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Building wealth through real estate.

Building wealth through real estate.


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Building wealth through real estate.






Today’s Real Estate Market – I know. I wonder. I’m boggled!

There are things I know, things I wonder about, and things that boggle my mind. Here are a few… I knew demand was about to explode before 2020 began. Demographics told us that. 8.8 to 9.2 million first-time home buyers were coming and they wanted a piece of the American Dream. With the largest age cohort numbering over 23 million, Americans aged 25 to 29 are looking to start families and buy homes. And once someone has a child they are twice as likely to purchase a home. I knew that a...


Ivy Zelman's Insights at the Fairway Economic and Housing Summit

This is only one session from the outstanding series of presentations during the Fairway Economic and Housing Summit on December 17. The full event featured presentations by the following. You can watch the replays on YouTube here: Barry & Dan HabibDave Stevens Ivy ZelmanChris WhalenRob ChrismanMike FratantoniModerated by Nicole Rueth, Sarah Middleton, and Peter Beanland. Follow along with this presentation from Ivy Zelman. (PDF) About Our Featured Presenter: As CEO of Zelman &...


December 2020 Real Estate Tips Round Up

Three tips here: Good Buy or Goodbye, Making Money in Your Sleep, and Interest Rates Aren't Why It's Time To Buy - Building Equity Is. When someone asks, “Is this property a good buy?” Or “Should I be saying goodbye and invest elsewhere?” It’s not as easy as giving a quick yes or no. Most of the time there's not a straightforward answer because each person is starting from a different place have different long term or short term goals. So what is a great property for one isn't necessarily...


Finding Your Niche Will Serve You and Your Clients Well

"Our industry really has a need for professionals that use their platforms to take a stand for things and to help be change-makers in our community. I think the general public oftentimes looks at real estate, certainly in a city like Denver, a growing city where the prices have gone high, and there's people that can't afford to live in certain neighborhoods anymore and all of that." Nicole's guest is Ryan Belinak from Live Urban Real Estate. His two big takeaway points for agents are these,...


Let your home help you make money in your sleep.

With a positive highlight from this year being consistent low-interest rates, you may not realize how your home is working for you already. You may be making money in your sleep. And if you haven't purchased a home yet or refinanced the one you want to stay in, this is the time. Align yourself with an experienced Realtor so they can help you realize your dream of owning real estate, or making more money in equity from the property you already own.


Supply Isn’t the Story, Demand Is.

DMAR’s December Market Trends Report was released this morning and provided numbers supporting what we already knew. Demand is strong! Inventory hit an all-time low of 3415 active listings at month-end. Compare this to the average active listings for November month-end of over 14,000 and a happier place of 6,000 units. Sellers are exceeding the typical seasonal holiday slowdown of decreased supply. The added fears of job security, prospective buyers entering their homes, and finding a...


Be a leader for your clients.

Thank you for joining us for another agent talk This week I have Drew Morris, who I've got to know through DMARs Market Trends Committee. He jumped on just a little bit before I did about 2.5 years ago, and he's been a real estate agent for 7.5 years and I bring up the half because he claims it just like I claim my half an inch. Drew Morris is with Your Castle Real Estate. I wanted to bring him on board because he has some of the same views I have and looking at real estate as a...


Financial Independence for Early Retirement through House Hacking

Nicole's guest today is Zeona McEntyre. In this episode, they talk about house hacking to financial freedom. House hacking is the way that Zeona thought to be financially independent. And her role now is really just to help empower people, inspire people and get them excited about what's possible. People they think, "Oh yeah, financial independence or early retirement, that's for other people, that can't happen for me. Or if I'm going to do that, it's going to take me 15 years." But she did...


Don't Be Afraid of No from Your Lender

There's No Bubble to Burst I keep hearing that people are waiting for the Denver market to cool down to buy or sell. But is that the best plan? Appreciation is at 6.9% year to date, which mean phenomenal growth for those who have purchased and opportunity for those just diving in. How do I know? Because three years ago I was sitting in my backyard saying nearly the same thing. The difference between now and then? Low interest rates. Know What Your Getting So often clients will come to us...


Buyers, Sellers, Agents, this is not the time to rest.

November’s DMAR report highlighting October data reflects just how important the home has become by producing nearly as many records as we saw in last month’s report. Now is not the time to sit on the sidelines in fear that the bubble will burst; it is the time to stay engaged. Finding the right home might be challenging, but waiting will only cost you more. Nicole Rueth The Rueth Team of Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation 750 W Hampden Avenue, Suite 500 Englewood, CO 80110...


