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Kyle Barrow | Why The FMS Is Pivotal For Client Success

In this episode I welcome my friend Kyle Barrow to share his journey from moving to the United States to attend school and be a collegiate soccer athlete, to becoming an Athletic Trainer and working with the Atlanta Falcons, to now where he is an instructor for Functional Movement Systems. Kyle and I discuss why screening human movement is so important for longevity and performance, why all coaches should have a system in place to screen for movement dysfunction, how to balance a clients...


Getting Your Foot In The Door & Taking Risks

This episode is a solo round where I discuss how to "get your foot in the door" with a possible future employer to obtain your desired job as a coach or trainer (or any job/goal for that matter). But after learning how to do that, and getting the opportunity, you need to make sure you are working hard, and doing the right things to secure your position. And that could be as easy as following my #1 rule that I talk about in this episode! Creating the life you want and achieving you goals...


Grant Weeditz | Forging A Meaningful Career As A Coach

I really enjoyed the conversation Grant and I had, because he dropped some awesome knowledge, shared his amazing story, and shed some light on topics I know many coaches have questions about. Plus it’s full of good laughs! . We Covered: His story of becoming a coach at @Anatomy How to align yourself with people you look up to. Building meaningful relationships to maximize client retention. Balancing a clients wants with their needs. Learning from every step of the process to make you a...


Chris Walker | Creating Great Client Training Experiences

In this episode I chat with my good friend, Chris Walker, who is an Army veteran and Crossfit coach for Crossfit TTG out of North Carolina. Chris shares his story, and how you need to take any opportunity given to you to get the job you want. Even if its the lowest on the totem pole! Earning your stripes on the ground level and working your way up is sometimes what's needed to make you great in your career. We also talk about building certain skills, your self confidence, and having...


Kevin Warren | Pursuing Your Passion & Being A Great Coach

Kevin Warren is a personal trainer, online coach, and the creator of 10 Weeks To Beach! In this episode, he shares his story of overcoming fear and leaving his career as an engineer to pursue his passion as a fitness coach, as well as what it takes to be a successful online trainer, how to provide the most value to your clients, balancing a successful business while still creating time for family, and much much more!! Kevin's Instagram: @kevinwarrenfitness Kevin's Podcast: Saved By The...


04 - Mastering The Mind-Body Connection with Lauren Zoeller

In this episode, I sit down with whole living life coach and yoga instructor, Lauren Zoeller, to talk about helping your clients reach their full potential by mastering the mind-body connection, getting rid of negative influences in your life, and establishing a positive daily routine. Lauren's Email: Instagram: laurenzoeller


Raw Audio | 5 Step Routine To Improve Personal Development

We can only become better individuals and professionals within our field by taking the time to invest in ourselves. Use these 5 steps as a guide in your day to become happier and more successful. Personal Development Books: The School of Greatness: Secret To Success:...


03 - Advice For New Coaches and Trainers

Entering into the health and fitness industry as a new coach or trainer can be very intimidating and overwhelming. In this episode, Tim goes over the pillars of becoming a great coach, and explains what are some of the first things you should be doing to improve your skills, knowledge, and start gaining experience in the industry. Email: Tim's Instagram: @timdanchak Tim's Facebook Page: Tim Danchak Connect with me and lets chat!


Raw Audio | The Principle of Removing

Optimize your clients or athletes results by removing certain lifestyle habits or movements! Identify the problem...Remove the problem...Create a better workout! Connect with me on social media! Instagram: @timdanchak Facebook: Tim Danchak


02 - Never Stop Improving with Zac White

In todays episode I sit down with my good friend Zac White, who is an Assistant Athletic Trainer for Syracuse University, to discuss how to connect with high level athletes, and how to never stop improving to be the best coach you can be. Connect with us on social media! Zac White: @zwhitey66 Tim Danchak: @timdanchak


01 - Welcome To The Coaches Combine | My Story

Welcome to The Coaches Combine, hosted by Tim Danchak. This is a podcast where fitness professionals get together to discuss how they connect with their clients and athletes to help them reach their highest potential by leaving no stone unturned. We want to figure out what sets the great coaches apart from the rest! The health and fitness industry is all about community and serving others. The Coaches Combine is set out to bring many great minds together to deliver invaluable knowledge and...