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Welcome to the IPhO Podcast. Each episode will introduce a new leader in industry who will share information about his/her role, relevant experiences, and advice for listeners looking to advance their industry career. The podcast hosts, Sergio Gatoulis and Alex Schepart, have nearly 20 years of combined industry experience and know what it takes to transition from pharmacy student to industry pharmacist—so you'll find something interesting no matter where you are in your journey. Pop in your earbuds and enjoy the show!


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Welcome to the IPhO Podcast. Each episode will introduce a new leader in industry who will share information about his/her role, relevant experiences, and advice for listeners looking to advance their industry career. The podcast hosts, Sergio Gatoulis and Alex Schepart, have nearly 20 years of combined industry experience and know what it takes to transition from pharmacy student to industry pharmacist—so you'll find something interesting no matter where you are in your journey. Pop in your earbuds and enjoy the show!




Episode 37- Shaping the Future of Pharma with Shivani Vora

Join us for this exciting episode of the IPhO Podcast, as we dive into the world of pharmaceutical marketing with Dr. Shivani Vora. As a seasoned professional in the industry, Dr. Vora shares her expertise on global brand marketing, with a specific focus on oncology. Discover Dr. Vora's unique career journey, from her beginnings in HEOR market access to her current role in shaping the future of pharma. Gain valuable perspectives into market access strategies and the challenges of transitioning from a medical to a commercial role. We think you'll enjoy getting to know Dr. Vora as much as we did! And we hope you'll come away with tips to help shape your own future in the world of pharma. Listen now!


Episode 36- Navigating the World of Market Access With Kyle Noonan

This podcast episode features Kyle Noonan, PharmD, Health Outcomes & Market Access Fellow at AmerisourceBergen Xcenda. Listen in as we explore the world of market access and its vital role in driving patient access. Kyle shares his experiences collaborating with stakeholders in the drug channel and working alongside the Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR) department. You'll also learn more about Pharmacy Benefit Managers and their important position in the pharmaceutical ecosystem. Kyle's diverse background in healthcare settings and strong leadership experience give him a unique perspective on the world of market access and how to establish yourself as a top candidate. You'll come away with key takeaways and valuable advice—you don't want to miss it!


Episode 35- Equity and Success: A Pharma Professional’s Perspective with Camille Pope

On this episode of the IPhO podcast, we have the pleasure of speaking with Camille Pope, Chief Medical Lead at Acclinate, who has more than 15 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Camille shares her insights on networking, maintaining professional relationships, navigating mergers and acquisitions, and creating more opportunities for diverse talent. Camille is passionate about fostering diverse talent and striving for health equity through inclusive research. She has established multiple initiatives and programs to help students attending historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) gain experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Camille's dedication to diversity is an inspiration to others in the industry. Tune in for invaluable tips on building a strong network, nurturing meaningful professional relationships, and creating a more inclusive and equitable future for the pharmaceutical industry. We are also thrilled to have Camille joining us at the 2023 Annual Meeting as our keynote speaker! She will elaborate on the importance of patient diversity in clinical trials—a critical topic for anyone interested in an industry career. Register today!


Episode 34 - Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone with Kevin Darko

On this episode of the IPhO Podcast, we are joined by Kevin Darko. Kevin is a PharmD working as a Global Regulatory Affairs Fellow at UCB. His industry journey started as an undergraduate research assistant at the Bowie State University Drug Synthesis lab. There, his passion for drug development and interest in pharma flourished as he learned more about how these drugs related to the disease state and by extension the patient's quality of life. Always wanting to help people and improve their health status, Kevin came into pharmacy school knowing he wanted to go into industry. There, Kevin was able to hone the many skills needed to be successful in industry by pushing himself outside of his comfort zone, and continually challenging himself to reach the top of his game. Tune in this week as we go over the ins and outs of Regulatory Affairs, and what you can do to stand out among the competition, only on the IPhO Podcast.


