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Do you want to be a better speaker? Do you want to know how to deliver a talk that connects with people on all levels? Do you want to be calm, confident, and credible every time you speak? Then tune in to Public Speaking with Peter George. Each episode is designed to help you develop superior public speaking skills so you can increase your impact, influence, and income -- whether you're speaking on stage, presenting in meetings, or selling to prospects.


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Do you want to be a better speaker? Do you want to know how to deliver a talk that connects with people on all levels? Do you want to be calm, confident, and credible every time you speak? Then tune in to Public Speaking with Peter George. Each episode is designed to help you develop superior public speaking skills so you can increase your impact, influence, and income -- whether you're speaking on stage, presenting in meetings, or selling to prospects.






The Final Episode

You may have noticed how erratic my episodes have been over the past couple of months. I apologize for that, but there is a good reason for it! In early July, I’m sitting on the sofa, feeling as if I’m getting the flu — sweaty, lethargic, just feeling a bit off. However, within a few minutes, my Apple Watch confirms that I’m experiencing A-Fib and suggests I go to the hospital immediately. When I arrive, things move quickly. I’m immediately brought into a small room and hooked up to an EKG. In no time at all, the nurse turns to another. “Donna.” Donna takes one look at my EKG and turns to a doctor. “Mike.” Mike doesn’t hesitate, telling them where to bring me and what to do. A team of doctors and nurses are waiting for me. They stabilize me, and several hours later, I’m heading up to a room. The next day starts with a coronary catheterization. “A 30-year-old would like to have your arteries,” the doctor tells me. “They’re in excellent condition.” “So I’ve got nothing to worry about,” I think. I couldn’t be more wrong. The next day brings a few more tests, and the doctor shares the results. “You have aortic stenosis. In fact, the valve is barely functioning and must be replaced within the next few days. We don’t do that here, so you have a choice of which hospital to go to. It doesn’t take long for Jeanne and me to decide on Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston — one of the top cardiac hospitals in the country and only an hour from our home in Rhode Island. The next morning, I am, as the Dropkick Murphy’s song goes, shipping up to Boston … for open heart surgery. What a way to spend my 65th birthday. Over the next couple of days, I meet with my surgeon several times. Dr. Kim De la Cruz, the section chief and an aortic specialist, has a wonderful bedside manner and a hearty, reassuring laugh. I am confident and ready. Everything goes well during the surgery, and it looks like I’ll be home in five or six days. But my heart has other ideas. Liking the attention from the nurses, doctors, and the rest of the staff, it decides to act up so I can continue to enjoy the pampering for a while longer. Over the next two weeks, I have another operation (although not nearly as invasive) and two procedures, including one where they chemically stop my heart and restart it within seconds … while I’m awake. The doctor overseeing that procedure said it would be excruciating, and she was not lying! I spend almost the month of July in the hospital. In some ways, it seems like I was there for several months; in others, it seems to have flown by. Thankfully, other than follow-ups, it’s all in the past. I realize that I’m extremely fortunate. Dr. De la Cruz said that of the thousands of aortic valves he’s worked on, mine is in the top 10 — if not the top five — of the most calcified. It seems I could have had — and probably should have had — a serious, if not fatal, heart attack. Now I’m recuperating, and at a faster pace than expected. But it’s still going to be a while before I’m back to my full workload. So something has to give. And since my favorite part of being a speaking coach is working with my clients, then, for now, as much as I enjoy my podcast, I am going to stop it. Someday, it may be back. But in the meantime, I’d like to thank my guests for making this such a helpful, entertaining podcast. And, of course, I’d like to thank you for listening. If you’d like to check out my multi-award-winning book, The Captivating Speaker, it’s available on Amazon. Just click here. If you want to work directly with me, go to and click on the link to schedule a free consultation.


Discover the Hidden Power of Your Compelling Speaking Voice with John Henny

People often tell me they don’t like their own voices. Well, what about you? Do you like your voice? Do you, or more importantly, do others find it compelling? Does it enhance your presentations or distract from them? In this episode, John Henny provides techniques that help you strengthen your communication skills and gain more confidence in your speaking voice. As a result, you eliminate strain and bring out your best-sounding compelling voice. John has decades of experience helping thousands of voice users around the world become more effective communicators. He is a featured lecturer at top voice conferences and institutions, including IVTOM, Osborne Head and Neck Institute, VIP Worldwide Voice Conference, The Paul McCartney Liverpool Institute, and USC. The author of three Amazon bestselling books and host of the popular podcast The Intelligent Vocalist, John coaches professional voice users at corporate businesses, the U.S. military, sports announcers, and voice-over artists. Resources - - - The Captivating Public Speaker on Amazon -


