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Building wealth through real estate hosted by Nicole Rueth

Building wealth through real estate hosted by Nicole Rueth


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Building wealth through real estate hosted by Nicole Rueth






Four Reasons a Recession Will Benefit You

What will housing look like in a recession? A recession will be good for housing. Recessions usually bring lower interest rates which will bring on strong demand. Strong demand on top of birth rates 30-33 years ago and high liquidity brought on by the Fed. Lower interest rates when supply is challenged by "interest rate lock", aging in place, investor buyers, and builder backlog. Headlines want you to be worried. I want you to jump in. From my seat, the sooner you get in before a recession...


What does it mean if the housing market is slowing?

Slowed Appreciation DOES NOT Mean Loss of Value! CoreLogic expects a 5.9% appreciation over the next 12 months. Denver is always hotter and CoreLogic is super conservative! That means on a median price home, conservatively, you will gain another $37,000 in equity AND get to refinance with our new Refinance Guarantee! What will housing look like in a recession? A recession will be good for housing. Recessions usually bring lower interest rates which will bring on strong demand. Strong demand...


Know Your Definition of Success

Multiple world record breaker, and international keynote speaker Ryan Avery sat down with Nicole to continue what he started at The Next Big Thing Colorado in January. He's helping us redefine "Celebrate" - it's about the try, not the acknowledgment. He has a fantastic story about failure, that wasn't. You'll rethink the trite and terrible phrase, "Going outside your comfort zone." and so many more shifts to consider. Please do not miss this episode of The Double Comma Club with Ryan...


Appreciation is dropping, will home values follow?

Did we peak in February? Both average and median price growth slowed in April. Looking back, month-over-month median price growth started out flat in January, yet low inventory and strong pending home sales provided a strong close-to-list of 102%. (meaning the average buyer was paying 2% over asking) In February, prices rose a strong 6.5% in one month, as active listings stayed depressingly low, pushing close-to-list up to 105%. March saw a swell of much-needed inventory if you can call...


Interest Rates are Increasing, is a Recession Looming?

Homebuyers should hear this... NOW IS THE TIME! You do not want to be on the other side of a recession because when interest rates fall, demand will spike again! We simply do not have enough inventory to satisfy that demand once it comes. So while your rate may be lower, the competition will ramp up, the probability of bidding over ask will be higher and there won't be as many homes to choose from. Listen to this episode of The Double Comma Club, "Interest Rates are Increasing, is a...


Holding Out for the Must-Haves in Your Next Home

It's one thing for an expert to tell you what you should do when investing in a home, refinancing, and selling. But when you have an opportunity to hear a real start to finish story from a home buyer to held out for the full must-have list and then successfully purchased a home in the Denver market, you will be riveted. Kara Palffy is Nicole's guest. She's the Business Development Manager at The Rueth Team. Buying her second home, selling the first, and all of the hours required make for the...


Reverse Mortgages Used as a Smart Financial Strategy - not the loan of last resort from the past

So how old do I have to be, to take advantage of a reverse mortgage? Generally speaking, we say 62 years old because the FHA product, which is the most commonly used program today requires one of the homeowners to be 62. However, we also have non-FHA programs that will allow clients as young as 55 years old to get into a reverse mortgage. Nicole asked Gabe Bodner, Retirement Mortgage Specialist on The Rueth Team, "What's the biggest benefit to a homeowner to want to look into this further?...


What is the difference between FHA and conventional loans?

And do you know which is better for you? I don't believe that one of these loan programs is 'better' than the other. However, I do believe that one may work better for YOU. FHA and Conventional Loans each bring something different to the table, thus working better for one type of buyer over the other. You don't need to know the hyper-specifics of each program, that's what we're here for. But it can be helpful to have a basic knowledge and ask your mortgage lender the right questions. Listen...


6 Reasons Why Home Prices are Increasing

It's no secret that the real estate market, ESPECIALLY in Denver, has seen a dramatic increase in home prices. According to CoreLogic, the national median home price grew at an all-time high 18.8% year-over-year in December 2021. Homebuyers are feeling the rise in costs of EVERYTHING, and the increased home prices are not going away anytime soon. The cost of waiting is extreme! It's time to get off the fence and into a home. Be sure you give my team a call and let's come up with a strategy...


