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Cruising During Hurricane Season

Most of the ten years she's been cruising, Carolyn Shearlock has cruised during hurricane season and in areas prone to hurricanes: the Sea of Cortez, El Salvador, Florida and the Bahamas. It may not be the right strategy for everyone, but here she tells what they do to minimize the risk. Sponsor: Coupon Code: GALLEY2018 Music: “Slow Down” by Yvette Craig


Boat Mold Remedies

It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity. How mold shows up on boat things! Links (products on Amazon): Small window air conditioner: Concrobium: Sponsor: Galleyware -- Find top-rated nesting cookware, nautical dinnerware, and other galley essentials at Galleyware, your one-stop shop for every galley need. Use coupon code Galley2018 to save 10% on any order through December 2018. Music: “Slow Down” by Yvette Craig


Organizing Owner's Manuals

Owner’s manuals are key to operating and repairing your boat’s systems. Being able to quickly lay your hands on the right one makes everything so much easier. Organizing them can seem a monumental task — here’s how Carolyn Shearlock did it in just a couple hours. Sponsor: SeaTech Systems, offering cruiser-tested solutions for weather and communications. Whether it's satellite, wifi, cell, or SSB, SeaTech's packages are simple and affordable. Coupon Code: Free shipping through July...


First Time Voyagers’ Fears

Setting off on your first ocean passage can be daunting. For the first timer it is hard to dismiss the sea stories you read online or in sailing magazines - storms, dismastings, all the things that could possibly go wrong when you are far from land. To help you put these fears into a proper perspective, Lin Pardey interviewed 11 voyagers who had just crossed the South Pacific Oceans to learn what worried them most, and what they actually found “out there”. Links: Capable Cruiser:...


Cruising Foreign Countries

Bureaucracy. Legal requirements. Passports. Visas. Boat documents. Pet documents. Checking into foreign countries. Checking out. How can you learn it all? Carolyn Shearlock gives you the best places to find out what you need to know. Links: Noonsite General Documents You'll Need: Noonsite Country by Country Details: Facebook Women Who Sail:...


Saying Yes

Facing fears, overcoming nervousness and trying new experiences. It’s part of the cruising life. But how do you push your way outside your comfort zone? In this episode, Carolyn Shearlock details exactly how she's greatly expanded her comfort zone over the years and what it's meant. Music: “Slow Down” by Yvette Craig


Honeymoon Lessons

Nica's first anniversary was also their first Gulf Stream crossing as a couple. So how'd it go? Links: Bahamas chart book: SeaFrost: Sailrite: Weather routing: Sponsor: The Boat Galley Guide to Storing Food without Refrigeration Have truly great meals with fresh produce, meat, butter, cheese, eggs and more, even if you don’t have a refrigerator or it’s tiny. Coupon code for $1 off: PODCAST Music: “Slow Down”...


Shopping by Example

Ever make a special trip to the store and then realize you don’t quite know exactly what you need? Was that bolt regular or fine-thread? What diameter hose did the pump take? Or worse — trying to explain exactly what you want in a foreign language! With ten years of cruising experience, Carolyn Shearlock has a solution for that! Sponsor: SeaTech Systems, offering cruiser-tested solutions for weather and communications. Whether it's satellite, wifi, cell, or SSB, SeaTech's packages are...


Don't Lose Your Dinghy

Your dinghy is your way ashore, the "car" to get provisions, how you explore a new locale. Losing it isn't just a financial hardship, it's also a lack of mobility. In this episode, Carolyn Shearlock describes some very simple "standard operating procedures" that will greatly lessen the chances of your dinghy going walkabout. Links: Mantus 2-pound dinghy anchor: Galvanized ( or stainless ( Sponsor: Shambala Sailing Advenures, offering...


Will I Like Cruising?

Somehow, you’ve started to think about cruising. Maybe you saw boats anchored in a harbor or got talking with a cruiser. Maybe a friend is living on their boat and you’re starting to think it about it too. Or maybe you’ve just always liked the phrase “sail off into the sunset.” But now you’re wondering: would I really like it? How do I find out more? Well, The Boat Galley podcast and blog have tons of info, including this one on exactly that question. Carolyn Shearlock details five ways...


