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Listen to The Builder Nuggets Podcast where builders and remodelers share the elements of success needed to transform your business into a valuable asset that thrives using less of your time. Discover how to predictably scale your business, free yourself from day to day operations and develop your exit strategy and legacy. Duane Johns and Dave Young will show you how to build a thriving business that allows you to spend more time doing what you love. Enjoy the stories, strategies and tactics that have helped hundreds of contractors like you build better lives.


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Listen to The Builder Nuggets Podcast where builders and remodelers share the elements of success needed to transform your business into a valuable asset that thrives using less of your time. Discover how to predictably scale your business, free yourself from day to day operations and develop your exit strategy and legacy. Duane Johns and Dave Young will show you how to build a thriving business that allows you to spend more time doing what you love. Enjoy the stories, strategies and tactics that have helped hundreds of contractors like you build better lives.




Ep 116: Keeping it Raw

This podcast has grown exponentially in the last two years, not just in viewership but in the amount of wisdom that’s been shared. The knowledge and transparency from our guests gives listeners the tools they need to command their own stories. Today, we flip the script and hear from hosts Duane and Dave on what they’ve learned since the podcast began, and the nuggets they’ve utilized to help grow their businesses. Both successful coaches in their own right, listen as they share what ideas...


Ep 115: On the Rise

What tools, systems, and processes does your business have in place to create a stress-free experience for your clients? What marketing strategy are you using to get those clients through the door? Our guest today is Kyle Hunt, owner of Remodelers on the Rise and host of his own industry podcast. Today, he joins the show to share the wisdom he coaches to business owners every day. From the clarity that is needed to qualify leads to tracking your sales pipeline, Kyle knows how to help...


Ep 114: Marketing Strategy vs Tactics

Your marketing strategy and your marketing tactics can gain your business different things. A strategy is taking stock of where you are and where you want to go, then taking the steps to bridge the two. Tactics flow within a framework. Maybe you have a goal of bringing more people to your website – tactics would help you accomplish this goal. Marketing strategy and tactics are incredible tools in your arsenal, and our guest today breaks it all down in a way that’s easy to understand. Spencer...


Ep 113: The Good Story

Growing up in a family that was part of the industry taught our guest today many valuable lessons before she decided to follow the same path. Now a successful custom home builder, Julie DuPree is here to share her journey. From hanging out with her dad on his job sites to becoming President of her local HBA, Julie has had a long and varied career throughout Tennessee. Now located in Knoxville, listen in as we learn the challenges of her market and how she’s built her business to overcome...


Ep 112: Thinking Different

Pre-qualifying leads can be like unraveling a mystery, yet so many business owners skip this defining step in a successful process. Don’t waste your time, instead invest in discovering everything you need to know before you begin. David Lupberger returns to the show to help us understand how to think differently. It starts by being a trusted advisor, educating your client, and ensuring their values align with your company’s. Today we go beyond the basics and into the specifics for how to...


Ep 111: 2023 State of the Industry

It’s very important in business to be able to benchmark against what is happening in your industry. The SORCI survey was created by the Association of Professional Builders to serve that exact purpose for builders and remodelers. This year over 1000 builders answered over 100 questions each to share their business’ data in order to compile a true look at the state of the industry. Our guest today, Russ Stephens, shares the results of the survey, highlighting the biggest challenges and...


Ep 110: Putting Ego Aside

At some point, every business either ends or transitions to new ownership. Oftentimes, the reason a business ends is because an owner is unprepared or overwhelmed with learning how to transfer ownership. Enter today’s guest, Joshua Dean. He wasn’t always President of Precision Homecrafters, but through a well-thought-out exit strategy by the previous owner, he gained his new title. On today’s show, he shares not only how he did it the first time, but how he’s doing it again. It’s never too...


Ep 109: Come Back Strong

The past two years have been difficult for everyone involved in the building industry with supply chain issues, labor shortages, and cost increases. Today we talk with PJ Antonik, a custom home builder with a successful television series documenting his projects. He shares how he overcame the challenges the pandemic caused his business, the mistakes he made, and what he’s learned to do differently. From difficult layoffs to bigger margins, this episode gets into the nitty gritty of running a...


Ep 108: Single Source of Truth

Higharc is a homebuilding automation platform that helps builders sell, build, permit, and estimate their homes. Truly unique, this is a centralized model where changes are made in real time. Our guest today is Abe Drechsler, who shares how Higharc can streamline processes for home builders and provide the ability to move through the design phase at high speed. Having the right tools can often be the difference between a poor or incredible customer experience. Today we dive into a new tool...


