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Seven Questions Any Language Learner Needs To Answer

Is it possible to start learning a language from scratch when you're in your 30s? With a baby and a dog (and a husband) to look after? Of course it is! In this podcast episode, I am speaking to my friend Daniela. She's a writer and teacher, and about to spend a month in Germany. Daniela wants to learn German, so she got in touch to ask me: How to find resources that will be right for her? If she can really make time for learning a language, even though she's got a busy life and no classes to...


Q&A: My Language Learning Secrets!!

This week on the show, I answered a question from Twitter user @akalious: I’m so curious how you learned English to IELTS 9* even before you went to UK... Could you talk abt that a little bit in future episodes? In this episode you'll learn: How Many Formal Study Hours Of English I Took in the first 8 years of studying English...and why that only half matters What I Did Differently To Give Me Native-Like Fluency in English How having No Native Speaker Contact actually helped me grow in...


Does Culture Stop Us from Learning Languages?

It's a philosophical one with Lindsay this week! Quick note on the topic of audio quality: In this week's episode, you'll hear Lindsay coming through at a slightly lower quality than usual. Our apologies! We'll be back to our usual high standards in the next episode. Here are our two big topics. Donald Trump Is A Tweeter If you're au courant with the news these days, you may have noticed that Donald Trump is a prolific user of Twitter. But what do his tweets reveal about him? Language...


Q&A: What To Do When You're Overwhelmed In Language Lessons

In this week’s episode, I have a fascinating Q&A question, which didn't at all bring the answer that my questioner might have been expecting. My question asker Andy is learning Russian, and finding the amount of word changes overwhelming. We started with grammar, but then discovered a meaningful SECOND issue, which you have probably dealt with in the past, too. Why your success depends on knowing how to analyse the problem How a relationship with a language teacher may hold you back How to...


Living And Speaking French Just Like In France

Click or tap here to read the full show notes in my blog article on ( Bonjour les auditeurs, and welcome to a special édition française of the Fluent Show, with my native French speaking guest Géraldine Lepere. Check out Géraldine's AWESOME site Comme Une Française ( This show is a bilingual podcast, meaning you'll hear me do my best in French. Bilingual? How does that work?...


Q&A: Should You Learn the Dialect of a Language?

How do you feel about learning two dialects of a language at the same time? The Dictionary of Linguistics ( defines dialect as a variety of a language used by people from a particular geographic area. So in other words, you’re ALWAYS learning a language and often you might be learning one that is a dialect of another. Romanian and Italian are dialects of Latin, if we zoom out far enough. So for you...


What Is Fluency, What Is Mastery...And How Do You Get There?

In this podcast and blog article, we're discussing words that mean a lot to many people, answering questions such as: What is "fluency" and how do you know you're fluent? How can I achieve "mastery" in a language? What can you gain from being a "polyglot" or "digital nomad"? enter image description here Click or tap here to read the full show notes in my blog article on


Q&A: How To Prepare For Language Lessons on Skype

You can find language tutors on sites like italki (, in online communities, or by searching for your target language on social networks. Instagram is particularly great here. Before Your First Lesson With A New Skype Tutor Be clear about what you want to get out of your set of lessons, and communicate this to your teacher. Here's a list of suggested questions ( to ask them. Decide if you want...


Top Tools for Summer 2018

Click or tap here to read the full list of top tools on ( It's time for our seasonal countdown of what's hot in language learning. Lindsay and I have been collecting our top tools, and we select our list of top 3 recommendations on the Fluent Show. Plus: A news segment on what the French have been up to.. 🇫🇷🍔🌭 Win $25 With Our Sponsor Smartcards+ This month, Smartcards+ is giving you the chance...


Q&A: Should I Give Flashcards Another Chance?

Today’s show is based on a question I have been asking myself. And that is… “Should I Give Flashcards Another Chance?” The way I learn vocabulary is always changing, and my methods and strategies evolve all the time. For many years, learning with vocabulary notebooks was my prime way of reviewing new words. But there are also other techniques, and recently I’ve started using a flashcard app, Smartcards+. I review vocab with * Labels * Lists (hand written and regularly reviewed and...


