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Specialist family lawyers Benjamin Bryant and Heather McKinnon and their special guests answer your questions about divorce, separation, children's matters, property settlement and family court. They empower you to make wise decisions for yourself and your family.

Specialist family lawyers Benjamin Bryant and Heather McKinnon and their special guests answer your questions about divorce, separation, children's matters, property settlement and family court. They empower you to make wise decisions for yourself and your family.




Specialist family lawyers Benjamin Bryant and Heather McKinnon and their special guests answer your questions about divorce, separation, children's matters, property settlement and family court. They empower you to make wise decisions for yourself and your family.




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How To Get The Most Out of Your Family Lawyer

This month Ben and Heather talk about family lawyers: how to choose one that's right for you and how to make sure you get the best out of the lawyer you've chosen. Collectively they deal with a wide range of questions, including:


Do It Yourself Divorce

This month Ben and Heather step you through how to manage your own divorce and identify when you may need to seek additional legal advice. The questions and topics covered included:


Financial Planning During and After Divorce

In this episode, Ben and Heather turned their attention to money, assets, debts and the importance of financial planning during and after divorce. They were joined by financial planner Brett Martin from Harbour Wealth Management. A certified financial planner for over 12 years, Brett has been helping clients on the Coffs Coast to manage their wealth since he became principal at Bridges Financial Services in Coffs Harbour in 2011. Recently Brett has moved from under the Bridges umbrella to...


Community Questions - Take 5



Two Views on Property Settlement

In this episode Benjamin and Heather switched up the format, with each asking the other increasingly challenging questions about property settlement. It opened up so really honest conversation about the difficulties involved with property settlement specifically and separation more generally. These two family law experts dealt with the following questions:


Private Investigators in Family Law Cases

Private investigators can play a pivotal role in serving documents and collecting evidence in complex family law cases. In this episode Benjamin Bryant and Heather McKinnon from Bryant McKinnon Lawyers talk to Steve Wallis, Managing Director of SWA Recovery & Investigation Group about how private investigators work and where they can add value in family law matters.


I've decided to separate. Now what?

Most people who decided to separate have never initiated a relationship breakdown in their lives. The decision is scary and overwhelming. Yet these very early stages can set the course for how the whole process plays out and even affect long term family relationships for years to come. Knowing how important the initial stages are, Ben and Heather have dedicated this episode to provide advice for anyone facing the awful thought that it might be time to end their relationship. Topics covered...


Judge Judy talking family law

Retired Federal Circuit Court Judge Judy Small is without question our most unique, and broadly qualified guest we have had on this program. Judy grew up right here in Coffs Harbour and went on to become a globe-trotting folk singer. She also had a lengthy career as a family lawyer, working for a decade with Victoria Legal Aid and then as a Federal Circuit Court Judge. We were regaled with stories of Judy’s upbringing on the Coffs Coast and her life as a singer and then “got serious” about...


Men and Divorce

In this episode Ben and Heather talk with special guest Jean Clayton, CEO of Bridging the Gap Community Services which runs the Men's Resource Centre, about how men experience divorce and separation. The program explores how men may differ from women in their experience of divorce, the trauma of family separation and the impact on self-identity.


Community Questions - Take 4

Ben and Heather answer questions on divorce, separation and family law from the community. Topics covered include:


Family Law Mediation

In this episode we talk about mediation: one of the biggest cost savers in the entire family law process. A successful mediation can save you the emotional and financial cost of going to court. To get the full story on mediation, Ben and Heather spoke to eminent mediator Philip Theobold. An accredited Family Law Arbitrator, Family Dispute Resolutions Practitioner and experienced Family Law Mediator, Philip has helped many of our clients to successfully reach agreement. Topics covered in...


Divorce & the family business

Divorce and separation are almost always difficult. Throw a family business into the mix and the complexity and emotion escalate exponentially. Whether the business is big or small, a family farm or a tech start-up, operating as a sole trader, partnership or company, dividing a business asset throws up difficult questions. And of course, if both parties are reliant on the business for their livelihood and career aspirations things become even trickier. Topics covered in this episode include:


What is the Judge thinking?

In this very special episode, Ben and Heather are joined by former Family Court judge, The Honourable Rodney K Burr, to give our listeners a unique insight into what the person wielding the gavel is really thinking. Rodney Burr brings to the show the knowledge and experience earned through an long and illustrious legal career. He is a former Justice of the Family Court of Australia, a former Chair of the Family Law Section of the Law Council, recipient of the United Nations Award for...


Divorce & The Blended Family

As family lawyers, we like to see our clients re-partner and start new lives. But as blended and step families form it can raise unexpected disputes. In this episode host Benjamin Bryant chats with partner and fellow family law specialist Heather McKinnon tackle the often-difficult subject of divorce and the blended family. Topics covered include:


Property Valuation

The sound quality of this month's recording is not up to our usual standard. Due to Covid-19 we have been experimenting with different methods of remote recording and the month technology failed us. Our sincere apologies. Property settlement is one of the greatest sources of conflict in the separation process. Bryant McKinnon Lawyers always advise that it's best to figure out what you are actually worth before you start arguing over who gets what. The best way to assess the value or your...


Protecting families through COVID19

In this special episode, family law specialist Benjamin Bryant speaks to Baringa Hospital psychiatrist Dr. Doug Andrews about how to protect your relationships and your children through these difficult days of COVID19.


Social Media & Separation

This month Benjamin Bryant from Bryant McKinnon Lawyers chats with barrister Rhys O'Brien about the hazards of mixing social media and separation.


Community family law questions: Take 3

This month Benjamin and Heather fielded questions about family matters from the community. Here are the questions addressed in this podcast:


How to keep divorce costs down

Heather McKinnon mines her forty years of family law experience to come up with some valuable tips on how to avoid unnecessary legal costs and minimise the financial (and emotional) cost of divorce and separation.


Infertility, IVF & Surrogacy: psychology & legality

This month's show focuses on assisted reproduction, and the legal and psychological implications. Ben and Heather talk to Miranda Montrone, a Sydney based psychologist who specialises in counselling in infertility and assisted reproduction. One in six couples in Australia and New Zealand suffer infertility, and of course, a growing number of same sex couples and single women are choosing to have children. So it's not surprising that many people that 1 in 25 Australian babies is not born via...