Become the Go-To Expert and Attract Greater Opportunities with Kelly Charles-Collins

You hear and read them all the time, things like build a personal brand, identify your niche, and craft your signature talk. But how do you go about doing these? In this episode, Kelly Charles-Collins gives you the answers so you can position yourself as the go-to expert in your field. As a result, you have a greater opportunity to secure corporate training contracts and paid speaking engagements. As a Keynote & Award-Winning TEDx Speaker, Retired Trial Attorney and Law Firm Partner, Speaker, Mentor, and Author, Kelly is a sought-after authority in courageous conversations, unconscious bias, and women’s empowerment. A transformative speaker, Kelly’s media features include ABC, NBC, CBS,, Forbes, Fast Company, Authority Magazine, Women’s Wear Daily, and more. She’s the author of Conversations Change Things. Resources - - The Captivating Public Speaker on Amazon -


The Value and Power of Corporate Storytelling with Steve Multer

Understanding and honoring the powerful psychology of the speaker-audience relationship helps you improve your communication skills and professional and personal interactions. But how do you do this? Well, in this episode, Steve Multer gives you the keys to adding value, passion, and connection in any outbound marketing message. Remember … a number without a story that gives that number meaning is easily ignored and quickly forgotten. Yet, when you learn to tell a better story, you’ll instantly serve your listeners and yourself more successfully, strategically, and organically. Steve is a veteran corporate storyteller, speaker coach, team trainer, and market messaging strategist for some of the world's leading brands including Cisco, Splunk, Fujifilm, HP, Siemens, NTT Data, Bayer, Xerox, and Panasonic. He has guided more than 2,500 professionals to deliver value, passion, and connection in on-stage and on-camera presentations. His new book, Nothing Gets Sold Until the Story Gets Told: Corporate Storytelling for Career Success and Value-Driven Marketing, was released in January.


Signature Talks: A Building Block to Your Unique Brand with Steve Lowell

Are you a professional speaker? Or, perhaps, you’re ready to move into the world of speaking at the professional level. If you’re in either situation, then you probably realize the value of promoting yourself as a professional. Yet, if you want to grow your speaking business, you need to know how to promote yourself effectively and consistently. You’re in luck! In this episode, you hear Steve Lowell share his insights on how to effectively drive business through speaking without resorting to manipulative selling tactics. You also get to explore the concepts of creating a signature talk that defines you to your audiences and the importance of being known for something specific. Takeaways - The effectiveness of non-manipulative speaking - Apprehension towards high-pressure sales tactics from speakers - Building trust with the audience - Importance of focusing on solving the audience's problem - The value of a Signature Talk - Being known for something - Importance of being recognized and branding oneself - The desired outcomes of a keynote - Developing a process to challenge commonly taught ideas - Becoming a category of one - Challenging one's own creations - Providing unique experiences for the audience - The task of promoting oneself as a speaker - Going deeper to promote as a problem solver - Asking questions to generate new perspectives for oneself Resources - - The Captivating Public Speaker on Amazon -


Distinction in Speaking: From Being Different to Being Unique with Scott McKain

If you’re having difficulty differentiating yourself from other speakers and meeting planners can’t distinguish you, then you definitely want to listen to this episode featuring Scott McKain. He discusses the importance of standing out and becoming distinctive in your field and shares valuable insights on accomplishing this. Scott has achieved the Certified Public Speaker designation from the National Speakers Association and has been inducted into the Professional Speakers Hall of Fame. He is the best-selling author of Iconic, the soon-to-be-released The Ultimate Customer Experience, and other popular business books. Takeaways - The importance of distinction in speaking - Finding unique ways to communicate effectively - Making speeches personal and valuable to the audience - The shift from lectures to personal talks and conversations with the audience - The importance of repeat and referral business for successful speaking engagements - The value of connecting with the audience - The importance of personal stories in speaking - The benefits of practicing and coaching - The power of storytelling - The advantage of having a signature story - Having a differentiating factor that sets you apart - Being remembered beyond a good speech Resources - - The Captivating Public Speaker on Amazon -


How PR Can Elevate Your Brand, Regardless of Size with Brandi Sims

Is PR part of your promotional mix? Or do you believe it’s a tool used only by larger companies with larger bank accounts? Then listen in as Brandi Sims shares with you how PR can be part of your mix and how it will benefit you no matter the size of your company. Takeaways - The Difference between Marketing, PR and Advertising - PR is not just for big brands - The Importance of PR in Small Businesses - PR Agency: An Extension of Your Team - Understanding Different PR Roles for Your Business - Managing Crisis: The Importance of Expert Help Resources - - The Captivating Public Speaker on Amazon -


