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The official podcast of Southwest Minnesota State University. A curated catalog of academics, athletics and alumni.




Campus Update Ep. 56 | Vickie Abel, Director of Accessibility Services

On this week’s episode, Vickie Abel gives us an in-depth look into what challenges SMSU students face and how Accessibility Services helps give them the best opportunity to succeed. Vickie is also the coordinator for the Mustang Market which helps provide basic living items ranging from food to hygiene products. If you would like to donate to the Mustang Market there is a drop off location at the Alumni and Visitor Center


Campus Update Ep. 55 | Culinology Students Karalyn Closs and Cameron Peterson

This week we are joined by Karalyn Closs and Cameron Peterson, students enrolled in the culinology program at SMSU. The on-campus restaurant, “The Mustang Kitchen”, is preparing to open its doors every Tuesday this semester with their first night of service being February 20. Service will run 5:30 pm to 8:00 pm with the last order going in at 7:30 pm. Full details on the restaurant and menu items can be found at: .


Campus Update Ep. 54 | Dr. Dan Rieppel

On this week’s episode, Dr. Rieppel lets us in on a “grand” update for the music department at SMSU. This past fall the department gained possession of a baby grand piano through funding from the SMSU Foundation. On February 12, The Southwest Minnesota State University Music Program presents “Pairs and Doublings” a dedication recital for the new baby grand piano featuring Dr. Daniel Rieppel. The recital is set for Monday, February 12, 2024, at 7:30 p.m. in the Fine Arts Theatre at SMSU.


Campus Update Ep. 53 | Hannah Myers and Madison Douvier

SMSU will host the 12th annual Ag Bowl Scholarship Invitational this week. The event is spearheaded by the SMSU Ag Club, with Hannah Myers and Madison Douvier coordinating the day's events. On Friday over 1,300 high school FFA students will compete in a wide variety of FFA competitions, along with a chance to receive scholarships from SMSU. The event kicks off at 7:30 am in the RA facility and will run until 1pm, taking place all over campus. If you are interested in volunteering at the event sign up here:


Campus Update Ep. 52 | Angela Lee

With Tropical Night taking place Angela Lee, Director of Alumni Relations and Outreach, is on to talk about what is happening for the Alumni returning to campus. Angela also goes over what’s happening at the new “Elizabeth Lockwood Alumni Center” and the changes happening.


Campus Update Ep. 51 | Natasha Boe

As the second half of the school year gets underway financial aid is something high school seniors should be aware of. There have been quite a few changes that have been made to the application process and Director of Financial Aid, Natasha Boe goes over what those changes are and some of the misconceptions that surround financial aid. If you have questions on how to get started or if you are looking to apply you can go to the SMSU website


Campus Update Ep. 50 | Jeet Sausen

We kick off the new year by discussing the Mustang Pathway Program with Jeet Sausen, Associate Director of the program. She talked about how the program started and the success it has generated for SMSU. The Mustang Pathway is the only program of its kind in the state, across both public and private higher education. The program serves historically underprivileged students and provides an alternate entry through a five-week summer program. Students who successfully complete the program are automatically admitted in the fall semester at SMSU. Dr. Erin Kline and Jefferson Lee IV spearheaded the program in 2019 with the full backing of President Kumara Jayasuriya. Sixty-one students have completed MPP with 63% of those students going on to enroll in spring classes. If students are interested in joining the Mustang Pathway program, follow the link below or reach out to Jeet at the Office of Diversity and Inclusion.


Campus Update Ep. 49 | Bill Mulso

In today's episode, the VP for Government Relations, Communication & Marketing, Bill Mulso goes over his history at SMSU as he retires after working at the university for 35 years. Marcy talks with Bill about some of their best memories as students along with going over SMSU's most monumental changes throughout the years.


Campus Update Ep. 48 | Dr. Stephen Kingsbury

On this today's episode, the Director of Choral Activities, Music Education, and Music Theory at SMSU, Stephen Kingsbury, goes over the upcoming trip to Prague and Vienna the SMSU Chorale will be taking over Christmas break. For more information on how to get involved with the SMSU Chorale and other vocal groups at SMSU contact Dr. Kingsbury through email at or give him via phone at 507-537-7247


Campus Update Ep.47 | Alyssa Anderson and Mostafa Hegazy

On today's episode, Associate Professor of Biology Alyssa Anderson and Associate Professor of Exercise Science Mostafa Hehazy give an update on the 18th Annual Undergraduate Research Conference which took place on November 29th in the campus of SMSU. Anderson and Hezahy tell us a little bit more about their role as co-organizers of the events and their duties at SMSU. Anderson also talks about the history of the event and what students can expect from the event. Hezahy tells us about the different areas of study we can expect to see in the event, the number of students, and others. This year's keynote speaker was a 1990 SMSU graduate, Michael Beedle, and his involvement in environmental science in the public sector. To access the event program please visit


Campus Update Ep. 46 | Juliana and Jenny

On today's episode, Communications and Marketing Office Graduate Assistants, Juliana Villa and Jennifer Aguilar give us an update on their responsibilities as content strategists for SMSU social media channels. Juliana, a native from Colombia, and Jenny a native from Minnesota, talk to us about their roles, challenges they faced, and how they come up with ideas for SMSU social media channels, specifically TikTok. Additionally, they tell us a bit more about what brought them to work and study at SMSU, and what they enjoy most about working in the Marketing and Communications office. Visit for links to our social media accounts or search SMSUToday on any platform. SMSU social media accounts include: Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, X, LinkedIn, Youtube, Snapchat, and ZeeMee.


Campus Update Ep. 45 | Dr. John Ginocchio

On this week’s episode, the Director of Bands at SMSU, John Ginocchio, gives us an update on the upcoming schedule of music events heading into winter break. Dr. Ginocchio tells us a little more about the different concerts and events taking place in the upcoming weeks. There are three concerts in November, on the 16th, the 20th, and the 30th. Coming in December, the SMSU Band, SMSU Chorale, and Southwest Minnesota Orchestra have concerts scheduled on December 2nd, 4th, 5th, and 9th. Each one with a special and unique theme. Additionally, Dr. Ginocchio shares with us the upcoming trip for SMSU Chrole. SMSU Chorale will travel across the pond to Vienna, Austria, and Prague, in the Czech Republic to perform in some of the most famous locations for the holiday season. For more information about the upcoming SMSU music events, please contact Dr. John Ginocchio via email at or via phone at 507-357-7209.


Campus Update Ep.44 | Charlotte Wahle

Charlotte Wahle, director of admissions, was our guest for the KMHL Campus Update on these week's episode. Wahle, spoke to us about new programs that can help students with tuition costs for those who qualify. She also discussed the Southwest Guarantee, the North Star Promise Scholarship, and other SMSU scholarships available for current and new students. Charlotte also pointed out that tuition is frozen through Spring 2025 and that students can apply for free in November. More details on all the programs are available at For more information about admissions please contact Charlotte Wahle via email at or via phone at 507-537-7207.


Campus Update Ep. 43 | Dr. MayLee Moua-Vue

On today's episode, SMSU Director of International Student Services and Global Studies, MayLee Moua-Vue, gives us an update on the upcoming International Education Week starting on Monday, November 13, 2023. Moua-Vue also talks about her role as director of the CIE, the current international student population, and the different opportunities SMSU students have to study abroad. MayLee discussed the processes international students must do before attending any university in the US-SMSU included- and the role and guidance they offer prospective international students. International Education Week Schedule Link: For more information about the upcoming International Education Week and to know more about the Center of International Education, please contact MayLee Moua-Vue by email at or by phone at 507-537-6499.


Campus Update Ep. 42 | Sheila Tabaka and Bryn Mongeau

Theatre Professor and director, Sheila Tabaka, and student actor for the role of Jo March, Bryn Mongeau, give us an overview of the play Little Women. They speak on the novel the play was based on and what they’ve enjoyed about bringing this beloved story of the March sisters to the SMSU main stage. Sheila covers the costuming challenges of a Civil War-era story. Bryn speaks about her character and Sheila as a director. For more information about the SMSU Theatre productions this season, please visit:


Campus Update Ep. 41 | Dr. Daniel Rieppel and Kris Gruhot

On this week's episode, Southwest Minnesota Orchestra (SMO) music director, Dr. Daniel Rieppel, and Kris Gruhot, cellist and a member of the SMO board give us an update on their upcoming concert schedule and information. The opening concert for the Orchestra season is on Sunday, October 22, and will feature music by Composers who faced adversity. The concert will also be dedicated to celebrating Dan Rieppel's 25th anniversary as the musical director of the Southwest Minnesota Orchestra. Dr. Rieppel also talks about a great achievement he, alongside one of his former students and SMSU Alumni, achieved last week: Emmy Award winner! For more information about the Southwest Minnesota Orchestra and its upcoming schedule please contact Dr. Daniel Rieppel via email at or via phone at (507) 537-7139


Campus Update Ep. 40 | Lilli Lewandowski

As a senior Lilli Lewandowski took on headfirst the role of coordinator for the Student Activity Committee (SAC). In this episode she goes on to talk about the many events that SAC will be having during homecoming. As a student leader and member of the cheer team she speaks on challenges that may come from such a busy week. She encourages students to attend events during this fun-filled week. Not only is SAC having events but Residence Life along with Alumni will be hosting events. Homecoming Events: TUESDAY, OCTOBER 10 8:00pm Candidates night, Comedy and Hypnosis, PE Gym WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 11 10:00am-4:00pm, Mustangs Give: Day of Service, Volunteers Check-in at FH Lobby 11:00am-2:00pm, Mustang Karaoke! Try-Outs, Upper CC THURSDAY, OCTOBER 12 6:30pm Coronation & Social, Upper CC FRIDAY, OCTOBER 13 8:00-9:00pm Laser Light Show, Planetarium 9:00pm-12:00am Bonfire, RA Lot SATURDAY, OCTOBER 14 11:00am Homecoming Parade Downtown Marshall 1:00-2:00pm Planetarium Star Show, Planetarium 1:00-2:00pm Reunions: Classes of 1973, 1983, 1993, 1998, 2003, 2013, Alumni Heritage Gallery (SC Upper) 1:00-4:00pm Alumni Association Tailgate & Gameday Roundup, RA Lot 3:40pm Pre-Game - Introduction of Homecoming Royalty, Schwan’s Regional Event Center 4:00pm Football Game: SMSU vs. Northern State 7:00-9:00pm Alumni Social, Wooden Nickel SUNDAY, OCTOBER 15 11:00am-2:00pm Alumni Brunch, Residential Dining


Campus Update Ep. 39 | Spencer Louwagie

On this week's episode, Head Coach of SMSU's Esports Team, Spencer Louwagie, gives us a rundown all things Esports at SMSU. Spencer talks about the new sparks that came from starting the team from the ground up. He goes over what Esports is all about, what competitions look like, the team itself and how his role as a coach has changed his approach. For more information about the Esports Team please contact Spencer Louwagie by email, or by phone (507) 537-6424.


Campus Update Ep. 38 | Melissa Scholten

On this week's episode, Director of the Center for Civic and Community Engagement, Melissa Scholten, gives us an update on the upcoming annual Mustangs Give: Day of Service. This year's Day of Service is on October 11, 2023. Melissa talks more about how and when it started, the goal of the activity, and more about the volunteers she has seen during the past few years. She also gives an update on the sign-up for the event, the schedule, and how other groups and organizations can join or request the help of our Mustang volunteer for this day. To sign up to be a volunteer, please visit For more information about the event, please contact Melissa Scholten via email at or via phone at 507-537-6017.


Campus Update Ep. 37| Scott Ewing

On this week’s episode, Scott Ewing, Assistant Director of Student Activities, gives us an update on SMSU’s upcoming Family Weekend. Starting on Friday the 22nd and finishing the 24th, Family Weekend at SMSU features a variety ofevents for families to enjoy, including soccer, volleyball, and football matches; Planetarium show; Chemistry Club liquid nitrogen ice cream; Drama Club improv; Family weekend brunch and more. To know more about SMSU’s Family Weekend and the events please go to or contact Scott Ewing by email at or by phone at 507-537-6394