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Episode 56: Community Engagement Council announcement and final Senior Chapel Talks by Kyle Nevitt, Annie Notzon, and Manaal Salman '19

In his #SeniorChapelTalk, Kyle Nevitt reflected on the many accomplishments of his grandfather–his hero–ranging from pole vaulting to becoming a Navy Seal, and shared the wisdom he passed down. “The real heroes,” his grandfather told him, “are those who spend time getting an education and use that education to make the world a better place.” Education is a platform for making a long and lasting impact. Help one or help many, but leave the world better than you found it. “Use your education,”...


Episode 55: Head of School Spring Social address

Listen to last week’s Head of School Spring Social on today’s podcast episode. Head of School, Fr. Scott Brown, talks about everything from Annual Giving to Innovation and Design. Fr. Scott updates the community on the TMI Fund goal, Stars Over TMI, the pillars of our school (Academics, Athletics, Military, Spirituality), personnel, and capital improvements that will happen this summer. He also introduces both the Corps of Cadets and our TMI school video that were just created by The Film...


Episode 54: Jenny Qi and Ben Hirsch '19

In her #SeniorChapelTalk, Jia “Jenny” Qi spoke about her experience as an international boarding student, thrust into a new culture and feeling lonely, missing her family back home. Misunderstanding the lack of communication from her parents, she began to feel isolated. But when she returned home the next summer, she realized just how much her family missed her and loved her in return. “Now I realize no matter who you are and where you are, your family is your biggest support.” I am thankful...


Episode 53: Blake Skinner, Summer At TMI

In this episode, TMI’s Head Lacrosse Coach and Summer Programs Coordinator, Blake Skinner, is back to talk about the Summer At TMI activities. Blake introduces a few of our new academic offerings for Upper School students that will give them a chance to get ahead and free up their schedules during the year for more electives and flexibility in their schedules. He also talks about the courses for incoming Middle School students that are available to help them transition and prepare for their...


Episode 52: Kristina Samuel, August Schmidt, Andres Thrailkill, and Mia Jamison '19

In her #SeniorChapelTalk, Kristina Samuel described a typical day as her 7-year-old self and her ability to see the beauty in everything. During adolescence, however, her competitive drive led to anxiety and doubt. But, a summer experience as a volunteer at Camp CAMP reshaped her view. It’s a place where anything is doable and dreamable. “I now find myself more often being inspired, not threatened, by others’ intelligence and passions…Success is having enough confidence, courage, and...


Episode 51: Lisa Condrey, TMI's Personal and College Counselor

Today’s guest is TMI’s Personal & College Counselor and Psychology Teacher, Lisa Condrey. Lisa earned her Bachelor’s of Art in Psychology & Social Work from the University of Texas at Austin and her Master of Social Work from Florida State University. Before coming to TMI in 2005, she was a counselor at St. Thomas' Episcopal School in Houston and, prior to that, she worked at the International School of Aberdeen in Scotland and the International School of Duesseldorf in Germany. In this...


Episode 50: Senior Chapel Talks by Annie Masterson, Will Oliver, Colby Guillory, Eric Lull, and Sam Shi '19

In her #SeniorChapelTalk, Annie Masterson shared her competitive drive with the TMI community. But, unlike others who could simply shake off not winning, she would spiral downward–viewing defeat as complete failure. Over time, she began to view this combination differently; her competitiveness was really a passion without fear. Though she still struggles to reign in her emotions at times, she’s learned that failures do not define her. “I will always have my friends, my family, and God to...


Episode 49: Padrecast #10 with Head of School, Fr. Scott Brown

Back for our 10th Padrecast episode is TMI Head of School, Fr. Scott Brown! In today’s show, Fr. Scott recaps our “Walk & Talk” events we introduced last month in February to give parents a chance to walk around campus and visit with Fr. Scott, bringing any question or conversation topic they wanted to hear about directly from him. We are excited to be offering two more opportunities for parents to participate in the “Walk & Talk” events in April on: Wednesday, April 17, at 5:30...


Episode 48: Walker, Jung, Neiman

In her #SeniorChapelTalk, Trinity Walker shared her struggles during her six years here at TMI and how they shaped her view of failure and the value of people around her. She recalled one experience of running hill repeats with the cross country team. Realizing she was far behind her team members, the pride and accomplishment she’d felt moments ago, vanished…until her team captain congratulated her and gave her a few encouraging words. “Failure is an inevitable part of life,” she said. But,...


Episode 47: NHS and upcoming Huntington's Disease Awareness Walk

In this episode, Bridget Lynch '19 and Sebastian Martinez-Sotomayor '20 talk all about the TMI chapter of the National Honor Society and share their experiences as members of the organization. Bridget and Sebastian talk about membership, what NHS has taught them, community service, and the various projects the chapter has led this year. They also announce their upcoming Huntington's Disease Awareness Walk scheduled for later this month on March 22. TMI NHS Huntington's Disease Awareness...


