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The CAP·impact podcast is production of the blog, CAP·impact, and the Capital Center for Law & Policy at McGeorge School of Law. We're here to be your resource for better understanding and shaping law and policy.

The CAP·impact podcast is production of the blog, CAP·impact, and the Capital Center for Law & Policy at McGeorge School of Law. We're here to be your resource for better understanding and shaping law and policy.
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The CAP·impact podcast is production of the blog, CAP·impact, and the Capital Center for Law & Policy at McGeorge School of Law. We're here to be your resource for better understanding and shaping law and policy.








Episode 47: How Ohio Did Data Privacy Differently with Prof. Brian E. Ray

Brian E. Ray is a professor of law and the co-founder and Director of the Center for Cybersecurity and Privacy Protection at Cleveland State University's Cleveland-Marshall College of Law. He was also a member of the CyberOhio Advisory Board which drafted the Ohio Data Protection Act.


CAP·impact Replay: Protecting Domestic Violence Survivors Prof. Natalie Nanasi

Natalie Nanasi is an Assistant Professor of Law at Southern Methodist University's Dedman School of Law, and Director of the Judge Elmo B. Hunter Center for Victims of Crimes Against Women. We talked earlier about her work to increase protections for survivors of domestic violence by getting the law enforcement community in Dallas County to buy in on enforcing a Texas state law that takes guns out of the hands of convicted domestic violence offenders.


Episode 46: The Perils of Privatization with Prof. Matthew Titolo

Matthew Titolo is a Professor of Law at West Virginia University College of Law. We talk about his research into the privatization of government services, the pitfalls of privatization for the government's perspective, and what citizens can do to be more aware of privatization and how they can make their voices heard.


Episode 45: The Ongoing Fight for Voting Rights with Prof. Irving Joyner

Irving Joyner is a Professor of Law at North Carolina Central University School of Law and Legal Counsel to the North Carolina NAACP. We talk about his ongoing work to protect the voting rights of African Americans in North Carolina, gerrymandering, the overturned election in North Carolina's 9th Congressional District, and compare and contract California and North Carolina voting laws.


Episode 44: How Getting Into the Weeds Helped Kids in Kansas w/ Prof. Rick Levy

Richard Levy is the J.B. Smith Distinguished Professor of Constitutional Law at Kansas University School of Law. He talks about his work reforming Kansas's Child in Need of Care and Juvenile Offender Codes to improve government service and outcomes for children.


Episode 43: Climate Change, Utilities, & the Green New Deal w/ Prof. James Van Nostrand

James Van Nostrand is a Professor of Law at West Virginia University College of Law and Director of the school's Center for Energy and Sustainable Development. We talk today climate change, the evolving energy sector and its impact on the coal industry, utilities, and


Episode 42: Combating Youth Suicides in Kansas with Prof. Jennifer Schmidt

Jennifer Schmidt is a Clinical Associate Professor of Law at University of Kansas School of Law and Director of their6th Semester in D.C. & Public Policy Programs, and Director of the school's Field Placement Program. We talk about her recent work on the Kansas Attorney General's Kansas Youth Suicide Prevention Task Force and how Kansas is trying to get to zero youth suicides.


Episode 41: SMU Law Prof. Mary Spector on the Personal Debt Crisis

Mary Spector is a Professor of Law as well as Asociate Dean for Clinics and Director of the Civil/Consumer Clinic at Southern Methodist University Dedman School of Law in Dallas, Texas. She talks with Jon about the rapid growth of debt in the U.S., the work her clinic students are doing, consumer protection law, and more.


Episode 40: NEPA, Natural Resources, & Energy Policy with Dean Sam Kalen

Associate Dean, Distinguished Professor of Law, and Co-Director of the Center for Law and Energy Resources in the Rockies Sam Kalen got on the phone with Jon Wainwright to talk about some of the clinical opportunities for law students at University of Wyoming, interstate power grids and how those can be created without preempting federal law, NEPA and efforts to curtail some of its impact.


