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The podcast for urbanists fighting climate change. Hosted by Ross O'Ceallaigh, a planner and urban designer based in London, this show explores how architects, planners, policy makers and designers can make cities more sustainable, healthy and happy.

The podcast for urbanists fighting climate change. Hosted by Ross O'Ceallaigh, a planner and urban designer based in London, this show explores how architects, planners, policy makers and designers can make cities more sustainable, healthy and happy.


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The podcast for urbanists fighting climate change. Hosted by Ross O'Ceallaigh, a planner and urban designer based in London, this show explores how architects, planners, policy makers and designers can make cities more sustainable, healthy and happy.




#44: Steve O'Reilly (The Rediscovery Centre) - Circular Economy and Social Value

Steve O'Reilly works in a policy & communications role at Ireland's national centre for the Circular Economy, The Rediscovery Centre. Steve spent over 7 years in the Netherlands, Europe's circular economy hotspot, working on many projects related to circularity and becoming inspired by the circular innovation he saw there. Upon returning to Ireland during the pandemic, Steve took up a position in The Rediscovery Centre in Dublin to help drive circularity back in Ireland. In this episode,...


#43: Primal City (Part 2) - Housing for Homo Sapiens

It turns out what's good for us is also good for the planet. How can we design housing for human beings that aligns with our evolution? In this episode I talk about how Co-Housing and Eco-Village concepts could be a proxy for hunter gatherer tribes by creating small, cooperative communities within urban settings. This way of living has huge benefits for our wellbeing and can also be an effective way of minimising energy and resource use. A Win-Win for people and the environment. Resources...


#42: Primal City (Part 1): Why Urbanists Should Study Hunter Gatherers

This episode is part 1 of a series about human evolution, our prehistory and Hunter Gatherer ways of life. Why should urbanists be interested in this? In this episode I make the argument that: This means that our pre-history should be a key design consideration in architecture and urban design. In part 2 (and maybe 3) I will set out specifically what this means for urban design. Sources: Civilised to Death, Christopher Ryan Sapiens, Yuval Noah Harari Uncivilised Genes, Gustav...


#41: Michael Pawlyn (Flourish) - Regenerative Design, Biomimicry and Systems Change

Michael Pawlyn established Exploration Architecture in 2007 and has built a reputation as a thought leader in regenerative design and the circular economy. He has lectured internationally and, in 2011, became one of only a small handful of architects to have a talk posted on which has since had over 1.8 million views. He is the author of Flourish: Design Paradigms for our Planetary Emergency (with co-author Sarah Ichioka) and Biomimicry in Architecture. In this episode we talk...


#40: Disability Mobility with Anna Zivarts, Abby Griffith and Micah Lusignan (Disability Rights Washington)

Today we’re talking about the intersection of of mobility, sustainability, social justice and disability rights. I am joined by Anna, Micah and Abby from Disability Rights Washington who are part of the Disability Mobility Initiative for Washington State in the US. They are doing amazing work in sharing the stories of how people with disabilities move around and campaigning for systemic change in how our urban environments are designed and built. They want to see people with disabilities in...


#39: Simon Pitkeathley - Camden High Line and Climate Action for Local Businesses

Simon is CEO of the business improvement districts Camden Town Unlimited and Euston Town, as well as being CEO of Camden Collective, & the Camden Highline. He is also Co-Chair of the Cross River Partnership and Chair of Camden Giving. Simon sits on the London Enterprise Action Partnership (LEAP) and is its Champion for Small Business. During the pandemic Simon was seconded to Mayor’s Covid Business Forum and the London Transition Board, where he Chaired the Business Reopening Strategy Group....


#38: Dr Morgan Phillips - Climate Adaptation

Dr Morgan Philips is UK Co-Director of The Glacier Trust, a UK charity that enables remote mountain communities in Nepal to adapt to Climate Change, and Head of Insight at Global Action Plan. He has a PhD in Environmental Education and is the author of Great Adaptations, a new book about climate adaptation. In this episode we are talking, unsurprisingly, about climate adaptation. What is it, why we need to be talking about it and lots of examples of good and bad adaptations from cities...


#37: The Problem with Net Zero Carbon (an Urban Design Perspective)

"So, here's a big problem we need to talk about. Net Zero Carbon means different things in different situations. We all get to define what we "mean" by net zero (i.e. what we include in our calculations) to suit our project." In this episode I delve into the problems associated with the term 'Net Zero Carbon', particularly from an urban design and placemaking perspective. Today's episode was sparked by a Linkedin post I made criticising McDonald's Net Zero Carbon restaurant:...


#36: Chris Churchman - Soil, the Forgotten Carbon Sink

Soils matter! Chris Churchman explains how protecting green areas and improving soil quality is crucial for fighting climate change. Chris is a landscape architect and strategist, and the founding Director of Churchman Thornhill Finch landscape architects. As well as having decades of experience designing stunning projects like the gardens of the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, Chris is interested in the role of soil in tackling climate change. He joined me to talk about the...


