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The podcast from the digital publication of the same name. Each episode, we talk with seasonal workers about the lifestyle and the decision points they've encountered during their travels.

The podcast from the digital publication of the same name. Each episode, we talk with seasonal workers about the lifestyle and the decision points they've encountered during their travels.
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The podcast from the digital publication of the same name. Each episode, we talk with seasonal workers about the lifestyle and the decision points they've encountered during their travels.




030 - Sahra Ali - Poet and Buddhist Temple Staff Member

Zen Monasteries, River Boats, Real Estate Copy Writing, these are just some of the things Sahra Ali has been involved with during her time in the Seasonal lifestyle. In this episode, we talk about her journey from Somalia to Ohio to Alaska, we hear the bell that would wake her up every morning at the monastery, and she talks about how her Muslim upbringing helps her navigate following her goals and dreams. You can find Sahra’s writing on Medium as well as her poetry on Instagram...


029 - Mark Phillips - Bear Guide and Snowboarder

Every Seasonal has a story. Every story has its twists and turns. Its lows and its high points. Mark Phillips is a Ketchikan cornerstone originally from Vacaville, California. His path into this lifestyle is a journey and he opens up to take us through it. In this episode, we talk about accepting a shitty winter job to snowboard six days a week, how to survive with zero income in Key West, and why Mark wakes up every day of bear season in Alaska stoked to take his own private plane to the...


028 - Justin Deininger - Prospective Seasonal

From life in rural Ohio to the great Alaskan outdoors. I know quite a few people whose stories started like that. Today's guest is Justin Deininger and he's about to begin his first season in the Seasonal lifestyle. In this episode, Justin and I discuss the why and how of the big decision, his electronic music, and why he's not making any plans past September. You can find Justin's music by searching Apologize to the Destroyers on Spotify. He can also be found on Instagram @attdestroyers


027 - Kelsey and Jeremy Philo - Circus Arts Performers

When you answer the question, 'What do you do?, with 'We're Circus Arts Performers', there are a lot of follow up questions. I tried to ask as many as I could think of. In this episode of the podcast, Kelsey and Jeremy Philo explain what it is they do, how a giant hula hoop and a unicycle garage find started the whole thing, and they tell me all about their amazing new van that helps them travel from gig to gig. You can find Kelsey and Jeremy at: and on Instagram...


026 - Penick - CDL Driver and Seasonal Evangelist

It was at the age of 27 that Penick followed some timely advice from a friend and headed to Alaska to begin his Seasonal life. In this episode, we talk about how quickly tourists get into a mob mentality, the dream back-and-forth between Alaska and Hawaii, and Penick's determined and successful journey out of debt. You can find Penick's writing on Seasonal subjects at:


025 - Drew O'Kane - Entrepreneur and Bear Guide

From Colorado to Arizona to Los Angeles to Alaska and then back to Colorado, Drew O'Kane has always had a destination ahead of him. Life, of course, gets to choose the route we take on these journeys and this story is no different. In this episode, Drew talks about Hollywood, an explosive Millennium Falcon, and the spiritual side of Alaskan wildlife.


024 - Sam Rovinsky - Screenwriter and Server

My brother Sam started his Seasonal career a few years ago. Through most of it he's bounced between Alaska in the summer and Chicago in the winter. In this episode, we talk about the time I cut part of his article without telling him, how to come up with a strategy to work on your own dreams even though you're a working stiff, and which Knight of the Round Table is his favorite.


023 - Lewis Brooks - A Kiwi Mannie in Switzerland

I met Lewis while working in New Zealand a few years ago and we became fast friends. We later got together to celebrate New Years' with some friends in Vienna, Austria. Now, Lewis works in Zug and Flims, Switzerland as a male nannie. In this episode, we talk about the ecstasy of traveling through a new country by motorbike, what life on the ski fields is like when it snows nine feet, and about the day to day of working 12,000 miles away from home as a 20 year old.


022 - Jensen Willingham - Bear Guide and Mountain Groomer

Jensen Willingham's first Seasonal job took him from his home in North Carolina to Southeastern Alaska. In this episode, we talk about his weapon of choice while guiding bear tours, the best Seasonal jobs out there, and why you should always accept business cards at CPR training classes.


