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Helping school organizations (PTA, PTO, PTSA, PTSO) and school administrators achieve their goals.

Helping school organizations (PTA, PTO, PTSA, PTSO) and school administrators achieve their goals.


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Helping school organizations (PTA, PTO, PTSA, PTSO) and school administrators achieve their goals.






How to Smoothly Transition Your PTA/PTO/PTSA Board

Spring is PTA and PTO election time! Can’t wait to be done with this crazy school year? We are with you. The more we can do to prepare at the end of the school year, the better we set everyone up for the fall. If you are a parent teacher organization leader who is thinking about how to transition, we have the top 5 areas to focus on this spring. This show is brought to you by K-12 Clothing. K-12 Clothing is a PTA-Dad created business focused on providing high-quality school apparel while...


Tips for Choosing A School Uniform Provider

Buying behavior has changed a lot over the last year. This has prompted many schools to reevaluate their apparel options so that parents are able to buy online. Schools also want apparel shipped to the parents directly versus schools distributing the apparel. If you are one of these schools, or if you just want to be better educated about the school uniform market, you’re in luck. Today, we have some tips for schools who are evaluating their uniform options from someone who has been in the...


A School Group’s Unlikely Partner: Community Organizations

Have you ever seen a Rotary Club sign and wondered what they do? Are you a PTA, PTO or school group leader looking to your community for support? Rotary and other similar organizations can be a great partner to your school group but it can be hard to know where to start. Our guest has created some great community partnerships with these organizations and will give some tips on where to start. About Our Guest: Travis Johnson, Podcast Host, Naval Officer, and Nonprofit Consultant Travis is...


Top School Fundraisers of 2020

Does your school PTA, PTSA, or PTO need new ideas for fundraisers? Halfway through the school year, you may be struggling with new fundraising ideas. With free ideas, engaging remote ideas, and some big money makers, this episode is sure to fuel your creativity. If you’re a PTA, PTO, or K-12 educator, tune in to hear our top 20 fundraising ideas of 2020. This show is brought to you by K-12 Clothing. K-12 Clothing is a PTA-Dad created business focused on providing high-quality school apparel...


Fundraising For Title I Schools

Are you fundraising at a Title I school? Fundraising at Title I schools is an often discussed topic - you need the funds but you want to be sensitive to not overburden your school families. Here are some easy, no-cost, ideas gathered from Title I school leaders on ways to fundraise in this environment. ------------- This show is brought to you by K-12 Clothing. K-12 Clothing is a PTA-Dad created business focused on providing high-quality school apparel while increasing access to...


Tips for Teachers to Create Effective Parent Communications

K-12 education teachers are really effective at connecting with, and engaging their students. But they don’t receive as much training and support as you might expect in speaking to parents. As a result, parent-teacher conferences and sending newsletters can be anxiety producing events. From finding content to finding your voice to how principals and superintendents can help, a former teacher and current communications expert joins us to provide tips on parent-teacher communications. About...


Finding Hidden Treasure: Fun K-12 School Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Whether you’re a teacher looking to spice up science, a principal looking to build morale amongst your staff, or a PTA or PTO looking to engage your community, a scavenger hunt is for you! Join us to hear tips for exciting missions, different ways to use scavenger hunts, and some best practices for fundraising. K-12 Clothing and GooseChase partner up for some ideas for beginners and experts alike. About our guests: Eric Chiang and Joe Denomme Eric is the Head of Marketing at GooseChase. He...


The PTA Dad, and how to get more Dads in PTA leadership positions

The first male president of the national PTA did not take office until 2009 and in that same year, only 10% of national PTA members were men. Why don’t more men join and how can we change that? This episode features a Utah PTA dad who holds a role 100% focused on changing these statistics. Learn how you can make a change in your organization as well. About our guest: Jason Nackos is a former teacher who taught at the junior high level for 3 years before he “retired” to raise his kids full...


Gamifying Your 2021 Curriculum

Are you tired of asking your students to please turn on their camera? Are you left wondering how much they are absorbing? Do you need a new way to get your PTA members engaged? Game shows are a great way to review materials and get your audience highly engaged. It can also be a great way to get to know your parent community. Join us in this episode where we get step-by-step instructions on how to execute a game show from an online game host who has been creating, and running, online games...


Successful PTA Online Event Planning - Virtual Trivia Night

Managing zoom invites, flyers, social media, trivia vendors, and technical troubleshooting all fall on PTA or PTO volunteers - how do you do it well? And how do you make sure you don’t make mistakes given that you’re doing everything virtually for the first time? Hear from a parent volunteer on how she pulled off a successful trivia night. Sara Franko will share what what worked well and didn’t work so that you can pull off your next virtual event seamlessly. About Our Guest: Sara Franko...


