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Diversity and Inclusion. Business and society collide

Today I am joined by Andrew Jones of Diversenomics. His startup company focuses on consultation and coaching for businesses to adopt diversity and inclusion within their organization. His approach is to focus on the economical aspects that surround the concepts of diversity and inclusion. In this interview I ask what diversity means to him, how he aligns or differs with the dictionary definitions, and how he applies it in business. We discuss a wide range of implications while exploring...


Women in Atheism. A livestream with SkepticNikki and Godless_Mom

@godless_mom is a YouTuber, Podcaster, Twitter warrior, and blogger. She grew up atheist and offers interesting arguments from a minority perspective in a deeply religious world. Her unique perspective and witty personality challenges the believers of this world. @skepticnikki is a social media warrior using multiple platforms to debunk religious claims. She has also worked on the activist side with coordinating conferences and meetups in her area. She grew up in a deeply religious family...


It's not up for debate. The alternative forms of education.

In several defenses against the use of debate I have heard the claim that there are alternative forms of learning that debate doesn't solve. This is true. However, which is moore suitable to which topic. Is debate useful for discussions on evolution? Is lectures and testing approrpriate for philosophy? Which is best suited and is this more an argument against the weak points of ones own philosophy? Multiple subject have been solidified to the point that they are indeed not up for debate....


The Marxist Problem. Why anyone should care that Marxism is being introduced.

When people say Marxist, the images of the Orwell novel 1984 come to mind. But how does the marxist ideology affect us today? The reality is that Marxism today isn't about the have versus the have not's. It's now all about us versus them. It has co-oped and molded itself into our social sciences. It has infultrated all that we stand to learn about ourselves. It has changed the very nature of academia with a messed up version of self-destructive power dynamics. In this episode I discuss the...


Meme Culture. How comedy has adapted to the internet

Comedy has moved to one off pieces of quick fix laughter. It's a collection of correlations where if one person does it, and it catches on, everyone does it. There's plenty of memes and people who use them. But what is meme culture really and how does it work? Is it the comedy of the future? This episode I wanted to start off with something a bit lighter. We've had a rough couple of years and kicking things off with comedy seems the right way to start 2018. For those that don't have a...


The Affects of Depression. Psychology plus personal experience.

In this podcast I'll probably offend a few people and irritate others. I'm going to be discussing the effects of depression. Depression is a mental affliction that is caused by a weakness of will. It's considered as a mental disorder in psychology for very good reason. Depression can end your life by your own hand. However, I don't considering in the same category as schizophrenia, bi-polar, or any number of mental issues that people seem to not be able to recover from. Depression has a...


An interview with @SkepticNikki

This week we have a special guest coming to The Axiom Principle. @SkepticNikki will be joining us to discuss what she’s been up to for the past year. She has a new effort to fight against religious thinking. We will be discussing what she’s been up to for the last year, the project she worked on, and what her plans are for the future. Beyond that, we'll let the conversation go wherever the conversation takes us. Join us this week as we interview @SkepticNikki.


Fighting Ignorance. The constant uphill battle against ideological thinking

The mission and vision of The Axiom Principle is to stop ignorance in every field and in every space. The modern world has no more room for ignorant thoughts, ignorant ideals, or ignorant people. We have at our disposal the means to wipe out our entire planet in a flash of light or in a slow decrepid death. It seems a daunting task but how does one fight against ignorance? What tools are available? What can be done to stop ignorance from flourishing and infecting our systems of education?


The term Social Justice. What it means and how people act with it

Social justice can be defined as a state or doctrine of egalitarianism. Another definition is the distribution of advantages and disadvantages within a society. Oxford dictionary defines social justice as Justice in terms of the distribution of wealth, opportunities, and privileges within a society. But with these definitions, what does that mean? What approach to social justice actually is beneficial to societies as a whole and humanity as a species? In this podcast I analyse the terms...


Assaulting an Idea. How some ideas may be personal and sacred.

How can you assault an idea? I think there might be a way where people percieve that an idea that they find valuable is attacked thus is attacking them. However, since when are ideas able to have feelings? The very concept is similar to the way every religion has controlled society for thousands of years. The religion is above cricitism because the value people put into the religion. If their values are challenged the individual translates this into a personal attack which makes it seem as...