Episode 33 - Finding Balance with a Full Plate with Jessica Blaze

On this special podcast episode, we are joined by our very own National Student Officer for Marketing and Partnerships, Jessica Blaze! Jessica is a fourth year pharmacy student at Nova Southeastern University (NSU). Prior to attending NSU, she graduated with a Bachelors in Biological Sciences with a minor in General Business from The University of Rhode Island. Currently, she is pursuing an MBA in addition to her PharmD degree. During her time at NSU, she has acquired multiple leadership positions including President of the IPhO chapter, Historian for the Student College of Clinical Pharmacy, and Scholarship Chair for Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity. She also spends time working as a Dean's Ambassador, representing NSU College of Pharmacy to alumni and future pharmacy students. Along with her current National Student Officer role and APPE rotations, Jessica works at a boutique dietary supplement company as a health and wellness writer, creating promotional content. Jessica's plate may be incredibly full, but her strategies for time and project management serve her well. Tune in to learn how Jessica juggles her workload, maintains a healthy work/life balance, and grows her confidence in industry along the way! A special thank you to our episode sponsor, Boehringer-Ingelheim.


Episode 32: A Roadmap to Success with Kelly Cheung

On this special podcast episode, we are joined by Kelly Cheung, Immunology Medical Affairs Fellow at UCB. Kelly has been a highly involved member of IPhO serving as the ACPHS Local Chapter President, and later becoming a Regional Student Officer and joining the IPhO National Fellows Council. Kelly's engagement with the pharmacy community doesn't stop with IPhO. While at ACPHS, Kelly also served as a student ambassador, a peer tutor, a student researcher, and the President of the Multicultural Club which won club of the year award 2 years in a row under her leadership. Tune in this week to hear more on how Kelly was able to leverage her experiences through IPhO and ACPHS to successfully break into industry pharmacy without having direct industry experience. All this and more on episode 32 of the IPhO Podcast! A special thank you to our episode sponsors, Parexel and the University of the Pacific: Parexel:,to%20an%20Associate%20Project%20Leader University of the Pacific:


Episode 31: Elevating the Pharmaceutical Industry with Shawn Leland

We are kicking off the new year with a special podcast episode featuring Shawn Leland, CEO and Founder of Elevation Oncology! Shawn brings over a decade of experience in medical affairs and business development for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, with a focus on building collaborations to realize the full potential of targeted and personalized therapeutics. His company, Elevation Oncology, is leading the way in novel cancer treatment, while always prioritizing the work/life balance and well-being of employees. Shawn stresses the importance of a flexible work environment that allows employees to be present in their careers and their homes. To perform at your best, he says, you need to have the time to sit back and refresh. Tune in now to learn about Shawn's journey and the exciting new developments happening at Elevation Oncology!


Episode 30: Transferable Skills in Industry with Ekene Oranu

On this episode of the IPhO Podcast, we are joined by Ekene Oranu, PharmD, US Oncology Marketing Fellow at Merck. Ekene shares how to leverage your transferable skills within industry to secure the position that's right for you. Ekene breaks down the skills you likely already possess to help bolster your resume as you apply for fellowships and entry-level roles, as well as how to succeed once you're there. You'll learn how to make the most of your relationship with your preceptors, develop your industry confidence as a PharmD, navigate industry functional areas, and more. This is an episode you don't want to miss! A special thank you to our episode sponsors, the National Pharmaceutical Council, RevHealth, and the University of Southern California. NPC: RevHealth: USC:


Episode 29 - Jim Alexander on IPhO’s 10-year Anniversary

On this special podcast episode, we are joined again by IPhO CEO and Founder, Jim Alexander. And it's the perfect time: 2022 marks the 10th anniversary of IPhO! We're proud to look back on our very first days, celebrate how IPhO has grown over the past 10 years, and share our big plans for the future. "IPhO is not a thing; it's a community of people," says Jim. With 100 student chapters, a growing diversity and inclusion program, incredible partnerships with industry leaders, and a network of passionate and talented members, there's no limit to what IPhO can achieve over the next decade and beyond. You definitely don't want to miss this one, so throw on your headphones and check out episode 29 of the IPhO Podcast! A special thank you to our episode sponsors, Pfizer and Novo Nordisk.


