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Welsh Is Not English!

When I first moved to the UK, I had no idea that Welsh was a living language. Now it's 15 years later and I can speak it, watch TV in Welsh, and connect with thousands of learners around the world. Welsh is considered a success story by many people who want to revive minority languages. 150 years ago, it was banned by the English speaking government and the English language became the norm. Today, Welsh medium education is on the rise and the Welsh Assembly is promoting a target of getting a...


Q&A: How To Get Native Speakers To Speak Your Target Language

Great news, everyone! The Fluent Show is now newly available on Spotify, TuneIn Radio, and I Heart Radio. How do you listen? Shout out to our new sponsor, Smartcards Plus ( In Today's Show: A Q&A with a question from Shannon on Twitter. She asked: Got advice on how to get bilingual speakers of your native language and your learning language to stick to the language you’re learning? Click or tap here to read the full show notes in my blog article on...


Making a Story-Based German Course

This week on the podcast, I am joined by Olly Richards from I Will Teach You A Language. We present to you a project that we have been working on together for a while: German Uncovered, a course for beginners who want to become fluent in German. I've been working on this for a few months, and we are slowly getting ready for launch. Exciting times! The special thing about German Uncovered is that it is entirely story-based, meaning you will not just learn the language step by step, but...


Q&A: What's a Reasonable Weekly Schedule for Language Learning?

Rebecca from New York asked Can you talk about how to set up a reasonable weekly schedule for language learning? In this show, I've got five simple steps for you that will help you plan a successful week in language learning. I'll talk about setting goals, managing your energy, analysing your calendar, and matching your activity to your strengths. A reasonable schedule for learning languages is one that doesn’t make you groan, but isn’t empty either. Here's what matters most: prefer...


What's The Secret To The Greatest Language Exchange Ever?

The most rewarding way of practicing your language is by connecting with people on a 1-to-1 basis. It takes commitment to make any language exchange successful. On today's show, we discuss what it takes to have the best language exchange experience possible. We also welcome special guest Jonathan Huggins, who knows lots about language exchanges. Click or tap here to read the full show notes in my blog article on


Q&A: Should You Get a Masters Degree in Languages?

Today on the show, I'll share a few tips and considerations about studying languages at university. Plus: My own story of doing Translation Studies at the University of Manchester. Chenelle asks: I wanted to know did you only get your bachelors degree or did you actually go and get a masters degree and languages? Listen to get the full details of my tips. At postgrad level, you tend to go either into research or applied mode. Most specialised ones Applied Linguistics / Linguistics...


In Language, Are Apps All Amazing? Are All Apps Amazing?

Click or tap here to read the full show notes in my blog article on ( In this episode, we caught up, talked about a new directive on language use in a very special setting: Childbirth! We also discussed language learning apps and how to make the most out of them.


Q&A: How Can You Train Your Listening Skills?

Elisabeth asks: “How do you fit hearing comprehension into your daily routine? I find myself daydreaming a lot during my hearing comprehension time.” What are you training, exactly? Listening comprehension will aid you in understanding spoken language. For most independent language learners, listening comprehension is what starts bridging the gap between reading a textbook and moving on to confident and independent language use. For Elisabeth as a French learner in particular, there’s a...


"It's Hard Work But It's So Worth It": Everything You Need To Know For Raising Bilingual Children

As a German native speaker who speaks English all day long, I find the prospect of bilingual parenting both daunting and fascinating. I have been looking for an expert on bilingual parenting, and here she is: Marianna du Bosq, host of the awesome Bilingual Avenue ( podcast, a show for parents who are raising bilingual children. Marianna's incredible energy shines through and she's got SO many tips. I came away with so much more knowledge about what...


Q&A: Getting Off the Intermediate Plateau

"How Can I Get Off The Intermediate Plateau?" If you're stuck somewhere in the language weeds, this show will help you untangle them and get those wheels turning again. You'll learn Why you're feeling stuck How to start feeling like the wheels are turning again How to re-think your feeling of being stuck for an instant mood boost Why rewards make all the difference How to figure out the next step


How to Learn Several Languages At The Same Time

In The News This Week A deaf woman wanted to attend a pop concert with her young daughter, but had to fight and even sue the company until she was granted a sign language interpreter. Is this fair? We discuss what 'disability' is, how sign language is very different from other languages in music, and how awesome it is to have interpreter companies in this world. Make sure you watch the great video showing how signers interpret music ( How to...