Catching Water

Catching water is a special way to keep your water tanks filled to the brim, even if there’s some scrambling. Here, Nica Waters tells her experiences. Links: Rainman watermaker: Downspout for an awning (a plastic thru-hull fitting!): Jerry jugs for water: (spigot style) or (spout style) Ball valve for water tank selection: Sponsor: Rainman Watermakers,...


You CAN Do It

“If you can read, you can do anything.” That was the lesson Carolyn Shearlock's mother drummed into her as a kid. Listen in to learn how this translates into DIY work on the boat. Yes, you really can do a lot of things you think you can’t. Sponsor: Coupon Code: GALLEY2018 Music: “Slow Down” by Yvette Craig


Overcoming Fear, Gaining Confidence

Storms, breaking seas, shrieking rigging, it seems every new sailor fears their first encounter with heavy winds. But it is not just new sailors who experience these fears. Join Lin Pardey as she relates this story of her first winter passage. Learn how, in spite of several decades of voyaging, she too fell prey to fear and had to build confidence in her ability to handle heavy weather. Links -- both are books by Lin Storm Tactics Handbook: (note from Carolyn:...


Practicing Cruising Skills

Not everything on a boat revolves around moving the boat and navigating. And many of those skills can be practiced on shore, every day. Carolyn Shearlock explains how you can ease the first-year learning curve by working on seven things right now! Sponsor: Shambala Sailing Advenures, offering customized learning charters in Exumas, Bahamas. Sail her like you own her with coaching from Captain Suky Cannon. Contact her at; mention this podcast for 10% off. Music: “Slow...


Spare Parts for Your Boat

A quick, comprehensive and invaluable guide to the essential spares you’ll need to carry if you’re planning to spend a good deal of time on board your boat. Listen in for Carolyn Shearlock's tips on figuring out what you do — and don’t — need to carry with you. As her husband Dave says, you can’t just tow an entire second boat, so you have to make choices! Music: “Slow Down” by Yvette Craig


Boating Friendships

Is it easier to make friends when you sail, or is it the people who are different? Nica Waters gives her thoughts on the topic. Links: Caribbean Compass: Annapolis Boat Show: Eileen Quinn (boating music): Wendy Mitman Clarke (poet/writer): Sailing Totem: Women Who Sail Facebook Group:...


Tracking Down a Fuel Problem

Ugh. Engine problems. Even if you have a sailboat with a so-called “auxiliary engine,” there are plenty of times when you count on that engine working. And fuel problems are probably the most frequent type of engine problem that boats have. So how do you track one down? Carolyn Shearlock has -- unfortunately -- had experience with this and offers pointers on a logical approach and tips to make it easier. Music: “Slow Down” by Yvette Craig


Interview with Sailing Kittiwake

Roving reporter Mike McDowell interviews a young couple living the dream as digital nomads on their 26’ catamaran. Links: Sailing Kittiwake: Kittiwake on YouTube: Sponsor: Rainman Watermakers, capable of producing up to 37 gallons of fresh, clean drinking water per hour from seawater - without the need for installation! Configurations are available in AC, 12 Volt DC, and even a gasoline system! Seatask...


Electrical Galley Appliances

Some cruisers want every electric appliance they had at home, others want none. Most have at least a few. Carolyn Shearlock discusses things to think about in deciding how many you want aboard. Links: 2000 watt pure sine wave inverter (Amazon): Sponsor: Marmara Imports. Turkish towels and other fine hand-loomed, fair trade textiles from Turkey. Soft and luxurious, yet tiny to store and fast drying. View their selection at and use the code...


Stargazing from a Boat

Have you ever really seen the night sky? From a place where there is no light pollution? All I can say is WOW. In ten years of cruising, Carolyn Shearlock has seen some spectacular skies and here she gives a bit of info and some useful resources . . . Music: “Slow Down” by Yvette Craig