Forbearance and Unemployment Numbers' Effect on Denver Real Estate Market

What do the current numbers tell us about the difference between delinquency and foreclosure? About values for the top 10% of home prices vs. the entry-level lower-priced homes? Some highlights to this episode include; We have to make sure that we distinguish this for our clients because the delinquency rates are not foreclosures, they're forbearance. And those numbers of people that are going off on forbearance is growing. More people are coming off forbearance. When they're talking about...


Giving Agents the Tools to Be Essential Human Resources for Buyers and Sellers

Nicole gives us a chance to meet the new CEO of DMAR, Nobu Hata. Nobu tells us the plans for membership support and value-added benefits. Nicole asks him some questions that you will want to hear the answers to, even if you are not in the DMAR Sphere. His perspective includes what he learned working at NAR.


Resurgence of HOME and how it affects the Denver real estate market

It’s become infinitely more important as it’s our refuge, our workplace, classroom, meeting room, restaurant, escape and for some, our isolation. The Denver Metro Association of REALTORS® (DMAR) October Market Trends Report highlights how this resurgence in our home has played out in the stats. Denver’s real estate market has not only recovered from March and April’s loss; it has picked up the pace from January and February. As of the end of September, year-to-date closed homes were up...


Know Your Loan Options Renovation, CHFA, Jumbo, Conventional, FHA, USDA, and VA

This is a recap of the tips in September. They include information about all types of loans, limits, how they benefit you including Renovation, CHFA, Jumbo, Conventional, FHA, USDA, and VA. I mean who are Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac? (Hint: Unfortunately not the neighbors down the street) As consumers we all want to make sure we understand .. and can take advantage of, our options. Particularly when it’s funding possibly the largest purchase you've ever made! Yet with so many loan options...


Making Your Professional Memberships Work for You

This week we spent time with Mike Papantonakis, newly inaugurated DMAR Market Chair and agent with Re/Max Alliance. He is one of the new leaders of DMAR but leadership isn't new to Mike. Together we explore how his experience gives him the strength he needs to lead DMAR's Board as well as champion his clients. He reminds us that when we question the value of professional memberships, we have to remember to also ask, "What did I put into that membership? How did I participate? You only get...


Use Your Extra Time to Learn All You Can and Add Value

Jill Schafer is Nicole's guest in this episode talking about smoothing the path to homeownership to get to the celebration. That's done through continuous education on behalf of our clients. Jill says, "understanding the market and educating our clients that's not something they could just pick up online I mean, they can read the article, but they are going to get that microneighborhood information that we can provide and getting information on just their price point or their area, or are...


Daily Disciplines and Increasing Your Value

Some of what Dina Piterniece has done to keep communicating with her clients and prospects includes: Her advice to fine-tune 2020 is to stick with the items that work for you best. Everyone has their specialties. Look for ways to increase your value and knowledge. Nicole RuethThe Rueth Team of Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation750 W Hampden Avenue, Suite 500Englewood, CO Connect on social media:Follow me on FB:...


Celebrating the Resiliency of Agents

Nicole's guest, Amanda Snitker, stated it perfectly in this episode, "We were uniquely prepared for the current market and situation, as agents." The only thing she would change is to not be so tired from everything since April. That means she's busy. That's something to celebrate. She's fine being tired, she didn't want to miss a moment, or opportunity to help her clients. She comes from two great examples in the industry, her own parents. She learned core values from them, saw their...


DMAR for August - Real Estate Did Not Surprise; It Delivered

Real estate has not only taken a position of favor because it’s now where we are spending most of our time, but it’s also giving homeowners stability in a shifting market. What keeps me up at night? The stock market. As CNN’s Fear & Greed Index moves further into Greed and Citigroup’s Panic/Euphoria Index points towards extreme Euphoria; both point to lower stock prices within a year. The recent news of COVID deaths breaking 155,000; COVID cases doubling in July; jobless numbers and...


Getting Out of Your Own Way

Pipe Knoll gives all of you some very logical tips to succeed during these times and any time. She says, "This is the time to double down on communicating with clients and being the person that's there to care." And when she started to realize that she was actually becoming her own worst enemy and holding herself back from success. She just started to really build on her showing who she is to people and once she started to really open up and get out of her own way and stop trying to pretend...