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Live talk radio for teachers. Breaking news and analysis.






The Morning Break with Holly King-Mand 19-05-22: Social media stardom

Tommy TikTok has 1.6 million followers. Listen in to find out how his students have responded to it and for a discussion on teaching SEN and what the future holds.


The Morning Break with Jane Ritter 18-05-22: volunteering in ELT

Jane's guest was David Valente, IATEFL Young Learners & Teens Special Interest Group Co-ordinator. They chatted about his work as a volunteer with the IATEFL YLTSIG, his views on ELT as a profession, training and language education.


The Twilight Show with Henry Sauntson 19-05-21: Mentors and CPD

Join Henry and his very special guest Adam Lewis as they explore some of the avenues of effective teacher development, mechanisms for enabling collaboration and also opportunities for gathering feedback - some real insights from Adam. The research focus is the 5 Stages of Development of Pre-Service Teachers from Furlong & Maynard, and there's the usual liberal scattering of quotations...


The Late Show with Ed Finch & Toby P-C 18-05-22: Spring, SATs n Stuff

In a one off, one and a half hour show, earlier than normal Toby and Ed spoke all things Spring (ish), with plenty of customary deviation! Toby broadcast along to begin with musing when the best time for learning is in school - is it when we're all happy and Spring-like, or when it's dark and cold and uninviting outside? Then Ed joined and they talk SATs and post SATs and Year 6 productions and Shakespeare and and and! Then they closed with a charming version of Heres comes the sun in their...


The Breakfast Show with James Clarke 18-05-21:Drama, Drama, Drama

Join James this morning alongside two fabulous Drama teachers from the UAE as they discuss all things "Drama Education"


The Late Show with Bisayo Adewole 17-05-22: Digital Citizenship in the Maths Classroom

Listen to this scenario of a maths teacher who has some math bullies in her class. If you were in her shoes how will you introduce digital citizenship to your online learners?


The Twilight Show with Lucy Neuburger 17-05-22: The PSHE Problem

Lucy has a jam packed show with guests @HandyEyes, @MissCatnach and @dina_a_ayoub discussing why teachers find PSHE so difficult to navigate. It turns out that it is not so scary after all!


The Morning Break with Graham Stanley 17-05-22: Remote teaching at night

Remote Teaching at night from the Philippines with special guest Pablo Ortega. Hear what it's like to teach all night and how teachers keep themselves motivated and adapt.


The Drive Home with Rebekah Ricketts 16-5-2022: leadership and teaching

Joined by Secondary Headteacher, Brian Horwell, to discuss leadership, teaching and learning.


The Saturday Brunch with Flora Cooper 14-05-22: coercive control

Flora is joined by special guests for a discussion about abuse and coercive control and how to spot the signs and support colleagues at school.


The Late Show with Tom Starkey 15-05-22: Revision apps

Tom discusses digital assessment and what it means for GCSEs and A Levels. Apps mentioned: Quizlet BBC Bitesize Go Conqr RememberMore


The Afternoon Show with Maud 15-05-2022: Afro hair

We need to talk about afro hair because it is important to empower the next generation of students with a historical and economical as well as a social understanding of what it means to have afro hair. The history of afro hair is the history of colonialism, slavery and the imposition of Caucasian beauty standards. It has to change and become a celebration of natural beauty, traditions and arts but also an informed discovery of the specificities of afro hair. Get the information you need in...


The Sunday Lunch Show with Kalil Rouse 15-05-22: Memory, teaching and learning

In today's Sunday Lunch Show, Kalil is joined by Sarah Cottingham (@overpractised) to discuss memory and what it means for teaching and learning. Sarah has done a Masters in Educational Neuroscience and gives incredible insight into how the brain and memory work. This is something that all teachers need to be aware of to enable them to be as effective as possible in the classroom. As always, follow Kalil on Twitter @Kalil_R91


The Saturday Lunch Show with Joe Hammond 14-5-22: Men in Early Years

Joe talks about men in early years settings and the gender stereotyping behind it.


The Drive Home with Bisayo Adewole13-05-22 : Teaching English Second Language Learners in Large / Overcrowded Classrooms

Listen to a veteran ESL teacher from Lagos Nigeria, as she shares her strategies of successfully managing ESL large classrooms. Leave a comment to join the conversation.


The Morning Break with Dorian Brown 13-05-22: What does/might effective sustainability education look like?

Dorian welcomes back sustainability in education gurus Alex Catallo and John Cannings who both have a huge wealth of experience working in the IB itself and also specifically with sustainability programmes in a range of different contexts. Alex and John are back for a deeper dive on sustainability education, what is working and how can it be better? Hot off of the heels of the UK government’s recently published strategy for sustainability and climate change in schools, we examine the...


TTR Special - Katharine Birbalsingh launches new movie

Tom Rogers was in London on Wednesday 11th of May 2022 for the premiere of 'The unspeakable truth about children', a new documentary detailing life inside the Michaela Free School. Hear Katharine Birbalsingh be interviewed by writer and former politician Daniel Hannan followed by a short follow up interview with former Michaela staff member Barry Smith who shared his reaction to watching the movie for the first time.


The Drive Home Show with Seb Ventura 12-5-22 -The community episode

This week's episode we discuss community cohesion and what it means for schools. How can we involve members of the local community in our school and how can we create a feeling of cohesion within the school? I am joined by Joel who discusses his plan for his role as communiity cohesion manager.


The Morning Break with Holly King-Mand 11-05-22: Becoming a Successful Tutor

Holly King-Mand, who left her classroom-based teaching behind in 2019 in favour of setting up as a tutor, is joined by Alex Hamlin. Alex is a successful and well-respected tutor serving Bristol and online and shares his experience of moving away from the classroom but not away from teaching.


The Drive Home with Harry Waters 11-05-22 Poetry and the ELT classroom with Thomas Stewart

in Harry's final Drive Home show he talks to Thomas about the impact poetry has had on him as a person and as a teacher. He gives us some great ideas on how we can connect more with poetry and reminds us that it isn't just a bunch of dead white dudes.