021 - Katie Bosken - Charter Chef on the High Seas

Talking to Katie Bosken is a seemingly never-ending layer peeling of story after story of experiences, travels, and delicious foods with far-reaching origins. In this episode, I caught Katie during a spare moment in St. John of the Virgin Islands and we talked about how to find a job on a boat, what it's like in the kitchen in rough waters, and how best to learn a new language. (Hint: It's not a PG answer.)


020 - Stefan Simkovics - City of San Diego Lifeguard

After his time in the Navy, Stefan Simkovics had a plan. That charted course brought him to San Diego as a lifeguard and it became a life changing experience. In this episode, Stefan talks about the steps and challenges to becoming a San Diego lifeguard, one of his favorite rescues, and how his time in the seasonal lifestyle affects the way he looks to the future.


019 - Sam Forbes - Zipline Guide and Recent Texas Tech Grad

Before graduating with a degree in Management Information Systems from Texas Tech, Sam Forbes tried a summer working seasonally in Ketchikan, Alaska. In this episode, Sam tells us the story of his summer zip lining, how the seasonal life changed him, and what happens when you get a tourist from New Jersey on your tour.


018 - Tim Lindsey - Cowboy and Bull Fighter

A Seasonal can do so many different jobs. Tim Lindsey is another guest that has had a wide range of occupations and some crazy stories to take away from them. In this episode, we talk about his time up and down the Mississippi, what can go right and wrong when you ride a bull, and how particular horses can teach you lifelong lessons.


017 - Kellie Mogg - Festie and Flow Artist

Kellie Mogg has worked in Hawaii, Alaska, and all over the continental United States. In this episode, we talk about student protests in Chile, spending a winter in Alaska, and what a vendor bracelet really gets you at a festival.


016 - Jason Hensler-Baldwin - Weed Pirate and Photographer

Jason Dallas Hensler-Baldwin has committed mutiny on a weed farm. He has been deported from the United Kingdom. He has been handed a message directly from Pachamama. In this episode, I sit down with him to discuss his seasonal storyline, where exactly he found rock bottom, and how he’s blasted off ever since.


015 - Christian Desrochers - Writer and Tour Guide

Christian Desrochers traded the forests of Maine for those of Alaska when he headed west to jump into the seasonal lifestyle. In this episode we talk a lot about food, meeting fans of his writing on an airplane, and why he calls bald eagles the Alaskan exclamation point.


014 - Craig Cosbey - Bartender and Server Champion

Craig Cosbey banked over $40,000 in 4 months as a seasonal worker in Ketchikan, Alaska this summer. From pulling doubles to meal planning, I wanted to know how he did it. Craig went on to tell me about his new journey into making watch jewelry, house sitting in the winter, and the importance of a morning routine that includes loud music.


013 - Jessie Jean Hadley - Tattoo Artist

Jessie Jean was serving tables in Virginia when a coworker started talking to her about Alaska. Shortly after that she had secured a job in Ketchikan, Alaska and was headed into the seasonal lifestyle. She started out as a tour guide in the rainforest before her second chance at her dream job appeared. Now she's finished her contract as an apprentice in a tattoo business and she's about to embark on her next journey. In this episode we talk about what kind of tattoos drunk fisherman ask for,...


012 - Jessy Goodman - College Professor Turned Rainforest Guide

Jessy Goodman was a professor at San Jose State University until she slipped into existential quicksand and needed a change. That change came in the form of a trip to Europe and then a dive into the seasonal life in Alaska. In this episode we talk about what made the change necessary, what happens in ski lift gondolas at night, and about her future as a fiction writer living in southeast Asia.


011 - Grayson Gemmell - Alaska and Catalina Island Snorkel Guide

Grayson just finished his first summer season as a snorkel guide in Ketchikan, Alaska. I sat down with him hours before his flight out of here to discuss his other Alaskan job he had in the past, what gets him so excited about the seasonal lifestyle, and I got to announce him as the winner of the annual Louis Liva Award.