The Creative Language Learning Podcast is now the Fluent Show

It's 2018, guys. Time to admit something major: AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR A 4 WORD PODCAST TITLE 😂 As of today, I am so excited to announce that this podcast is now The Fluent Show, and we are going WEEKLY. Every week from today, I'll be bringing you an interview or a short episode full of actionable, practical language learning advice. The Fluent Show is here to encourage and support you in your language learning journey. There is much more to discover such as: A new jingle (no more...


Robo-Tutors and Translating Megaphones: It's the Future of Language Learning

Click or tap here to read the full show notes ( In the News... Kazakhstan is going to change the official script of its language from the Cyrillic to the Latin alphabet by 2025 - we admire their SMART goal setting skills and discuss what could motivate a country to make such a big change. Main Topic: The Future of Language Learning What does the future hold for language learners? When a device translates what you say directly into...


"Ultramarathon for the Brain" (Bilingual Podcast with Judith Meyer)

Click or tap here to read the full show notes ( German Learners: Click this link to download a full transcript (bilingual) of our conversation, so you can listen and read along at the same time. ( Judith Meyer is well-known in the language learning world for co-founding the Polyglot Gathering event and writing several language books and courses. She's consulted by many and freely shares her...


What is it that you want to achieve?

Hello from Kerstin and happy new year! In today's show, I've got notes for you on what really mattered for language learning in 2017, and how you can make the most out of these for your own path to fluency. Lessons from 2017: Best practices aren’t going anywhere Ask yourself what you want to achieve Get out of the house and use what you know Contribute to your community Getting organised is the key to actually using those best practices: Plan - Track - Review Setting goals helps me get out...


"If It Plugs Your Gap, It'll Proper Plug Your Gap": Top Tools for Winter 2018

Click or tap here to read the full shownotes. ( Follow up on a topic: Pop Music Bilingual lyrics, Spanglish and Justin Bieber of all people winning a Latin grammy. Lindsay brings up the Despacito Effect and we discuss if that's a thing. If you love music, check out our pop music episode ( Top Tools for Winter 2018 Here are the nominees - listen to the show to find out how they can help you learn...


Finding friends who love languages (with Chuck Smith)

These days, the Polyglot Gathering ( pulls in hundreds of language learners who share and enjoy community in the heart of Europe. A lot of this is thanks to Chuck's contributions, along with the wonderful Polyglot Gathering team. This year, Chuck published his first language learning app, Amikumu ( What is Amikumu? Want to text another person and ask them to meet up and practice a language...without looking...


Climbing Mount Language from Basecamp to Summit

Beware listeners: This episode contains a discussion of a few English swearwords, so if you are listening with kids please skip the first 20 minutes. And on to what's in this show: Language Stories: Lindsay has a new podcast, reporting back from her adventures around the language landscapes of cities like Montréal, New York, and more. Even after 20 years of English, I still don't know all the words. We discuss an English slang word that was news to me. Tip: The Psychology of Rewards We...


Gabriel Wyner is NOT a Robot (with Fluent Forever author Gabriel Wyner)

On this show, I spoke to Gabriel (Gabe) Wyner (, a well known name to many language learners thanks to his bestselling book "Fluent Forever". In this interview, you will get to know the story of "Fluent Forever", the approach he takes to language learning, and a little bit about what makes him tick as a person. You can still support the Fluent Forever app After Kickstarter, Gabriel is running a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo...


Equality, Tea, and Spicing up your Language Learning

Words in the Wild: Equality and Tea I've been out in the wild, seeing and discussing words in the English language, and in this episode I presented the best of them to Lindsay to discuss what they can reveal about us and about society. First, we discussed social justice words. What really IS mansplaining? Is it just a word to describe any occasion when a man explains something to a woman? Or is there more to it? What do you think of the social justice words like hepeating, mansplaining,...


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