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College Scoops helps parents and students find the right college fit. We are focused on all things college-related, whether you are in high school or graduating from college. We connect and engage with students, parents, educators, entrepreneurs, and authors who share their advice, guidance, and lessons learned. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/college-scoops/support

College Scoops helps parents and students find the right college fit. We are focused on all things college-related, whether you are in high school or graduating from college. We connect and engage with students, parents, educators, entrepreneurs, and authors who share their advice, guidance, and lessons learned. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/college-scoops/support


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College Scoops helps parents and students find the right college fit. We are focused on all things college-related, whether you are in high school or graduating from college. We connect and engage with students, parents, educators, entrepreneurs, and authors who share their advice, guidance, and lessons learned. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/college-scoops/support






Episode 77: How Do Families “Stuck in the Middle” Afford College with Guest Wendy Nelson

You don’t qualify for need-based aid so what next? There is so much data out there but where and how do families start? The data is overwhelming and it takes forever to sift through to find relevant information that is timely. There are merit scholarships offered directly by colleges your student can apply for. My Kid’s College Choice helps families who are “caught in the middle” find affordable colleges and navigate through the college search process. --- Support this podcast:...


Episode 76 - Writing Tips from a 4x Emmy Award Winner, Craig Heller

Are you interested in writing as a career? Craig Heller joins us today to share his story and how he got into the business. As a tv writer and screenwriter, Craig spent fifteen years working in the entertainment industry winning four Emmys and a Writers Guild award. Craig then transitioned to working with students on their college essays. He enjoys helping students find their unique voice. --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/college-scoops/support


Episode 75: Did You Have The Financial Talk With Your Student with Guest Vicki Vollweiler

Did you have the financial talk with your student? Families need to start the discussion earlier rather than later when starting the college search to address any constraints due to “financial fit” when compiling a college list. College is expensive and many families are taking out loans to send their kids to college. Students need to be aware of the total cost of attendance for all four to five years to make sure there is a financial fit as well as an academic and social fit. We are...


Episode 74: Get Educated on Violence Prevention with Prepare and Guest Donna Chaiet

As a society, we seek to educate our young adults to be kind, caring, and thoughtful leaders both in and outside of the classroom. When our sons and daughters graduate from high school and prepare for their next academic adventure, we as parents want to ensure they are living and learning in a safe environment. Do they have the knowledge, tools, and resources to reduce their vulnerability, be aware of any potential threats or behavior that makes them uncomfortable, and be psychologically...


Episode 73: What to Know if You are Even THINKing of Applying to College Overseas with Guest Sara Cavalieri

Do you have a desire to study overseas? If so, what do you need to know as the entire application process is very different from the US in all aspects (testing, programs, and timing)? As a former admissions representative at several top international universities, Sara Cavalier shares her story of studying and working abroad in addition to advice for students as they research what school offers the best academic fit. --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/college-scoops/support


Episode 72: Creating a College List with Financial Fit in Mind with Guest Liane Crane

As a parent of 3 college students, Liane Crane has experience reading tuition bills and understanding the hidden costs of college. She started her business, The College Dollar, to help other parents and students understand the true costs of college as they start or refine their college list. Whether you have a high school student or a current college student, Liane offers tips to make sure you and your student are financially aware each step of the way. --- Support this podcast:...


Episode 71: Tips for Applying for Scholarships From a First-Gen Student with Guest Justin Yin

The College Herald, an incredible resource for high school and college students, was founded by Justin Yin as a way to help other students who may not have the support system in place when applying to or attending college. Justin is a first-gen student who documented all of his successes and challenges when applying to university as a way to help his younger brother so he might have the information and tools readily available when he applied to college. As someone who received $55k in...


Episode 70: How to Tackle the Activity Section of the Common Application with Aly Beaumont

As we get ready for the summer, juniors will start to tackle the activity section of the common application. What are some of the activities to include? How do students know which activities to highlight? If you are a sophomore, what are some ideas to think about to start to build your brag sheet for college applications? Aly shares a personal story about her son, Nicky, and how he took a simple idea at a family dinner and turned it into a real business that he loves and enjoys! There are...


Episode 69: How to Stand Out at Your Virtual Internship with Jenna Zipf

Calling all college students! Jenna Zipf, aka The Intern Hustle, is with us today to share her story and advice for college students. Whether you are prepping your resume, LinkedIn profile, or getting ready to interview or start an internship, Jenna provides helpful tips on how to stand out in an interview, internship (in-person and virtual), or on paper. Get ready to take some notes and crush your next interview. --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/college-scoops/support


Episode 68: College Admissions - It's a Numbers Game with Guest Lee Bierer

The crazy 2021 admissions cycle has come to an end as all colleges have released their decisions. With many colleges experiencing significant increases in applications, the waitlist pool is larger than in years past and many are predicting the wait could extend to August. Accepted student days have rolled into another round of zoom events with admissions officers. Some schools are offering limited college visits for accepted students but overall, students are left in a situation where they...


