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The Alpha Male 2.0 Podcast brings you the best business and entrepreneurial information straight from one of the world's top Entrepreneurs -- and a man who lives one of the best lives on Earth. I will help you maximize your potential, your freedom, and happiness in business and life.

The Alpha Male 2.0 Podcast brings you the best business and entrepreneurial information straight from one of the world's top Entrepreneurs -- and a man who lives one of the best lives on Earth. I will help you maximize your potential, your freedom, and happiness in business and life.


Vancouver, WA


The Alpha Male 2.0 Podcast brings you the best business and entrepreneurial information straight from one of the world's top Entrepreneurs -- and a man who lives one of the best lives on Earth. I will help you maximize your potential, your freedom, and happiness in business and life.




Deep Dive on Perseverance | Alpha Male 2.0 | Podcast #116

The definition of insanity is failing and doing the same thing over and over again. But perseverance through the hard times will get you to the end result, right? Well... which one do you do? Mistakes are one of the most important things you can do in your life. Here is how to take those mistakes, course correct, and get on path to exactly what you want to achieve. And, I'll also tell you when is the exact right time to call it quits, and how to adjust your trajectory.


Advice For Virgins - How To Get L*id | Alpha Male 2.0 | Podcast #115

This Alpha Male 2.0 Podcast is directed at a subset of my viewers, and I'm amazed I haven't done a whole video on the topic yet - but here you are! THIS is how you can lose your V card and get over the mental hurdles you've constructed. It really isn't too hard, but if you don't know where to start, it can seem impossible. Here is how you can break that barrier so you can not only get laid, but start living the AM2.0 lifestyle with multiple women!


For Men Going Through A Divorce or Breakup | Alpha Male 2.0 | Podcast #114

This podcast is about the rollercoaster of emotions and feelings that a man goes through when getting divorced. I've been there, and I understand how hard this can be. Hopefully, some of my words in this video will help you realize the truth - that you are still a man that women want. Your marriage isn't a failure, and I'll tell you why. You're a badass man and don't forget it.


Pink Firefly's AMA Ask Me Anything | Alpha Male 2.0 | Podcast #113

The long awaited AMA with my wife, Pink Firefly! And, you can go to to check out the new NFTs that will be available soon - including the Pink Firefly one! Each will have their own perks, so visit the website to learn more! And give this one a listen, as PF answers viewer submitted questions, you definitely don't want to miss out on her take to this non-monogamous lifestyle that we live!


It Doesn't Matter What She "Brings To The Table" | Alpha Male 2.0 | Podcast #112

When it comes to long term dating and settling down or marrying a women, most men look toward what a women brings to the table. Is she a good wife, can she cook, does she have any skills? And while those things are beneficial and can be kind of nice, that is NOT the reason you should marry someone. In fact, I'll tell you the opposite of what you've probably always heard. There's one main reason why I married Pink Firefly, and I'll tell you that here!


Dating Advice For Younger Men | Alpha Male 2.0 | Podcast #111

Dating when you're a younger man is MUCH different than dating as an older man. A younger man is under 35 years old, and if you fit in that category, you HAVE to listen to this podcast. And if you're in the very young man category (23 or under), then I have some news for you... Let's better your dating life as a younger man!


Dating For Older Men | Alpha Male 2.0 | Podcast #110

There are many things you can do as an older guy to increase your chances with women AND increase your own life. An older guy, in my opinion, is somewhere between 37 and 59, so if you fall between their, chances are that this podcast is for you!


Introverts vs Extroverts | Alpha Male 2.0 | Podcast #109

Introvert or Extrovert? What are you and how to you manage the advantages and disadvantages? It's sometimes a misconception what these two words mean. It can be hard being one or the other, but if you can manage the flaws of being an extrovert or introvert, you'll become a superhuman. You can basically do whatever you want! Let's get the facts straight in this Alpha Male 2.0 Podcast!


Responding To Objections Regarding Alpha Male 2.0 Dating | Alpha Male 2.0 | Podcast #108

I receive countless and countless excuses and oppositions to dating in the Alpha Male 2.0 world. And, they're all wrong. In this podcast, I'll dissect a handful of the most common objections I get in regards to dating. If you try any of these things I suggest, you might be pleasantly surprised at how well it works. Time to forget your excuses and start applying the advice I give you in this video on how to date like an Alpha Male 2.0!