Defending Islam. Why has western philosophy adopted the defense of religion?

From Ben Affleck to college professors and students, you see a defence of Islam in the frame of fear. Islamaphobia is the term used to describe anyone who dares criticize the Ideology which has been adopted by those seeking to defend their religion. It's interesting that this term even exists. Is there a Christianaphobia, Hindiphobia, or a Buddhistophobia? If there are no phobias of other religions then why is Islam adopting such a position? Perhaps it's because the religious texts are...


The Free speech war. Hate speech and free speech combined

The war on free speech is happening across the globe but why? Why would someone attack a fundamental right which has created the great societies that we have today? People have been bullied over the subject of free speech because they profess deep outrage and hurt feelings while demanding silence of their detractors. New laws have been introduced that strip people of the right of speaking any way they choose. But the right to speak comes with it the right to listen. Just like the angry...


Building a science based world view

Where do you get your morality from? Is it ancient tradition? perhaps from your parents and their religious beliefs? Or was your family atheist to begin with and you've had to develop morality on your own? The theist would have you believe that morality is a gift from their almighty god. However, morality has it's roots in science. Contrary to what theists might tell you, morality is a part of our very nature. We've been able to demonstrate this by analyzing other species and see the moral...


The moral argument of veganism.

The only argument one can give for veganism is a moral conundrum argument based on appeals to emotion. Vegan arguments tend to focus on the moral arguments of killing animals to gain sustinance for our species. Yet beyond this argument there is really little left to defend their position. It becomes a collection of moral granstanding and rhetoric which ends up being nothing more than "i'm better than you." Lets list out the arguments to becoming vegan, demonstrate why they are important,...


Problems with Abortion. Moral Relativism vs. Science

The feminist argument can be summed up in one phrase. My body, my choice. In the context of abortion, this isn't entirely true. To come to the conclusion of whether abortion is a moral choice or not we must start with something we could consider objectively true from a moral stance. The problem with that is, morality is entirely subjective. So how could there be any middle ground when facing a socially moral conundrum? I attempt to explore this issue and address it from a pure scientific...


Outcome vs Opportunity. The SJW mantra of modern day.

The political regressive left, the SJW's, the Feminists, and other social marxist beliefs have one central dogma to their beliefs. They believe that Equality means the equality of outcome. But is that actually attenable? In this podcast I go over the capabilities of equality of outcome. It's an ideological position that is impossible to attain. I'll compare it to other religions and the impossible goals all religions setup for the individual. Then we shall dive into the equality of...


Modifying definitions. A way to rationalize your position

There have been many definitions that have been abused or modified to suite a persons narrative. This is nothing more than a rationalization of their belief. This is a very common occurance yet not many people address the issue. What should we do when people redefine words to fit their view? Can we correct the redefining? Or should we work with their definition to demonstrate they're still wrong? These questions are fundamental to address the redefinition of words to suite a narrative


Kids going to college? Things you should be aware of.

There have been drastic changes on college campuses that have manifested into violence. From the violent fascists at UC Berkeley to the insane beration of what should be honored professors at Yale; The Ivy league has become the enemies of reason and thought. They have become a collective pool of indoctrination with manditory classes to complete their degree. Your children need tools to navigate the insanity that is the college campus because this infection is everywhere. So what tools will...


Claims of Truth. The record of the media and how to discover truth yourselves

With all the claims to truth we have today it's difficult to tell who is telling the truth and who isn't. We often see things we agree with but how could we know if what we believe is true. By what measure, what standard, could we use to determine if something is true. There's a few ways at our disposal. However, not many people know how to use them. In tonights episode I'll discuss three ways to determine if something is true and how to use them.


The obsession with our negative past.

Whenever we attempt to discuss racism, slavery is always brought up. Whenever we bring up inequality of the sexes, womens sufferage is the counter argument. When we attempt to discuss opinions others don't share, people are labeled Nazi's, Fascists, or worse. These often ammount to name calling and dismission of the argument. But they aren't really an agrument against what is being said. So why bring it up? Tonight, I discuss why someone would want to leverage the worst of our past to...