Episode 28: Meet Our Newest Podcast Host (Brian Arana-Madriz, PharmD)

Episode 28: Meet Our Newest Podcast Host (Brian Arana-Madriz, PharmD) We're excited to officially introduce you to the newest member of our IPhO Podcast team, Brian Arana-Madriz. Brian is a Global Regulatory Affairs Fellow at Alexion, AstraZeneca Rare Disease, and an active member of the IPhO National Fellows Council! Join us as we get to know Brian and learn about his background, experiences, future plans for the podcast, and helpful advice for those who may be pursuing non-traditional pharmacy roles. Whether it's advice on networking effectively, choosing a functional area, planning for fellowship interviews, or sending out fellowship applications—Brian's got you covered. A Special thank you to our episode sponsors, Northeastern University, and Saint Joseph's University Philadelphia College of Pharmacy. Northeastern University: SJU:


Episode 27: Aspiring Sports Broadcaster to Healthcare Policy Leader (John M. O’Brien, PharmD, MPH)

John M. O'Brien, President and CEO of the National Pharmaceutical Council (NPC), joins us for episode 27 of the IPhO Podcast! John has quite the resume, having worked in pharma, academia, health policy, and government—just to name a few—throughout his career. Growing up, he wanted to be a sports broadcaster. But watching how much of an impact medicine made on his own mother's life changed his career plans entirely. Since then, he's gone on to establish himself as a leader in Healthcare Policy, influencing decisions that have positively impacted access to medications for millions of patients. We can't wait for you to listen and meet John, learn a bit about the NPC Fellowship Program, and gain a better understanding of what it means to work in this important realm of industry. A special thank you to our episode sponsors, Eli Lilly and Company, UCB, and UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy! Eli Lilly and Company: UCB: UNC:


Episode 26: Planning Your Financial Future with Tim Ulbrich, PharmD

I'm overwhelmed with my pharmacy school loans; I know I need to save for my future, but I don't know where to begin; I thought I was making a great income until I realized how expensive life out of school really is; the list goes on. These were just some of the comments that Tim Ulbrich, CEO and Co-Founder of Your Financial Pharmacist, heard over and over again. They inspired him to take action and help others navigate their financial well-being. Building his business from the ground up was no easy feat. He grew his idea into a hobby, and then turned his hobby into a side hustle. His side hustle took off and evolved into his current business—and Tim reached all these milestones while simultaneously pursuing his academic career. Whether you are a current student, recent graduate, Industry Fellow, or experienced Industry Pharmacist, you don't want to miss this insightful podcast episode. Tim shares his advice for how to set yourself up for financial success, some of his go-to reads on the topic of financial well-being, and so much more.


Episode 25: ”Keep an Open Mind” with Sabrina Michelle Hayden, PharmD, MBAhc

Sabrina Michelle Hayden, PharmD, MBAhc⁠—a current Industry Fellow with Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, BeiGene and the FDA Office of Surveillance and Epidemiology⁠—joins us for episode 25 of the IPhO Podcast. Though she did not have pharmaceutical industry internship experience, Sabrina made sure she could stand out in other ways as a prospective fellowship applicant. Her involvement with her IPhO chapter—in particular, the networking opportunities it provided her and the connections she made with industry Fellows—helped her position herself as the best candidate for her current fellowship role. Sabrina spent hours reading through fellowship position/functional area descriptions, and that process opened her eyes to many new opportunities that she had never considered to be the right fit for her initially based on title alone. Keeping an open mind and doing her research were critical to her success. Listen in as Sabrina shares an honest reflection on her application experience, an overview of her fellowship role and how it offers a 360 degree view of patient safety, and much more. A special thank you to our episode sponsor, Keck Graduate Institute (KGI)!


Episode 24: ”A Dream Come True” with Holly Graber, PharmD, RPh, MBAc

Holly grew up in eastern Pennsylvania, just a stone's throw from Merck where she now works as a Clinical Safety and Risk Management Fellow. Her admiration for the employees there—and how hard they worked to make life better for patients—sparked her interest in pharmacy when she was in high school. And then, during pharmacy school, things started to come full circle for her when she landed an internship at the place that inspired her career—Merck. Today, Holly is working in her dream position and making the most of every moment. In this episode, Holly shares what helped her choose her fellowship program, what experiences to highlight in a fellowship interview (hint: you don't have to have industry experience to succeed!), and much more. Listen now! A special thank you to our episode sponsor, Keck Graduate Institute (KGI)!


