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Trips from Hell

Trips from hell. They exist. Weather. Boat problems. Sick. Tired. Hot. Whatever the reason, some trips just don’t go as expected. Ten-year cruiser Carolyn Shearlock explores some of the reasons and ways that she first, tries to avoid bad passages and second, deal with the problems that arise. The good news: future trips are likely to be a lot better! Sponsor: Coupon Code: GALLEY2018 Music: "Slow Down" by Yvette Craig


Two Clues

For years, Lin Pardey has urged prospective cruisers to "go small, go simple, go now." Here, she relates how that seems to be changing the cruising experience for some, as they cruise out of season and off the beaten path. Sponsor: The Boat Galley Guide to Storing Food without Refrigeration Have truly great meals with fresh produce, meat, butter, cheese, eggs and more, even if you don’t have a refrigerator or it’s tiny. Music: “Slow Down” by Yvette Craig


Hurricane Preparation

The time to plan how you'll prepare for a hurricane is long before there's one threatening your boat. Carolyn Shearlock has always cruised in hurricane waters and prepared for countless storms. Six times, the eye of a hurricane or tropical storm has passed within 50 miles . . . and her boats have survived both Hurricane Irma in the Florida Keys and Hurricane Marty in the Sea of Cortez. Listen to what they've taught her -- not just in what to do, but also the mindset needed. Sponsor:...


First Aid Kit for the Boat

What do you need in a first aid kit aboard a cruising boat and how do you ever begin to organize it? Carolyn Shearlock tells what they carry for coasting cruising and the best way she's found to organize it. Harder-to-find products mentioned (links to Amazon): Dry bags: SealLine 55-liter dry bagSealLine see-through bagsSealLine small pouches Tincture of benzoin (to keep bandages on): Screw-top bottle (2 oz.)Package of 50 swab sticks SAM splint Temporary filling kit Tick...


Privacy on Board

How do you keep your sanity (and your privacy) on board a small boat? Nica Waters shares tips learned from over 20 years of living aboard and cruising. Links: Need a new dinghy? Kayak from Amazon: Old Town Kayak Heron 9XT Handheld VHF from Amazon: Uniden MHs75 Submersible Headphones from Amazon: Mpow 059 Bluetooth Headphones Sponsor: SeaTech Systems, offering...


An Introduction

So what is Carolyn Shearlock's cruising background? Where has she gone? Does she really know anything? Find out all this along with why she started The Boat Galley. Music: “Slow Down” by Yvette Craig


How to Use a Propane Stove

Propane stoves aren’t that hard to use, but there are some important differences from home electric or gas stoves. Here, Carolyn Shearlock addresses the questions she had before their first time on a boat and also discusses some basic safety items. Sponsor: SeaTech Systems, offering cruiser-tested solutions for weather and communications. Whether it’s satellite, wifi, cell, or SSB, SeaTech’s packages are simple and affordable. Coupon Code: Free shipping through July 2018 with the code...


Project Boat as Your First Boat

If you’re in the market for a boat, sooner or later you’ll be intrigued by some really low-priced boat you see. Hmm, you think, with the money I save on the purchase, I can turn it into exactly what I want. The reality is that project boats can give you exactly the boat you want, but are generally not a good deal financially and most times the work takes considerably longer than expected. Many never end up in the water. Carolyn Shearlock has seen many people buy project boats over the...


A Cruising Day with Totem

Ever wondered what a day cruising really looks like? Come along with Nica on Totem for a day as 9 people cruise in Panama’s Guna Yala region. Links: Sailing Totem: Panama Guna Yala region: Sponsor: SeaTech Systems, offering cruiser-tested solutions for weather and communications. Whether it's satellite, wifi, cell, or SSB, SeaTech's packages are simple and affordable. Coupon Code: Free shipping through July 2018...


What Does Cruising Cost?

Wondering if you could really afford to cruise? Most people assume that you have to be wealthy to cruise. Not so — but it does take a certain amount of money, or a willingness to give up some things that you may now take for granted. Everyone has to come up with their own budget and make their own decision as to what they have to have. In this episode, Carolyn Shearlock discusses some of the hidden costs and tradeoffs that are glossed over in many discussions of what it costs to cruise....