Episode 67: How to Score a Job in the Entertainment or Media Business with Guest Stephen Freidman

For college students looking to get into the media or entertainment industry, we asked Stephen Friedman to share his insights about the industry after a 35+ year career at Twentieth Century Fox, Discovery Network, and Warner Bros. What does it take to get into the industry? How should students prepare for the interviews? Based on the changes in the industry, what recommendations would Stephen give to an aspiring media professional? Stephen shares helpful tips to guide you through the...


Episode 66: 2021 College Deferrals and Waitlists -- It's Not Personal Anymore with Christina Wright

This year is not a normal admissions year. Many colleges experienced a significant increase in applications unlike ever before. Waitlists are expected to be annoyingly long. Many students are trying to make decisions on schools they have never actually stepped foot on. As someone who has worked in college admissions for many years, we invited Christina Wright to our podcast today to share some tips and advice for students as they hear back from colleges. --- Support this podcast:...


Episode 65: How Best to Support Our First-Generation College Students with Guest Kristina Dooley

Now more than ever we as a society need to provide resources and support for first-generation students to help them navigate not only the college application process but every stage of the college journey - applying, attending, and graduating from college. We invited Kristina Dooley, a first-generation student herself and President of the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA) and Founder of Estrela Consulting to share her story, insights, and resources that are available to...


Episode 64: What's Success and What's the Win with Guest Rebekka Whitehead

As colleges start to notify students of their admissions decisions, we invited Rebekka Whitehead, a coach, mentor, and educational consultant, to share her guidance on how best to support students during this challenging time. Rebekka works with students to help them identify their strengths and learnings styles to better prepare them for their next academic adventure. --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/college-scoops/support


Episode 63: Life as a Student Entrepreneur at Northwestern with Guest Jay Towns

College Scoops loves connecting with student entrepreneurs to hear their stories and how they are managing their schoolwork and businesses. Today we talked with Jay Towns, a junior at Northwestern. Jay shared his story about applying to Northwestern, why Northwestern is the perfect fit for him, his experience as an Amazon influencer, and as a creative running his photography business. --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/college-scoops/support


Episode 62: Thinking About Studying Overseas with Guest David Hawkins

What do you need to know when applying to universities overseas? Is the application process different? Do you need to take standardized tests as part of the application process? Can I switch majors once I am enrolled? How does FAFSA work with universities overseas? There is a lot to consider when applying to schools in your own country let alone a foreign country. David Hawkins will provide some tips and advice for students thinking about studying overseas. --- Support this podcast:...


Episode 61: Wondering What Other Students Are Paying For College with Guest Mark Salisbury

College is expensive and now with more and more colleges going online, families are re-evaluating their options. Should a student take a gap year? Some students are opting for community college or a state university experience with the thought of saving money for graduate school. Others are deferring for a semester or year. Families are researching financial aid, merit aid, and scholarships to help with the burden of college expenses. Mark Salisbury, Founder of TuitionFit, shares his goal to...


Episode 60: Get LIT - Financially LITerate with Tara Falcone

Financial literacy is a topic on many educators' minds and students now more than ever are struggling with how to get up to speed to be not only financially responsible but financially empowered. Whether you are in high school, college, or a recent graduate, understanding finances and establishing a financial plan is key to your long-term success. Wondering where to even start? Tara Falcone will share her strategy for how to get your finances in order and establish a game plan for the...


E59: How to Prepare for College Financially with Guest John Hupalo

Your son or daughter got into college now what? What is the total cost of attendance really? Can I afford it? What options are there for financial aid, loans, merit aid, scholarship? Do I really have to pay the sticker price? As families start to assess their ability to afford college, what should they be doing and when? How do families prep ahead of time to avoid any last-minute disappointments with not being able to afford certain colleges? John Hupalo joins us today as the Founder & CEO...


E58: Get Comfortable with the NYT's Best Selling Author of The Naked Roommate - Harlan Cohen

As a parent I am always looking for ways to be a better parent to support my kids, especially during these uncertain times. How can we help our kids during the college admissions journey and life beyond? Harlan’s open and honest conversations about facing, embracing, and handling rejection provide a glimpse into how we as parents can be there for our students in a supportive but not in a controlling way. How do we loosen the grip to allow them to struggle, learn, and grow? Whether your child...