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The Azure DevOps Podcast is a show for developers and devops professionals shipping software using Microsoft technologies. Each show brings you hard-hitting interviews with industry experts innovating better methods and sharing success stories. Listen in to learn how to increase quality, ship quickly, and operate well. Hosted by Jeffrey Palermo and sponsored by Clear Measure, Inc.

The Azure DevOps Podcast is a show for developers and devops professionals shipping software using Microsoft technologies. Each show brings you hard-hitting interviews with industry experts innovating better methods and sharing success stories. Listen in to learn how to increase quality, ship quickly, and operate well. Hosted by Jeffrey Palermo and sponsored by Clear Measure, Inc.
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The Azure DevOps Podcast is a show for developers and devops professionals shipping software using Microsoft technologies. Each show brings you hard-hitting interviews with industry experts innovating better methods and sharing success stories. Listen in to learn how to increase quality, ship quickly, and operate well. Hosted by Jeffrey Palermo and sponsored by Clear Measure, Inc.






Kayla Cinnamon and Rich Turner on DevOps on the Windows Terminal Team - Episode 54

On this week’s podcast, Kayla Cinnamon and Rich Turner are joining the show! Kayla is a Program Manager on the Windows Terminal Team and has been working for Microsoft for the last 8 years, and Rich is a Senior Program Manager, also on the Windows Terminal Team and has been with Microsoft for nearly 4 years. Kayla and Rich are speaking with Jeffrey today to discuss how the Windows Terminal Team does DevOps. They’ll be speaking about all the recent news regarding the new Windows Terminal,...


Jared Parsons on DevOps on the C# Compiler Team - Episode 53

Today, your host, Jeffrey Palermo is speaking with Jared Parsons, the Principal Developer Lead on the C# Compiler Team. Everybody tuning in probably uses his code on a day-to-day basis! Jared started out at Microsoft 15 years ago as a Developer; moved on to become a Senior Developer; then Principal Developer on Midori OS; and most recently, the Principal Developer on C# Compiler Team, which he has been with since 2014. In this episode, Jeffrey and Jared are taking a look at what the...


Patrick Smacchia on Static Code Analysis - Episode 52

Patrick Smacchia is the founder and CEO of NDepend — a tool for .NET static analysis — and has been in the software world for over 20 years. He’s one of the world’s top tier experts in static code analysis. And today, with more than 8,000 client companies (including many Fortune 500s), NDepend offers deeper insight and understanding about their code bases to a wide range of professional users around the world. In this episode, Jeffrey and Patrick will be discussing static code analysis....


James Avery on Scaling to 3 Billion Requests Per Day - Episode 51

James Avery is the founder and CEO of Adzerk. Adzerk is the next generation of publisher ad serving. It's built to be faster, easier to use, and comprehensive than anything on the market today. Adzerk helps you build the exact server you want; through their ad serving APIs, they allow developers to build and scale innovative, server-side ad platforms without reinventing the wheel. James originally started Adzerk back in 2010, FTPing files up to an IaaS VM, and now he has a whole team and...


Richard Lander on .NET Core Runtime - Episode 50

Today's guest, Richard Lander, is a Principal Program Manager on the .NET Core Team at Microsoft. He's been with Microsoft for a total of 19 years, 16 of which have been with the .NET team. Richard is an absolute mover and shaker in pushing the .NET platform forward! Currently, he’s working on runtime features and performance, CLI experience, docker container experience, ARM32 and ARM64 support, IoT/GPIO/PWM support, blogging and customer engagement, and speaking at conferences. He's part of...


Mads Torgersen on the Latest in C# - Episode 49

Today’s guest is Mads Torgerson, the lead designer and program manager of the C# programming language. He has been with Microsoft for 14 years. And prior to that, Mads was a professor and also contributed to a language starting with J. In this week’s episode, Mads and Jeffrey are discussing the latest in C#. Mads shares everything he knows about C#, the progress on C# 8 and when you can expect to get your hands on it, and all of the new features to look forward to. Mads and Jeffrey also...


Steve Smith on DevOps Quality - Episode 48

This week’s guest is Steve Smith! Steve is an entrepreneur and software developer with a passion for building quality software as effectively as possible. He is the founder of Ardalis Services and Tech Hub Hudson, as well as a Board Member on the Stir Trek Conference, Inc. Steve Smith has also been recognized by Microsoft as a Most Valuable Professional (MVP) since 2002. He is also a Pluralsight author with several online courses on various topics; mentors motivated developers on...


Daniel Roth on Blazor DevOps - Episode 47

Today’s guest is Daniel Roth, a Program Manager on the ASP.NET team at Microsoft. He works on building frameworks for web developers, including ASP.NET Core and Blazor. He has previously worked on various parts of .NET, including System.Net, WCF, XAML, and ASP.NET. And his passions include building frameworks for modern Web frameworks that are simple and easy to use. In this episode, Jeffrey and Daniel explore the world of Blazor DevOps! They take a look at the future potential of Blazor...


Kendra Little on Database DevOps - Episode 46

Today’s guest on this week’s Azure DevOps Podcast is Kendra Little, a DevOps Advocate for Redgate Software and a Microsoft Certified Master in SQL Server. She has trained IT leaders, developers, and database administrators around the world on topics including performance tuning, preventing and managing incidents with business-critical databases, and optimizing operations and the software development cycle. Kendra is also the founder of SQLWorkbooks where she creates online training videos...