Ep 107: Be Pro Be Proud

Perception of the building industry is important to the overall health of the industry. What if young people were taught that the trades can offer a great salary? That they’re cutting-edge, exciting, and cool? Our guest, Tim Minton talks about how the Be Pro Be Proud program is spreading across the country. Its goal is to educate youth about the trades, change the perception of these careers, build excitement through technology, and solve the critical issue of a nationwide talent shortage in...


Ep 106: The Only Guy With His Hand Up

Giving back to the building industry can be done in many ways. Teaching what you know, donating your time and expertise, and creating projects that build community are all ways our guest today has chosen to give back. David Belman is a builder, developer, realtor, and podcast host who has dedicated his career to building a foundation for others in the industry. Today, he discusses how Belman Homes began, the family transitions that happened to get him where he is now, and where he’s looking...


Ep 105: Addressing Mental Health

The building and remodeling industry has long avoided focusing on the mental health of its workforce. Often swept under the rug, there is a staggering number of suicide rates within our ranks, and thankfully it’s becoming a broader cultural priority to address it. With pandemic related challenges like historic supply chain shortages, record inflation, and a lack of qualified employees, it’s time to address the mental health needs of our rapidly changing industry. Luckily, we have Steve...


Ep 104: Best of 2022

In this episode, we take a look back through Season 2 of The Builder Nuggets Podcast. Which episodes were listeners' top picks? Which episodes were most memorable for hosts Duane Johns and Dave Young? Tune in to help us relive the best moments of 2022 and walk away with some nuggets to help you kick off the new year. We're so grateful to our listeners for tuning in every week, and your downloads help us learn what you're most interested in hearing about from our expert guests. We're looking...


Ep 103: Avoiding the Triangle of Distrust

The remodeling industry is booming and our guest today shares how his company has capitalized on the demand. David Pollard has previously earned a coveted spot on ProRemodeler’s 40 Under 40 list, and now he’s focused on sharing his expertise with other young architects, builders, and remodelers. An architect by trade, he co-founded Liv Companies in Chicago and found his niche running his own design-build firm. Today we’ll cover his story, and where he thinks the industry is headed...


Ep 102: Moving From Red to Green

There’s a struggle with every business owner that the passion and hours they put into their business is not always rewarded with more free time or profit. This often stems from not having the proper systems in place, and a lack of forward-thinking leadership. Our guest today is Tim Redmond, America’s Top Business Growth Coach, who shares how he helps business owners manifest their ideal business. Looking to take the next step to scaling your business in a sustainable way? This episode is...


Ep 101: What Makes You Different?

Marketing can often seem like an unnecessary expense to a small business. As your business grows, marketing becomes more important, and our guest today reframes the conversation around marketing as the best investment you can make in your growth. Mindy Lepp is the marketing director for LEPPDESIGN - a full-service design and marketing firm that offers remote ongoing marketing services to companies in the building industry that have grown enough to need marketing help but are not large enough...


Ep 100: Without a Plan

We’re taught that failure is something to avoid at all costs, but our guest today is an example that trying and failing is just part of the learning process on your way to success. Meet Jeremy Delk, a serial entrepreneur and self-proclaimed industry disruptor who believes that taking any action is better than taking none. He may have learned his lessons the hard way, losing millions of dollars throughout his career, but he would argue that it has shaped him into who he is and created a more...


Ep 99: Speaking the Same Language

Anyone who’s been in the construction industry long enough knows that there can be a disconnect between architects and builders. Often this comes from a lack of education, communication, and differing expectations. Our guest, Jacob Brillhart, is an architect that has worked diligently to surround himself with a great team of builders and sub-contractors. Together they've built a strong relationship with each other and their clients, overcoming the normal industry struggles. These...


Ep 98: Let’s Talk About Addiction

098: Let’s Talk About Addiction with Brandee Izquierdo The stigma of addiction is crippling our industry. There needs to be a path out of it. Our guest today is Dr. Brandee Izquierdo, a prior construction worker who has dealt with addiction in her own life. Now as the executive director of the SAFE Project, she shares a path toward normalizing this disease so we can solve the crisis. Creating awareness, starting important conversations young, and tackling this stigma head on is just the...


Ep 97: Avoiding Self Sabotage

097: Avoiding Self Sabotage with Andrew Wagner Creating a custom design build company is an undertaking. Running it with the goal of building great relationships with clients and changing the way the local industry culture operates is another level entirely. Andrew Wagner shares his personal journey as co-founder of Maison DesignBuild. With a background in engineering and project management, the learning curve of transitioning to business owner was huge. The value he has placed on taking...