children who get adopted.” YT - Meet Mr. Vidyadhar Prabhudesai! Recipient of Thane City’s second highest civilian awards. Vidyadhar is a versatile professional who started off in the corporate sector but soon realised that his passion lies in empowering people. In this episode we talk about the adoption eco-system in India and how some reforms are urgently needed. He is a life-long change maker and now a father to the beautiful Adyaveda. He founded LeadCap Trust which empowered more than 10 million youth between 2007 and 2012 and LeadCap Ventures which consults for national governments and international institutions like UN, World Economic Forum. He is a Curator of Global Shapers of the World Economic Forum and Fellow of UN and Ford Foundation. An alumnus of Thunderbird and Aegis, he shares board seats on institutions such as International Foundation for Sustainable Peace and Development, Harvard Business Review, Dalham Foundation. He is also a member of Principal Scientific Advisor’s Consultative Group, Mentor of Change, NITI Aayog and Ambassador of Jagriti Yatra. Know more about him - ; Media Articles by Vidyadhar on this topic: CARA - Previous Conversation with Vidyadhar: YT - Subscribe and Follow SCM - #adoption #adoptioninindia #cara #childadoption #orphanedchildren #surrogacy #IVF #cradlesignage #childrensday #vidyadharprabhudesai #saurabhnanda #SuchConversationsMatter #IndianPodcast #SpotifyPodcast #Podcast #GooglePodcast #ApplePodcast


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Democratising the Internet | Web3 | Supercraft | Debasri Rakshit | Soum Paul | Saurabh Nanda | SCM S2E19

“…from yahoo chatrooms, to facebook, to twitter, to influencers, we have seen users getting more and more identity on the internet… with Web3, that pattern is solidifying…which has very real world use cases…” - Debasri Meet Debasri Rakshit and Soum Paul, founders of the Web 3 creator economy startup called Supercraft. This is the second venture that both of them are working on after Home Screen Network. Debasri has a background in publishing and Soum is a computer engineer with a passion for film making. They have both worked with creators since 2018 now and are now using the Web 3 world to give creators more autonomy and ownership of their creations. I have worked with Soum and Debasri since 2020 when I was on boarded as one of the first career consultants on their platform called Spark.Live. Since, then we have talked many times regarding future of tech and data and finally we get a chance to bring it all together in the form of this podcast episode. Know More about Supercraft - Know More about Debasri - Know More about Soum - Subscribe and Follow SCM - #Web3 #metaverse #crypto #careersincrypto #bitcoin #etherium #bitcoin #blockchain #Education #saurabhnanda #SuchConversationsMatter #IndianPodcast #SpotifyPodcast #Podcast #GooglePodcast #ApplePodcast


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India’s changing Dev Space | Ramesh Balasundaram | Binu Ramesh | Saurabh Nanda | SCM S2E18

“…I think the single most important piece now, especially over the last two years that has opened up for us is for NGOs to plan for scale… What was exposed in the last 2 years was that nobody… planned for scale” - Ramesh YT - Meet Ramesh Balasundaram and Binu Ramesh, founders and leaders of the NGO BalUtsav, headquartered in Bangalore, India. BalUtsav helps to bring life-changing education to children living in India, thus facilitating learning for the entire life cycle: from childhood to livelihood. They work in government schools in 5 states in India and impact over 800,000 students. During the COVID-19 lockdown, Ramesh and Binu also assisted in the migrant crisis, distributing food, medicines, water and other essentials. Ramesh and Binu left their corporate training careers to work in the development sector full time since 2008. Ramesh has also worked with the Government of Karnataka consulting in the Knowledge Commission. They share an indelible desire with me and SCM, for the youth of India to step in and start making the development sector more innovative and effective. Know More about BalUtsav - Know More about Ramesh - Know More about Binu - Subscribe and Follow SCM - #DevelopmentSector #NGOs #Balutsav #SocialImpact #Sustainability #Education #saurabhnanda #SuchConversationsMatter #IndianPodcast #SpotifyPodcast #Podcast #GooglePodcast #ApplePodcast


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Science, Innovation Ecosystems | Jakob Williams Ørberg | Saurabh Nanda | SCM S2E17

