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Host Peter Medlin connects with teachers, students and leaders in education as they discuss the biggest issues impacting classrooms.We want to hear your experiences as an educator. Send us a note to teacherslounge@niu.edu


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Host Peter Medlin connects with teachers, students and leaders in education as they discuss the biggest issues impacting classrooms.We want to hear your experiences as an educator. Send us a note to teacherslounge@niu.edu






'CHUTZ-POW!', Superman & Comic Books As A Social Force | Teachers' Lounge Classic

We're revisiting our 2021 conversation with comic book artist and art teacher extraordinaire: Marcel Walker!


A Classroom for All Ages | Teachers' Lounge Podcast

On a new Teachers’ Lounge podcast, it’s not often 17 and 70-year-old students share the same classroom. But that’s every day in this adult education class. Learn more about adult education and English language learning!


The early childhood system could implode. How can it be improved? | Teachers' Lounge Podcast

This week, we’re bringing you two conversations about the state of early childhood services and why the system is on the verge of collapse.


Science is for everyone, and everyone can do science | Teachers' Lounge Podcast

On a new Teachers’ Lounge podcast, Biology Professor Dr. Sheela Vemu says "not only is science for everyone, understanding and appreciating science is something that everyone can do.”


Lessons from a hearing special ed teacher & sign language interpreter | Teachers' Lounge Podcast

on a new Teachers’ Lounge podcast -- Jill teaches deaf students and is a sign language interpreter for swimming meets, dog obedience, and karate classes! Hear how Jill supports her hard of hearing students.


40 years of guidance | Teachers' Lounge Podcast

This week, Laurie Pillen! She just retired a few weeks ago after nearly 40 years as a counselor at Rochelle Township High School. We talked about how she never knew what issue or question a student was going to come into her office with -- and how that kept the job really fresh for decades. She also shared some advice for anyone at a career crossroads.


A special education teacher's worldwide journey in the classroom | Teachers' Lounge Podcast

On a new Teachers’ Lounge, Eugene’s journey to become a teacher was not an easy one. Hear a special education teacher’s story from growing up in poverty in the Philippines to advocating for his students in Illinois.


With Special Guest Educator...My Mom! | Teachers' Lounge Classic

In honor of her retirement from teaching, we're revisiting Peter's 2021 interview with...his mom!


A school year in the life of a teacher | Teachers' Lounge Podcast

Every month on the Teachers' Lounge radio show, we catch up with high school teacher Erik Czerwin. Hear all of those segment in order and follow Erik's journey from August through May right here on the Teachers' Lounge podcast.


It's graduation season. Sorry teachers, but the students are taking center stage! | Teachers' Lounge Podcast

On a new episode, we caught up with high school seniors about how COVID impacted their experience & our student correspondents make their podcast debut!


Catholic Schools, Service Projects & Prom Draw | Teachers' Lounge Podcast

On a new Teachers' Lounge, we talk about what makes religious schools unique and a very quirky and admittedly a bit odd tradition they have at Aquin.


The state of education in Illinois, a live panel conversation | Teachers' Lounge Podcast

We’re bringing you a LIVE episode of Teachers’ Lounge featuring an audience Q&A! This time, we recorded in Springfield, Illinois at the Illinois News Broadcasters Association’s spring conference.


Democracy Schools & Comic Book Quilts | Teachers' Lounge Podcast

This week, we’re talking with Mendota High School civics teacher Jason Artman!Jason played a key role in Mendota joining the Democracy Schools network last year and we talk about what emphasizing democracy across a whole school really looks like.


Teachers' Lounge Podcast LIVE at Beloit College with Wayne Au

On a new Teachers’ Lounge podcast, A LIVE conversation at Beloit College with Wayne Au. He was this year’s Weissberg Chair in Human Rights and Social Justice at Beloit. Hear the live conversation and audience Q&A!


A Song of Psychology & Esports | Teachers' Lounge Classic

We revisit our 2021 chat with Jeff Pitner. He’s a psychology teacher and esports coach at Guilford High School in Rockford. We talked about building that community and how his psychology classes have evolved as he’s learned about restorative justice.


Golden Apples, Escape Rooms, & Embracing Culture | Teachers' Lounge Podcast

On a new Teachers’ Lounge podcast, we enter a math escape room with 5th grade teacher Dominique Yackley! She's a finalist for the Golden Apple Award for Excellence in Teaching.


From 1,800 degree kilns to 3D printers: a ceramics teacher and his cutting edge classroom | Teachers' Lounge Podcast

"If you're working with clay, some people may think 'oh, this is just a teapot.' That teapot can be a lot more. There can be a lot of other issues spinning around up there."


The art of forensics and public speaking, even for introverts | Teachers' Lounge Podcast

On this week’s Teachers' Lounge, it’s time to ready your arguments and prepare to perform. We’re talking with English teacher and Forensics coach, Greg Solomon.


A deep dive into the top education issues of 2023 | Teachers' Lounge Podcast

On a new Teachers’ Lounge podcast -- we’re diving into the top education issues you need to know about in 2023. Everything from mental health to school board battles and student-led classrooms.


Teachers' Lounge live from an actual elementary school teachers' lounge

On a new Teachers’ Lounge podcast -- we’re live from an ACTUAL teachers’ lounge at North Grove Elementary School talking to teachers about how the pandemic has changed them.We recorded these conversations on video, as well, so you can go over to our WNIJ Facebook and Instagram RIGHT NOW and check those out. You can watch the full interviews on our WNIJ YouTube channel