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Do you want to be calm, confident, and credible every time you speak in public? Then tune in to the Public Speaking with Peter George where you'll learn how superior public speaking skills can help you increase your impact, influence, and income -- whether you're speaking on stage, presenting in meetings, or selling to prospects.

Do you want to be calm, confident, and credible every time you speak in public? Then tune in to the Public Speaking with Peter George where you'll learn how superior public speaking skills can help you increase your impact, influence, and income -- whether you're speaking on stage, presenting in meetings, or selling to prospects.


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Do you want to be calm, confident, and credible every time you speak in public? Then tune in to the Public Speaking with Peter George where you'll learn how superior public speaking skills can help you increase your impact, influence, and income -- whether you're speaking on stage, presenting in meetings, or selling to prospects.






QuickBites: How to Break the Rules and Break Out of the Boundaries

Public speaking coaches often use various shapes to describe where your hands should be when gesturing, including circle, box, and square. But, no matter what they call it, it suggests your hands stay in boundaries that go from your chin to your waist and about the same distance from side to side. Listen in and learn how you can break the rules and break out of the boundaries.


How Word Choices Impact Your Message with Terre Short

Speaking in front of others provides you with the opportunity to influence and inspire them. But, do the words you choose help you accomplish your objectives or undermine them? In this episode, Terre Short shows you how to choose the right words so your audiences are clear about your intentions. Takeaways - how to choose the words that represent your intentions -tying your intentions to your core values - how words can minimize and limit or how they can inspire and enhance - the #1...


How Improv Comedy Can Help You Be a Better, More Engaging and Funnier Speaker with Avish Parashar

Improv is the art of saying, “Yes, and …" but when it comes to even thinking about it, so many of us say, “No way!” And that’s unfortunate because no matter how well you plan, things will go wrong, surprises will arise, and the universe will throw you a curveball. Consequently, your success — and sanity — are directly related to how you respond to these challenges. In this episode, Avish Parashar shows you how you can add more creativity and humor to your talks, ultimately helping you...


QuickBites: How to Begin Crafting a Compelling Talk

Where do you begin crafting a compelling presentation or talk? Your opening? The body of your talk? The ending? Well, it's none of these. To discover where you should begin talks that resonate with your audiences, listen in to this brief episode.


How to Embrace Being an Introvert and Thrive at Public Speaking with Dr. Ty Belknap

The myth that introverts are not cut out for public speaking goes on and probably will continue to do so for as long as introverts inhabit the earth. Perhaps, if you’re an introvert, you’ve been letting this myth hold you back. If so, it’s time to let it go and delve further into speaking in public. Listen in as Dr. Ty Belknap shares advice that will help you embrace your introvertedness (is that even a word?) and continue on your journey to being a compelling and engaging public...


QuickBites: How to Incorporate the Rule of 3 Into Your Talks

Whether it's in communications, art, or even nature, 3s surround us. It's commonly known as the rule of 3, and it has been used throughout recorded history. This rule suggests that things grouped in 3s are more easily recognized, remembered, and retold. Also, our brains are constantly on the lookout for patterns, and since 3 is the smallest number of elements required for a pattern, it's the one that’s most frequently seen and heard. But is the Rule of 3 really a rule? Not necessarily....


How to Make Your Business Storytelling Stickier with Neil Gordon

Do you employ storytelling in your business life? If so, do you know how you can make your stories more effective? And if you don’t use stories when presenting, is it because you don’t understand the value or don’t know how to develop stories? Whether you do or don’t, you want to listen to the advice Neil Gordon shares in this episode, including the benefits of storytelling and what you can add to help your listeners understand and remember the information you share with...


QuickBites: Focus on Connection Not Perfection

When it comes to preparing for presentations, there are two extremes. At one end is the person who barely prepares, if at all. They're happy to fly by the seat of their pants. At the other end is the speaker who is a perfectionist. They want everything calculated to the nth degree. Do you consider yourself to be a perfectionist? If so, is it holding you back? Is it keeping you from focusing on connecting with your audiences? Then tune in and learn how perfectionism affected my client and...


How to Use Public Speaking to Level-Up Your Business with Steve Preda

Are you a consultant, coach, or in another profession and have thought about using public speaking to increase both your exposure and sales? If so, have you wondered how to go about it? Then listen in as my guest, Steve Preda, shares with you how he did it and how you can, too.


