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Episode 30: Blake Skinner, TMI Head Lacrosse Coach

In this episode, TMI’s Head Lacrosse Coach, Blake Skinner, shares his impact on lacrosse instruction throughout the entire San Antonio area and how his journey brought him to the TMI community in 2009. Blake is the past president of the South Texas Youth Lacrosse Association and the founder of the Mission Lacrosse Club, which was started in 2013. He shares his experiences with both and also gives an update on the upcoming season for TMI lacrosse, highlights various aspects of the program,...


Episode 29: Senior Chapel Talks by Michael LeJune and Santiago Martinez '19

Leaving the audience wondering whether it was Michael or “Jimmy” who gave his #SeniorChapelTalk, Michael “Jimmy” LeJune shared the story of his nickname. A childhood friend’s dare led him to trick his teacher into calling him Jimmy and from then on, that’s how his friends knew him. But in more formal settings, where he had to behave–usually around family or strangers–he remained Michael. Though “Jimmy” started as a joke, it illustrates the multiple sides to ourselves that we all have; our...


Episode 28: Christine Lamprea, TMI Class of 2007

Hailed a “firebrand” and noted for her “Supreme panache” as a cellist, Christine Lamprea, TMI Class of 2007, has travelled around the world performing in the U.S., Canada, and Europe, in such venues as Alice Tully Hall, the Beethovenhaus, the Kennedy Center, Carnegie Hall, and the Metropolitan Museum. She has performed as a soloist with the Detroit Symphony, Houston Symphony, and San Antonio Symphony, among others. After graduating from TMI, Christine earned her Bachelor’s at The Juilliard...


Episode 27: Senior Chapel Talks by Karina Samuel, Eddie Garcia, and Evan Will '19

“I’ve always seen people as people,” said Karina Samuel during her #SeniorChapelTalk. She shared the story of her family and the unconditional love they have for each other. With her mother from the Ukraine and her father from India, she described her family as a beautiful compilation of people from all different backgrounds, cultures, and opinions. It's something she's also experienced here at TMI where, "unconditional love is a cornerstone for an open minded and diverse community belonging...


Episode 26: Padrecast 7 – Service, Fine Arts, and Fall Athletics

In Padrecast #7, The Rev. Scott Brown talks about the 8th grade class service project at the Hill Country Daily Bread (HCDB). Students had the opportunity to participate in service for two hours at the beginning of this month, helping the HCDB to separate and pack food and sort clothes. We also talk about the Fine Arts Department’s recent production of “Our Town” that ran Nov. 14-17 in the Margaret M. Alkek Theater. All five shows were sold out. The cast included both students and faculty...


Episode 25: Senior Chapel Talks by Michael Blaess, Nico Planchet, and Audrey Zgardowski '19

In his #SeniorChapelTalk, Michael Blaess spoke about mistakes. Although we all try to avoid making them, if we didn’t have them, we would miss valuable learning experiences. He shared that the important thing is to not avoid making mistakes, but to realize that they will happen and knowing how to deal with them. “No matter what happens in life, always remember to be honest, to learn from your past, and to turn your knowledge into actions.” Reflecting on his love for baseball as he began his...


Episode 24: Corps of Cadets Round Table

In this episode, LTC (Ret) Santiago Bueno and Cadets Hasan Ehsan and Juliana Martinez sit down for a round-table discussion to talk about life in the Corps. Cadet Ehsan is the Battalion Commander and Cadet Martinez is the Battalion S-2 Officer. Both seniors this year, they share their experiences of being a part of the Corps for the past four years. Cadets Ehsan and Martinez talk about the various special teams and opportunities within the Corps and share how they balance academics, the...


Episode 23: Senior Chapel Talks by Caroline Vassar, Grant Kahl, and George Sealy Wray '19

“It’s easy for us to see the world in one, individually personalized way,” said Caroline Vassar in her #SeniorChapelTalk yesterday. But, when we fail to see situations and the world from other points of view, we miss understanding the whole truth–the positives and negatives of all sides–and fail to understand each other. Sharing a simple example of misunderstanding cultural norms while traveling abroad, she realized the importance of viewing every situation, no matter how small or large,...


Episode 22: Jill Cross, Dean of Curriculum and Instruction

In this episode, Jill Cross, TMI’s Dean of Curriculum and Instruction, talks in depth about curriculum mapping, professional development, and academic technology. Listen as she shares her journey from museum studies and teaching into curriculum development and shaping teacher leaders. Jill talks about the importance of attending conferences for independent school teachers and shares how the experience, collaboration, and networking benefits teachers and their students in the classroom. With...


Episode 21: Senior Chapel Talks by William Elms, Rui Fu, and Payton Down

As a child, William Elms thought a community was just a group of people. In his #SeniorChapelTalk, he explained that it wasn’t until his sophomore year here at TMI that he realized it is much more. This community, he said, was part of his family. But what is family? He read the dictionary’s basic description and went on to say that for him, family is “a group of people who have a strong bond or connection between them.” Explaining his four families–blood, football, lacrosse, and friend–he...


