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Episode 27: Premera Blue Cross: The Power of We

Today is World Mental Health Day. Rick Abbott from Premera Blue Cross joins Danielle to push forward an important dialogue about mental health and addiction. For those who struggle, you are not the sum of your conditions. Most of us have a connection point whether it's personal or someone we care about, so let's consider how we can build community and bring change. There is no easy solution but we are all in this together. Let's demonstrate The Power of We.


Episode 26: Regence and Value Based Care

Dr. Drew Oliveira and Kristie Putnam from Regence join The Checkup to talk about how they are working to transform the relationship between payers, patients and providers to transform the way healthcare is delivered, paid for and to improve the patient's outcomes.


Episode 23: Convenient Care & Regence

Brodie Dychinco, the General Manager of Convenient Care at Regence peels back the layers of technology in healthcare as we know it to explain how it can be used to close gaps in case, provide important access to providers of all kinds, including mental health and other specialists. As we face shortages and no end in sight to cost of care increases, let's re-imagine technology together!


Episode 25: Summer 2019 Legislative Update

Zach Snyder, the Government Affairs Director for Cambia Health Solutions and a regular guest of the The Checkup joins Danielle again to talk about the biggest healthcare happenings of this last legislative session and his Big 3 Watch list for 2020.


Episode 19: Regence - Bringing Transparency to Rx

Jason Canning from Cambia Pharmacy Sales and Chris Brown of MedSavvy join Danielle to dig deep into pharmacy costs. Understanding how rebates impact costs, the hope biosimilars bring and ways to help your employees understand the Rx they take can help healthcare buyers better understand their true costs and make informed decisions. Cambia and MedSavvy partner to do all of that for Regence members.


Episode 22: Debunking Healthcare Myths

John Espinola, MD and Senior Vice President of Premera Blue Cross is back on The Checkup to talk about some common myths of healthcare and how as patients, we can refresh and rethink our relationship with our doctors, ourselves and our community.


Episode 21: Peak Care: The Future of Healthcare?

Listen in as two local experts of healthcare discuss new solutions that put simply: make healthcare work better. Bill Robertson of MultiCare and John Espinola of Premera Blue Cross lead the discussion with two local employers sharing their experiences with leading change in their healthcare offering.


Episode 20: June 2019 Update: Washington Paid Family Leave

Abby O'Connell from SunLife is Danielle's guest today to give us an expert's inside look at what's happening with Paid Leave legislation across the country with a timely Washington Paid Family Leave update. Where are we at this point and what still needs to happen before claims can be submitted in January 2020? Hint: a lot. Listen for details and what YOU could be doing next.


Episode 18: Beyond Benefits: Building Community at Work Part 2

Pam Johnson, Director of Human Resources at Propel Insurance joins Danielle to talk about how building a strong community at work also means building a great culture. Pam has four keys of great workplace culture that may inspire you to take a deeper look at your company values.


Episode 17: Beyond Benefits: Building Community at Work Part 1

Grab a cup of coffee and join Debbie Oberbillig, an Executive and Leadership Coach and Danielle as they talk about one aspect of building community at work: your internal network. Developing relationships inside the walls of your workplace will increase kindness, graciousness, innovation and creativity as well as build leadership skills at every level.


Episode 15: January 2019 Legislative Update

Zach Snyder from Cambia Health Solutions joins Danielle to outline some of the healthcare related bills being discussed in the new legislative session in Olympia.


Episode 14: Financial Wellness: Using E-Retail as an Employee Benefit

Get to know Purchasing Power! Lisa Lampron joins Danielle to talk about how this e-retailer has evolved from an organization that helped Coca-Cola employees afford home computers to giving multiple employers the ability to offer their program as an employee benefit. Purchasing Power makes it possible for employees to purchase appliances, tires, electronics, family vacations and so much more - interest free with affordable payments, via payroll deduction.


Episode 13: Employee Dishonesty: How to Plan for the Stuff we Don't Want to Think About

Join Charlie Morriss and Danielle as they talk about the kinds of risks posed by Employee Theft and the insurance that protects companies from the things we really don't like to think about. We'll give examples - both large and small. We'll also provide practical, real signs to watch for to use as your first line of defense.


Episode 12: Peak Care: Familiar Institutions - Fresh Solutions

Meet Kate Mundell of MultiCare- Connected Care and John Casper from Premera Blue Cross. If you live in the Northwest, chances are good you've heard of these companies or even been part of their systems. They're pioneering a new solution here in Washington State that is promising to be innovative, data-driven, collaborative AND lower in cost. In this episode of The Checkup, we'll learn how they plan to deliver on those promises.


Episode 11: Washington Paid Family Leave: Part 3

In the last of the Washington Paid Family Leave series, Marjory Robertson talks about the voluntary option for which Washington State will allow employers to apply. Wondering what to do next? We'll discuss that too!


Episode 10: Washington Paid Family Leave: Part 2

Majory Robertson from SunLife Financial and Danielle Huston continue the conversation about new legislation that will usher in a statewide benefit for workers. In this episode we will talk about the employee experience using the benefit including what benefits are expected to be covered, the claims process and how leaves may coordinate.


Episode 09: Washington Paid Family Leave: Part 1

Marjory Robertson, Assistant Vice President & Senior Counsel at SunLife Financial talks us through the basics of legislation for Washington Paid Family Leave and answers questions like: How did this come about? Why did Washington State create the benefit like this? When does the new payroll tax or premium begin? How is the premium calculated?


Episode 08: Professional Employer's Organization: What on earth is a PEO?

Danielle Huston and John Henry of Total Benefit Solutions discuss PEO's - what are they, who are they good for and how exactly do they work?


Episode 07: Meet a Propel Expert: Charlie Morriss talks about Cyber Liability

Charlie Morriss, an attorney and Propel's in-house expert talks about how Cyber Liability protects businesses of all sizes from more than just data breaches, credit card fraud and hackers.


Episode 06: Legislative Update: June 2018

Zach Snyder, the Government Affairs Representative for Regence Blue Shield joins Danielle for this episode to talk about what's coming in the Washington legislature in 2019. Find out about the single payor proposal for Washington, anticipated new taxes that will impact employer plans and what you can do to be heard!