The Joys of Sailing

Even an accomplished sailor needs to learn the subtleties of sailing a new boat. Lin Pardey uses tricks learned in her years of sailing to safely learn how to effectively and efficiently sail her new-to-her boat, Felicity. Links: Hereshoff 12.5 Map of Kawau Island, New Zealand:,174.812574,13z/ Parkinson’s Disease: ...


It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere

Beer, wine and other alcoholic drinks seem to be an ingrained part of the cruising life. But we’ve found that cutting back a little has actually improved our life aboard! Sponsor: Sail the premier teenage adventure camp in the British Virgin Islands. Sail Caribbean fosters self-confidence, leadership, and personal growth through sailing, scuba, community service, and marine biology adventures. Empower your teen with an extraordinary Caribbean experience. Coupon code...


Ciguatera (Fish) Poisoning

Whether you're fishing, buying fish at the market or even just ordering fish at a restaurant, you need to know about ciguatera poisoning. What is it really? What fish are affected? What are the symptoms? When do you need to see a doctor? Carolyn Shearlock thought she knew about it, but when friends contracted it, she discovered that there was a lot she didn't know . . . and it has made her far more cautious! Music: “Slow Down” by Yvette Craig


How Do You Learn To Sail?

Learning how to sail is a prerequisite for going cruising on a sailboat. Nica’s been sailing for years, in all kinds of boats, on all different bodies of water. Listen as she shares her tips for the best way to learn to sail! Links to things mentioned in the show: Sail Caribbean: Northeast Kingdom map: University of Virginia: Sponsor: Sail Caribbean -- the premier teenage adventure camp in the British...


Cruising the Bahamas

Cruising the Bahamas is wonderful! Seven things to know — and really think about and take to heart –before you go. It’s easy to get so caught up in planning the Gulf Stream crossing and getting documents in order to overlook these . . . Don't be surprised on your trip! Listen in for Carolyn Shearlock's words on wisdom so you'll have the time of your life. Sponsor: Coupon Code: GALLEY2018 Music: “Slow Down” by Yvette Craig


Living With a Small Refrigerator

Boat refrigerators are small, usually less than a quarter of the size of a home refrigerator. But grocery stops are less frequent than when living ashore. Carolyn Shearlock, with ten years of living on a boat and cruising, tells how it can all works . . . and give you the foods you want! Links: Storing Food without Refrigeration ebook Mold for single ice cubes (Amazon) Storing Veggies Cheat Sheet Sponsor: Sail the premier teenage adventure camp in the British Virgin...


Getting Prescriptions When Cruising

What do you do if you fell ill while cruising or if you have a pre-existing condition that requires medication? How do you get hold of the drugs you need? It takes some planning, but don’t worry, it can be done. Carolyn Shearlock, with ten years of cruising in five countries (and long-term travel in thirty others) details strategies that have worked for her and her husband. Music: “Slow Down” by Yvette Craig


Re-Entry Grief

All cruises come to an end, sometime. How do you deal with the reentry? Nica Waters shares her experience with coming back to land after cruising, and reminds you that it’s okay to grieve. Links: Bristol Channel Cutter: Calypso blog from trip: Totem website: Women Who Sail: Sponsor: Sail Coupon code BOATGALLEY to receive 10% off...


Taking on Water? What You Need

If your boat is holed, you have just minutes to save it -- but it CAN be saved. There’s no time to waste. Pumps can't keep up; you need to stop the leaks quickly. Carolyn Shearlock details four things that they carry with them — in a very accessible place. As she says, "We really hope that we wasted our money buying this gear . . . but we know that if we ever need it, we need the right gear and plenty of it." Links to Products Mentioned Wood bungs Amazon set of 10 smaller plugsAmazon...


On Watch

What’s it like to actually be at sea? Three-time circumnavigator Lin Pardey shares 4 vignettes from times on watch. These stories were taken from Lin's book, Seraffyn's European Adventures, which you can buy on Amazon: Seraffyn’s European Adventures Sponsor: The Boat Galley Guide to Storing Food without Refrigeration Music: “Slow Down” by Yvette Craig


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