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Episode 1011: ADHD - David Giwerc - Keith Griffin

When many people hear the term ADHD, they picture the hyperactive child, the teenager who’s “not living up to their potential,” or the adult who’s chronically late. While those may be common traits, the truth is those with ADHD have brains full of potential, waiting to be unlocked! Through coaching, clients with ADHD gain understanding of their unique brains, clarity of purpose, learn how they function best, and then design potentials they enjoy living Guest: David Giwerc, MCC David Giwerc...


Episode 1010: ACTO - Halli MacNab - La'Wana Harris - Karen Curnow

Guests: Halli MacNab - La'Wana Harris - Karen Curnow Halli MacNabHalli is a Professional Certified Coach in private practice. She also trains coaches as a Program Leader for Accomplishment Coaching in their Victoria, BC program and she was instrumental in bringing the training to Canada. She is a Past President of the Vancouver Island ICF Chapter. This year, she is President of the Association of Coach Training Organizations (ACTO) and has led the organization in creating a Stand for...


Alexander Caillet – Team Coaching – Coaching Teams to Self-Regulation

Guest: Alexander Caillet Alexander Caillet is an organizational psychologist, consultant, executive coach and team coach internationally known for his pioneering approach to team coaching and his state-of-mind research with organizational leaders. He is the CEO of Corentus, a coaching and consulting organization dedicated to transforming teams. Over the past 25 years his work with corporations, […]


Michael B Cimino – Three Things You Can Do Right Now to Grow Your Coaching Practice!

Guest: Michael B. Cimino Michael B. Cimino is an entrepreneur, speaker, consultant and expert in the areas of digital marketing strategy. As an entrepreneur, Michael is the principal and founder of Cimino Enterprises, Inc., a full-service digital agency based in Philadelphia, PA. He is the cofounder of, a soon to be released mobile and desktop […]


The Dream Mason Interviews Christopher McAuliffe

“We have to honor our core beliefs, we have to honor each other, we have to honor the planet we’re on. We have to honor things. And that reverence seems so missing in our day to day existence…” Christopher McAuliffe THE COACHING SHOW MEETS THE DREAM MASON PODCAST You know how sometimes on CBS or […]


Brian O. Underhill, Ph.D. – CoachSource

Guest: Brian O. Underhill, Ph.D. Brian O. Underhill, Ph.D. is an industry-recognized expert in the design and management of worldwide executive coaching implementations. Brian is the author of Executive Coaching for Results: The Definitive Guide to Developing Organizational Leaders (Berrett Koehler: 2007). He is the Founder and CEO of CoachSource, the world’s largest executive coaching […]


5x Coach of 2018 Award Winning – Dr. Paras on Mindfulness in Coaching

Guest: Dr. Paras Over 14 years of experience in Executive Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Behaviour Training Intervention and Life Coaching Roles. Industry Experience Cosmetics, Personal Care, Services, Engineering, Electronics, Information Technology, Consulting, Telecommunication, Media, Various Other Verticals Paras comes with an experience of over 15 years as an Entrepreneur, Facilitator, and a Life Leadership Coach. He began in […]


Ram S Ramanathan – Moving from Sensory Mindfulness to Energetic Mindlessness to Create a New YOU!

Guest: Ram S Ramanathan, ICF MCC, EMCC Master Practitioner, CCE BCC. Ram S Ramanathan, an accredited master coach and trainer with ICF, EMCC and BCC credentials, co-founded Coacharya in 2013. Coacharya is now global, with over 600 credentialed coaches, of whom 28 are MCC coaches. Ram is a coach with decades of CEO & serial entrepreneur experience. […]


Tara Jaye Frank – Building bridges to greater opportunity and deeper connection.

Guest: Tara Jaye Frank Tara Jaye Frank is a Leadership Development Expert and the President and CEO of TJF Career Modeling LLC. As a sought-after consultant, speaker, and leadership experience designer, Tara Jaye Frank helps leaders and organizations define a vision and develop strategies to advance their culture and leadership goals. In 2015, she published her first book […]


Judy Feld – Two Decades as a Coach – Twenty Tips, Tools, and (not so secret) Revelations

Guest: Judy Feld Judy Feld is an executive coach with a highly regarded reputation worldwide. She is an ICF Master Certified Coach since 1998–one of the first 20 coaches to receive that designation. She has been working with professionals since 1995 to support them in creating strategies to achieve their goals and maintain an optimal […]


Brighton West – Grow your Coaching Practice in 2019 with VIDEO!