“…transformation should not only come from outside the systems where impact is sought…but the people working within these systems have to become transformers themselves…” YT - Meet Jakob, a Counsellor for Innovation, Research and Higher Education at the Royal Danish Embassy in New Delhi. This is one of the 7 such positions which exist in the world for the Danish Government. He helps in building collaboration for Innovation, Science and Higher Education between India and Denmark. I have known Jakob since 2016, when I attended his PhD defence in Copenhagen. His topic of research was “Heroes of the knowledge economy? - Futurity and Anxiety in the Lives of Indian Engineering Students”. We have had long conversations around such topics and more and this episode brings some of them to the fore. Know more about him - Unleash - Subscribe and Follow SCM - #science #innovation #ecosystems #denmark #india #DanishEmbassy #HigherEd #Engineering #saurabhnanda #SuchConversationsMatter #IndianPodcast #SpotifyPodcast #Podcast #GooglePodcast #ApplePodcast


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Spirituality and its practice | Vishal Gupta | Saurabh Nanda | SCM S2E16

“…Agar hum ye sab nai samajh pa rhe hai ki hamare andar kya chal rha hai, hum jo kar rhe hain apni day to day life me, uske karne ke peechhe reasons kya hain? Reason hote hain logo ke pas, aisa nahi hai ki reason nai hote, reason hote hain, par vo reason ho sakta hai aapne acquire kiye ho society se vo definitions leke. Ye karna chahiye, aisa hona chahiye. Par aapne kabi usko challenge nai kiya, apne question ani kiya usko, ke bhai ye kyu hona chahiye? Isse mujhe kya labh hota hai? Kya isko karne ka koi aur behtar reason bi ho sakta hai, which is much much deeper, much more beneficial for you? Aur aapne kabhi challenge hi nai kiya. To hum kuchh dharaon pe chalte rehte hain haina. Isko hum bolte hain ki ye mechanical life hai….” YT - Meet Vishal Gupta, a relationship and emotional empowerment coach. He is the founder of the Soch Kholo Foundation and conducts training, coaching and awareness sessions for all types of learners. After almost 9 years with companies like Infosys and TCS, Vishal left his job as a software engineer in 2017 to embark full-time on a journey of self-learning and helping others through his understanding of spirituality. He conducts online and offline sessions and has helped hundreds of seekers. I attended a couple of courses with Vishal in May 2022 along with a few colleagues, friends and clients. He has given me the answers which were always elusive. Know more about him - Soch Kholo - Subscribe and Follow SCM - #SelfDevelopment #Spirituality #Sochkholo #SochkholoFoundation #VishalGupta #SelflessLeadership #Relationship #Parenting #Marriage #HusbandWifeRelationship #LifeSkills #Peace #RelationshipCoach #LeadershipCoach #SpiritualCoach #DecodeYourHighestPotential #MakeMarriageBeautiful #SelflessLeadershipWisdom #BecomeJoyfulParents #DiscoverNewYou #saurabhnanda #SuchConversationsMatter #IndianPodcast #SpotifyPodcast #Podcast #GooglePodcast #ApplePodcast


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Venture Building in India | Pranav Chaturvedi | Saurabh Nanda | SCM S2E15

“...there's a burn to build a product, then you need the best of people working on the product and therefore there's a burn to get the best of people, right. You need the smartest minds to be creating something like this. And the third then is to own the mind space, a brand. Promote your brand in such a large country, with such a large population, you again need to burn money... ” Meet Pranav Chaturvedi, an entrepreneur who helps other entrepreneurs build their ventures through a unique Digitisation, Digitalisation and Digital Transformation venture building company called Favcy. I have known Pranav since 2014, when I started working with Pratham Test Prep and Ankit Kapoor. Favcy is a culmination of Pranav’s experiences in building start-ups in the Indian eco-system. Pranav is an alumnus of Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies, Delhi University. Pranav and I keep discussing startup ideas and the ecosystem in general and this conversation is a good summary of such chats. Know more about him - Favcy - Subscribe and Follow SCM - #Entreprenuership #startups #venturebuilding #favcy #india #saurabhnanda #SuchConversationsMatter #IndianPodcast #SpotifyPodcast #Podcast #GooglePodcast #ApplePodcast


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India: World’s Fellowship Capital | Aditya Mallya | Saurabh Nanda | SCM S2E14