Learning and Speaking 20+ Languages in New York City

This week, I talk to language and grammar fanatic Ellen Jovin. Ellen has spent the last (nearly) decade learning and forgetting over 20 languages, and reviewing hundreds of language learning materials. In this interview, you will learn about How to select the best materials for teaching yourself a language How to grow as a person through using Facebook Why it doesn't matter if a language is hard Why Ellen stopped going to language classes How even the best book can be one you don't enjoy,...


How to Relearn a Language You’ve Forgotten

Learn about the difference between conscious and unconscious language acquisition. Discover how to learn vocabulary so you always remember it. And create the right learning plan for getting that language skills back. How to (Re) Learn Vocab * Acquire * Memorize * Review Tips for a Re-Learn Plan If you used to speak the language as a child 1. Increase your exposure to as much as you possibly can get (films, music, youtube, consider if you can read/write?) - especially if you first learnt as...


Welsh Is Not English!

When I first moved to the UK, I had no idea that Welsh was a living language. Now it's 15 years later and I can speak it, watch TV in Welsh, and connect with thousands of learners around the world. Welsh is considered a success story by many people who want to revive minority languages. 150 years ago, it was banned by the English speaking government and the English language became the norm. Today, Welsh medium education is on the rise and the Welsh Assembly is promoting a target of getting...


Q&A: How To Get Native Speakers To Speak Your Target Language

Great news, everyone! The Fluent Show is now newly available on Spotify, TuneIn Radio, and I Heart Radio. How do you listen? Shout out to our new sponsor, Smartcards Plus ( In Today's Show: A Q&A with a question from Shannon on Twitter. She asked: Got advice on how to get bilingual speakers of your native language and your learning language to stick to the language you’re learning? Click or tap here to read the full show notes in my blog article on...


Making a Story-Based German Course

This week on the podcast, I am joined by Olly Richards from I Will Teach You A Language. We present to you a project that we have been working on together for a while: German Uncovered, a course for beginners who want to become fluent in German. I've been working on this for a few months, and we are slowly getting ready for launch. Exciting times! The special thing about German Uncovered is that it is entirely story-based, meaning you will not just learn the language step by step, but...


Q&A: What's a Reasonable Weekly Schedule for Language Learning?

Rebecca from New York asked Can you talk about how to set up a reasonable weekly schedule for language learning? In this show, I've got five simple steps for you that will help you plan a successful week in language learning. I'll talk about setting goals, managing your energy, analysing your calendar, and matching your activity to your strengths. A reasonable schedule for learning languages is one that doesn’t make you groan, but isn’t empty either. Here's what matters most: prefer...


What's The Secret To The Greatest Language Exchange Ever?

The most rewarding way of practicing your language is by connecting with people on a 1-to-1 basis. It takes commitment to make any language exchange successful. On today's show, we discuss what it takes to have the best language exchange experience possible. We also welcome special guest Jonathan Huggins, who knows lots about language exchanges. Click or tap here to read the full show notes in my blog article on


Q&A: Should You Get a Masters Degree in Languages?

Today on the show, I'll share a few tips and considerations about studying languages at university. Plus: My own story of doing Translation Studies at the University of Manchester. Chenelle asks: I wanted to know did you only get your bachelors degree or did you actually go and get a masters degree and languages? Listen to get the full details of my tips. At postgrad level, you tend to go either into research or applied mode. Most specialised ones Applied Linguistics / Linguistics...


In Language, Are Apps All Amazing? Are All Apps Amazing?

Click or tap here to read the full show notes in my blog article on ( In this episode, we caught up, talked about a new directive on language use in a very special setting: Childbirth! We also discussed language learning apps and how to make the most out of them.


Q&A: How Can You Train Your Listening Skills?

Elisabeth asks: “How do you fit hearing comprehension into your daily routine? I find myself daydreaming a lot during my hearing comprehension time.” What are you training, exactly? Listening comprehension will aid you in understanding spoken language. For most independent language learners, listening comprehension is what starts bridging the gap between reading a textbook and moving on to confident and independent language use. For Elisabeth as a French learner in particular, there’s a...