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What if you could have the life you want, now? When you look at what creates the life you have, your emotions and energy are a key component and engineering them engineers your life. Justin Wenck has a PhD in Electrical Engineering and over a decade of experience with yoga, meditation, nutrition, fitness, and personal development and he'll be your guide on this journey.

What if you could have the life you want, now? When you look at what creates the life you have, your emotions and energy are a key component and engineering them engineers your life. Justin Wenck has a PhD in Electrical Engineering and over a decade of experience with yoga, meditation, nutrition, fitness, and personal development and he'll be your guide on this journey.


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What if you could have the life you want, now? When you look at what creates the life you have, your emotions and energy are a key component and engineering them engineers your life. Justin Wenck has a PhD in Electrical Engineering and over a decade of experience with yoga, meditation, nutrition, fitness, and personal development and he'll be your guide on this journey.




Ep 67: (Scuba) Diving Into the Games of Life

"I'm disappointed in you…I have plenty of other men in my life that don't disappoint me" How would you have reacted if someone said that to you? Do you want to direct your life or do you want to be driven by circumstance? I learned from my mentor, Jim Fortin, that the way you do one thing is the way you do everything. I couldn’t find it to be more true than in my recent week of Scuba Diving here in Roatan, Honduras. Today I talk about how actively deciding how I wanted my dive experience...


Ep 66: Playing the Games of Life

Thank you to everyone who reached out after the last Podcast, the love and support was overwhelming and I'm so grateful for all of you listening. On this episode I'll be putting my experience with divorce and depression in the context of Playing the Games of Life. The plural of "Games" is NOT a typo. We often think it's a single game, but after replaying the game of Yahtzee for the first time in over 25 years, I realized that life is not one game, but a collection of games. Are you not...


Ep 65: Depression, Divorce, & Dissolution

I'm out of my house, out of my marriage, and out on the road. On today's show I share where I've ended up after working on my depression that started about a year ago. I'm sharing how what appeared to be a perfect life didn't always feel so perfect. Now that I've let it go, I'm starting to feel how perfect life works out as I seize the opportunity to create my perfect life and not someone else's life. I'm really hesitant to share this, but I'm hoping it can be of benefit to at least one...


Ep 64: Consciousness and 3D Reality with Derek Loudermilk

“What does it look like to be the hero of your own life?” That's the question today's guest, Derek Loudermilk, asked himself after getting fired from numerous jobs, dropping out of his PhD program, recovering from failed marriage, and realizing he had been living someone else’s dream. I discuss my similar experiences and we explore how experiences like these lead to an opening of the mind, which allows us to begin to see how our consciousness creates our 3D Reality. Today Derek is a...


Ep 63: What are you truly committed to?

Is there anything missing in your life? If so, have you been a person committed to having it? In the past two months I became committed to having better health in the form of less physical pain and more energy through improved diet. This commitment was tested when I went to a recent Mens Yoga Camp where…. I wouldn't be able to do yoga like everyone else I wouldn't be able to eat like everyone else I was different and I got attention…two things that scare the sh!t out of me, but because I...


Ep 62: Are you an Anxious Person?

Are you an Anxious Person? Or are you just a person who sometimes feels anxious? It might seem like small language nuance, but it can have huge implications on how easy you can decide to show up as someone who can handle a situation when needed vs. someone is stuck being a certain way. Would you like to be the person needing attention and to be calmed down or would like to be the one people turn to as a source of calm and strength? When you switch from BE anxious, to just being someone...


Ep 61: Workship Recap

The Perfect Life Meditation Workship went perfectly, right?!? Absolutely Not! There were mistakes, challenges, and a lot of learning. Did I really publish a flyer that said Workship instead of Workshop? You bet I did! And it was all part of the process. The students had a phenomenal experience and I'm ready to share the experience with more people after what I've learned and part of that is sharing the behind the scenes with you in this episode. Enjoy! Got a question or comment about the...


Ep 60: Awakening the Soul of Power with Christian de la Huerta

Would like to see the face of who has been holding you back so you can confront them productively and become the hero of your own life? Then you're going love today's show as I talk with Christian de la Huerta about his latest book, "Awakening the Soul of Power". We focus on what it means to have "Soulful Power" in your life and how to keep it. Because it's not something you have to "get". You do have to learn how to stop giving it away and Christian uses amazing visuals to show you how...


Ep 59: The Perfect Life Meditation System

Do you want to live a fulfilling life with less stress and more energy? Today I cover how to discover and create your perfect life in as little as 5 minutes a day with the Perfect Life Meditation system I developed. I explain in PLAIN language how this heartfelt and intuitive system of creating lasting habits gets you results. What is the Perfect Life Meditation Method? Do you feel stressed, stuck, sad, tired, or frustrated? Do you just want more out of life, your relationships, or better...


