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Inside the Influencer Green Room is where successful Creators, brands, and Strategists talk about audience growth tactics, brand deals, monetization, strategies, and the business of being an Influencer. Get real advice from Creators who have actually done it (and not some rando on Twitter...)Come hang out with us if you are serious about growing your audience and influence!


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Inside the Influencer Green Room is where successful Creators, brands, and Strategists talk about audience growth tactics, brand deals, monetization, strategies, and the business of being an Influencer. Get real advice from Creators who have actually done it (and not some rando on Twitter...)Come hang out with us if you are serious about growing your audience and influence!






AI is awesome tool for Content Creators - here is why:

Is this the end of Content Creators? AI is able to right now read out a script in your own voice so is it just a matter of time before we can push a button a realistic-looking avatar will replace us on camera? Today, we dive into Hour One and its AI technology! I chatted with Natalie Monbiot who is an entrepreneurial digital media executive, passionate about technology’s power to augment human capacity and communication. She is the Head of Strategy and founding team member at Hour One...


How to come up with your next video idea - YouTube Strategist reveals his process!

Do you struggle to come up with your next video idea? How do you know which video will perform versus which video will not? I chat with Trent Haire, who is a YouTube Strategist working with Creators and generating millions of views. We broke down the Ideation to Creation process! Check out Trent here: Find Liron Segev here: YouTube Growth Consulting: Twitter:...


NFT for Creators - What every creator needs to know about the NFT space

What is NFT? What is Web3.0 What is Metaverse? How can creators take advantage of this space and build a stronger community? We dive into all of this on this episode of The Influencer Green Room with QuHarrion Terry who is a futurist, visionary, and has a way of breaking down complicated topics into bite-size bits. Check out QuHarrions Terry on: NFT Website: Twitter: Buy the NFT Handbook here from Amazon (affiliate) The...


How to negotiate with brands and earn more money with your content with Justin Moore

How can you earn more money when working with brands? How can you convert a NO into a YES ? How can you become the go-to person that brands love to work with and are willing to pay more money? Justin Moore is an expert when it comes to working with brands and has a lot of awesome tips to share that any Content Creators can use when working with brands. Regardless if you are a YouTuber, Instagrammer, TikToker, these tips will change how much money you earn! Make sure you sign up for...


YouTube Strategist React To Popular YouTube Growth Advice with Mario Joost

The amount of bullshit I have been hearing on Clubhouse and Twitter threads and Blogs is just ridiculous. And it's frustrating because I know someone is listening and struggling with their YouTube channel and now they are getting all this bad advice that isn’t going to help them. So today, I want to play a game called: Strategist React - Truth, Lie, Possible. Joining me is Mario Joost, who is a YouTube Retention Strategist to the YouTube Megastars! Let's talk about: and many more! The...


The secret to earning more affiliate money - GeniusLink CEO, Jesse Lakes tells us how

I thought I knew all about Affiliate Marketing - I was wrong! I discovered that I was leaving so much money on the table by not really understanding the nuances of how this all works. In this episode, I get schooled by GeniusLink's CEO, Jesse Lakes and it blew my mind! Check out more info here: (affiliate link) Also, read these: Link Localization How to Earn More Affiliate Revenue on YouTube with Choice Pages Get Your Amazon Affiliates Account Banned: The...


5 ways to make more money with your content

Let's be honest, running a social media account or a YouTube channel costs money. It's not free. You have equipment to buy, events to attend, software to invest in, not to mention your time. So how can you earn more revenue from your content? In this episode, Benji Travis and I chat about the 5 ways you can make money with your content! The Influencer Green Room is hosted by Liron Segev and Benji Travis. Liron Segev is a YouTube Growth Strategist at, tech blogger at...


Why do some videos get more exposure on YouTube?

This is a common question: Why do some videos get "picked up by YouTube algorithm" and get more views over other videos? Today in this power episode of The Influencer Green Room, Benji and I break down the reasons why and it has to do with the 3 parts of your video! Nail these 3, and your channel will see greater growth. Tips from Hayden's YouTube Channel: (it will make sense when you listen) The Influencer Green Room is hosted by Liron...


From Small YouTube Channel to 8 figure business

How do you go from a small YouTube channel to a business making over 8 figures? In this video Guy Cochran shares why going to industry events is so crucial, his blueprint for contacting brands to get noticed, and ultimately the tips to help you get free product or brand sponsorships for your youtube channel. Check out Guy's DVEstore Channel- The Influencer Green Room is hosted by Liron Segev and Benji Travis. Liron Segev is a YouTube Growth...


100 videos in 100 days - HOW?

