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The Teach On, Teach Strong Podcast is just for teachers, as we explore the following 3P’s of teaching: ➡ Productivity ➡ Personal development ➡ Pedagogy ...to help you succeed in teaching so you can fulfil your potential and keep making a difference in the lives of young children.


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The Teach On, Teach Strong Podcast is just for teachers, as we explore the following 3P’s of teaching: ➡ Productivity ➡ Personal development ➡ Pedagogy ...to help you succeed in teaching so you can fulfil your potential and keep making a difference in the lives of young children.




[160] 7 powerful habits for teachers to only work contract hours and get it done during the school day

OK so this is the teacher dream, right? Doing what the rest of the world *thinks* teachers do - working contract hours?! It’s almost laughable as any teacher knows that is virtually impossible if you want to do a decent job… Well, believe it or not, there are habits you can adopt that will actually help you get closer to this goal of leaving teaching at school. I recorded some “podblog” episodes where I recorded my efforts to try different strategies to try and get as much work done during...


[159] Lifesaving tips, tools and tricks for being a more productive teacher

If you're looking for some random but effective tips to help you be much more productive during the school day and get more done so there's less you have to do in your free time, then this episode is for you! Where to find more teacher content: • Website: https://www.teachersresourceforce.com​ • TpT Store: https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Teachers-Resource-Force • TRF Store: https://shop.TRF.one​ • YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/TeachersResourceForce • Podcast:...


[158] 6 Amazon products every teacher needs in their home office when teaching from home

As your technology collection continues to grow as you teach remotely from home and school, you have likely had to have a bit of a revamp to accommodate the increased use. These are some of my most favourite technology home/school office supplies from Amazon that I have purchased this past year that have made my life so much easier! Products mentioned in this episode: 1. Blue light glasses: Amazon USA: https://amzn.to/3uT98K2 Amazon UK: https://amzn.to/3ydbplk 2. Bluetooth keyboard:...


[157] 3 simple steps to organize your life when you're feeling overwhelmed as a teacher

Are you a teacher feeling overwhelmed with all the things to do in your life? Overwhelm is a result of your brain being overly efficient trying to keep your to do list front of mind. While that's all very nice, it does not a happy teacher make. It leaves you feeling frazzled, stressed and overwhelmed! Listen to this episode to learn the ultimate 3 step system to organize your life and reduce overwhelm! Where to find more teacher content: • Website: https://www.teachersresourceforce.com​ •...


[156] How to create a culture of kindness in your online virtual, hybrid or face to face classroom

Kindness is more important now than ever, as we are adapting to a new way of living; teaching and learning is even more challenging than it usually is. Schools around the globe are having to adapt to online, hybrid learning or face-to-face learning while dealing with all the uncertainty, fear and devastation that comes with a pandemic. It is crucial that we do our best to nurture a culture of kindness in schools. Listen to this episode to learn some ideas but how to do this in your virtual...


[155] 7 underrated websites for blended learning that you won't believe exist

As students spend more and more time on asynchronous activities and learning remotely, it is becoming extra challenging to keep them on their toes and exposed to new and fresh websites to keep remote/hybrid learning interesting. If left to their own devices too much, we know what they will likely revert to (ahem TikTok, video games…) Well this episode is about how to utilize some wonderful underrated websites out there that will help make your life easier as you teach in a virtual or hybrid...


[154] How to boost student motivation and engagement during distance learning online or hybrid classrooms

Are you frustrated that your students are not completing their assignments right now as you navigate the world of online or hybrid learning? Maybe they’re not engaging in your lessons? You can’t monitor what they’re doing as they learn from home, and can’t offer the same amount of support you would “pre-COVID”. If this sounds like you, you’re not alone. Listen in to learn ways in which you can help motivate and engage your students during these challenging times of online/hybrid...


[153] The best morning meeting ideas for big kids

Morning meetings 🌅 (a.k.a. tutor time / form time / advisory / guidance period - it has many names!) is an extremely powerful way to start the school day with your students. It sets your students off on the right foot. It gives them a routine that is safe and predictable, whilst still being something exciting to look forward to, when done right. Establishing a powerful morning meeting is easy to do and doesn't need hours of prep, if you know where to look! I hope you enjoy these tips for an...


[152] How to assign virtual digital colouring pages for online students! No mess, no resources no software

Are you looking to assign your students or children virtual digital online colouring pages? Do you want your students to be creative and artistic without all the mess and resources that go with it? Then check out these new digital online colouring pages for kids that are ready to use without any software or special devices required! They will work on any computer, tablet or phone, providing it has access to the internet! Children can colour in on-screen, exactly as they would on paper, by...