#35: Rachel Hoolahan (Orms) - Circular Economy and Material Passports

Rachel Hoolahan is an architect and sustainability co-ordinator at Orms Architects, a leading London practice with extensive experience working with existing buildings. For the past few years, the practice has engaged in a series of deep research assignments and is utilising this data and knowledge to push the boundaries of sustainable development – both in refurbishment and new build projects. Recently, she led a research piece on material passports as part of a wider Grosvenor Estate...


#34: George Payiatis - Masterplanning Sustainable, Beautiful Places

George is an urban designer at Create Streets, working to create greener, happier and healthier communities. He believes that designers have a key role to play in safeguarding the long-term well-being of communities and our environment through design that recognizes the value of nature, local context and sustainable connectivity. He has a background in human geography and holds a Masters’ in urban design. George works closely with landowners, developers, councils and neighbourhood groups and...


#33: Doughnut Economics Explained and What it Means for Cities

This episode explains the concept of Doughnut Economics and explores how Amsterdam is using it in its post-Covid recovery. References: Follow the Green...


#32: Conrad Richardson - Sustainable Mobility in South East Asia

Watch a video of this episode on Conrad's YouTube channel: Conrad is a mobility and climate activist with an international academic and professional background in urban and transport planning, engineering and design across Africa, Asia, Europe, North America and the Middle East. His experiences span the transport spectrum – he has worked on traditional infrastructure projects, such as Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) projects in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, as well as on cutting-edge projects, like the...


#31: Scott McAulay - Anthropocene Architecture School

Scott is an activist, architectural designer, educator and writer. Disgruntled with the lack of focus on sustainability and climate change within architectural education, Scott began the Anthropocene Architecture School, which fuses architectural education, climate literacies and sustainable design - utilising activist media strategies and educational workshops to catalyse and support responses to the Climate and Ecological Emergency from within the construction industry. Scott is someone...


#30: Ran Boydell - Adapting Buildings to a New Climate Era and Retrofitting for Net Zero Carbon

Ran Boydell has studied and practised architecture in the UK and his native Australia for over three decades, with particular emphasis on sustainability, heritage, and rural architecture. Today, Ran is passionate about delivering on zero-carbon targets, implementing the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and working across disciplines and industry sectors to help drive a rapid and radical transition to a sustainable economy. He was a founder of #ArchitectsDeclare in Australia, teaches...


#29: Dr Hossein Sadri - De-Urban Design, Paradigm Shifts and Indigenous Knowledge

Dr Hossein Sadri is concerned with making the planet a better place to live and works as an activist, designer, writer, and teacher to create this change. He is the co-founder of De-Urban Design Studio; the design laboratory that reimagines human settlements as ethical, ecological, and equitable living habitats. He also teaches architecture at Coventry University. We talk about: Follow Hossein: Follow the Green...


#28: Balázs Erdei - Innovative, Nature-Based Solutions for Regenerative Cities

Balazs is founder of Green Urbanics, marketplace and blog for innovative, nature-based, urban sustainability solutions. He has a long career in business development and innovation, but with a background in ecology. His mission is to support regenerative businesses and bring the best solutions to city governments so they can quickly deploy them and take action on climate change. Innovative Solutions mentioned in the episode: Low Tech: latticed screenswhitegreen roofsvinesregulating...


#27: Dr Nadina Galle - The Internet of Nature, Technology and Urban Ecology

Nadina is an ecological engineer, technologist, and entrepreneur dedicated to working with urban ecologists and planners to apply today’s technology to improve urban ecosystems for future generations of city dwellers. She also runs an excellent podcast called the Internet of Nature, which I highly recommend. In this episode we talk about: I am always a bit skeptical of the idea of smart cities and relying on technology too much to solve our problems. But Nadina explains really well how...


#26: Dr Brian O'Ceallaigh - Why Climate Anxiety is Healthy and How to Manage it

Dr Brian O'Ceallaigh is a clinical psychologist working for the national health service in England and he also happens to be my brother. I sat down with him to discuss how climate anxiety and climate despair are perfectly healthy responses to the crisis we are facing and how you can manage these feelings through positive action, acceptance and mindfulness practice. We also discuss some of the ways our psychology gets in the way of taking action on climate change and keeps us in the status...


#25: Alice Schmidt (The Sustainability Puzzle) - Systems Thinking, Circularity and the End of Civilisation?

This episode is a conversation with Alice Schmidt. Alice is an advisor, advocate and author on global sustainability & social transformation. Amongst other things, she is an adviser to organisations like the European Commission and Extinction Rebellion and lectures at Vienna University. She is the author of a new book, The Sustainability Puzzle, which explores how systems thinking, circularity, climate action and social transformation can improve health, wealth and wellbeing for all. We...