How to Engage, Connect, and Be Remembered with Chandler Walker

When you speak, do you quickly engage and connect with the audience? Do the audience members remember you, and more importantly, do they remember your message and how it benefits them? In this episode, my guest, Chandler Walker, helps you ensure all of this happens every time you speak in public. Chandler has spoken on stages, both big and small, in several countries, including the US, Australia, Canada, the Netherlands, and more. With over ten years of experience in the business and speaking world, Chandler has a passion for sharing the knowledge he’s gained and has learned to embrace failure as an opportunity for growth and the pursuit of mastery. Takeaways - Using popular culture references and humor in a talk can keep the audience engaged and interested. - Engaging the audience and having fun can help them remember you and follow you on social media. - Tips on how to speak with authority and poise by becoming a challenge leader, mastering paradoxical thought patterns, and using emotional storytelling. - Changing paradigms and shifting the way people think about internal issues can help facilitate change. - Good speakers connect with the audience at a deep level by listening and speaking from the heart. - Challenging the audience is important to keep their attention and make them remember you - Having a clear point and presenting familiar topics in a new way can keep listeners engaged and interested. Resources - - The Captivating Public Speaker on Amazon -


Voicing the Sacred with Victoria Rader

Are you an empowered public speaker, or do you shy away from the challenges that speaking presents even though you know they are necessary for growth? Then listen in as my guest, Victoria Rader, helps you focus on your message instead of yourself and explains how using "what if?" scenarios enables you to shift your attention to the possibility of success. Victoria is a transformational speaker and founder of YU2SHINE. She empowers coaches, entrepreneurs, and people who seek personal development to grow in all areas of their lives through the proven formula of success. As a result, they have more peace, purpose, and prosperity. Takeaways - How to know if you are meant to be a public speaker - The difference between scared and sacred - A way to overcome your fear of public speaking - The main qualities of being a good public speaker - Where you should start to prepare to be a public speaker - A solidnumber one go to technique? Resources - - The Captivating Public Speaker on Amazon -


Tap Through Your Fears with Lauren Fonvielle

Are you still trying to get over your nervousness or maybe even dealing with limited beliefs? Well, maybe it's time to try Emotional Freedom Techniques, commonly known as EFT or Tapping. Listen in as my guest Lauren Fonvielle explains how tapping can help you reduce your anxiety, overcome limiting beliefs, and help you accomplish what you're striving to do. Lauren is an integrative energy practitioner specializing in EFT tapping to help entrepreneurs reduce stress and increase profits. She guides her clients on a journey of self-healing to break through obstacles, whether they're physical, mental, or emotional, that keep them stuck in life and in business. Takeaways - How EFT reduces the amount of stress hormone — cortisol — and helps clear the energy meridians that move through the body - How tapping helps acknowledge emotions for a different perspective and outcome - The importance of acknowledging and feeling emotions rather than avoiding them to move forward in a positive way - How EFT tapping addresses physical sensations and memories associated with past experiences to release emotions and change thinking patterns - What sessions with a therapist look like - Where tapping can be employed Resources - - The Captivating Public Speaker on Amazon -


How a Speech Pathologist Can Help You Be a Better Communicator with Lenora Edwards

Have you ever thought about working with a speech pathologist? Well, neither have I ... at least not since I worked with one in elementary school. But maybe it’s time to consider the idea. Listen in, and hear speech pathologist Lenora Edwards explain how working with a speech language pathologist can help improve communication and presenting skills -- whether you’re speaking to one person across a desk, 12 people in a convergence room, or 1,000 people in an auditorium. Takeaways - Why effective communication is crucial - How speech therapy can benefit your communication and presentation skills in various scenarios - Discover the components of speech therapy that you can improve - How to reduce discomfort and improve confidence in speaking - The importance of vocal hygiene - Ways to care for vocal hygiene - The importance of taking care of your vocal cords - If you should be concerned with dialect and accent modification - How to practice in formal and informal settings Resources - - The Captivating Public Speaker on Amazon -


Turning 3 Minutes Into a Full Calendar with Arel Moodie

As it is in just about any industry, speakers look for ways to set themselves apart from the pack. This results in more gigs and an easier and shorter selling process. What would it mean to you if you could accomplish both of these at the same time? What would it mean for your revenue? How about your confidence? Well, Arel Moodie is here to show specific strategies on how to book more speaking engagements by leveraging data in a way most speakers aren’t. And get this ... it’s easy! Takeaways - Use data to separate yourself from other speakers. - Consistently book more gigs. - What apple pie can teach you about marketing. - What event planners know that doesn’t help you. - How feedback ups your speaking game. - When to get the feedback. - How to tee it up. - Get those who hire speakers to identify themselves. - Get a special offer on Talkadot! Resources - - - The Captivating Public Speaker on Amazon -


