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Episode 7: Jeff Stepen from Chicago, Illinois

The hot summer heat is upon us here in New Jersey, and what better way to beat the heat then with another cool episode of SLP Trivia Fun? Jeff Stepen from Chicago, Illinois is this month's lucky contestant. He's a pediatric speech-language pathologist with 20 wonderful years of experience in the field. Working with kiddos often means integrating board games into therapy, whenever appropriate, so that's why we created board game-related questions just for Jeff. In addition to the terrific...


Episode 6: Rinki Varindani Desai from Dallas, Texas

It's June and that can only mean one thing, it's National Dysphagia Awareness Month! Rinki Varindani Desai is today's contestant on SLP Trivia Fun. As a medical speech-language pathologist, she's a wizard when it comes to all things swallowing and she's also the co-founder of STEP, a subscription-based dysphagia education and training library STEP. How does Rinki stack up against all of the unique (and silly) dysphagia-related questions? Does Rinki speak Hindi during the episode? Does Erik...


Season 1 – Episode 5: John Gomez from Los Angeles, California

The 5th episode of the first ever season of SLP Trivia fun is here! John Gomez, from Los Angeles, California, joins us on this latest installment to talk about all things SLP movie related. In addition to chatting about fun (and random) movie subjects like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Star Wars, he tells us about the work he does as a documentary filmmaker. Yup, you read right - not only is John a spectacular SLP, he's also the spectacular filmmaker behind the award winning documentary called...


Season 1 – Episode 4: Lucas Steuber, from Portland, Oregon

Welcome, yet again, to the only game show podcast where every contestant is a speech-language pathologist - it's time for SLP Trivia Fun! Lucas Steuber, from Portland, Oregon, joins us on this episode to talk about all things technology. If you're a fan of iPads, iPhones, and the 90s sitcom Saved By the Bell, this episode if going to resonate with you. Lucas sure knows his stuff when it comes to ​​all things augmentative and alternative communication, but does he have what it takes to...


Season 1 – Episode 2: Yvette Mccoy from Leonardtown, Maryland

Put your thinking cap on and get ready for the only game show podcast where every contestant is a speech-language pathologist! Yvette Mccoy, a speech-language pathologist from Leonardtown, Maryland is our lucky contestant this episode. Yvette has over 20 years experience, and currently works with patients suffering from swallowing disorders and aphasia. Questions on this episode cover topics such as swallowing, Lou Gehrig's disease, aphasia and more! Can Yvette rise to SLP Trivia Fun...


Season 1 – Episode 1: Katie Millican from Wasilla, Alaska

Welcome to the very first episode of SLP Trivia Fun, the only game show podcast where every contestant is a speech-language pathologist! Today, speech-language pathologist Katie Millican joins us from Wasilla, Alaska for an American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) Convention-themed episode. You’ll learn some facts and history about the ASHA Convention, plus other fun speech tidbits that will make your speechie heart sing with happiness! Can Katie answer all 5 questions...