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Misfit Athletics provides information and programming to competitive Crossfit athletes of all levels.

Misfit Athletics provides information and programming to competitive Crossfit athletes of all levels.
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Misfit Athletics provides information and programming to competitive Crossfit athletes of all levels.




2019 Crossfit Games Season in Review - The Unprepared Podcast

It’s been a little over a year since the most profound changes to the sport of fitness were made. The initial shock has subsided, and after a hectic qualification process and 2019 Games season we sat down to discuss what should be a slightly more predictable 2020 season, and our overall assessment of the future of competing in the sport of Crossfit. That, plus we dive into what sort of programming changes you can expect from Misfit Athletics beginning on November 18th with Phase I. All that...


Phase 1 Has Arrived.

As the competitive CrossFit landscape continues to change, so will we. Over the last 7 years we've done our best to stay ahead of the curve, avoid the click-bait trends, and make sure you have the most direct no-bullshit path to the fittest version of yourself. We will continue to pave the way with what we believe the best way to train for the unknown and unknowable, and Phase I is the culmination of nearly a decade of close observation, trial and error, and empirically driven data with a...


Good Gyms are Like Good Restaurants - The Coach's Podcast E3 by Team Misfit

Think about the best restaurant you've ever been to. It probably wasn't a chain, you probably had to make a reservation, and it probably wasn't cheap. But you didn't go there because you wanted a quick meal - you wanted an experience, atmosphere, great service, and a delicious meal. So how did you hear about that restaurant? Odds are, it was word of mouth - a friend couldn't stop talking about it, or you'd heard about the new restaurant in town from so many people you finally had to try it...


Crossfit Games Open 20.5 Breakdown

With the last week of the Open, it's fitting that you get choose your own fate. Ultimately, you've been there and done that, and you're ready. The strategy is both everything and nothing in this workout (deep, we know), as those with the necessary capacity will have to figure out the right combination of muscle-ups and rest. Our initial strategy thought? Get the muscle-ups out of the way, using one of the other two movements (preferably wallballs) as your "rest". You can only cycle wallballs...


There is No FINISH LINE - The Misfit Project E.36

So you finally got that 400 lbs back squat. Now what? You finally nailed down your morning routine, what next? As we try to construct a lifestyle that works for us it's important to remember that things will constantly change, priorities will shift, our goals will change, and that ultimately we are on a never-ending and unattainable pursuit of perfection in our health, personal relationships, habits, and more. One of the biggest downfalls with our culture today is a "good enough" mentality,...


20.4 Crossfit Games Open Breakdown!

TWENTY POINT FOUR HAS ARRIVED! Drew, Sherb and Hunter breakdown this Crossfit Games Open Workout for you to give you guidance on how to make the most of it,


Expectations & Desire - The Unprepared Podcast

We've talked before about how important it is to be vulnerable enough to say that you've got a big, challenging, difficult goal that you want to achieve. Where so many people trip up is identifying whether it is, in fact, THEIR goal and desire, or what they believe the outside world wants and expects from them. We've talked about both goal setting and being vulnerable, but today we dive into an even more personal version of this conversation where you have to be honest with yourself about...


20.3 Crossfit Games Open Breakdown

Ok boys and girls, re-test time it is. The only way you really put yourself in a hole is by going way too fast through the first half of the workout (although you can't go "slow"). Positioning in both the deadlift and HSPU will be critical to getting deep into, or finishing the second half of the workout. Check out all you need to know on this Open re-test workout as the Misfits break down 20.3.


Overcorrecting - The Misfit Project E35

Keto or high carb. 18 hour fast or not at all. CrossFit or bodybuilding. Good or bad, left or right, black or white. Can't we all just get along? One of the most common issues we see with people who are looking to make positive changes in their lifestyle is a massive overcorrection from one extreme to the other. Today's social constructs encourage us to be on one side or the other, often neglecting the fact that there's usually something valuable from every extreme. It's far easier and more...


Be Brilliant at the Basics - The Coach's Podcast E2 by Team Misfit

In this week's episode, we talk about why it's so important for both coaches and members to remember that no matter how advanced they become, being awesome at the most basic stuff is what moves the needle for everyone. As a coach, you have to have a wide array of tools to communicate with different learners and the wherewithal to know what motivates your members.


20.2 Crossfit Games Open Breakdown Podcast

The guys are here to breakdown what we saw in Crossfit Games Open 20.2 workout!


Mental Toughness - The Unprepared Podcast

What is Mental Toughness? Today on the Unprepared Podcast Drew, Sherb and Hunter discuss what Mental Toughness is and how it relates to fitness and Crossfit.


20.1 Crossfit Games Open Workout Breakdown

The Misfit Athletics coaching staff dives into movement efficiency, workout strategy, and a good old fashioned dose of reality for 20.1. Whether it’s your warm-up or mentality or even a pep talk you need, we’ve got you covered.


THE CBD EPISODE with Brady Bell, Founder of Pure Spectrum CBD - The Misfit Project

We are super excited to announce our new partnership with Pure Spectrum CBD! We flew out to beautiful Colorado to sit down with Pure Spectrum founder Brady Bell to talk about his story and how we believe Pure Spectrum can help athletes with their recovery. If you're interested in trying out their products, visit Use code MISFIT at checkout to save some dollars!


The Vibe - The Coach's Podcast E1 by Team Misfit

In the inaugural Team Misfit Coach's Podcast episode, we talk about an intangible, immeasurable, but critically important factor in the success or failure of your gym: the Vibe. Call it what you will - culture, aura, air, whatever, it's huge. More important than your program and more important than how many letters you have after your name, establishing and promoting the right vibe in your gym is the difference between new members walking through the door, and the same members sticking...


The Open Cycle Is Here!

Cycle 3 has come to an end and now its time for Cycle 4...OR IS IT? The Open is upon us for the first time in October, so that means the Open Cycle is here. The Misfit HQ caoches talk about what you can expect in this upcoming Cycle.


Mental Diet - The Misfit Project E.33

Using our nutritional diet as an analogy for what we consume mentally can give us much needed insight into what our day to day choices and surroundings do to our psyche. The people we associate with, the media we consume, and even the tidiness of our surroundings can have a real impact on how we think, act, and perceive the world.


Skill Acquisition with Kenzie Riley - Unprepared Episode 7

Kenzie Riley is back on the Unprepared podcast, this time the crew is talking Skill Acquisition


2019 Crossfit Games Recap with Jessica Griffith, Travis Williams and Mekenzie Riley

Jessica Griffith, Travis Williams and Mekenzie Riley are in the studio to talk about their 2019 Crossfit Games Experience.


Cycle 3 Podcast

Cycle 3 is here!