Ep 58: Your Environment Reflects You

"You haven't changed a bit!" Has someone from your past ever said that to you? Or maybe they didn't say it, but you felt it. It could be spending time with the people you grew up with, or longtime friends. Have you noticed that your feelings and behaviors you experience TODAY can be similar to those you experienced 1, 5, 10, or even 20+ years ago? You might think, "I've worked so hard to grow, but I guess I haven't changed enough yet." You're partially right, but maybe not how you...


Ep 57: It Is Just Not Their Turn Yet

Why won't they get it? You've provided everything and yet they continue their old ways. Perhaps it's just not their turn yet? We often think that if we give a seed good soil, water, and sunlight, it's bound to thrive. If it doesn't, then surely it's an error on your part. That's not always true. Some plants require more to get going. Plants that live in area prone to forest fire often require fire for their seeds to germinate. If someone around you isn't growing, perhaps the right fire...


Ep 56: F$cked Out Spiritual Terms Explained with Nida Kazmi

Meditation, Manifestation, Karma…what do these and other f$cked out spiritual terms actually mean? Nida Kazmi, one of our most downloaded guests, is back to help explain these terms in plain English so you can actually decide if the terms and the concepts they represent actually matter to YOU! If a term doesn't mean anything to you, then it's worth as much as a three dollar bill, which for those international listeners is worth NADA because there is no $3 bill. What really matters is can...


Ep 55: Antidotes to Emotional Ailments

Have you ever been stuck in fear, sadness, anxiety, or anger? Much like the McRib sandwich these emotions should only be enjoyed for brief amounts of time but become unhealthy when they are your entire emotional diet. What's the antidote for the Emotional Ailments? The answer is to place your attention on the emotion you WANT to have instead. Such as gratitude instead of sadness, forgiveness instead of anger, excitement or trust instead of anxiety or fear. Will this remove the source of...


Ep 54: Life Alignment and Psychedelics with Beth Weinstein

Are you living a life of alignment and passion? If you didn't answer "Hell Yeah!" then this episode is for you. Psychedelics or Plant Medicine is an option for getting that crucial clarity for what you're meant to do on this earth. I talk with expert in the field Beth Weinstein about my own plant medicine experience and what you should know if this topic is new to you, and what to consider if you want to try this yourself for the first time, or continue if you've already started. As a...


Ep 53: Do You Care Enough to Not Care?

Do you care enough to not care? WHAT?!?! Either I care or I don't Justin. This episode is super important to your own wellbeing and your ability to serve others. Today I talk about how not caring what others think actually allows us to care and serve others more. I talk about how not caring during a recent Kayaking trip made much more relaxing for everyone after I ended up under my kayak during a big rapid. Got a question or comment about the show? E-mail me at


Ep 52: How to Exit a Relationship

How do you exit a Romantic, Friendship, Family, or Business relationship? Eventually there's a time where a relationship in one of these areas has run its course. Have you stayed in the relationship longer than you wanted because the pain of exiting the relationship seemed bigger than the pain of staying? Today I go over how you can exit a relationship more easily and skillfully, which can lead to richer or fulfilling relationships in all areas of your life. Here are the major points I'll...


Ep 51: Squirrels Gone Wild

Spring Break!!! There's sun, there's fun, and, of course, squirrels gone wild! What could go wrong? With their big fluffy tails and infinite energy, what's not to love? And if you're saying, Justin, a squirrel is just a rat with a fluffy tail, you're wrong, but not for the reason you might think. Squirrels in the wrong environment, like my attic, are actually worse than rats. Traps won't work on them and if you accidentally trap a squirrel, they will destroy EVERYTHING! What does this...


Ep 50: Is "God" Getting In Your Way?

Is "God" Getting In Your Way? Not the all-powerful, all knowing, almighty, but the actual word "God". If you've started down the path of learning how to live a better life the word "God" has likely come up and you might have positive or negative feelings about the word. Either way, these feelings can get in the way of the message you're meant to receive. Do you want to get your "Aha" now? Or do you want to wait 1, 5, or 20 years for someone to say it to you in a way that you like? Basic...


Ep 49: Leaning In to Upgrade Your Beliefs

Why do you have the life that you have? What are the causes of your current finances, health, and relationships? In today's episode I talk about how your beliefs are a major part of what makes your life your life. I'm not talking about if you're a Christian, Hindu, or other religious beliefs. I'm talking about what do you believe about your ability to sing? Make new friends? Be happy? Whether or not you're aware or not, you have beliefs about these topics. Today, we’ll get aware of these...


Ep 48: The Transformative Power of Travel with Tom Leegstra

Do you like to travel? Or are you wanting to try it now more than ever after being locked down for over a year? On this Podcast episode I'm talking with Tom Leegstra on his new book "The Transformative Power of Travel." We talk about the growth that comes out of travel, some nuts and bolts tips, and the emotions that travel brings up and how you can best prepare before you even leave your home. We also talk about getting naked while traveling…is it just a metaphor? Listen to find out! Tom...