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Nobody cares about combat juggling and competitive thumb-wrestling

[Nobody Cares is a recurring segment on the podcast in which we talk about stuff that nobody else cares about.] Today, we bring you some of the strangest sports out there - some of which aren't as dangerous as we hoped. We're talking a mix of martial arts and juggling, thumb-wrestling plus many other obscure world championship competitions you've never heard of. - Have you read or come across something that you think is super cool but that probably nobody else cares about? Leave us a comment...


Put on your best face

Makeup quite literally shapes how others see us and how we see ourselves, so which is it - an unhealthy crutch or a tool of empowerment? We pose this question to makeup artist and hairstylist Christian Maranion, who shares about the transformative power of makeup, how our relationship with makeup has evolved thanks to social media, and his own journey growing up with physical insecurities. Chris can be found on instagram at More at


What if we can't save the polar bears?

Yes, we recycle, carry reusable bags, and avoid plastic straws. But it doesn't seem to make a difference to climate change. Global temperatures continue to rise. Polar bears continue to starve. The feeling of dread and hopelessness that overwhelms someone who thinks that way is called ecoanxiety. This week, Paula Miquelis, co-founder of conscious festival Green is the New Black Asia, tells us how she comes to terms with her own eco-failures and why she carries on down the path towards...