Is Notch Count Important? | Alpha Male 2.0 | Podcast #107

Is notch count important - that is, the number of women you have slept with? What role does this play in modern society, if any, and why does this number mean much less than most men think. Here is my take on why this number should rarely, if ever, be a measure of your success. Moreover, I'll tell you why this number especially doesn't matter when it comes to the women you are trying to meet. Join me on this podcast as we investigate if numbers are important!


How To Date Multiple Women In The Same Social Circle | Alpha Male 2.0 | Podcast #106

Alpha Male Podcast #106, and it's a brand new subject I've never discussed before! This one is how to handle dating multiple women, who are in the same social circle. It's tough to do, but it CAN be done! I'll discuss referral game as well and how to manage this dangerous territory. It's risky business in the same circle, but here's how you handle it like an Alpha Male 2.0!


How to Never Fight About Money with Your Partner Again | Alpha Male 2.0 | Podcast #105

Do you want to make sure you never have a fight about finances again? Your relationship structure will help ensure that this doesn't happen to you. In this podcast, I'll tell you how to affected my first marriage, and how it currently affects my second. It's amazing how when you split up the finances, how little you can really fight about when it comes to money.


How To Date Cougars - For Younger Guys | Alpha Male 2.0 | Podcast #104

A question I seem to be getting often, and one I have good experience in, is how to date cougars and older women when you are a younger man. My encounters were pretty great, and I'll tell you about them here. I'll also say exactly how to keep a cougar around and give them what they want. Join me on this podcast if your a man in his twenties or thirties looking to pick up hot older women!


How To Succeed With Women By NOT Doing This! | Alpha Male 2.0 | Podcast #103

In this podcast, I won't tell you a single thing you should do. Instead, what most men fail to realize is that it isn't that you need a new technique to get women. In most cases, you need to STOP doing the things you are currently doing. There are many fatal flaws ingrained into men these days that decrease their chances exponentially. In this podcast, here are the things you need to NOT do to pick up the woman you're after!


Anti-Aging, HGH Peptides and Metformin | Alpha Male 2.0 | Podcast #102

Anti-Aging is an important part of being an Alpha Male 2.0. You can't get new girls if you look like crap. In this video, I'll tell you how to reverse aging and make sure you look young even as you grow older. But when should you start paying attention to this? Sit back and find out how keep looking good with Metformin and HGH!


Alpha Male 2.0 | Podcast #101 | The 1-To-10 Scale Is BS

This is Alpha Male 2.0 and today, I'll go over how the 1-10 scale is complete and utter BS. Plus, I'll give you a much better alternative way of thinking. If you want common consensus, then a 1-10 scale will give you a wide range of results, with no consistency. There is a better option, and if you have a counter argument, I'll touch on it here. Of course, if there is anything you think I missed, let's here it down in the comments! 👇


Alpha Male 2.0 | Podcast #100 | Big 100 Ask Me Anything Celebration!

I answer ALL of your questions! Join me as I don't hold anything back, and answer every single query that you, my viewers, sent in. This was a lot of fun, and turn out to be a really long video. If you have a question it's answered here in this Ask Me Anything with Caleb Jones!


Alpha Male 2.0 | Podcast #99 | How You Can Date Women In Foreign Countries

In this episode of the Alpha Male 2.0 Podcast, I'll tell you what you need to know to date women in foreign countries. Especially if you have never been, you'll need to know there are some awesome pros, as well as some big cons to dating foreign women. But, if managed correctly, you simply can't beat it. It's extremely important to follow the Alpha Male 2.0 model to make sure you keep your woman life exciting and happy - especially when you're worldwide!


Sovereign CEO | Podcast #2 | How To Create Longevity In Your Business

A lot of people start a business, but soon find this failing or going back to a job. The key to long term success? Let's discuss how creating rational goals, and taking action on them is how you can ensure that your business will always create revenue. Making money isn't about the short term. It's time to dream big and make it bigger! I'm Caleb Jones. This is Sovereign CEO & I help people create location independent income, move to a better country, or just set up an international backup...


Alpha Male 2.0 | Podcast #98 | The Best Way YOU Can Improve!

There's no excuse that validates you can't change. I've heard every story you could think of, but the answer will always be the same. This overview will show the cons of that type of thinking. Your goals and life dreams aren't far off, but it all starts with improving your mindset. Let's listen in this podcast as we discuss why to free yourself of bad habits and thinking, and how to make sustainable real-life changes!!