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The Behind the Seen podcast is a riveting series of discussions with photographers from around the globe. We go inside their photography genres, workflows, gear and more. You'll learn about some of the mistakes these amazing artists have made, as well as their successes.


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The Behind the Seen podcast is a riveting series of discussions with photographers from around the globe. We go inside their photography genres, workflows, gear and more. You'll learn about some of the mistakes these amazing artists have made, as well as their successes.






Mixing 3D and Photography, with Joshua Sommerfeldt

3D artist and photographer Joshua Sommerfeldt joins the podcast this week to discuss the evolution of his art and how a desire to create in 3D led to a realization of the parallels and infinite possibilities when creating in 3D worlds. Twitch - Photography Instagram - 3D Art Instagram - Web -


Creating with Mixed Media, featuring Laurel Richardson

Mixed-media artist Laurel Richardson joins the podcast to discuss the motivations behind her mixed-media art technique, her gallery shows, her ballet career and more.


New York City Street Photography with Gerard Exupery

New York City street photographer Gerard Exupery joins the podcast to talk about his 40 years of street photography adventures in the Big Apple. Gerard Exupery has been a New York City Street Photographer for 40 years. He fell in love with photography when his father helped him take his first picture with a Rolleiflex at age eight. From then until now, it is the only thing Exupery has ever wanted to do. Growing up, he worked for his local and high school newspapers doing sports...


Self-Portraiture, Taya Ivanova

Taya Ivanova joins for a discussion about the delicate art of self-portraiture. We discuss technique, gear, and even the negative side of the art form.


Digital Compositing with Joel Robison

Joel Robison is a creative portrait photographer from British Columbia, Canada. His work is a blend of whimsy and realism and focuses on the fine line between our imagination and the real work around us. Much of his work is inspired by his own interpretations of real life events, dreams, fears and his understanding of mental health. His work has been featured around the world with clients like Coca-Cola, Google, Oprah Magazine, Adobe and others. He has taught workshops both online and...


Real Estate Photographer, Tyler Kinzer

In this chat I speak with architectural and real estate entrepreneur Tyler Kinzer. Tyler and I dive into the business of photographing real estate. We discuss the tools, the business, and the techniques needed to be successful in this competitive industry. Tyler Kinzer is a photographer based in Tucson, AZ. He specializes in architectural and portrait photography. His goal is to bring the beauty out of his subjects, capturing their true personalities, or the precise vision of your...


Editorial Photography with Tim Engle

Sacramento commercial photographer and native Tim Engle cultivated a passion for photography in his early teens and has since successfully turned that love into a full-time career. Flowing seamlessly between portraits, fashion, avant-garde, and commercial photography. He was voted best photographer in Sacramento by Sacramento Magazine and KVIE PBS selected him as one of California’s Master Photographers in 2011. https://www.englephoto.com


Architectural Photography with Stephen Scharf

Stephen Scharf is commercial photographer based in the San Francisco Bay Area specializing in real estate, architectural and product photography. He has also been a professionally accredited motorsports photojournalist since 2003, and one of the track photographers for Sonoma Raceway, covering their professional motorsports and racing events. His personal photographic work also includes landscape, urban exploration, fine art, and documentary street photography. Stephen is also are retired...


Strategist and Adventurer, L. Renee Blount

In this interview I chat with photographer and corporate strategist L. Renee Blount. L is a fascinating individual and we dive into her recent thrust into telling outdoor and adventure stories from a black perspective. We discuss her challenges, motivations, and future aspirations. She is a 2017 grad of Harvard's Graduate School of Design. As a consultant, she mixes my loves of innovation & tech, mobility, adventure, research, and visual storytelling to help brands go beyond what’s...


World Travel and Photography

In this interview, we're joined by World Travel photographer Elia Locardi. Elia shares some of his amazing adventures traveling the globe on assignment. We learn about how he manages to keep his gear safe, what clothes he packs, and more. We also discuss how a photographer, whose main source of income is heavily reliant on travel, is managing to pivot and thrive during a time when travel has been severely curtailed and the perception of destination travel has shifted from rest and relaxation...