“…Fellowships at their core are just about that - people development. How do you develop people while also solving some other short term problem statement… ” YT - Meet Aditya Mallya, the City Director for Mumbai at Teach for India (TFI). He has been serving at TFI since 2016. But before that he was a chemical engineer from NIT Jalandhar, worked in ITC FMCG manufacturing, then went on to finish his MBA from ISB Hyderabad and ended up becoming a consultant at Deloitte for almost 3 years. But curiosity and an urgent need to create impact, especially in education, drew him towards TFI. Aditya and I are close friends from our college days where we co-founded the institute’s first student newsletter. We share a love for learning, reading, writing and, curiously speaking. It is serendipitous that we both ended up in the education sector and a lot of common areas of interest in the development sector. Know more about him - Social Movements (3.5% rule) - Teach for India - SN’s article on Fellowships - Recommended Listening - SCM S1E22, S1E23, S2E13 Subscribe and Follow SCM - #fellowships #india #teachforindia #EducationReform #SaurabhNanda #SuchConversationsMatter #IndianPodcast #SpotifyPodcast #Podcast #GooglePodcast #ApplePodcast


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Community Management of Water | Bhakti Devi | Jal Fellowship | Saurabh Nanda | SCM S2E13

“The reality is that the water crisis is so complex but at the same time the solution is simple, as in you can enable people to take care of it, water problem is solved, almost… a large amount of water is waiting for the community to take charge of it.” YT - Meet Dr Bhakti Devi, Professor, Rashtram School of Public Leadership & Co Director Centre for Water at Rishihood University. She leads the Jal Fellowship, a program is aimed at creating District based water leaders all across 750 districts of pan India. Dr Bhakti is also Founder of two water impact platforms Jal Smruti and Urban Water Doctor. She has over 30 years of experience in facilitating & implementing water user-led onsite self sufficient water schemes and water sensitive neighbourhoods. With work experience across Australia, New Zealand and India, Dr Bhakti has worked in diverse functions across the value chain of the water system, namely -strategy, policy, planning, capacity building, design and operations. She is also the Founder President of Water Resources Council of WICCI a pan India network of women in businesses and industries - Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (WICCI). I have worked with her since 2021 on creating water awareness among youth in Punjab through Jal Smruti’s Youth Champions for Local Water Action. Noteworthy organizations where Dr Bhakti Devi has previously worked and made her contributions to include - Sydney Water Corporation, City of Sydney, Centre for Water Sensitive Cities, Institute for Sustainable Futures, CRC for Irrigation Futures, Cooks River Alliance, Sydney Harbour Catchment Management Authority, CDD Society, Alttech Foundation and Good Earth. She has a PhD in Water Management from University of Western Sydney, Australia and a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering & Master’s Degree in Environmental Engineering from VJTI, University of Bombay. Know more about her - Jal Smruti - Jal Fellowship at Rishihood University - Urban Water Doctor - Subscribe and Follow SCM - #waterconservation #wateraccounting #india #jalfellowship #jalsmruti #rishihooduniversity #EducationReform #SaurabhNanda #SuchConversationsMatter #IndianPodcast #SpotifyPodcast #Podcast #GooglePodcast #ApplePodcast


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Don’t miss out on Coaching | Srikanth ND | Inspire Someone Today | Saurabh Nanda | SCM S2E12

“…Professionally a coach can help you elevate your own thought process and journey, help in connect those dots and help in validation…personally a coach can act as a sounding board…pretty much like having a personal Board of Directors…” YT - Meet Srikanth, an executive coach, a podcast and a corporate leader who intends to “help people unleash their potential”. Srikanth is currently the COO-Tax of KPMG Global Services and based out of Bangalore and has a solid 2 decades of corporate career spanning Strategy and Business growth, Operation Management, Vendor Management, Project/Program Management, Change Management, Coaching/Mentoring. As an executive coach , he uses the coaching structures prescribed by the International Coaching Federation and Positive Intelligence (PQ) frameworks. Srikanth hosts the very successful podcast called “Inspire Someone Today” where he hosts leaders from different walks of life - cricket, journalism, development sector, corporate world and so on. Srikanth and I met virtually during the lockdown and have participated in the PQ eight-week Pod experience as well. This episode was recorded in March 2021. Know more about him - Inspire Someone Today - Positive Intelligence (PQ) - Subscribe and Follow SCM - #coaching #executivecoaching #mentorship #careercoaching #personalcoaching #validation #EducationReform #SaurabhNanda #SuchConversationsMatter #IndianPodcast #SpotifyPodcast #Podcast #GooglePodcast #ApplePodcast


