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The podcast that explore how Chromebooks are impacting the K-12 classroom. Hosted by author and Google Certified Trainer John Sowash who interviews a variety of guests who share their Chromebook Classroom experience.

The podcast that explore how Chromebooks are impacting the K-12 classroom. Hosted by author and Google Certified Trainer John Sowash who interviews a variety of guests who share their Chromebook Classroom experience.
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The podcast that explore how Chromebooks are impacting the K-12 classroom. Hosted by author and Google Certified Trainer John Sowash who interviews a variety of guests who share their Chromebook Classroom experience.




s3e13 - Get to know your podcast host

The school year is officially done. We did it! Nice job. The next school year is still a ways away; no need to think about it…not yet anyway! July is a month to chill, relax, reflect, and recharge! ⛱🍹 The end of the school year also concludes season 3 of the Chromebook Classroom podcast! But don’t worry, season 4 will start in August! Rather than bombard you with new ideas for your classroom, I thought I would introduce myself. I’m the guy behind the microphone! Here are 10 quick...


s3E12: Android Apps for your Chromebook

Google has been trying to combine the ChromeOS and Android ecosystems since 2016. Is this the future of Chromebooks or a bad idea? While I am a HUGE proponent of Chromebooks, I have been very sluggish to recommend running Android apps on a Chromebook. Here to change my mind about Android apps on Chromebooks is Tom Mullaney, Digital Learning Coach at Carroll Middle School in Raleigh, NC. I have been following Tom on Twitter for some time and have seen him putting out a lot of content on...


10 links you should click on!

As part of my daily routine, I scan dozens of blogs, visit a handful of Facebook groups and skim through Twitter. The goal: find the most helpful resources, tools, and articles that I can share with my teacher friends (that’s you!). Here are my top 10 links for June 2019! How to insert audio clips into Google slides2019 miGoogle conference Summer learning ideas from Steve Wick A closer look at "Virtual Desks" for ChromeOS "Confidential Mode" in Gmail launches June 25 Update all of your...


S3E11: Social Studies with Chromebooks

My guest is Dave Stuart Jr., high school social studies teacher, author, blogger, and father of 4 from Cedar Springs, Michigan. I sat down with Dave to talk about how he uses Chromebooks to teach social studies, but our conversation quickly grew into a broader conversation about how technology is changing learning and our responsibility as teachers to respond and adjust to these new challenges. Dave is a deep thinker who truly wants to help students learn and help teachers achieve...


S3E10 Grading on a Chromebook

Are you sick of lugging around paper assignments for grading? I may have a solution for you! Like all English teachers, Jennifer Kipfmiller is faced with the difficult task of grading hundreds of student essays and written assignments. While many ELA teachers are comfortable using technology to assign and receive student work, the grading process usually takes place on paper with a red pen. Jennifer and the English department at John Glenn high school set out to figure out a way they could...


Digital Spring Cleaning

As the school year winds down, it's time to start thinking about closing out the year and preparing for next year. In addition to cleaning out your physical classroom, It’s a good idea to organize your digital classroom. I have selected five quick tips to help you start your digital spring cleaning. If you want to get serious about organizing your digital life, sign up for my FREE, self-paced online course. For show notes and resources visit


What's new in ChromeOS Version 74?

Every six weeks or so Google releases a new version of ChromeOS, the operating system that runs your Chromebook. Many of these updates are pretty boring and consist primarily of technical, behind-the-scenes elements that don't have a direct impact on what we do in the classroom. That's not the case with ChromeOS version 74 which is rolling out to devices this week. There are four updates that have the potential to impact your classroom: Visit the show notes for this episode for a complete...


S3E9 - What to expect on your Google certification exam!

The Google Certified Educator program is a wonderful way to increase your ability to use tools like Drive, Classroom, Forms, and Calendar in the context of the classroom. My guest is Lissa Brunan, middle school teacher, adjunct professor, and technology trainer. Lissa and I recently took the level 1 and level 2 exams. During this episode, we share our experience, talk about the types of questions we received, and provide practical tips so that YOU can pass your certification test as...


S3E8 - Teaching Math with Chromebooks

Danielle Kline has been teaching high school math at Cardinal Mooney Catholic School for five years. Danielle has embraced technology in her classroom, taking advantage of tools like Google Hangouts, Pear Deck, Google Classroom and Forms to teach algebra in a blended learning environment. Math + Technology is hard (but it can be done!) I have had many conversations with math teachers regarding the integration of technology in the classroom. While I think technology CAN be used in...


