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Episode 90 Taking a Break

Sometimes in life things happen that we have no control over. We have to take a break to meet the issue head on. Many times this means making the hard choices so that we can have a victory and come out stronger. If we just put our heads in the sand and ignore the facts than you may risk losing everything you have worked for. In this weeks podcast I address some hard issues that many don't want to talk about. Join me as I discuss Facing the Facts and Still Keep Surging Forward. Enjoy and...


Episode 89 Seize The Opportunity

There are so many opportunities for you to be able to succeed in the field and go to that next level. Are you taking advantage of the opportunities that can help you succeed? Many times these opportunities are all around you. Only you can make the choice to seize the opportunities that are out there. in this episode I talk about many of the opportunities that are available just from listening and visiting the Surging Forward website. Don't forget to download the free Surging Forward App on...


Episode 88 Priorties

During my time as an Instructor I see many that go on to be very successful in the trades and others that seem to self destruct sometimes 2 weeks before graduation. why is this? It seems we live in a time when people have their priorities mixed up. I am all for having quality time and having fun but we do not live in a fantasy video game world. There is a time to play and a time to work. There is a time to plant a time to reap A time to build up, a time to break down A time to dance, a...


Episode 87 You Can Do It

If you are thinking of or in business for your self than this is a must listen podcast as I share a great interview with Kent Crook from KC Rhino. Kent is an expert marketer and can show you how you can take your business to the next level. Even if you don't have a desire to start your own business now once you listen to this you will want to have the freedom to be able to make it on your own. I look forward to your comments Find out more about Kent at his Website Stay Safe...


Episode 86 You Can Succeed in Business

Welcome to this weeks episode of the Surging Forward podcast. This weeks episode is a rebroadcast of episode number 36 where I talk to Mike Gesick from my Three sons HVAC. his website is he talks about how to start you own business I think you will enjoy this weeks episode as a prelude to next weeks that you don't want to miss as I will be talking with a very successful businessman that can help you to go to that next level. Make sure you subscribe today so you don't...


What is Your Why Episode 85

Being successful in the trades require skills. But in order to acquire the right skills you must know “your why”. Most people never really stop to think about their “why” and spend their time living day to day and wasting away time as the wind blows. Knowing “your why” will help keep you on the right track throughout your life. Understanding “your why” will help you define your goals. “Your why” will determine how you will achieve your goals and determine your purpose. Examples of “Your...


Don't Wait to be Trained Episode 84

A lot of the people I talk with throughout the week often ask me the question how do I keep Surging Forward what does that really mean. It seems we live in such a fast-paced world where there is so much expected of us yet no one wants to take the time to give us the training that is so often needed to advance in our careers on a basic level let alone how to become better at a particular skill set. Even when we do try and get the training we are often hit with crazy promises and guarantees...


Learning to Fail so You Can Succeed Episode 83

Many deem the failing at doing a task or not achieving a dream is failure and that they are washed up done; never to recover. Their eyes set on those that look as if everything they touch is golden and everything they do is perfect. The problem is that many times those that are successful do not always share the struggles it took for them to get there. The real question is what is success for you, only you can really say. Do you want your name in lights? Do you want to raise a family....


Three Steps to Success Episode 82

Welcome to the Surging Forward Podcast The 3 steps for success Episode 82 I have been in construction many years and have attend many a safety talk. Today I want to address there very important points about how understanding how to stay safe and alert on the job can also help you find that opportunity that can bring success to your career. Point #1 Being alert: being alert on a jobsite is critical as there are many moving parts to a large and even a small construction site. One must always...


Learning to Succeed Episode 81

This weeks episode is an encouraging word for those that want to succeed in the trades or their careers. I did an Interview with Ashley Rayburn a young woman in her 4th year of the Electrical Apprenticeship program. It was an honor for me that she was able to take a few minutes last week to share with me about how to succeed in the trades. Last week was labeled as Honoring Women in construction week so this interview will show how you can be able to work to achieve your goals. Education...