Episode 46: Senior Chapel Talks by Jake Flinn, Victoria Yin, Owen Guo, and John Chen '19

In his #SeniorChapelTalk, Jake Flinn shared the story of his younger brother being born with a rare, life-threatening condition. After many months, surgeries, and medications, Jake's little brother Matt was able to come home from the hospital. There were many challenges and Matt's medical journey wasn't finished, but every time Jake looked at his little brother, he was smiling and happy. Fast forward 16 years later and Matt is 6' tall and in perfect health. "There is no one else in this...


Episode 45: Sergio Martinez '00, Freight Gallery & Studios

Today’s guest is Sergio Martinez, TMI Class of 2000 and owner of Freight Gallery & Studios. If you’ve been to Southtown for a Second Saturday Artwalk or enjoyed a meal at Kimura @ Freight, then you’ve noticed what an impact Freight Gallery & Studios is making in the local community. Sergio’s love for art grew after college when moved to Prague to teach English. After coming back to San Antonio in 2012, he found himself wanting to get involved in the local art scene. Shortly after, he found...


Episode 44: Senior Chapel Talks by Yiling "Elaine" Qiu & Ruiming "Clinton" Ma

In her #SeniorChapelTalk, Yiling "Elaine" Qiu spoke about her experience volunteering to teach English in a remote village to students who only spoke Tibetan and couldn't understand her Mandarin. She quickly had to adjust her well-prepared plans and began teaching by cultivating their interest in the language. What she learned in the end, is that it's important to understand where other people are coming from–their situations and experiences in life–and to put yourself in their shoes. Having...


Episode 43: Padrecast #9 with Fr. Scott (Forum Friday, Walk & Talk, Strategic Updates, and Valentine's)

In Padrecast #9, Head of School Fr. Scott talks about the Forum Friday in chapel with students, updates in the strategic planning process, and introduces the new "Walk & Talk with Fr. Scott" events. Find out more about the wide variety of questions that students submitted for the Forum Friday chapel on Feb. 1–from deep and thoughtful questions to lighthearted and fun ones. At the end of Forum Friday, Fr. Scott extended the invitation to students to continue the conversation and visit with...


Episode 42: Senior Chapel Talks by Inaara Bhayani, Isabella Castano, Madeline Miller, and Jack Torpey

In her #SeniorChapelTalk, Inaara Bhayani shared the ups and downs of living with someone who has bipolar disorder. She spoke about how it affected her own confidence and self-worth, sharing how hard it was to both admit and accept that she needed the help of others to overcome the emotional toll it took. “We all have something we’re struggling with,” she said. Remember that “no problem is too small to talk about.” In her #SeniorChapelTalk, Isabella Castano spoke about how she has grown up...


Episode 41: Hannah Cooper McCauley, Fine Arts Instructor

In this episode, we feature TMI Fine Arts Instructor Hannah Cooper McCauley, who joined the TMI community 2016 and brings her talents of narrative photography to our school. Her own photography has been exhibited in group and solo shows at various venues internationally, including the Ogden Museum of Southern Art, the Vermont Center for Photography, Photo Beijing 2014, the 2014 Pingyao, China International Photography Festival, and has been published in Photo District News as well as...


Episode 40: Senior Chapel Talks by Shangzhi "David" Jiang, Wyatt Seal, and Briana Quintanilla '19

During his #SeniorChapelTalk, Shangzhi "David" Jiang described a chance meeting of a younger boy while he was home one summer and lifting weights at the gym. Curious at the boy’s excitement in learning that he attended school in the United States, David soon realized this boy didn’t have the opportunity to attend any high school because he had to work full time to help support his family; his dream of becoming a professional soccer player, long forgotten. The stark contrast to his own...


Episode 39: TMI Juniors Victor Alejos and Mary Warder talk about RYLA

In this episode, TMI juniors Victor Alejos and Mary Warder talk about their experiences at the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards conference that was held at the John Newcombe Tennis Ranch in New Braunfels over the Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend and sponsored by Rotary District 5840. The Dominion Rotary Club of San Antonio sponsored our two TMI students to attend the event. The Rotary Youth Leadership Awards Conference (RYLA) is a program of Rotary International and is a leadership development...


Episode 38: Senior Chapel Talks by Jordan Bell, Caleb Braha, Yiyang "Louis" Liu, and Lorelei McDowell '19

Throughout her life, Jordan Bell always tried to blend in. In her #SeniorChapelTalk, she spoke of how she struggled with being shy and was always concerned about what others would think. During her sophomore year, she was determined to break out of her shell and joined the softball team. This opened up her world and slowly, she let her true self shine through. Becoming more confident every day, she told the community to remember that, “You are beautiful and amazing, just the way YOU...


Episode 37: Alice Bilbrey, English Teacher

In this episode, we feature English Teacher Alice Bilbrey, who shares her passion for students and gives us a closer look at what’s happening in her classroom this year. She shares her path into teaching, what motivates and inspires her, and her “Be Kind, Work Hard” philosophy for her students. Alice talks about what it was like to perform in the school play last semester, the various activities of her National Honor Society students, and some of the creative activities in her...