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Financial Literacy in India | Harpreet Singh Chawla | Saurabh Nanda | SCM S2E11

“…People have started focussing on generation of money but are still ignoring part of managing money…”"... लोगों ने पैसा बनाने पर ध्यान देना शुरू कर दिया है लेकिन अभी भी पैसे के प्रबंधन के हिस्से की अनदेखी कर रहे हैं ..." Meet Harpreet, a wealth manager and financial literacy advocate currently based out of Chandigarh. Harpreet has worked in multiple functions in his decade long career. He most recently left Amazon India where he worked as a Product Manager. He completed his MBA from IIM Ahemdabad, prior to which he worked in an education startup. After completing his Computer Science Engineering from NIT Jalandhar and worked for Fiserv India. His passion for numbers, patterns and understanding the nature of money generation has now catapulted him into being a full time investor, primarily in the equity markets. He is passionate about increasing people’s financial literacy and has been designing curricula around that. Harpreet is a close friend and the initial phases of our career journeys has been very similar. We have been working together since Aug 2021 towards financial literacy. This episode was recorded in April 2021. Know more about him - Subscribe and Follow SCM - #FinancialLiteracy #FinancialPlanning #Investment #MoneyManagement #Adulting #Savings #MutualFunds #Stocks #StockMarket #EducationReform #SaurabhNanda #SuchConversationsMatter #IndianPodcast #SpotifyPodcast #Podcast #GooglePodcast #ApplePodcast


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Global Cultures’ Intelligence | Richard Farkas | Culture Connector | Saurabh Nanda | SCM S2E10

“Stereotypes are very rare…culture stereotypes are found once in about 450 people…people are actually very individual…” - Richard Farkas Meet Richard, the CEO of Argonaut, a cross-cultural training and consulting company based out of London and Helsinki. He is an educator working with higher education and corporate training for almost 3 decades now. He currently leads the development of Ed-Tech training solutions for cross-cultural trainings. He is also the host of the Inter Cultural Tool Box podcast, where I had the privilege to be a guest earlier in 2021. This podcast unravels the various nuances of the cultural training and inter-cultural conversations. Richard is a thought leader in bringing cultural knowledge together from around the world. Know more about him - Argonaut - Interculture Connector - My conversation on the Inter Cultural ToolBox Podcast - Subscribe and Follow SCM - #CultureConnector #CrossCulturalTraining #InterCulturalToolbox #RichardFarkas #Argonaut #SaurabhNanda #SuchConversationsMatter #IndianPodcast #SpotifyPodcast #Podcast #GooglePodcast #ApplePodcast


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Future of Leadership | Sangeeth Varghese | LeadCap Ventures | Saurabh Nanda | SCM S2E9

“The Future of Leadership is a completely decentralised and open form of leadership and probably we are already there and we are just not realising it yet.” - Sangeeth Varghese Meet Sangeeth, the founder and MD of LeadCap Ventures, a strategic consulting firm. Sangeeth Varghese is a globally acknowledged leadership thinker, ranked among the top 10 in 2011, from the Harvard and London School of Economics. He is a personal advisor to 3 prime ministers of the world on matters of leadership and youth development. Varghese is an ambassador of Harvard and listed in the Who's Who in the World, 2012-13. He has consulted for nations from Africa and Asia, institutions like UNO, World Bank, ADB and Fortune 500 corporations like Microsoft, Intel, Unilever and Coca Cola. He was nominated as the Young Global Leader 2010 by the World Economic Forum. He has written hundreds of columns in Fortune, Forbes, the Economic Times and such publications. He is the author of 2 best sellers on leadership, the last one being Open Source Leader published by Penguin. He has worked with the United Nations, the World Economic Forum and many national governments across the world. He was one of my initial mentors in my professional journey. I took an internship at LeadCap Ventures in Bangalore in 2009 which opened my eyes to the opportunities beyond IT engineering. Know more about him - ; LeadCap Ventures - Subscribe and Follow SCM - #Leadership #FutureLeaders #LeadersOfToday #WeakLeadership #SangeethVerghese #SaurabhNanda #SuchConversationsMatter #IndianPodcast #SpotifyPodcast #Podcast #GooglePodcast #ApplePodcast