Guest: Brighton West Brighton West is a video-prenuer. He began his video journey making narrative and documentary videos – but he was always behind the camera. Along the way, he learned that being on camera was more influential/beneficial/profitable than being behind it. So he overcame his on-camera jitters and now helps his client turn the camera […]


Margaret Moore, MBA – Science Based Coaching / Lifestyle Medicine Coaching

Guest: Margaret Moore, MBA Margaret Moore is a 17-year veteran of the biotechnology industry in the US, UK, Canada, France. In 2000, Margaret founded Wellcoaches Corporation, in strategic partnership with the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), which has trained more than 10,000 health professionals as health and wellness coaches in 50 countries. Margaret is co-founder […]


Amanda Blake – Your Body is Your Brain: Leverage Your Somatic Intelligence…

Guest: Amanda Blake When smart people get stuck, they turn to Amanda Blake to help them tap their next level of intelligence. As a Master Somatic Leadership Coach, Mandy has devoted her life to the spread of one simple message: when you learn to access the smarts hidden in sensation, you open the door to […]


PatrickWilliams, Ed.D., MCC – Come learn to Get Naked: with your clothes on!!!

Guest: PatrickWilliams, Ed.D., MCC PatrickWilliams, Ed.D., MCC, is founder of The Institute for Life Coach Training, the first-of-its-kind training institute that specializes in training psychotherapists, psychologists, counsellors and helping professionals in building a successful coaching practice. He was licensed as a psychologist in 1980 and began executive coaching in 1990 with Hewlett Packard, IBM and […]


Peter Docker – WHY

Guest: Peter Docker Peter is passionate about enabling people to be extraordinary. Inspired by The Golden Circle, Peter teaches leaders and organizations how to harness the power of WHY to do extraordinary things. He illustrates his insights by drawing on examples from his previous flying, military and industry career to explain principles that can be applied in any […]


David B. Peterson & David Goldsmith – The Robots Are Coming, Don’t Be Complacent

Guests: David B. Peterson David Goldsmith David B. Peterson Chief Catalyst and Transformation Officer Pioneer in the field of coaching, Director of Google’s Center of Expertise on Leadership Development, and author of best-selling books on coaching and development. Vikki Brock’s history of coaching names David as one of the primary influencers in the field, both for his early impact […]


Keiko Hirano, MCC – COACH A

Guest: Keiko Hirano, MCC Graduated from Keio University (Major in English and American Literature). After working for a major advertising agency, she transferred to a training company to participate in planning and operation of several trainings. She involved in the establishment of Coach 21 in 1997, and started her career as a coach. Setting up […]


Mark Hunter, MCC – The Brink / Leadership (New and Old Paradigms) / Relationship to Results / How to Navigate Fear

Guest: Mark Hunter, MCC Mark Hunter is the Founder and President of Pinnacle Coaching, Inc., an international business and executive coaching company, and has more than twenty three years of experience as a professional coach. For more than ten years he has led Accomplishment Coaching’s Leadership and Coaches’ Training Programs on the East Coast and […]


Karen Walker – No Dumbing Down

Guest: Karen Walker Karen Walker is a consultant, author, and advisor to CEOs and senior leaders. She helps her clients grow their companies with successful outcomes that include IPOs, acquisitions, market share increases, and significant leadership development. Her clients include Inc. 500 start-ups and Fortune 500 firms. Her work helps senior leaders create internal strategies […]


De’Anna Nunez – On Demand Motivation

Segment 2 Guest: De’Anna Nunez De’Anna Nunez is Your Vital Mind Coach. She is a Professional Mindset Speaker, Motivational Hypnotist, Coach and Trainer. Most people think her Hypnosis expertise is about putting you to sleep, when really it is her tool to wake you up! Her work solves the all-too-common problem of would-be achievers being stopped […]