Learn to speak Millennial, Gen X, and iGen

Are you resonating with your audience? Do you worry that your PTA isn’t reaching all the children? With your parent and membership body being made up of 3-5 generations, a one-sized fits all communication strategy is no longer effective. This episode features tips on how to speak to each generation with special guest, Dillon Kalkhurst, a known speaker and author on communicating to multiple generations. About Our Guests Guest Bio: Dillon, a Gen X-Boomer “Cusper” consults with Fortune 500...


Giving Thanks to Our Teachers: Ways to Support Teacher Well Being

In celebration of the school breaks, giving thanks, and giving back, we wanted to drop this special episode about investing in our teacher. We hope that people will take the downtime to invest in themselves and the education community around them. About our guest: Rebecca Arnold is the CEO of Root Coaching & Consulting, LLC Rebecca is a certified, professional coach, speaker, and writer. She supports her clients to transform into their most powerful and purposeful selves, to amplify their...


Fundraising to Support Your PTA Mission

Being a PTA leader and being a Mayor are more similar than you think! PTA and PTO missions revolve around building a community, engaging that community, and advocating for members of that community. Join us in this episode as we discuss how to create a PTA or PTO community at your school that supports the PTA mission and how to create events to further that mission. Guest Name: Alecia Whitaker Pace Guest Bio: Alecia Whitaker is the young adult author of the award winning Wildflower...


How To Run a Holiday Cookbook Fundraiser

Hot spiced cider, sugar cookies and pumpkin pie...hungry yet? How do you pull together these recipes + more to create your school cookbook fundraiser? PTAs have been using holiday cookbook fundraisers for decades but did you know there is software that makes them super easy to pull together. Join us for this episode that will take you step-by-step through how to gather recipes, put together a great looking cookbook, and how to sell that cookbook. You might even get some great recipe ideas...


Tips for Hosting a Trivia Night School Fundraiser

Is this a good or bad trivia night question: how many Division I college football teams does California have? And how do you use good trivia questions to make money for your school? Join us for a discussion with Matt Hammond, owner of Hambone’s Trivia, to answer these questions and more. We’ll talk about what makes a good trivia night, how to interview potential trivia night providers, and most importantly, how to maximize the money you raise for your school with your trivia night. As a...


Creative Event Ideas for Your Next School Fundraiser

What do Zombies, pastry chefs, and dancing under the stars have in common? Not, we are not talking about a Halloween party - we are talking about putting the FUN in Fundraising. Schools of all kinds are always trying to raise money to enhance the student and family experience. Coming up with creative ideas, especially in today’s world where you can’t do what you were doing before is a challenge. Our guest, Ryann Galloway Tacha, has some very creative event ideas and fundraising tips that...


Building Your PTA Membership: Energize Your Fall Drive

What is a PTA without its members? Whether you’re 3 or 30 members away from your fall goal, investing in your PTA membership drive can pay dividends. This episode will share tips we have gathered from other PTA leaders on how to structure your PTA to achieve your membership goals and some tried & effective ideas to get you the most members. This show is brought to you by K-12 Clothing. K-12 Clothing is a PTA-Dad created business focused on providing high-quality school apparel while...


Best Practices for Managing Your School or PTA Social Media Account

Ever wonder how to cut through the noise on social media? We will talk about how schools, PTAs and PTOs can connect with their audience, create engaging content, and effectively manage their social media accounts. We will be joined by social media veteran, Matthew Desilet, and it may surprise you to hear who he suggests should run your social media accounts. About our guest, Matthew Desilet, Marketing Director, SquadLocker Matt Desilet is Marketing Director at SquadLocker, a company that...


What the # is FERPA & What Do I Need to Know?

With millions more students relying on online tools for virtual education, we need to be extra diligent in maintaining students’ data privacy. As a PTA or PTO leader, you play a large role. Did you know that even the title of the photos the PTA posts on FB could be subject to data privacy laws? We’ll talk about this, and a brief overview on what PTA and PTO leaders need to know about the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) on this episode. This show is brought to you by K-12...


Where to Start with Social Media for Your School, PTA or PTO

Social media is a powerful tool but it can be overwhelming trying to figure out where your school or school group should start. Should you manage accounts on all major tools or just one? If just one, which one? And how do you get your community to engage? We’ll answer these, and other questions, in this social media 101 episode. This show is brought to you by K-12 Clothing. K-12 Clothing is a PTA-Dad created business focused on providing high-quality school apparel while increasing access...