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Join me! And let's break down the barriers surrounding the evolving world of Sexual Psychology. I'll be calling on psychologists, mental health professionals, researchers, and leading experts to debunk some of the misconceptions surrounding all things concerning sexuality and exposing some alternative approaches to therapy and self-love. I am your host, Margaux Underwood, a student in ABA Psychology, with dreams of eventually obtaining a Master's in Marriage and Family Therapy with an AASECT Certification in Sex Therapy.


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Join me! And let's break down the barriers surrounding the evolving world of Sexual Psychology. I'll be calling on psychologists, mental health professionals, researchers, and leading experts to debunk some of the misconceptions surrounding all things concerning sexuality and exposing some alternative approaches to therapy and self-love. I am your host, Margaux Underwood, a student in ABA Psychology, with dreams of eventually obtaining a Master's in Marriage and Family Therapy with an AASECT Certification in Sex Therapy.








Ep. 13 Ms. Navia: Reality vs Fantasy Domina

Ms. Navia is a pillar in the Dallas community of femme dominants; not only has she been a part of ClubFEM for 15 years, but she also holds the position of the current headmistress. Today we discuss the misconceptions that some may have about what a dominant femme is supposed to look like, act like, and sound like; we're not all man-hating bitches from hell! We also like to slink around in our PJs too sometimes! We dove into one of my favorite topics to discuss: BDSM is NOT all about sex,...


Ep. 12 Love As A Spiritual Practice with Susan Morgan Taylor

What is love? Is it a feeling? Is it an experience? A force unseen? Maybe it's a mindset? Or even, a spiritual practice.. “I believe that sex is the most direct pathway to our deepest healing and the fulfillment of our deepest human yearnings for connection and love. When we lose access to this erotic and sexual aspect of ourselves we cut ourselves off from a part of life that holds the power to deeply heal us.” -Susan Morgan Taylor Love, also known for being the greatest healing force...


Ep. 11 Dr. Darrel Ray on BDSM: Origins of Kink, Catharsis, and Safety Protocols (PT 4)

Find the full video here. Sadly, our four-part series is closing out, but on the bright side, Dr. Ray and I discuss a beautiful piece of our lives that we both share. Coming from wildly different backgrounds and generations, we find a middle ground as it pertains to BDSM. The beauty within this realm of play is something unimaginable until you decide to take the leap. We begin off by discussing the origins of our sexualities and where our kinks come from; you'd be surprised where your...


Ep. 10 Guided Meditation with Jacqueline Stevens and a Talk on Cultivating Intimacy Through Awareness

To watch the full video, follow this link. ( This episode is special because it starts with a guided meditation focused on aligning the chakras. Something I've never personally experienced before but am a true believer in after having allowed Jacqueline to lead me through this mindfulness exercise. I give my feedback when she finishes off with a nice, resonating singing bowl to bring it all together. Furthermore, the conversation touched on how...


Ep. 9 Dr. Darrel Ray: Religious Trauma, Deprogramming, and the Importance of Self Regulation

Here it is, folx! Pt. 3 of the Pt. 4 series with Dr. Darrel Ray on what religious trauma looks like, the process of deprogramming, and the important skill of self-regulation. And I quote, "We all encounter stressful environments; what makes life worth living is to have the skills to regulate your emotions. We want to keep ourselves regulated so that when we hit a hard spot we have the skills to walk through that. Those skills will help us in maintaining positive relationships with our...


Ep. 8 Soulful Alignment with Jacqueline Stevens

Today, Jaqueline Stevens, a Certified Professional Coach + Master of Energy and Reiki Practitioner, joins us today to talk about the importance of living an authentic life. She comes from a heavy corporate background and attracts clients who share this life experience by offering ways to integrate both a "corporate strategy and spiritual ritual" into their everyday life. One way she does this is by identifying emotional patterns to help her clients see where they might be holding themselves...


Ep. 7 with Dr. Darrel Ray: Why are religion and sexuality so tied together? (Pt. 2)

Joined by the lovely Dr. Darrel Ray, we get to discuss a topic that he mentions he could go on for hours about; in fact, he has and will continue to do so. Dr. Ray, religious trauma specialist, goes into the intrinsic relationship between religion and our sexualities, how approaches to sex and sexuality vary across different cultures, the topic of pair bonding, and the phenomena of the hidden oestrus in humans. Tune in for an episode worth your time. Pt. 3 will be about recovering from...