Episode 80 Proud to be in the Trades

I find that many times people tend to look down on those in the Trades, as if they are some kind of uneducated con artists. In Hollywood makes fun of those in the trades as bumbling idiots so many times. Well my friends than you need to listen to this weeks podcast Proud to be in the Trades. People need to understand the real skill involved to even be able to succeed in the trades. The buildings we live in, the water we drink, the electricity we use, the heat in our homes was all installed...


Keeping Your Focus Episode 79

Things are going to happen in life. You have to know what your goals and what you focus is in order to Keep Surging Forward. Life is full of things that happen in life that we do not have control over. How you deal with it depends on whether you can maintain your focus on the goals in your life. Any time we loose sight on the positive goal we have in life and we loose that focus than you risk getting caught up in the negative world of always wishing that you could have or should have. Life...


Episode 78 Life's Hurdles

Today I want to talk about overcoming the big hurdles. The answer may not be as hard as you think. I had one of the members of Surging Forward Freddy email me this week and proceeded to tell me that every time he tries get ahead something always happens. He is having issues with his truck. His job has him working further from his home than usual. It seems like a constant struggle to simply stay ahead. He is almost at the point of burnout. The email came at an interesting time as I too...


The 3 Rs to success Episode 4

Find out how the three R.s can change how others will treat you. Learn how to apply these to your life to Keep Surging Forward. If you like this post please share with others on your favorite social media below, Thank you in Advance.


Myths of Leadership Episode 77

Join us today as we discuss 5 myths leadership that just might be holding you back from Surging Forward. Myth Number One – Leaders Are Born, Not Made. You make think that in order to be a leader you have to have a lot of money, or have attended all the right schools, but all of this is a myth. Look at Abraham Lincoln. His father worked odd jobs and then leased some farm land. Most of Abraham Lincoln’s education was largely self-taught, but yet he became the Sixteenth President of the...


Your Time is Your Money in Episode 76

We all know that there are 24 hours in a day. We sleep for 6-8 of these hours so that only leaves 16-18 hours to get something accomplished. With these remaining hours we need to find a balance. How we divide up our time with these remaining hours plays a huge role in our success. We can not spend all of our time sitting on the couch playing video games or watching football or Game of Thrones though it is important to have some down time to just relax. We can not just spend 16 hours...


Relationships Episode75

How you handle your relationships can either take you to the next level or bring you down. I want to expand a bit on this as I talk too many during some of my coaching sessions with students others in the Trade. Many people have a lot of relationships yet they have no one to talk to or even feel that no one cares about them at all. How can this be in the age of social media how small the entire world is now a days The problem is that the way people truly feel is usually hidden and only a...


Dealing with Authority/Inspectors Episode 74

Many time those in authority tell us to do things that may cost you time, money or worst yet cause you to be embarrassed due to being called out in public. How do you deal with those times where you and the person in authority or maybe even that inspector that you need his approval to pass you work before you can move on? This many times turn into a battle and escalate into verbal of sometime get physical. The first thing we all need to remember is that everyone has a boss. I have heard...


Taking a Risk Episode 73

Many people spend time making goals while many people just spend time doing nothing. They feel taking a chance is to Risky. What if doing nothing at all was actually what had the most risk? Making a choice to be better off is not really taking a risk, it is being ready for the unknown things in life that will happen. It is all about choice. Join me today as I talk about making a choice to take a risk. If you enjoy this podcast please feel free to leave a comment below, share with a friend...


What is your Outlook? Episode 72

What is you outlook on your job, life, or those around you? Join me as I continue to discuss some of the biggest Hurdles that you feel keep you from succeeding in the Trades or on your job. How to you see things around you and how do you feel about yourself. What is the biggest thing that is needed to succeed? Each day, each week, each month and even each year provides you with an opportunity to make a choice. Decide today what you will do to Keep Surging Forward. As usual I look forward...