Episode 23 - ”Always Raise Your Hand” with Elaine Nadeau, PharmD

During pharmacy school, the husband of one of Elaine's professors was a Medical Science Liaison (MSL). She jumped at the opportunity to meet him and asked questions about his role, fellowships, and industry in general—and that important conversation solidified her decision to pursue an industry career. One of the greatest pieces of advice that Elaine offers listeners is to always "raise your hand." She launched her career working for a small company, and as long as she was meeting her goals, she would often volunteer for new projects and opportunities that helped her grow personally and professionally. Tune in to learn how to develop industry "soft skills" not taught in pharmacy school, an overview of field medical, how to decide between a small or large company, and much more. A special thank you to our episode sponsor, Keck Graduate Institute (KGI)!


Episode 22 - The Path Less Traveled with Jeff MacDonald

Jeff credits his small hometown as the place that sparked his interest in pharmacy. He learned firsthand the important role that pharmacists played in his community and was fascinated by medications and their impact on patients. He went on to serve as Vice President of his IPhO Chapter in pharmacy school and built important connections and professional relationships that helped solidify his decision to pursue an industry career. Even during challenging times, Jeff knew he was growing and that he was "in the right place." But one of the most pivotal moments in his career was a conversation with a preceptor who landed a direct-to-industry role, rather than a fellowship. Suddenly, a path he did not even realize was an option became the choice that felt like the perfect fit. Tune in this week to gain a unique perspective on how to establish yourself in industry without a fellowship, strategies to identify what position is right for you, and more! A special thank you to our episode sponsor, Keck Graduate Institute (KGI)!


Episode 21: Charting a Course for Career Success with Mike DeLuca

On this episode, we are joined by Mike DeLuca, Senior Vice President of Medical Affairs at EVERSANA. Mike brings more than twenty years of expertise to the table, as he candidly shares skills and strategies to help PharmDs identify the right industry role. Having started his career in retail pharmacy, Mike quickly rose to pharmacy manager, before deciding to pursue his MBA at Seton Hall, where he focused on pharmacy management and operations. Since then, Mike's extensive resume highlights his expertise and wide range of knowledge in many fields, including medical information, strategic marketing, regulatory and safety; as well as his experience building and developing strong teams. Tune in for career advice from a seasoned professional who knows what it takes to succeed in industry.


Episode 20 - Finding Your Fellowship Match with Georgia Quartey, PharmD, RPh

Growing up in a family of medical professionals inspired Georgia to focus her education—and ultimately her career—on health care. Though she always knew from a young age that she wanted to differentiate herself in some way. During pharmacy school, she joined her IPhO chapter and it exposed her to a whole new side of pharmacy that she hadn't known much about. And that's where her path to industry began. Today, Georgia is in a dynamic patient safety and regulatory role with Ironwood Pharmaceuticals. She discusses how she prepared for and secured her fellowship, her experience at Ironwood so far, and important advice for students about how to make sure their prospective fellowship company is the right fit for them—not just the other way around!


Episode 19 - Navigating Leadership from the UK to the US

Tania Thomas joins us for episode 19 of the IPhO Podcast! She currently serves as the VP of Global Regulatory & Medical Affairs at Opiant Pharmaceuticals, and was a former Assessor at the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency of the United Kingdom. Tania—an exemplary leader and authority on all things medical and regulatory affairs—offers some key advice for being a successful and dependable leader, shares the difficulties of relocating for a position, discusses her experience maintaining work-life harmony, and much more. You'll get an insider's perspective on what it looks like to be a leader in the pharmaceutical industry. Tania has been intimately involved and engaged in the pharmacy industry for over 20 years, and her knowledge and expertise shine as she and our podcast team discuss moving up the ladder, and the challenges that come with it.


Episode 18: From Makeup Artist to Medical Affairs Fellow (Dimple Gandhi)

At a young age, Dimple discovered her passion for makeup, started her own business as a freelance makeup artist and genuinely believed that was the career path she wanted to follow. But after tapping into her talent for science and interest in medicine, she found herself in pharmacy school. An internship introduced her to the pharmaceutical industry, and it was that experience that changed her career trajectory. Hear from Dimple in podcast episode 18, where she shares her career journey thus far, tips for preparing for a similar role, and some of the lessons she learned along the way.