Ep. 6 with Dr. Darrel Ray and The God Virus (Pt. 1)

This is Pt. 1 of a four-part series. Today, I was blessed to share space with the legendary Dr. Darrel Ray. He is a psychologist and religion specialist who helps individuals all around the world recover from religious trauma. He does this through his organization, Recovering from Religion. He's also the author of two world-renowned books, The God Virus, as well as, Sex and God. Today was an introduction to who Dr. Ray is and why he decided to take on the task of confronting religion from a...


Ep. 5 With Somatic Sexologist, Nikkiema Rai: The Mind-Body Connection

Exclusive to listeners of this podcast, Nikkiema Rai is offering 20% off for bookings and this offer runs through July 1st. You'll need to contact her through her socials below and use the promo code "PSYCHOE". Instagram Facebook Email: Nikkiema Rai reached out to me about speaking on her passion and all time love, Somatic Sexology. She is a Somatic Sexologist and Relationship Coach who focuses on the healing of the mind-body connection within her clients in...


Pop Your Cherry! The Power of Active Listening

This is a brief exposure to the power of active listening and an overview of all the nuances that make a good listener. This is part one of a four-part series because we're going to take a deeper look into the details of each component to understand why it's important to even identify them in the first place. Active listening is a skill that isn't taught to us growing up, but it takes effort and hard work to utilize to the best of our advantage.


Ep. 4 With Christopher DeFranco: LGBTQIA+ Etiquette and the Concept of Gender

Joined, once again, by Christopher DeFranco, clinical mental health professional, we conquer the topic of LGBTQIA+ and cover a list of ambiguities when it comes to proper etiquette. We start by breaking down the acronym to make it more digestible for the general public and go into detail about the I, the A, and the Plus. What do all of these letters encompass and how can we be confident and fully embody the expression of our desires? Gender labels are important and we go into why this is,...


Pop Your Cherry! Social Isolation, Hospice Patients, and the COVID-19 Effect

As we all know, social isolation has taken a toll on all of us. Some feel this more than others depending on locality, and then there are those who are easily forgotten who truly suffer from the social distancing protocols. Currently, hospice patients are allowed zero outside contact and very limited contact with nurses, doctors, and other health professionals. Their loved ones are suffering as well, and are probably experiencing a gamut of emotions ranging from anger to...


Ep. 3 With Christopher DeFranco: Suicidality and Personality Disorders

Today, we were joined by Christopher DeFranco, a Clinical Mental Health Counselor. Christopher started out his career by establishing his place in the community and practicing school-based and in-home therapy with low-income individuals. From there, he worked with Inpatient Hospitals for high acuity individuals that struggle with suicidality, personality disorders, psychosis, and chemical dependency. Currently, he works out of private practice with a particular focus on specialized...


Pop Your Cherry! What is Your Attachment Style?

Pop Your Cherry!'s are meant to stimulate free thought and incite conversations with your peers about topics that don't normally come up around the dinner table. In this segment, I'm asking you to think about what your attachment style is. Keep in mind, our attachment styles alter depending on who we are with, but are initially developed between ourselves and our main caretakers growing up.


Ep. 2 Hypnotherapy, EMDR and Exclusive Insight Into The Sex Offender Population

Mental health professional, Scott Smith, combines the benefits of hypnotherapy and EMDR to treat his clients. We discuss the effectiveness of these modalities and what they're best used for. Scott also worked with the sex offending population for 18 years developing programs of rehabilitation and provides us with some insight into this extremely misunderstood population. You can see more about what he does on his website at and by visiting his...


Pop Your Cherry! Sexuality vs Sex

Just 2 minutes out of your day. In this week's Pop Your Cherry, I'm asking my listeners to define their sexuality and look at the influential factors that help decide it's unique makeup.


Ep 1: Sex Parties, Alternative Relationships, and Intimacy in the ASD Community with the Sex Analyst: Nicholas Maio

Dive into the world of Sex Therapy with expert Nicholas Maio and I as we light the path that can seem so unfamiliar and lonely at times. We provide tools for approaching alternative relationship styles, uncover the dating process and intimate lives of the ASD community, and even talk about ways to make sex education fun and accessible for a variety of topics, including Polyamory, BDSM and much, much more! You can find Nicholas on all these platforms to see what he's up to and gain more...


Who is The PsycHoe?

A brief introduction of who I am and the direction of this podcast.