Episode 20: David McGill '72, Steadicam Operator

In this episode, David McGill, TMI Class of 1972, shares his journey of becoming a freelance camera and steadicam operator in the film industry. David has over 25 years experience and has worked on everything from documentaries and corporate videos, to Network TV series and feature films. David shares how his first love of flying led him to seek out lessons as a teenager and eventually to joining the military. But, upon returning to school after his military service was done, he pursued his...


Episode 19: Senior Chapel Talks by Kelly Housley and Lydia Saucedo

In her #SeniorChapelTalk, Kelly Housley shared the memories of her childhood, remembering what it was like to spend time with her family and go on outdoor adventures together. But as many teenagers do, when she got older, she longed to spend more time with her friends and less with her parents and sister. In July 2017, however, she faced the unexpected reality that there would be no more adventures as a family when her parents split. Struggling with her emotions, she began pushing everyone...


Episode 18: Padrecast 6, Highlighting Classroom Activities

In Padrecast #6, The Rev. Scott Brown, TMI Headmaster, talks about the whirlwind of activities we had this past week with Homecoming celebrations. TMI Panthers beat Brooks Academy 48-7, alumna Jessica Leibowitz ’00 sang the National Anthem, Fine Arts Teacher Allan Rupe ’80 organized all the student activities, Coach Amanda Quiroga led a great pep rally, and the Advancement Office led a number of wonderful events to welcome home all our TMI alumni. We also dive in and talk about what’s...


Episode 17: Senior Chapel Talks by Hannah Allen, Reece Traylor, and Javier Ramos

Describing what it was like to grow up in various places around the world during her #SeniorChapelTalk, Hannah Allen spoke about the phases she went through in her attempts to fit in. Looking back and trying to understand her behavior, she reflected on the words of Science Department Chair Rob Friedrich who told her to never settle for a simple answer. She explained the human nature to conform, noting that we are often not even aware when we are conforming. “Don’t let your identity be...


Episode 16: Valerie Tamez, Director of Development

In this episode, Valerie Tamez, Director of Development, explains giving at TMI and talks about the various components that fall under the umbrella of annual giving, including the TMI Fund, special events, honorary and in-memoriam gifts. She goes into detail about the significance of each component and how participation plays a role in seeking grants, accreditation, and foundations that view participation as a metric of the community. TMI asks all members of the community, from faculty and...


Episode 15: Senior Chapel Talks by Daniel Espey and Jessica Cox

In his #SeniorChapelTalk, Daniel Espey shared the internal struggle he faced as a child when answering the simple question ‘Where are you from?’ Born in South Korea and brought to the U.S. when he was adopted at just 8 months old, he found himself answering both South Korea and America to the question. But he faced his biggest struggle at just 11 years old when another child told him to go back to where he belonged. Never expecting such a comment and not knowing how to respond, he whispered,...


Episode 14: Padrecast 5, Educational Philosophy, Curriculum Mapping, and Homecoming

In this episode, we dive deep into understanding the Institutional Educational Philosophy that TMI Headmaster The Rev. Scott Brown shared with our faculty and staff at the beginning of this year as a guiding document of who we are and where we’re going as a community. This is our philosophy that we were founded on 125 years ago; we were founded to educate servant leaders, to be crazy about students and curious about their lives, and to prepare students for life after school. The...


Episode 13: Senior Chapel Talks by Andrew Hieger and Michael Robinson

In his #SeniorChapelTalk, Andrew Hieger described life as a child with his best friend Ellie–a stuffed elephant he got when he was just one year old. She went everywhere with him and though she became worn, for seven years he didn’t let go. But when she disappeared one day, he focused on his friends and family, slowly becoming less dependent on his missing stuffed animal. Looking back, he realized Ellie’s disappearance taught him that just because you haven’t done something before doesn’t...


Episode 12: Alicia Lutman '99, Autism Awareness for First Responders

In this episode, Alicia Lutman ’99, OTD, shares her journey from TMI into occupational therapy. She talks about her passion for research and developing programs for first responders and school resource officers in interacting with children and adults with autism or mental health conditions. She shares some tips for both caregivers and first responders for emergency situations such as: Reminding people that individuals with autism are on a spectrum; some are able to communicate with you and...


Episode 11: Senior Chapel Talks by Julia Humphrey, Jack Whittemore, and Chase Blackwell

As the youngest child, Julia Humphrey was know for her temper tantrums, she told the community in her #SeniorChapelTalk yesterday. It wasn’t until she attended camp in the summer of 2015 that she realized how much her attitude could change everything around her and she was finally able to see how much good she had in her life. “Don’t take for granted what is right in front of us,” she said. Focus on your own happiness, take a step back, and see the good in your own life. In his...