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Actionable Tips, Tricks and Techniques for a More Confident Life. In these short podcasts, I'll address one, confidence building tip, trick, or technique and give you a way to take some action, so you can put it into practice.

Actionable Tips, Tricks and Techniques for a More Confident Life. In these short podcasts, I'll address one, confidence building tip, trick, or technique and give you a way to take some action, so you can put it into practice.


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Actionable Tips, Tricks and Techniques for a More Confident Life. In these short podcasts, I'll address one, confidence building tip, trick, or technique and give you a way to take some action, so you can put it into practice.




How to Beat the blues and get back on track - Ep35

Today's podcast episode is about how to 'beat the blues' and come out stronger, clearer, and more effective on the other side. So this podcast is about re-kindling our commitment to ourselves, overcoming the blues, and putting ourselves in a position to come back fighting. Now, I’m not saying that you’ll never feel blue, and you’ll never feel disappointed if you do these things. Just that, if you use these tools, you can deal with things like disappointment, quickly and efficiently without...


Overcoming the fear of failure - Ep34

This episode is about simple tricks to help overcome your fear of failure. What to think about, when wondering whether to try something new. The worst thing you can do is not to try. Don't let the fear of failure push you away from what you really want in life. https://theskillfulmind.com/podcast/34 steve@theskillfulmind.com


How Procrastination Causes Confidence Issues - Ep33

One of the biggest problems we face, as people who are low in confidence, is our propensity to procrastinate. We think if we put something off enough, eventually it’ll go away and we won’t have to deal with it. Unfortunately, the opposite is true. What you resist persists. The more you try to push an issue, or difficult situation away, the more effort it puts into causing trouble. In this episode, Ill give you a simple way to beat your procrastination...


21 Ideas to Improve your Self-esteem and General Happiness Daily - Ep32

In today’s I episode, I’m going to expand a bit on one of the items I mentioned in last weeks episode. That was an episode on How to start a regular morning routine and a brief introduction into some of the things you could add to it. The area I mentioned in last week’s episode is… “Decide on one thing every day that you can do for YOU. Something that will give you joy and will make today a good day.” Today, I'll give you 21 ways you make that...


Create A Morning Routine to Help Build Your Confidence - Ep31

On today’s Podcast, I talk about creating a simple morning routine to help you build your confidence. I give you 3 simple ways to help start your day off the right way. Helping you to feel energized and good about yourself. https://theskillfulmind.com/podcast/31 steve@theskillfulmind.com


Confidence and Contribution - Ep 30

One of the questions I get asked most often, is “how can I feel more confident about starting a convewrsation with someone I don’t know?” And surprisingly, if you go about it in the right way, it’s not that difficult. Today’s episode will show you how to do it AND meet your need for contribution and growth at the same time. https://theskillfulmind.com/podcast/30 steve@theskillfulmind.com


Take Some Risks to Build Your Confidence - Ep 29

Hi and welcome to 2-Minute Tuesday. On today’s show I talk about why it’s important to take some risks if you want to improve your confidence. And I’ll give you some quick tips on how to go about doing it. TheSkillfulMind.com/Podcast/29 Steve@TheSkillfulMind.com


Improve Your Confidence by Dealing with Distractions - Ep28

On today’s show I’ll be dealing with something we’re all guilty of sometimes… getting distracted. Even though getting distracted doesn’t seem like that big of a deal, it can have huge effects on your confidence and self esteem. So, today, we’re going to go through some ways to stop that happening. TheSkillfulMind.com/Podcast/28 Steve@TheSkillfulMind.com


Zoom-Out Your Failures - Ep 27

This week’s 2-minute Tuesday podcast is about zooming out when you have a failure. Stepping back and looking at the bigger picture, rather than making this one failure, bigger than it really is. TheSkillfulMind.com/Podcast/27 Steve@TheSkillfulMind.com


Write a Letter to Your Future Self - Ep 26

Today, I’ll explain the benefits of writing to yourself in the future, so why you should be doing it. I’ll go over the sort of things you should be including in it and how to go about sending it. Then I’ll point you in the direction of some of the resources available to help you do that. TheSkillfulMind.com/Podcast/26 Steve@TheSkillfulMind.com


30-Day Challenge - 2-Minute Tuesday - 25

Tuesday's episode of the Everyday Confidence Podcast is a short 2-4 minute episode, that gives you one simple thing to try over the coming days/weeks. This weeks episode is about completing a 30-day challenge to increase your confidence. TheSkillfulMind.com/Podcast/25 Steve@TheSkillfulMind.com


How to Write Your Own Personal Blueprint - 24

In Today’s Episode, I’ll be briefly explining why you should have a Personal Blueprint. A future avatar of yourself, that you can use to give you focus on what you really want your future to look like. TheSkillfulMind.com/Podast/24 steve@theskillfulmind.com


How to Prove You’re Confident - 23

In this episode, I explain how your mind proves to you, that your incapable of doing many of the things you really want to do. And that happens, because your mind has two parts to it. Your conscious mind, the part that has the original negative thought and your sub-conscious mind, which is the part that proves to you, that you were right. And once you know how it does that, you can use the same process to prove to yourself that you can do these things. TheSkillfulMind.com/podcast/23


Take small steps if you want to increase your confidence and self-esteem - Ep 22

Today’s Confidence Quick Tips episode is about doing this confidence thing the right way. And by the right way, I mean taking things slow. Don’t try to do too much too soon. The Everyday Confidence Podcast from TheSkillfulMind.com theskillfulmind.com/podcast/22


Controlling Negative Thoughts - Ep 21

Today’s Confidence Quick Tips episode, is all about taking control of your Negative Self-talk. Cutting off your negative thoughts and replacing them with positive ones. The Everyday Confidence Podcast from TheSkillfulMind.com theskillfulmind.com/podcast/21


20 - Improving Your Self-belief

Today, I want to touch on self-belief. What it is, why it affects us the way it does and how to beat it. I'm also going to give you some tools to try to make that easier for you to achieve.


19 - QT - Confidence is a Journey

Today’s Confidence Quick Tip, is to remember that confidence is not a destination, but a journey. Your confidence builds every time you take one small, seemingly inconsequential step.


18 - How to Use NLP to improve Your Confidence

Today's episode is about using Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), to help you improve your confidence. The three tools are, Anchoring, Meta-modelling and Re-framing. In this week's show I'll explain how each of these tools work and give some examples of how you can use them, to change your thought patterns. **Apologies for the occassional 'bump' noises. I'd forgotten to remove the cordless headphones from around my neck and it wasn't until I started editing, that I noticed they sometimes...


17 – Quick Tip – Cherish Compliments

Today’s Confidence Quick Tip, is to always cherish any compliments. They're a huge boost to your self-esteem. Having low-self-esteem makes it difficult for us to accept compliments, but cherishing those compliments will make us so much happier.


16 – Using Regret to Boost Your Confidence.

On today’s episode, we’ll talk about using the feelings associated with regret, to help you boost your confidence. And, I’ll introduce you to a technique developed by Tony Robbins, called ‘The Rocking Chair Test’.