Most of us struggle with making just 1 video a week, so how did Antonio Centeno record 100 videos in 100 days? Antonio Centenno, founder of Real Men Real Style is not only a successful businessman with multiple ventures, but his YouTube channel boasts 2.7 Million subscribers and over 300 million views! How did he do it and what are his tips? That is what Benji dives into in this episode of The Influencer Green Room Check out Antonio channel:...


The ONE thing EVERY Creator should focus on for massive YouTube growth!

There is one element that makes the biggest difference when growing your YouTube audience. In today's POWER Episdoe of The Influencer Green Room, Benji and I break that down so that you know what you should focus on to grow your audience! The Influencer Green Room is hosted by Liron Segev and Benji Travis. Liron Segev is a YouTube Growth Strategist at, tech blogger at, and YouTuber at Benji Travis is a YouTube Coach on Video...


YouTube Shorts opportunities with Jake Fellman

Short-form content is one of the fastest ways to get into content creation. Right from your phone, you can upload a quick video and within minutes it is live for the world to see. So today's guest has over 2 Billion views in just 6 months using “YouTube Shorts” so on today's episode we asked Jake Fellman how he did it and to share his tips for anyone that wants to capitalize on this huge opportunity. check out Jake Fellman's channel:...


Look out for these RED FLAGS buried inside Influencer brand-deal contracts with Jonathan Katz

There is nothing more exciting for an Influencer than getting an email from a well-known brand wanting to work together. Unfortunately, many influencers are so excited that they focus on the content and miss a critical component - the contract. So today, I invited into the influencer green room, Jonathan Katz who is a well-known attorney having worked with some of the biggest influencers in the digital space to talk about all the RED FLAGS that Influencers NEED to know! Check out...


Why Mobile Creators Are SERIOUS Influencers with Dee Nimmin

Many influencers have ditched their expensive camera, lights, and mics and replaced these with their phone essentially becoming a Mobile Creator. Whenever I have a question about anything to do with Mobile Content, I head over to Dee Nimmin's channel and odds are pretty darn good that Dee has covered pretty much all the questions I have in one of his videos. Dee has over 133k subscribers, he helps countless mobile creators around the world with his content and live streams and since mobile...


2 million TikTok followers - Hot Tips from the The Korean Vegan

Being a successful Influencer is difficult enough, but doing it while maintaining a full-time job as an attorney? Impossible! In today's episode of The Influencer Green Room, we chat with Joanne Molinaro aka The Korean Vegan. Joanne is a full-time lawyer and somehow has managed to get over 2 Million followers on Tik Tok with 120 million views AND over 340,000 followers on Instagram with million-view Instagram Reels. How does she do it? What is her secret? What is her process? In this...


Branding for Influencers is NOT about a logo - Phil Pallen breaks it down

I once read that "Branding" is when a company creates a name, symbol, or design that is easily identifiable as belonging to the company. As influencers, we are constantly told that branding is important. But is it really? Do influencers with a good brand get better brand deals? Do influencers with great branding build an audience faster? On this episode of the Influencer Green Room, we get super practical about all things Branding with Phil Pallen. Phil is a legendary Branding...


How you can compete in a saturated niche with Laura Vitale

How do you keep your viewers coming back again and again even when there are so many videos to chose from in a niche? Today’s guest is the one and only, Laura Vitale! A celebrity Cook, TV Show host, and YouTuber with nearly 4million subscribers. Laura has worked out how to stand out in a saturated niche and shares her tips with us in this episode of The Influencer Green Room! Check out Laura online...


How not to fail with Influencer Merch - Insights from the CEO of Crowdmade

Why do some influencers crush it with incredible merch sales and revenue while others fail? This is what I discussed with Dave Higashi, CEO of Crowdmade, one of the leading Merch platforms for some of the largest YouTubers in the world! In this episode you will learn: What is the value of merchandise programs for creators? What makes good merch? Good planning and goals What makes a great design Let's talk about quality products How important is customer support Check out Crowdmade...


Live Streaming like a pro - here is how with Luria Petrucci

Every Influliencer seems to be live streaming but that can be scary. What if no one shows up? what if the tech goes wrong? what if people think I'm a fraud? These are some of the fears that go through our minds when we are thinking about getting into live streaming on our various platforms. Today on the Influencer Green Room, we speak to Luria Petrucci who is a LIVE video strategist and has been creating content since 2005 and live streaming since 2007, creating over 4000 pieces of...


Should Influencer work with Managers and Talent Agents? Larry Shapiro breaks it down

Let's dive into the world of Talent Managers and Agents and what value do they bring to an Influencer. Today I invited into the influencer green room Mr Larry Shapiro, CEO of Ensemble Digital Studios, who has some impressive clients on his roster. These include The Holderness Family, King Of Random, Jordan Matter, Isabella Fonte, and more! Amongst many things, today you will learn about: Check out! Reach out to Larry and see if you can create something amazing together -...