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The Donald POV # 43 - More Than Poker

Check out my interview with Dallas author, cinematographer, and poker pro Tyler Cambre. Tyler is a talented individual that is preparing to film the pilot for his poker psychological thriller, Grinders. See you inside… Tyler's info is below: The Donald POV websites DIY Wall Street How to become a voice actor The Donald POV -...


The Donald POV #42 - How Do You Determine The Truth?

How do you determine the truth? We are bombarded each and every day with so much information and misinformation. How can we ever be sure that what we see and hear is the truth? See you inside... DIY Wall Street How to become a voice actor The Donald POV - Speak Easy Sound Company - Facebook/Twitter/IG - @thedonaldpov Intro Music by Joakim Karud - Piano and Sax...


The Donald POV # 41 - How To Analyze An ICO(Initial Coin Offering)

Having worked as an analyst in the cryptocurrency space before, I can tell you that most people are not going to look through all of the information that a company supplies before making an investment decision, but in my opinion, you really don't need all of that information anyway. Today, I want to talk about the 8 areas of should focus your research on, PRIOR to investing in an ICO. DIY Wall Street How to become a voice actor...


The Donald POV #0 - Intro

Intro Podcast to "The Donald POV" My goal in this show is to educate ,inform and entertain. While most of the topics will be financial in nature, I’ll be discussing other topics as well, from attitudes to current events and everything in between. Twitter @TheDonaldPov