Building your brand and passion, with Dixie Dixon

In this interview I sit down with Texas based photographer and director Dixie Dixon. We discuss her process for building an amazing and powerful brand while also staying passionate about her craft and keeping her photographs fresh and relevant. About Dixie... Dixie Dixon has always been inspired by the allure, magic and unique challenge of creating fashion photography. As one of the sixteen original Nikon ambassadors in the United States, Dixie has spent the last decade bringing creative...


How to Photograph Celebrities with Michael Grecco

Los Angeles, California based photographer and director Michael Grecco is an industry veteran. He has photographed a long list of celebrities and understands the fine art of working with the ultra-popular as well as the people who manage them. In this interview Michael shares some insider tips, techniques, and stories he's gained from photographing some of the worlds most famous people. Michael Grecco is an award-winning internationally renowned director and photographer of celebrity...


A Look Inside

In this interview, Lee Morris and Patrick Hall, co-founders of join the show to discuss the past, present and future of their wildly popular site. We get some insight into how and why they relocated to Puerto Rico, and some valuable lessons about how easy or hard it can be to follow your dreams, and make them a reality.


Fixing Your Mindset, Clarity and Focus - with Pye Jirsa

In this interview we discuss how having the right mindset with regard to pursuing your passion is critical. When is it time to "go pro", or is it ever? And how do you find your sustainable passion so that you can continue doing it in the long term without fear of burn out. In this episode, Pye Jirsa of shares some wisdom and experiences you can use immediately to refocus, and reframe your business, and maybe even your life. Pye Jirsa is a director, photographer and educator....


The Joy of Underwater Photography, with Craig Stampfli

Craig Stampfli is an accomplished photographer above and below the water line. His work is meticulous and demonstrates an attention to detail that only passionate artists imbue. The challenges to working underwater are many, and it's those challenges that drew Craig to this genre. In this interview you'll learn how he shoots underwater, safety issues, as well as the magic of shooting through liquid. It all started when I went back to the West Indies to visit family and I borrowed a friends...


Capturing the Moment in Wedding Photography, with Troy Miller

Wedding photography is arguably one of the most import jobs in photography. Not only is it a record of one of the most important days in the lives of the subjects, but the skill required before, during and after the wedding far surpass that required from most other genres. In this episode, veteran wedding photographer Troy Miller of Imagery Concepts discusses his workflow from start to finish. We discuss some of the challenges involved with making a living with this type of photography as...


Photographing Mans best friend! with Thomas Aaron

Dogs are well regarded as "mans best friend", and Thomas Aaron is uniquely skilled at showing the personalities of those friends. He is a certified dog trainer based in Denver Colorado, and also a celebrated dog photographer. Thomas self-admittedly just loves dogs, but he also loves photography. In this interview you'll learn how he was able to successfully merge his passion for pups with his passion for taking pics. Thomas Aaron is a dog trainer based in Denver Colorado. He loves...


Chasing the Light with Laura Tillinghast!

Photography is nothing without light and Laura Tillinghast is a master at controlling light. However, understanding and controlling photons is only part of the equation. The other parts are using psychology to connect with your subject. Understanding technology to ensure you're getting the best image possible, and using software to render the final image. In this interview Laura Tillinghast shares with us how she is able to continually create such a diverse body of work, while also devoting...


The delicate art of Boudoir Photography, with Michael Sasser

Los Angeles based boudoir photographer Michael Sasser joins the show to discuss the oft misunderstood art of boudoir photography. We discuss many of the misconceptions around this art form and the confusion with Glamour and Nude photography. In this candid and revealing conversation we dive into how photographers looking to experiment in the genre can do so respectfully, and safely. We discuss both the artistic side as well as the business side. If you’ve ever wanted to shoot this kind of...


A look inside

In this interview I'm joined by Aneta Filiciak, and Karen Biilmann; the CEO and Sr. Art Director, respectively at We discuss the past, present and future of the company and dive into a riveting discussion about the directions they're seeing photography moving in. We discuss their thoughts on how "social distancing" might affect photography, and photographers going forward. We also discuss so-called "pure" photograpy, versus compositing work. Check out the site at: