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Fascinating Facts. Adorable Dog Stories. Science Guests that will blow your mind. Brighten your day with a listen, you won't regret it.The Science Pawdcast brings the essence of Dog Twitter to the Podcast format with feedback from Bunsen, the Twitter Science Dog. Knowledge, Intelligence, Silliness and Heartwarming stories, just like Dog Twitter.For Science, Empathy and Cuteness!

Fascinating Facts. Adorable Dog Stories. Science Guests that will blow your mind. Brighten your day with a listen, you won't regret it.The Science Pawdcast brings the essence of Dog Twitter to the Podcast format with feedback from Bunsen, the Twitter Science Dog. Knowledge, Intelligence, Silliness and Heartwarming stories, just like Dog Twitter.For Science, Empathy and Cuteness!




Fascinating Facts. Adorable Dog Stories. Science Guests that will blow your mind. Brighten your day with a listen, you won't regret it.The Science Pawdcast brings the essence of Dog Twitter to the Podcast format with feedback from Bunsen, the Twitter Science Dog. Knowledge, Intelligence, Silliness and Heartwarming stories, just like Dog Twitter.For Science, Empathy and Cuteness!






Season 2 Episode 52: 2020-Hot or Not, Cats vs Dogs and Franziska Tell on the Arctic Ocean

This week on the pawdcast we take a look back at climate data from 2020. How did 2020 stack up against other years? In Pet Science we have a hilarious section where we debate how cats are superior to dogs (at some things!) Our guest this week is Franziska Tell , a PhD student who astounds us with tales of the Arctic and life millions of years old. Another fun Woo or Wow with a patron and some fun questions answered in the mailbag! For Science, Empathy and Cuteness! Franziska Tell on...


Season 2 Episode 51 Crazy Chemical Bonds, Extra Meat for Fido and Dr. Jacob Shreckengost on brains, dogs and brew

This week on The Science Pawdcast: A new type of chemical bond is both confusing and amazing to general chemistry! Yes, it's my area of love in science, but I promise to make it interesting! In dog science we have an amazing science theory to discuss and it's the conclusion of a study of HOW human's first domesticated dogs...and it's mind blowing if true! Our guest is Dr. Jacob Shreckengost an electrophysiologist who chats to us about the spine, brain, dogs and beer! We have an touching...


Season 2 Episode 50; B117 The UK Variant, Robot Dogs and Rue Silver on Public Health and Equity

Holy wow. What a turbulent week. Events in both Alberta and the United States crept into our life and it was hard to avoid talking about at least the current events for us in our home province. Also, dominating the news is the SARS-COV-2 variant originating from the UK and so we take a deep dive into what is known about it. In Pet Science, we take a look a study about the use of robot dogs instead of therapy dogs and if it is as effective! Our expert guest is Rue Silver, a public health...


Season 2 Episode 49: Science and Family Stories Review and Ryan Bozer on Education in the Pandemic

We have an awesome show for the last episode of 2020! In Science news we recap some of the biggest science stories of 2020 but also some of the lesser fun science stories to end the year on a pawsitive note! We have fellow educator Ryan Bozer to chat with us about geology, museums and education in the pandemic. We have a fun woo or wow trivia section and a hilarious look the whole year with the family! Not only that, we have a short clip of the first draft of a song by Vultures of...


Episode 48: Happy Pawlidays! mRNA, Dogs Improving Reading and Maísa Baggio with materials engineering!

Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it and Happy Holidays to those who celebrate other holidays! This has been a very exciting week as multiple news outlets have picked up the story of Bunsen and Beaker and my dorky COVID19 videos, so it's been fun talking with reporters! On the Pawdcast we have a breakdown of how mRNA could be used in future vaccines and drugs! An adorable science study is also discussed in how dogs improve the reading of kids! We have Maísa Baggio, a materials engineer...


Episode 47: Octopus Intelligence, COVID Pets and Anthony Osuna (Pavlov's dog dad) on Autism and Internet Dogs

We have such a fun episode for you this week! In science news we take a look at a study which attempted to find out just how smart octopus are...and if their intelligence comes from their tentacles! In Pet Science, a heartwarming study looked the effect ALL pets of ALL types has had on our mental health during the isolation of COVID19. Our guest this week is Anthony Osuna, pHD candidate and dog dad to Pavlov and Maslow of internet fame! We chat about his research and his dogs! Adorable and...


Season 2 Episode 46 Arecibo Sadness, Brown Tick Bites and Jaymie Rains on Conservations Conversations in Australia!

This week on the podcast we will chat about what the collapse of the Arecibo Radio telescope was and why it was such a big deal to astronomy. In pet science we will discuss a new study which has linked Brown Ticks and warm weather to switching host preference to ....humans!!! Our expert guest this week is Jaymie Rains, a conservationist working with the ranchers of Australia on best practices for cattle grazing. The butterfly effect of such efforts are profound, you don't want to miss it!...


Season 2 Episode 45 Armored Ants, Cooperative Wolves and genetics PhD candidate Emma Hinkle

Phew! We so hope that our listeners are being safe during the spike in the pandemic. Our province of Alberta has had a massive increase which has forced grade 7-12 school aged kids online again and upturned the education process and shuttered some businesses. Be safe! On the show today we have an amazing new science story about an accidental discovery of armored ants- it's so interesting! In pet science we take a look at a study which sought to determine who could work better together, wild...


Episode 44: Twisty Graphene, Earthquake Animal Detection and Michael Meyer with the Arthropods of Siberia

In science news this week we answer a common question- just why does the Pfizer vaccine need to be kept at such a low temperature as well as a really cool study on the twisting of graphene! In Pet Science we take a look at some of the evidence that animals can detect earthquakes. Our expert guest is Michael Meyer, a PhD candidate who studies the chemicals in lakes as well as the arthropods in Siberia!!! Our Woo or Wow guest is Sophia Gad Nasr, a guest from season one and an amazing...


Season 2 Episode 43: Best COVID Protocols, Therapy Dogs for Hospitals and Dr. Amritha Mallikarjun with Dog Science.

This week on the Science Pawdcast we address some of the research into curbing the spread of COVID19. Alberta (our home province in Canada) has seen a massive uptick in cases and also the spread of misinformation and myths about the let's tackle that with science! In Pet Science we take a look at a study which brought pets into hospitals to help decrease the stress of our front line health care staff. Finally, our expert guest is Dr. Amritha Mallikarjun, who absolutely will blow...


Season 2 Episode 42 Glowing Platypus, Arson Doggo Detectors and Dr. Liz Murray on Phytoremediation

Did you know that Platypus Glow?'ll have to listen to learn more! Also we take a look at an amazing study from our own University of Alberta about the power of dog noses in arson investigations! Our expert this week is Dr. Liz Murray who leads us in a discussion of so many amazing topics from land remediation to Berners and Tibetan Mastiffs. We have Rachel Humphrey back from Season 1 to help with Woo or Wow and some amazing questions in the mailbag. Don't miss it! Dr. Liz...


Season 2 Episode 41: Water on the Moon, Swimming Dogs and Meteorologist Amanda Bowen on Weather Science!!

This week on "The Science Pawdcast" in Science News we get our feet wet discussing the viral science story about findings of water on the moon. Where is it? How did it get there? Is it a big deal? It's so cool! In Pet Science we take a dive into the physics of how dogs swim with a quick chat about a study which mapped the movement of dogs while they are paddling about! Our Expert this week is Amanda Bowen, a meteorologist who has delightful tales and amazing facts about weather, Alaska, dogs...


Season 2 Episode 40: Grabbing Asteroid Dust, Pets and Halloween Dyes and Baker/Chemist Danielle Bush!

Hope you enjoyed the seasonal intro! We loved making it! This is a longer episode but it packed full of amazing conversations and fun! We take a look at the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft which successfully spacebooped an asteroid and is on a two year mission to bring that debris back to scientists to study! In pet science we chat about the dangers of using human dye on pets for Halloween and some alternatives you could use instead. Our guest is Danielle Bush a chemist and baker who chats with us...


Season 2 Episode 39: COVID Treatments, Dogs and Faces and The Space Gal: Emily Calandrelli

This week on the Science Pawdcast we have a SUPER SIZED AMAZING EDITION to kick off the last part of Season 2! In Science News we take a deep dive into the newest studies on COVID-19 the numbers spike in Canada, Europe and the United States...what does the science say? In Pet Science we take a look at a very popular and recent study which studied how much do dogs care about what our human faces look like? I think we can all agree us humans REALLY care about what our dogs'...


Season 2 Episode 38: Nobel Prizes, Bonding with your Cat and Clara Riemann on Virus Evolution

This week we take a look at a the Nobel Prizes, with a deep dive into a University of Alberta researchers contribution to the discovery of Hepatitis C. In Pet Science we have an adorable study about how cat owners can connect with their feline friends. Our expert this week is Clara Riemann, currently doing research of virus evolutions- a very timely topic! Jason's voice ran out of steam so Kris and Adam take over the family section and the end of the show! Take care! For Science, Empathy...


Season 2 Episode 37: Plastic Eating Bacteria, Yummy Dog Food and Kassandra Ford with Electric Fish!

This week on the Science Pawdcast: In Science News we discuss the woes of recycling plastic.....but also some hope with an engineered enzyme from soil bacteria! In pet science we take a look at the work done by food chemists to make dog food even more delicious for our slobbery friends. Our Expert Guest is pHD student Kassandra Ford who chats with us about a whole bunch of educational, fun, and serious topics! We touch on her work with electric fish, but also her role in the Black Lives...


Season 2 Episode 36: Space Radiation, Pets vs COVID and Delanie Kirwan on Sharks!

This one the Science Pawdcast we take a look at the radiation a little rover on the Moon has determined our upcoming Moon-stronauts will face compared to the ISS and here on Earth! I couldn't help talking about Away on Netflix which was a suprise hit in our house! In pet science, new research through the form of a massive survey has come in about the effect that out pets have on our mental state during the COVID crisis. Finally, our expert this week is Delanie Kirwan, a shark biologist who...


Season 2 Episode 35: "SUPER COOL"ed particles, Snake Bites and Hummingbirds with Austin Spence!

Hi all! This week on the show our science article is about a team of physists and scientists who supercooled a nano-particle to nearly ABSOLUTE ZERO what!? In pet science, it's all about who does better with a snake bite...cats or dogs! Our expert this week is pHD candidate Austin Spence who delights us with the science around hummingbirds! We have a very sleepy Adam with the family section and trivia! For Science, Empathy and Cuteness!!! Austin Spence on Twitter:...


Season 2 Episode 34: Energy Scavengers, Hormones and Astrophysicist & Folklorist Moiya McTier

Sorry for the delay! That will be a story for another podcast! This week in Science News we do a deep dive into a cool battery/power source that gather waste heat from appliances to charge devices! In dog science we look a study which tested trace amounts of the "love" hormone oxytocin on dogs and compared their affection before and after! Our guest is the inspiring Moiya McTier, and astrophysicist and folklorist who has an amazing podcast full of science and world building called Exolore!...


Season 2 Episode 33: Save the Earth, Calm the Cats and SciCom with Raven the Science Maven!

This is a super fun episode with an important message. Our science article is all about the area of earth calculated by biologists which needs to be protected to avoid catastrophic biodiversity loss. Spoiler Alert. It's a lot. Our pet science article takes aim at the products used which state they can calm cat and and dog relations! We are so fortunate that Raven the Science Maven took time out of her busy life to have a fun chat with us about cats, science communication and molecular...