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The Modern Indian School | Paramjeet Kaur Dhillon | Kamla Nehru Public School | Saurabh Nanda | SCM S2E8

“IT helps enhance 21st century skils…SDGs are a part of that!” Meet Paramjeet, the principal of Kamla Nehru Public School, a rural school in Phagwara, Punjab catering to 65 villages. She has been a pioneer in shaping what a modern school can look like. She has been an educator for 4+ decades. A gold medalist in university, she quickly became the Principal at Army Public School, Jalandhar and received commendation card from the Army management, even though she was a civilian, before moving to KNPS Phagwara. Under her brilliant leadership, KNPS is today a Microsoft Showcase School featuring all the latest in technology that can be utilised in such a school setting. KNPS is an ardent supporter of the UN SDGs since 2016 and started a #RiseUp4SDGs campaign connecting with 600+ classrooms in 46 different countries across the world. She has been recognised and awarded by multiple SDG organisations including the United Nations. She is leading the way for rural and smaller private schools in India to enter into this century. She has been training bigger schools in big metro areas now. Know more about her - KNPS Phagwara - Microsoft Showcase School - ; Subscribe and Follow SCM - #SDG4 #QualityEducation #educationforall #accessibility #qualityeducation #sustainabilitymatters #rural #ruraldevelopment #EducationReform #SaurabhNanda #SuchConversationsMatter #IndianPodcast #SpotifyPodcast #Podcast #GooglePodcast #ApplePodcast


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Community Model of Education | Ankit Chhabra | Sanjhi Sikhiya | PYLP | Saurabh Nanda | SCM S2E7

“…if most people are trying to do things to maximise profit, then I am being an economic agent for others…or I can break free of the cycle…awareness of the large structural patterns that we are stuck in…the young people need to self-reflect… and understand things critically…” Meet Ankit, a development sector professional, educator, innovator, lifelong learner and a core team member of the Sanjhi Sikhiya movement in Punjab. After finishing his Bachelors in Civil Engineering from NIT Nagpur, he went on to do his Masters at IISc (Indian Institute of Science) researching on sustainable cement but that didn’t interest him and after a short stint in developing highway bridges in the Himalayas, he went on to teach in rural Rajasthan which proved to be a turning point in his professional journey. Since then he has been involved in the development sector and has worked with the Future Group, Indus Action, TAP India until he worked on curating Sanjhi Sikhiya or Collective Learning in Punjab. Sanjhi Sikhiya’s flagship program, Punjab Young Leaders Program or PYLP is helping build community based, decentralised, locally empowered structures to change India’s rural development story. They have started with education and currently working in 2 districts in Punjab - Fatehgarh Sahib and Patiala impacting hundreds of government schools and villages. They have recently hired their 3rd cohort of fellows. Know more about him - PYLP/Sanjhi Sikhiya - Know more about Fellowships - Subscribe and Follow SCM - #SanjhiSikhiya #PYLP #Punjab #sustainability #youthempowerment #rural #ruraldevelopment #fatehgarhsahib #Patiala #EducationReform #SaurabhNanda #SuchConversationsMatter #IndianPodcast #SpotifyPodcast #Podcast #GooglePodcast #ApplePodcast


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Global Citizenship thru Teaching English | David W Fingerote | Saurabh Nanda | SCM S2E6

“…you’re going to have those small bumps at home as well, whichever country you come from… it’s much easier to move to a new country today and there are these different ways to connect which help…” - David W Fingerote Meet David, an educator and English language teacher who has spent the last 15+ years living in different parts of Asia - South Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines and Japan, teaching English to young students, corporate professionals and researchers. And, then switching over to managing such organisations which impart English language training for various purposes. He is originally from California, the USA but has made Asia his home. He is truly a global nomad who doesn’t shy away from embarking on the next big adventure which calls out to him. Know more about him - Subscribe and Follow SCM - #GlobalCitizenship #GlobalNomad #InternationalCareers #Expats #Japan #SouthKorea #ThePhilippines #USA #California #SaurabhNanda #SuchConversationsMatter #IndianPodcast #SpotifyPodcast #Podcast #GooglePodcast #ApplePodcast