What Happens After You Leave the Closing Table?

You just spent a lot of time, effort, and money getting into your new home... but what's next? There are some important things to take note of in the months following closing day such as:


Why You Should Buy a House in Today’s Denver Market

Buy NOW to have options later. Real estate is still the number one hedge against inflation and the potential to build long-term wealth is still there! Although the real estate market is tough right now, you have to get in in order to build long-term wealth, earn appreciation, use the equity you've built for a renovation or a move up and you can always refinance once things calm down. Your long-term goals can be achieved through owning a home and we want to help you get there. As always,...


Look at the 30-year mortgage rate history; today is the best day to buy.

Interest rates just hopped up again! The market today remains an extremely volatile place and is in a constant tug of war with the FED, unemployment rates, inflation, the war and all other factors! So, is it still a good time to buy a home? My answer remains the same as the Denver market continues to build equity, financial security, and supports our highly qualified buyers. Here are a few things you should know heading into this weekend. Here's some history on mortagae rates:


IsThere a Housing Bubble and Will We See a Recession?

We've again been flooded with headlines on the impending doom of a housing market crash. As homebuyers right now, it can be hard not to fall into the trap of waiting. I get it. There's a flood of information being thrown at you, but this video will help cut through the noise.


DMAR April 2022 - We need a recession.

A recession is exactly what we need right now. And it's good for housing. So what am I talking about? The two in tenure treasury yield had a small 0.05 spread as March ended. This is on the verge of inverting, which is a high validity recession indicator of five of the last six recessions that were all proceeded by an inversion. However, today we also have incredibly strong labor market. The unemployment number just came out at 3.6%, which is a post-pandemic low. In fact, unemployment has...


Is there a housing bubble?

Will the housing market crash in 2022? Here is your DMAR Real Estate Market Update. The real estate market is INTENSE right now, and news headlines are doing a very good job of scaring us into thinking that we are heading towards a housing bubble burst. But the truth is, there is NO BUBBLE. Yes, interest rates and prices are rising, but the amount of equity and demand we are seeing DOES NOT constitute a bubble ready to burst. If anything, a little slow down in market activity will give...


Why is Debt to Income Ratio Important When Buying a Home?

Your Debt to Income Ratio is a key metric of analysis lenders use when you submit a loan application. It gives us a good indication of how much you can afford in relation to the debts you currently hold. In the Denver Real Estate Market there is a LOT going on... little inventory, increasing rates AND increasing prices. So, how does that affect homebuyer affordability? Well, with all this activity, what you were approved for might not work anymore... and optimizing your DTI just became that...


Rising Home Prices and Increased Interest Rates - Get in it now.

Rising Home Prices, Increased Interest Rates - What Options do Home Buyers have in 2022? Rates are going up and so are home prices. Don't get caught (like the Fed) with your pants down. Strategies going into this previous weekend and week. It's changing fast!


Gaining the Upper Hand to Be the Winning Offer

In a hot seller's real estate market, buyers need an upper hand! I know it's frustrating seeing interest rates and home prices on the rise, but The Rueth Team has a TON of strategies in place to help buyer's offers stand out, grant seller security, and get everyone to the closing table on time and happy. From TBD Underwriting, Fairway Cash Guarantee, up to $15,000 Earnest Money Guarantee, 8-10 Day Closings, AND MORE, we've got the stuff that will help you make homeownership a...


Interest Rates and Inflation Explained

Where are rates headed? It seems like right now mortgage rates and inflation are going hand in hand. The cost of everything is up, including housing, gas, food, etc. You see it, I see it and we are all feeling it. No one could have predicted a pandemic and a war in a 2-year span, and the housing market is constantly responding. Interest rates are on the rise, inflation is hot and international conflicts are all taking their toll. As real estate agents and professionals, it's important to...


What are mortgage points?

What are mortgage points? Is it worth it to buy down your mortgage rate using mortgage points? How long will it take to earn your money back if you buy your rate down? Mortgage points are essentially a way for you to buy down your market interest rate by paying more money upfront. This can help with cash flow and even help you afford more home and a bigger loan. While this sounds great, you shouldn't assume that buying down your rate using loan discount points is the best decision for your...