S3E7 - Yes they can! Helping all students learn

Google has been hard at work improving and refining the accessibility features of ChromeOS. In this episode, we take a look at these features and how we can use them to support the needs of our students. I am joined by Robin Pegg an expert in the field of adaptive and assistive technology who has worked with teachers and students for more than 20 years. Together we explore and share ways that you can use the accessibility features of your Chromebooks to remove barriers to learning. For...


S3E6 - Locked Lessons with Google Forms

The internet can be a distracting place... Recently, a teacher approached Laura Cahill looking for a way to help her students stay focused when working through digital assignments. Laura had just been granted early access to Google’s new Locked Quiz feature for Google Forms and she decided to see if this feature could be repurposed for a lesson. Episode Resources:


S3E5 - Is a Chromebook Tablet a Good Idea?

Is a Chromebook tablet a good idea? That’s the question that we will attempt to answer on this episode of the Chromebook Classroom podcast! My guest is Marcus Mead, director of instructional technology for Glen Lake Schools in northern Michigan. Marcus oversee the Chromebook program in Glen Lake which recently added Acer Chrome Tablets to its existing collection of Chromebooks. For show notes and links, visit


5 Tips for Designing Better Google Forms

Google Forms might be my favorite member of the Google family. In this episode I am sharing five ways that you can design better Google Forms! Are you ready to become a Form Fanatic? Each spring I teach a 5 week Google Forms masterclass through Google Classroom. This course is for anyone who is familiar with forms and is ready to become a form master! Last spring I offered this course for the first time and the feedback was outstanding: "I was a casual user of Forms, but I was not using...


How to use audio in the classroom

Audio projects aren’t as common as image or video projects, but that doesn’t mean that audio isn’t a great option! Because they lack a visual element, audio projects are easier to create and require more attention to the core content of the assignment. Engaging audio requires creative writing and planning, making audio projects a great option for writing focused classrooms. This episode features classroom ideas and tools for recording, editing, and publishing audio projects in your...


S3E4 - Chromebooks in Cambodia

Over the past 50 years, Bob Gregory has been a school teacher, a church pastor, a school principal and an education resource supplier in Australia and around the South Pacific region. He officially retired in 2015 and in 2016 became the education manager for Transform Cambodia, an NGO dedicated to helping the children of Cambodia escape poverty. In this episode you'll hear how Chromebooks are being used to give hope to more than 3,000 Children in Cambodia. For show notes and links, visit...


Locked Quiz mode for Chromebooks!

Google Forms gets "Locked mode" and it's an exclusive Chromebook feature! Locked quiz mode prevents students from accessing opening new tabs or accessing unauthorized digital content. In this mini-episode I break down everything you need to know about locked quizzes! For more details on this new feature, including a video overview, visit Note: As of December 6, 2018 the locked quiz feature is only available to a small number beta testers. I anticipate that...


S3E3 - Do we have a Chromebook Crisis?

Are Chromebooks good for more than math games and web research? This is one of the topics that I discuss with Andy Losik, elementary STEM teacher, during this episode of the Chromebook Classroom Podcast! Andy Losik (@mrlosik) is a PK-5 STEM teacher at Hamilton Schools in west Michigan. Andy has a rich background as a classroom teacher and technology expert. He is an Apple Distinguished educator, Google Certified innovator and Discover Education Programs Champion, and helpful...


S3E2 - Bring the world to your Classroom

With Chromebooks in your classroom, exploring remote and exciting parts of the world has never been easier! Joining me on this episode of the podcast are Kim Randall and Kelly Kermode, two wonderful and well traveled educators, and authors of Bring the World to your Classroom. Visit for links, resources, and tools mentioned in this episode of the Chromebook Classroom Podcast.


S3E1 - Making Middle School Math Fun!

How do you make math interesting for a middle school student? Eric Marcos has been helping students create instructional math videos since 2007. These amazing (and entertaining) videos have been watched by more than 1.6 million students and teachers from around the world. Eric teaches in Santa Monica, California and also runs where you can find all of his videos. Visit for links, resources, and tools mentioned in this episode of the Chromebook Classroom...


S2E7 - District PD that doesn't suck!

How do you help teachers develop new skills and grow as professionals? Andrea Derrick has developed an impressive digital learning program to encourage the staff in her district to develop new skills. This comprehensive, detailed program helps teachers regardless of whether they are just starting to use technology in the classroom or are an advanced user.