Richard Campbell on Software Perspectives - Episode 45

Today’s guest is Richard Campbell! Richard’s career has spanned the computing industry — both on the hardware and the software side; development and operations. He was a co-founder of Strangeloop Networks, which was acquired by Radware in 2013 and spent five years on the Board of Directors of Telerik (which was acquired by Progress Software in 2014). He has also founded Humanitarian Toolbox, an organization design to let developers around the world donate their skills to disaster relief...


Matthew Renze on Data Science for Developers - Episode 44

Jeffrey’s guest today is Matthew Renze. Matthew is a Data Science Consultant, author, and public speaker. Over the past two decades, Matthew has taught over 200,000 developers and IT professionals how to make better decisions with data science! His clients include small software startups to fortune 100 companies across the globe. He’s also a Microsoft MVP, an ASPInsider, a Pluralsight author, and an open-source software contributor. His focus includes data science, machine learning, and...


DevOps News Update for July 2019 - Episode 43

Today your host, Jeffrey Palermo, will be going solo to bring you a DevOps news update for the first week of July in 2019! He covers some of the latest advances in GitHub, big changes for Azure Pipelines, and .NET Framework news that will change the landscape. In the second half of the episode he also shares some news on what’s coming this fall for .NET Core 3.0: an update to .NET DevOps for Azure! He gives a sneak preview into the additional chapters that will be added and topics that will...


Kyle Nunery on Azure DevOps in the Real World - Episode 42

Today’s guest is Kyle Nunery, a Principal Software Architect at Clear Measure as well as the business owner of Burnout Studios (where he has developed mobile games for the iOS platform and created art assets for the Unity3D asset store!) As a full stack web developer, Kyle can optimize SQL queries, architect a web application, push pixels, design a web API, design a UI, optimize the backend for scalability, and write difficult business logic. His biggest strength is his willingness and...


Eric Fleming on Middle-of-the-Day Deployments - Episode 41

Today’s episode is all about recognizing middle-of-the-day deployments; how teams such as Netflix, Facebook, and even the Azure DevOps Product Team are doing them; and taking a look at how other teams can achieve that for themselves! Jeffrey Palermo’s guest today is Eric Fleming, a Software Architect at Clear Measure. Eric leads an intense team, developing and operating a mission-critical software system in the financial sector. He lives in Alpharetta, Georgia, and is a host of the...


Dr. Neil Roodyn on the Social Impact of Technology - Episode 40

Today’s guest is Dr. Neil Roodyn — an entrepreneur, founder, consultant, trainer, and author! Neil travels the world, working with technology companies and helps software development teams become more productive. He spends much of his time each year flying between Europe and the U.S. working with software teams and writing about his experiences. As an author, Neil has been involved in several technical books, including: Mixed Reality Fundamentals, where he was a co-author; The Digital Table,...


Atley Hunter on the Business of App Development - Episode 39

Jeffrey Palermo’s guest today is none other than Atley Hunter! Atley has been a developer for more than 20 years and has developed over 1200 publically released apps across many Microsoft platforms. In fact, he has published more apps on the Microsoft side of the industry than anybody else in the world! Atley is a driven creator who balances the practicalities of requirements with his vast knowledge of platforms, techniques, and a personal hunger for knowledge. He has also successfully led...


Greg Duncan on Putting the Ops in DevOps - Episode 38

On today’s episode, Greg Duncan is joining the podcast! Greg has been developing eDiscovery software applications since his days at the now-defunct, Arthur Andersen. And he continued to develop eDiscovery applications over the next 10 years at KPMG, a time of continuous change and innovation in the world of eDiscovery and information governance. As a Microsoft and Visual Studio .NET MVP and certified Scrum master, Greg has been blogging and podcasting substantive technology information for...


Mark Miller on Developer Productivity - Episode 37

Today’s guest is Mark Miller, a five-year C# MVP alumnus with strong expertise in decoupled design, plug-in architectures, and great user interfaces. He is the Chief Architect of the IDE Tools division at Developer Express, as well as the visionary force behind productivity tools like CodeRush. Mark is a top-ranked speaker at conferences around the world and has been creating tools for software for almost four decades. Mark is also the creator of “The Science of Great UI” and “Design Like a...


Jeff Fritz on .Net Core 3 and Blazor - Episode 36

Joining Jeffrey Palermo today is Jeff Fritz! Jeff is the Senior Program Manager in Microsoft’s Developer Division working on the .Net Community Team. He's a long-time web developer and survivor of the .com era. He has built large software-as-a-service applications in every version of ASP.NET, with a focus on performance and scalability. Four days a week you can catch Jeff writing code and teaching folks how to get ahead in the software industry on a live video stream called, “Fritz and...


Jeffrey Palermo on .NET DevOps for Azure - Episode 35

This week is a special solo-edition episode with your host, Jeffrey Palermo! Recently, Jeffrey published his fourth book, .NET DevOps for Azure, on April 26th, 2019. This book has been a long-time coming for Jeffrey and his hopes for it are to address some really big issues in the current industry. Almost fifteen years ago, Jeffrey gained a passion for helping developers succeed, for making the complex simple, and for finding rules of thumb that would work for 80% of teams and situations...