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The Azure DevOps Podcast is a show for developers and devops professionals shipping software using Microsoft technologies. Each show brings you hard-hitting interviews with industry experts innovating better methods and sharing success stories. Listen in to learn how to increase quality, ship quickly, and operate well. Hosted by Jeffrey Palermo and sponsored by Clear Measure, Inc.

The Azure DevOps Podcast is a show for developers and devops professionals shipping software using Microsoft technologies. Each show brings you hard-hitting interviews with industry experts innovating better methods and sharing success stories. Listen in to learn how to increase quality, ship quickly, and operate well. Hosted by Jeffrey Palermo and sponsored by Clear Measure, Inc.


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The Azure DevOps Podcast is a show for developers and devops professionals shipping software using Microsoft technologies. Each show brings you hard-hitting interviews with industry experts innovating better methods and sharing success stories. Listen in to learn how to increase quality, ship quickly, and operate well. Hosted by Jeffrey Palermo and sponsored by Clear Measure, Inc.






Rod Paddock on the New Normal - Episode 111

Joining the podcast today is Rod Paddock, the CTO of Dash Point Software, Inc. and the Editor in Chief of CODE Magazine! In 2001, Rod founded Dash Point Software, Inc. to develop high-quality custom software solutions. With over 30 years of experience, some of his current and past clients include Six Flags, First Premier Bank, Microsoft, Calamos Investments, The US Coast Guard, and US Navy. Along with developing software, Rod is a well-known author and conference speaker. Since 1995, he...


Stefan Schackow on What’s New in Azure App Service - Episode 110

This week, Jeffrey is excited to be joined by a longtime friend of his, Stefan Schackow! Stefan is a program manager on the Azure App Services team who has worked on the web app cloud offering since its earliest days. In Azure, Stefan leads a team of program managers who work on the development and deployment of Azure App Service, as well as the development of Microsoft's on-premises and cloud hybrid products (such as Azure Pack and Azure Stack). In this episode, Stefan shares some news...


News from Microsoft Ignite 2020 - Episode 109

In today’s ‘solocast,’ Jeffrey is taking a look at the virtual Microsoft Ignite 2020 conference that was held on September 22nd-24th. At last year’s conference, Jeffrey was fortunate enough to be a part of their community reporter team. At this year’s conference, he was one of five table-talk facilitators on a panel titled, “Why we’re excited to be a developer right now!” (If you’re interested in viewing this panel, a replay is available in the show notes!) In this episode, Jeffrey...


Chrissy LeMaire on DevOps with dbatools - Episode 108

This podcast episode is sponsored by — a platform that radically simplifies end-to-end network automation through open-source, intent-based orchestration. Automate Ansible, Terraform, and Kubernetes to your Azure and private cloud directly from your .net visual studio environments natively within no additional heavy lifting. Chrissy LeMaire is joining Jeffrey today on The Azure DevOps Podcast! Chrissy is a Cloud and Datacenter Management and Data Platform MVP who has worked...


Daniel Markham on Teaching Programmers - Episode 107

In this episode, Jeffrey Palermo is joined by Daniel Markham! Daniel is a semioticist logician (otherwise known as a programmer). He likes to help people learn to make better tech. He believes that once you know the ‘why,’ you can figure out the ‘what’ on your own. As an active coder and manager, Daniel has spent time the last several years with clients as an Agile/XP Technical Coach, helping them rediscover how to discover and create value at speed. His clients include several Fortune...


Steve Sanderson on Blazor - Episode 106

In today’s episode, Jeffrey Palermo is joined by Steve Sanderson! Steve is a developer at Microsoft on the ASP.NET team and the inventor of the first version of Blazor. He has worked on web technologies at Microsoft since 2010 and is the author of the popular book, Pro ASP.NET MVC Framework, as well as its various sequels. Steve also started the Knockout.js project back in 2010 (before client-side MV* was cool). In their conversation, Steve speaks about all things Blazor! He shares about...


Bob Martin on Agile and Extreme Programming - Episode 105

In today’s episode, Jeffrey Palermo is joined by a really exciting guest; Robert C Martin, better known as Uncle Bob Martin! If you don’t already know Bob, he is a software engineer, instructor, and best-selling author. He is most recognized for developing numerous software design principles and for being a founder of the incredibly influential Agile Manifesto. Bob is the author of a number of Clean Code related books including his latest, Clean Agile: Back to Basics, where he...


Derek Comartin on Migrating to .NET Core - Episode 104

This week on the podcast, Jeffrey Palermo is virtually sitting down with Derek Comartin to discuss migrating to .NET Core! Derek Comartin is a software developer with two decades of professional software development experience. He has written software for a variety of business domains such as distribution, transportation, manufacturing, and accounting. He is also the Director of Engineering at Full Circle TMS., where he develops transportation management software using a variety of...


Daniel Vacanti on ActionableAgile - Episode 103

In today’s episode, Jeffrey Palermo sits down virtually with Daniel Vacanti, the co-founder and CEO of ActionableAgile. Daniel is a 20-year software industry veteran who got his start as a Java Developer/Architect. He has spent most of the last 15 years focusing on Lean and Agile Practices. In 2007, he helped develop the Kanban Method for knowledge work. He even managed the world’s first project implementation of Kanban that year and, ever since, has been conducting Kanban training,...


