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Ep. 5: Dating - Ladies' Edition

In this episode we enter the minds of three lovely ladies, Brittany and Mary of Seriesly Podcast, and your hostess with the mostest Shanell, regarding dating from a woman's perspective. We answer questions such as what makes a man "dateable", did we ever "shoot our shot" at a man and if so how did it end, what challenges have we faced while dating, why don't women like "nice guys", does race/culture/religion play a role when dating, does sex and size matter, what are our dating...


Ep. 4: Dating - Men's Edition

In this episode I picked the brains of three gentlemen, Khalil Perry and Jarrett Wilson of Persist Print, and co-host Dev Lahday, regarding dating from a man's perspective. I asked these gentlemen questions such as what makes a woman "dateable", what challenges have they faced while dating, does race/culture/religion play a role when dating, why lead women on or "ghost" on them, what have they learned about themselves while dating or in a relationship, what are their dating insecurities,...


Ep. 3: NYC | The Rotten Apple x The Visuals

In this NYC-filled episode I've had the pleasure of interviewing Khalil Perry and Jarrett Wilson, the dynamic duo behind 'Persist Print', an interactive and visual documentary blog-site based amongst NYC, on their documentary "NYC: The Visual Documentary Tape". We discussed the inspiration behind and production of the documentary, shared some NYC childhood and adulthood experiences, gave a breakdown of the five boroughs, love versus hate for NYC, discussed the necessary evil that is MTA,...


Ep. 2: The Dreaded 9 To 5

Why does everyone hate Mondays? Working for someone or working for yourself? What are the struggles of finding a job? What can we do to survive or thrive at a job? What can employers do to provide a more harmonious work environment? Host Shanell and co-host Kafaya answer these questions as well as break down office politics and foolery, the dynamics of colleague relationships, and share some "they tried it" office moments. _______________ Production & Editing: Shanell Engineering &...


Pilot Ep. 1: Dreams & Dream Killers

Why don't people pursue their dreams or reach their goals? What is a dream killer and why are people dream killers? Do strangers, friends, and/or family members either build you up or put you down regarding your dreams or goals? On this pilot episode these questions and more are answered by Host Shanell and reoccurring co-hosts Kafaya and Dev Lahday. _______________ Co-host Info: Dev Lahday Instagram: @devlahday Twitter: @devlahday Website: Email:...