[151] The ultimate virtual escape rooms for kids in distance, virtual, remote, hybrid or blended learning

Are you looking for an educational virtual novel to assign your grade 3-11 students that offers a thrilling challenge while still being extremely enjoyable and engaging? It can be challenging to keep virtual and hybrid students engaged during distance learning. It feels as though they have seen it all at this point! If you are looking for new fun virtual games for kids which are something new and fresh to offer your students that will keep them engaged, entertained, educated and excited,...


[150] How you can use journaling to help with anxiety as a teacher

If you find yourself feeling anxiety as a teacher and are looking for an effective tool to navigate your way through it, you may find journaling might help. In this episode I talk you through my own experiences of journaling every day and what impact it has had on me, and how it might help you too! Where to find more teacher content: • Website: https://www.teachersresourceforce.com​ • TpT Store: https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Teachers-Resource-Force • TRF Store:...


[149] How to deliver morning meeting messages for distance, virtual, remote, hybrid and blended learning

Are you a teacher who is looking for virtual morning meeting greetings as you teach in-person, virtually or hybrid? Do you need: Then these virtual, hybrid and in-person morning meeting activities are all you need! Resources mentioned in this episode: 💻 www.DailyMorningMeetings.com Where to find more teacher content: • Website: https://www.teachersresourceforce.com​ • TpT Store: https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Teachers-Resource-Force • TRF Store: https://shop.TRF.one​ • YouTube:...


[148] What is asynchronous learning and 3 ways to use it with virtual and hybrid learning

Hello! I'm back today with another episode all about the popular buzzword "asynchronous"! Love it or hate it, it's here and it's part of education as we know it. Asynchronous learning is when you post your teaching material online for your virtual or hybrid students to self-study, which allows them to learn on their own schedule and at their own pace. In this episode, you will learn the benefits of asynchronous learning, some creative ideas for asynchronous activities that you can do in your...


[147] 5 website ideas for early finishers during distance learning

What do you do when your students have finished their distance learning tasks? Remote learning can be challenging as you try to ensure all your students are learning, progressing and occupied. It can be difficult to find suitable and fun virtual learning activities to issue as extension work for your early finishers. In this video, you will find 5 creative ideas for your early finishers during a distance, hybrid or blended learning classroom! The 5 sites mentioned in this video: 1....


[146] I'm back!? ...and how to make a teacher staff meeting awesome!

Oh hey... so I'm back!? It has been well over a year... eek... but here I am again! I explain where I've been and what the future of the Teach On, Teach Strong podcast might look like. This episode is all about how to make a teacher staff meeting awesome! Are you running a teacher staff meeting? Do you want to make sure your teacher staff meeting is awesome and teachers find it valuable and enjoyable? These tips will help you do it 👍 Resources mentioned in this video: 💻 99 This or That...


[145] What to do if your school closes and you need to go remote

Hello there, long time no speak! I hope you're keeping safe as the world turns upside down. If you're dealing with school closures or that decision is imminent, you're likely to need to start looking at remote learning if you've not already. If you're feeling overwhelmed with all the options and generous freebies being offered to you and you don't know where to start, this episode will help you put it all into perspective and direct you in the best way forward for the short and long term!...


[144] For teachers who want to take control of their email inbox

You know how it is... you see the dreaded "unread" emails tab that has now crept up to 3 digits... You wonder how you will ever catch up and feel concerned over the emails you haven't yet seen and probably might never see, considering the time it's going to take to get through them all... Now imagine this: when you open up your email inbox, there are only a few items in there. Every time you close your email, your inbox is always at 0. Always. You know exactly which emails you need to take...


[143] Don't feel guilty for having a life as a teacher!

Why do we let ourselves feel guilty for "taking time off work"? It's our weekend or evenings, we *should* be taking them off anyway! This episode is a pep talk to remind you that you don't need to feel guilty as well as some strategies and tips to help you take some well deserved time off on the weekends and evenings. There will always be more to do and there will always be judgements from others. So definitely don't let even the most important person's opinion (yours!) make you feel guilty...


[142] Reduce teacher overwhelm and get it all done!

I'm back to school and the reality has hit! There is always so much to do at the beginning of the school year that I found myself feeling overwhelmed... So I stopped and reflected on what I could do to reduce these feelings and still do all the things I need to get done. Join me in today's episode where I share a journey with you on a new strategy I have discovered. I share how it is working out for me over a week's period via pod-vlog entries as I drive to and from work and you will hear...


[141] The secret to well-being for teachers

Oh hey, I'm back! I hope you had a restful break if you were off and that you're raring to go this school year! This episode is all about the secret to well-being for teachers. "Well-being" has become a bit of a buzz word recently, but in some cases the true essence has been watered down to basic advice like "have a bubble bath and drink wine" that isn't actually helpful... In fact, well-being is so much more than just unwinding at the end of the day. In this episode you will learn what...