Brady Gaster on SignalR and More - Episode 102

This week, Brady Gaster is joining The Azure DevOps Podcast to discuss all things SignalR and beyond. Brady is a Senior Program Manager in the ASP.NET team at Microsoft where he works on SignalR, microservices, APIs, and integration with Azure service teams in hopes to make it exciting for developers who work on .NET apps to party in the cloud! ASP.NET SignalR is a library for ASP.NET developers that makes it incredibly simple to add real-time web functionality to your applications. In...


Mike Sigsworth on a Containerized Journey Using .NET Core - Episode 101

Joining Jeffrey Palermo today is Mike Sigsworth, a Principal Software Architect at Clear Measure. Mike has been developing for over 20 years (most of that in the .NET space) and an unquenchable curiosity to learn keeps him close to the cutting edge of technology. He is also incredibly passionate about board games and is an avid listener of sci-fi audiobooks! In today’s podcast, Jeffrey and Mike are talking about a huge project that Mike is working on for a client that has made some big...


Richard Hundhausen on Professional Scrum - Episode 100

In today’s episode, Jeffrey is joined by a good friend and incredible software engineer and trainer, Richard Hundhausen. Richard helps software organizations and teams deliver better products by understanding and leveraging Azure DevOps and Scrum. He is a Professional Scrum Trainer, Professional Scrum Developer, author of Professional Scrum with Azure DevOps (MS Press), and co-creator of the Nexus Scaled Scrum framework. As a software developer and consultant with over 30 years of...


Joe Duffy on Infrastructure as Code - Episode 99

This week’s guest is Joe Duffy, the CEO of Pulumi — a venture-backed startup in Seattle whose mission is to help developers and operators get their code to the cloud faster together. Prior to founding and leading Pulumi, Joe worked for Microsoft for a number of years helping them take .NET to open source. Currently, his main focuses are on Infrastructure as Code and Cloud Engineering. In this episode, Jeffrey and Joe take a deep dive into Infrastructure as Code. As someone who has been...


Jimmy Bogard on AutoMapper and MediatR - Episode 98

Joining Jeffrey today is Jimmy Bogard, an Independent Consultant, long-time Microsoft MVP award recipient, C# guru, and author and maintainer of AutoMapper (as well as many other open-source projects!) He has twenty years of experience building mission-critical applications and distributed systems with extensive experience in Agile, Test-Driven Development, Domain-Driven Design, Object-Oriented Design, Service Oriented, and Distributed Systems. Jimmy’s convention-based object-object...


Danny Vandergriff on Empowering Developers - Episode 97

This week on the podcast, Jeffrey is joined by Danny Vandergriff! Danny is a Principal DevOps Architect at Clear Measure, designing DevOps solutions for clients in a variety of industries. He's also done a tremendous amount of work in the area of database administration for large and complex SQL Server databases. In this episode, Danny discusses both the Dev and the Ops of DevOps! He gives advice to developers new and old to the industry; tips around designing and implementing SQL...


Simon Brown on Architecture for Developers - Episode 96

In today’s episode, Jeffrey Palermo is speaking with Simon Brown! Simon is the author of Software Architecture for Developers; a developer-friendly guide to software architecture, technical leadership, and the balance with agility. Simon is also the creator of the C4 software architecture model and the founder of Structurizr; a collection of tools to help software teams visualize, document, and explore their software architecture. In their discussion today, they will take a look at...


Chris Patterson on GitHub Actions - Episode 95

Joining the podcast today is Chris Patterson! Chris is the Staff Product Manager for GitHub Actions at GitHub. He has been in the software industry for more than 20 years. In that time, he has worked on a variety of projects at companies ranging from startups to telecom. Prior to coming to GitHub, he spent 14 years as a Principal Program Manager on Azure DevOps at Microsoft. In this episode, Jeffrey and Chris take a deep dive into GitHub Actions. Chris gives an update on everything new...


Elton Stoneman on the State of Containers - Episode 94

Joining Jeffrey once again is return guest, Elton Stoneman! Elton has spent most of his career as a consultant, designing and building large enterprise applications. When he discovered the container revolution he joined Docker and worked with the team for three fast and furious years! Now, he helps people break up old enterprise apps and build new cloud-native apps — running them all in Docker and Kubernetes. He also speaks and runs workshops at conferences around the world, writes books and...


Steve Hickman on DevOps in K-12 - Episode 93

In today’s episode, Steve Hickman is joining the podcast! Steve is a 25-year veteran of the software industry who has built many software systems in a variety of environments. He first started out as an individual programmer, became a Director of Development, and is now in an executive role overseeing many developers. Previously in his career, he was also the Director of Technology for a major school district in TX and oversaw technology for the private industry. In their discussion...


Frans Bouma on .NET Data Access - Episode 92

Today on the show, Jeffrey Palermo is joined by a long-time colleague of his, Frans Bouma! Frans is the Lead Developer of LLBLGen Pro, a market-leading entity modeling/object-relational mapper for .NET. His specialties are C#, .NET, software engineering and architecture, databases, and data access technologies. He has been writing software professionally since 1994 and is a well-known expert in object-relational mapping, data access technologies, and entity modeling. In this episode,...