SB 838

Governor Jerry Brown signed Senate Bill 838 by State Senator Robert Hertzberg on September 28th as Chapter 889 and this bill authorizes corporations to include a provision in their articles of incorporation authorizing the use of blockchain technology to record and track the issuance and transfer of stock certificates.


Episode 39: Prof. William Henning & The Most Impactful Organization You've Never Heard Of

Texas A&M Law Professor William Henning is a former Executive Director of the Uniform Law Commission and has fingerprints on and has his fingerprints on laws in all 50 states, DC, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands that affect your everyday life. He talks with Jon this week about some of the laws he's helped draft and enact, and just how far ranging the work of the ULC is.


Episode 38: What States Should Know Before Legalizing Sports Betting with Professor Keith Miller

This week Jon explores the legal and regulatory frameworks around the growing legalized sports betting industry with Drake University Law School Professor Keith Miller.


Episode 37: The Return of Rent-to-Own Housing & How You Can Protect Yourself w/ Prof. Judith Fox

This week Jon talks with Notre Dame Clinical Professor Judith Fox about her work as the Director of Notre Dame Economic Justice Clinic and a former Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Advisory Board member to protect individuals from predatory actors in the rent-to-own housing market.


Episode 36: How the Oil & Gas Industry Can Help Save the Environment with Prof. Tara Righetti

This week Jon talks with University of Wyoming Law and School of Energy Professor Tara Righetti about her work in oil and gas law and how the oil and gas industry can help address the climate change crisis with existing technology and infrastructure.


Episode 35: Fighting the Ghost of Strom Thurmond with Texas A&M Law Professor Thomas Mitchell

Today with talk with the expert in the field of heirs' property rights, Texas A&M Law Professor Thomas Mitchell. Prof. Mitchell is the primary drafter of a policy crafted through the Uniform Law Commission that is in effect in 12 states and has been introduced in 7 more states and the District of Columbia. We talk about the conversations and research that started Prof. Mitchell down the path to write these laws, some of the biggest challenges that he and his coalition faced getting the...


Episode 34: Improving Juvenile Justice for Tribal Youth with UNLV Law Prof. Addie Rolnick

UNLV Boyd School of Law Professor Addie Rolnick talks with Jon Wainwright about her work to improve the juvenile justice system for tribal youth. Professor Rolnick goes over the biggest issues facing tribal youth who enter the juvenile justice system and offers the solutions she thinks are necessary to fix some of the cracks in the system.


Episode 33: Protecting Domestic Violence Survivors & Enforcing Gun Laws in Texas

I talked with SMU Law Professor, and Director of SMU's Judge Elmo B. Hunter Legal Center for Victims of Crimes Against Women, Natalie Nanasi about the work she, and the Hunter Center, are doing in Dallas County to increase awareness and enforcement of a Texas state law that essentially states that if a person is convicted of a felony or misdemeanor domestic violence crime, that they must surrender all the guns that they own. We walk through the numerous reasons why enforcement of that law...


Episode 32: Immigration Law & Reform with Professor Jennifer Koh

On today's show we talk with Professor of Law and Director of the Immigration Clinic at Western State College of Law Jennifer Koh about her work at the intersection of immigration law and criminal law, her new nonprofit project - the Orange County Justice Fund - and being cited in a Supreme Court ruling by the Notorious RBG.


Episode 31: Patent Law with Texas A&M Law Professor Saurabh Vishnubhakat

New year, new style! We're shifting our focus on The CAP·impact Podcast from exclusively looking under the capitol dome in California to capitol domes - the and sprawls of government buildings that make up state departments and agencies - across the U.S. In today's podcast, I talk with Texas A&m Professor of Law Saurabh Vishnubhakat about his work in the creation and of a new administrative patent review process within the U.S Patent Office called PTAB. Beyond that, we talk about some of the...


Episode 30: On Justice and Constitutional Law - Part 2

Today's show is part two of our conversation on justice and constitutional law with retired US Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, international Judge Ann Power-Forde, former California Supreme Court Justice Joseph Grodin, and Judge Dr. Wolfgang Brandstetter of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Austria.