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Live talk radio for teachers. Breaking news and analysis.






The Breakfast Show with James Clarke 27-10-21

Join James this morning as he askes the question: "What are the life lessons that you learnt from School?". James also shares his personal experiences of School, including being partly excluded because of his sexuality.


The Late Late Show with Rich Wrigley 26-10-21

We talk about Day of the Dead and how it is celebrated in Mexican Schools


The Twilight Show with Lucy Neuburger 26-10-21

Lucy talks to Rachel Burnell (@Cherubteacher1) and Lucy Emmerson (@LucyEmmers) about all things RSE and how important it is to start educating children from a young age.


The Twilight Show with Lucy Neuburger 19-10-21

Lucy talks to Laurence Perks about his experiences working as a disabled TA...or is it TA with a disability? Laurence will let you know his thoughts on this and many other things!


The Morning Break with Tom Rogers 26-10-21

Tom is joined by special guest Nancy Gedge to discuss all things TA management in primary and secondary schools - how can teachers get the best out of TAs in any setting? This Education Endowment Report is referenced and discussed https://educationendowmentfoundation.org.uk/education-evidence/guidance-reports/teaching-assistants #TTRadio


The Breakfast Show with Tabitha McIntosh 25-10-2021

Tabitha talks UK/US classrooms, why 'An Inspector Calls' is the biggest barrier to diversifying the English Literature curriculum, police in schools, the frantic pace of British education and what it's like to move from the US Midwest to a country so visibly layered in history, with mismatched buddy comedy duo, flat-sharing teachers Jasmine Lane and Daniel Bundred


The Sunday Lunch Show with Kalil Rouse 24-10-21

In the spirit of half-term, Kalil decided to have a Sunday Funday Lunch Show this week! Listen back to hear a very entertaining and funny show full of riddles, quizzes and games. With lots of audience participation in the chat, the competition was rife, but who came out on top!? As always, if you'd like to interact with Kalil directly on twitter, follow @Kalil_R91


The Sunday Breakfast Show with Sobia Iqbal 24-10-21

Join Sobia with Leadership Matters' Consultant Steve Wilks and Alex Kibbey discussing the importance of Sports within schools. A good show, not to be missed!


The Saturday Afternoon Show with Jane Manzone 23-10-21

Listen to Jane talking to her guests Barry Smith, Samuel Elliot and Richard Farrow about research in education, primary secondary differences, things they would change in education and charisma in teaching.


The Saturday Lunch Show With Joseph Hammond 23-10-21

Specialists in primary schools, the importance of risk in child development, and some live music.


The Breakfast Show with Atlanta Plowden 23-10-2021

Join Atlanta and her guest, Fern Wotton, as they discuss leaving a career at the Department for Education for primary teaching.


The Late Show with Krishna Sanal 22-10-21

The inspirational journey of Shukria Rezaei, as she shares her experiences of schooling in Afghanistan, the contrast to the UK & her efforts through UNIARK.


The Morning Break with Dorian Brown 22-10-21

Darren Leslie joins Dorian in the studio to share his journey with education podcasting and gives us all a peak behind the curtain into the world of podcasting. We then move on to unpack Allison & Tharby's framework of effective teaching from their book "Making Every Lesson Count' and Darren concisely articulates why challenge, explanation, modelling, questioning and feedback are the fundamental building blocks of staff development and hallmarks of quality teaching. Peppered throughout the...


The Late Show with Genevieve Bent 21-10-21

Join Genevieve and her special guests Gradi Tomene & Adeola Ogundele as they discuss celebrating Black History Month in schools, this year!


The Twilight Show with Lianne Lax 21-10-21

This week I had Gareth Metcalfe on talking about his amazing resource I See Maths. Gareth is passionate about putting reasoning and problem solving at the heart of the Maths curriculum and has created resources that allow all children to access problem solving. #problemsolving #Maths #understanding


The Drive Home with Tom Hopkins Burke 21-10-21

Join Tom for a one-off Drive Home special as he stands in as TTR cover supervisor for Seb Ventura. Tom's talking target grades with Dawn Cox and Marcus Shepherd. Are they motivational for students? Do students understand how to get better at a subject if they use them? Do they distract from the bigger picture? Should they be shared from the start of Year 7? Follow Tom on Twitter @HB_History


The Morning Break with Tom Rogers 21-10-21

Tom is joined by special guest Pete Wharmby to discuss all things autism in education. In this show, Tom chats to Pete about his own experiences of being autistic, how teachers can make "reasonable adjustments" for autistic students and some of the key strategies that schools and teachers can implement today to make a difference. Tom asks Pete about the Autism in Education Competency framework and they discuss each of the GAP principles. #ttradio


The Late Show with Naureen Khalid 20-10-21

Naureen is joined by Anita Devi to discuss the role of the SENCO.


The Twilight Show with Nathan Gynn 20-10-21

Nathan talks with Sarah Dove @PhoenixEdSarah author of Behaving Together in the Classroom: A Teacher’s Guide to Nurturing Behaviour and President of @PRUsAPuk about what ECTs, PGCEs and other early career teachers and trainees should know about Pupil Referral Units and Alternative Provision. They discuss misunderstandings about behaviour and exclusions as well as PRUs and AP.


The Drive Home with Harry Waters 20-10-21

A lovely, lively chat with Francesca Di Mambro about building confidence in our students.