QuickBites: How to Use Your Stance to Convey Confidence

When you speak in front of others, which signal are you sending to your listeners -- that you are confident or that you’re not? And, why does this matter? When people don’t have confidence in you, they likely don’t have confidence in the information you’re sharing. So, how are you going to demonstrate confidence, especially when you lack it? Tune in and discover how you can accomplish through your stance.


How to Deal with What's Holding You Back with Luke Menkes

Do you struggle with impostor syndrome? Have you somehow lost the confidence you once had? If so, you’re not alone. Many people struggle with these, including my guest, Luke Menkes. Luke is an experienced public speaker who had to learn how to get over tremendous stage fright, introversion, and shyness to be able to excel in running his very successful and growing podcast New Town Big Dreams. He’s a living, positive example of what you can accomplish with persistence, a few simple...


QuickBites: How to Use Emphasis to Express Meaning

Recently, a client and I were discussing how you can change the entire meaning of a sentence simply by choosing which word or words you emphasize. Some people call this hitting or punching a word. In this short episode, you'll hear an exercise that not only illustrates how this works but also one you can use to practice hitting the appropriate words so you accurately convey your intended meaning.


How to Breathe Properly So You Can Stay Calm and Engage with Dr. Amy Novotny

I don’t know about you, but if I were asked to list the various ways the body is involved in public speaking, I would include stance, movement, gestures, heart rate, and even sweating. And to be honest, the rib cage would be far down on that list, if it were on it at all. In this episode, Dr. Amy Novotny shares why the often-neglected rib cage should be higher on that list and how it helps you when you deliver presentations in meetings and on stage.


QuickBites: The Top 10 Things My Mom Taught Me About Public Speaking

When I started coaching, I realized that many of the things my mother taught me about interacting with others were spot on. From her point of view, she was teaching me about respect. However, she couldn't have known that she was also teaching me about one of the most valuable aspects of presentation skills — engagement. Listen in, and catch the top 10 things my mom taught me about public speaking.


How to Manage Your Voice for a Healthy Sound and Compelling Message with Alana McKenzie

Richard Strauss said, “The human voice is the most beautiful instrument of all, but it is the most difficult to play.” He was so right. Think about the numerous aspects of the human voice that you can manipulate, including pitch, rate, tone, and volume. Add to this that, just like any fine instrument, you need to care for it. With so much to know and do, it’s no wonder that so many speakers pay little attention to their voices and use them well. In this episode, Alana McKenzie helps...


QuickBites: How Introverts Have an Advantage When Speaking in Public

Are you an introvert? Great! Because too many people believe you need to be an extrovert to enjoy or excel at public speaking. Thankfully, this isn’t the case. In fact, if you are an introvert, you have several advantages. In this short episode, you’re going to learn about three of these advantages and the benefits they provide. Perhaps you can be inspired by these famous people who are self-proclaimed introverts. - Warren Buffett - Elon Musk - Barack Obama - Clint Eastwood -...


Comparing and Contrasting Speaking and Writing Skills with Geralyn Gendreau

Speaking on stage and writing a book are often seen as two entirely different disciplines ... and with good reason. But is it really that cut and dry? In this episode, prolific speaker and author, Geralyn Gendreau compares and contrasts speaking and writing, based on her own experiences. Tune in and discover if you have a speech (or book) in you, and if you do, how to find your voice and clarify your message.


QuickBites: How to Construct a Solid Foundation for Your Talks

Do you watch any of the home renovation shows? My wife and I do. And it didn't take watching very many shows to realize that there was going to be a surprise – a problem – in every episode, no matter which shows we were watching. But, of course, this makes sense since stories, to be interesting, need challenges or conflicts. The surprise I like most is when the hosts discover there are problems with the house's foundation. Then, all structural work comes to a screeching halt because all they...


How to Be Happy in the Pursuit of Your Dreams with Mike Duffy

In this episode, we take a departure from our usual discussions about speaking and talk about happiness. Why? Well, for two reasons. One reason is that, to me, speaking and happiness go hand-in-hand. The other reason is that when I learned about Mike Duffy and his mission in life, I wanted to interview him so he could share his message with you.


QuickBites: How to Use the Most Powerful Word in Your Presentations

Which word in the English language do you believe is the most powerful? Of course, if you're like most people, you'll say it's "please." Now, answer this question, please. Which word in the English language do you believe is the most powerful when it comes to speaking in public? Listen in, and you'll learn how this simple word helps you and your talks connect more effectively with your individual audience members.