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What if we can't save the polar bears?

Yes, we recycle, carry reusable bags, and avoid plastic straws. But it doesn't seem to make a difference to climate change. Global temperatures continue to rise. Polar bears continue to starve. The feeling of dread and hopelessness that overwhelms someone who thinks that way is called ecoanxiety. This week, Paula Miquelis, co-founder of conscious festival Green is the New Black Asia, tells us how she comes to terms with her own eco-failures and why she carries on down the path towards...


ASMR - PM Lee's Facebook posts

Disclaimer: This is not a weird sex thing. No idea what's going on here? Check out our previous episode on ASMR and incurable insomnia for answers:


Nobody cares about my ASMR career and sexy soap-cutting

Do you occasionally indulge in those oddly satisfying ASMR videos of people carving bars of soap or whispering into a microphone? Ethan and I do. We aren't freaks, we promise. More at


BONUS: What to do when everything scares you

Dr Oberdan Marianetti, clinical psychologist and sexologist, talks about getting over your irrational fears. If you missed his insights on the hook-up culture on last week's podcast, you can catch up here: The Guest House by Jalaluddin Rumi: More at


An anxious person's survival guide to hook-up culture

It's time we had a conversation about casual sex. In this episode, we hear from sexologist and clinical psychologist Dr Oberdan Marianetti, and my friend Melissa about their thoughts on sex and intimacy in an age of Tinder, one-off hook-ups and friends with benefits. Dr Marianetti's website is More at


So your boss is toxic

Have you ever had a boss who made you feel inadequate and stupid? Did you do anything about it? A friend shares her experience with a bad boss, and clinical psychologist Dr Joel Yang helps break down the situation and tells us what can help. More at Find Joel at


Nobody cares about bait cars and fake astronauts

Thanks to a nasty bout of chicken pox, we've been thrown hopelessly off schedule. So instead of the usual programming, we recorded another instalment of Nobody Cares, in which we talk about the weirdest reality TV shows we've ever watched. Back in two weeks. More at


The accidental feminist who took on Eden Ang

In February 2018, Singaporean Youtuber Eden Ang made headlines when four women came forward accusing him of sexual harassment. Behind the month-long investigation that led to his downfall was journalist Grace Yeoh. Even though she'd never set out to be a feminist activist, Grace inadvertently started a movement and got the nation talking about gender and sex. In this episode, she shares candidly about how it feels when your work goes viral, the very public role you're forced into as a result...


Bad texter

Does it drive you crazy when someone takes forever to reply your text and then makes the excuse that they're just "bad at texting"? We try to figure out if it's really possible to be a bad texter, or if it's just a way of justifying being a bad friend. More at


Nobody cares about shark repellent and underwater guns

We’re on break this week so instead of the usual podcast, we bring you a new segment called Nobody Cares where we talk about stuff we think is cool but nobody else really cares about, record it and see what happens. Today’s topic is the invention of shark repellent and guns that shoot underwater. For sources and more information, visit


She has no personality

It's an insult that stings. But why does it seem that some people have "no personality", and do you worry that people like think the same of you? We talk to matchmaker and dating coach Dolly Chua about what's really going on with a person who comes across as bland and uninteresting. Dolly is a matchmaker at More at



Yoga does wonders for your mind and body. But if yoga class fills you with such dread and self-loathing that you avoid going, it can be hard to reap its benefits. What are the psychological barriers that stop someone from enjoying yoga and how can they be overcome? We talk to yoga teacher Gabrielle Mendoza to get to the bottom of it. Follow Gabrielle Mendoza at More at


Trailer: Butterflies

Life can be extremely overwhelming in fast-paced cosmopolitan Singapore, particularly for someone with high social anxiety. But it is also full of hope and joy waiting to be discovered. In this podcast series, writer Davelle Lee explores the psychological underpinnings of the fears, insecurities, dreams and desires we share in this beautiful city to figure out how we can lead happier and freer lives. Here's what you can expect from Some Scuffs. Find out more: