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Episode 9: If That is STEM, What is STEAM Then?

Greetings folks! You heard what STEM was all about in the last episode. So, what is STEAM then? Listen as we dig in... Sign up for the newsletter and get a clean-up checklist for free Follow Me Too! Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Email:


Episode 8: What is STEM?

Greetings folks! What is STEM? What is STEAM? We talk about it on today’s episode. See ya! Blog post on STEM. Sign up for the newsletter and get a clean-up checklist for free Follow Me Too! Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Email:


Episode 7: Lab Safety

Lab safety today! Today we talk about the basics of lab safety and cleanup. Enjoy! New episode every Monday. Oh...and manufacturing day is Friday, October 5th. Visit and use #MfgDay18 on social media. You can also listen to episode 2 for more info as well. Sign up for the newsletter and get a clean-up checklist for free Follow Me Too! Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:


Episode 6: Rube Goldberg Junkyard Wars

Greetings! It’s been a loooooong time since I’ve done one of these. I’ve had child number 3 and all the sleeplessness that goes along with it. But I am back! In today’s episode, we are talking about a project that I do in my class called the “Rube Goldberg Junkyard Wars”. It’s really easy and you can do it by spending almost no money on supplies. You can get a copy of some of my projects and sign up for my email list here. Follow Me Too! Facebook:


Episode 5-Andi McNair: Genius Hour Overview

Greetings! Today’s episode is fantastic if I do say so myself. Andi McNair talks to us about #geniushour and her book “Genius Hour: Passion Projects that Ignite Innovation and Student Inquiry”. In the interview, we get into the “6 P’s”, as well as other helpful tips that can help you get going implementing genius hour into your classroom. Follow Andi: Twitter: @mcnairan3 Join the book study! Buy her book! Follow Me Too!...


Episode 4- Hour of Code

Greetings everyone! This week (December 4th-10th, 2017) is Computer Science Education Week! We are celebrating this week by discussing our favorite resources to use with your students this week. Made with Code: This is created by Google. It gives simple, easy to use projects for students to complete and code. Geared more toward getting girls into coding, however, it is suitable for everyone. Google CS First: Geared toward students ages 9-14, CS First offers full curriculum to teachers and...


Episode 3-Mike Soltys from

Greetings! I'm working on getting a schedule down, I promise! On today's show, Mike Soltys from For those that have not seen it before, it holds over 1600 different activities that teach engineering to students. Anything from chemistry, physics, nanotechnology, and more. If you have not seen it before, check it out! They also have great social media channels too! Teach Engineering on Social Media: Twitter: Facebook:...


Episode 2-MFG Day

Episode 2 Hi folks! It's been a while! With luck, I can get this down to a bi-weekly schedule. This Friday, October 6th, is Manufacturing Day. Manufacturers from all around the country will showcase what they do to future Engineers in middle school and high school. For more information, visit On Twitter @mfgday and you can also use #MFGDay17 for your Manufacturing Day events. I will be posting stuff from our MFG Day this Friday. As always... Facebook:...


Episode 1 - Getting Through Your First Year of Teaching

Episode 1 Back when I was a first year teacher, I struggled. Behavior issues, planning, keeping your sanity; It’s CRAZY! Your stress level is through the roof, many times you feel like quitting. That’s OK. It’s normal, and everyone has experienced it before. If you can get through your first year, chances are, you can make it a while in this profession. Here are some tips to get you through it all: -Eat right -Get sleep -Be prepared -Plan out lessons on a planner, Google Calendar, or other...


Episode 0-What is STEM Roundtable?

Welcome to the very first episode of the STEM Roundtable Podcast!