Is Your Fear of Networking Sabotaging Your Career? with Jocelyn Chong

Do you network? Better yet … do you network with intention so you can accelerate your business growth? If you’re not intentionally networking, or even if you already are, listen in as Jocelyn Chong explains how you can be a more deliberate networker and achieve success sooner. Jocelyn is an internationally-recognized networking specialist, four-time #1 international bestselling author, high-performance sales speaker, and coach. She has over 20 years of experience leading multiple eight-figure businesses and building high-performance sales teams in the banking and finance sector. Having been featured in many media outlets, she is regarded as a thought leader in the banking industry. Takeaways - Common myth about networking - What intentional networking really means - The biggest challenge about networking right now, and how do you overcome it - Advice for attending a networking event - Have to build the proper mindset - How to avoid a common networking trap Resources - - The Captivating Public Speaker on Amazon -


How to Make Your Speech Sound Like Music with John Watkis

Sure, knowing your product or service is essential, but do you know how to develop and deliver that information in ways that your audience will remember, repeat, and respond to? If not, you’re missing out, and so is your audience. In this episode, John Watkis offers several ideas on how you can accomplish this by making your speeches sound like music. Takeaways - How a speech is like music - Why are you would want to include a chorus - Where does the chorus go? - The value of using a hook - How to make a “boring“ subject interesting - Mistakes some speakers make - How do you respond to resistance - How to end your talk with power - A key to storytelling Resources - - The Captivating Public Speaker on Amazon -


Building Your Personal Brand with Victoria Pelletier

Do you want to be seen as a thought leader in your field? Would it help if you could continue to grow your network and social media following? Are you striving to get more speaking gigs? If you said yes to any of these, then building your personal brand may be the answer ... or at least a significant part of it. In this episode, Victoria Pelletier discusses the importance of personal branding and its impact on professional growth. Resources - - The Captivating Public Speaker on Amazon -


Mistakes Speakers Make with Bret Ridgway

Would you like to hear some of the things speakers do well? What about some of the things that might not have gone so well, including a mistake that cost a speaker $375,000? My guest, Bret Ridgway, shares a few war stories and other tips that can help you avoid some of the mistakes that could derail your success. Resources - - The Captivating Public Speaker on Amazon -


Using Clown Presence to Deepen Audience Connection with Don Colliver

Have you ever wanted to be a clown? Better yet, as a speaker, do you want to be able to use the essence of a clown so you can more deeply engage your audiences? My guest, Don Colliv er, shows you how you can better communicate through the power of authenticity, listening, and play, or what he calls the Secrets of Clown. Takeaways - How clowns relate to public speaking - How you can engage better with their audiences - What to do when things don't go as expected - What to do to deal with nerves - Whether you should add humor to your presentations - Discover the key to clown presence Resources - - The Captivating Public Speaker on Amazon -


Creating Magic Moments and WOWing Your Audience with Ronny Leber

Do you want to wow your audiences? Would doing so help you stand apart from other speakers? Would it help you and your message be more effective and more memorable? In this episode, my guest, Ronny Leber, tells you how you can create what he calls Magic Moments so you can WOW your audiences. Takeaways - Discover the most important thing when speaking in public - Hear the most common mistakes inexperienced speakers make and how to avoid them - What magic moments are and how to create them - Learn the key to WOWing your audience - Preparing for speaking gigs, especially if you are just starting out Resources - - The Captivating Public Speaker on Amazon -


Building Your SPEAK Framework with Grant Baldwin

Do you want to be a speaker? That’s great! Do you want to be a paid speaker? Well, that’s different. In this episode, my guest, Grant Baldwin, explains how you can use his SPEAK Framework to become a paid speaker and build a profitable speaking business. Takeaways - Hear how the SPEAK framework helps you build your speaking business - Why you should treat speaking business as a business - Learn how you can get more opportunities to speak and get paid to speak - Know what you should take into consideration when speaking for free - Discover your two most important marketing assets Resources - - The Speaker Lab Podcast - The Successful Speaker - - The Captivating Public Speaker on Amazon -


Want to Be More Persuasive? Do These Three Things with Bryan Rutberg

When you’re developing presentations, how much thought do you give to being persuasive? Any? Well, you should because just about every time you deliver a presentation, you're attempting to persuade someone to buy what you’re selling, whether it’s a product or service or an idea, belief, proposition, or other concepts. So, if you want to be more persuasive when speaking, listen in as my guest, Bryan Rutberg, explains how you can make this a reality. Takeaways - Discoverhree things you should do before your presentations - Learn if one is more important than the others - Is being persuasive manipulative? - How you can tell if your persuasiveness is working? - In which environments being persuasive works - Hear examples of how this works and those where it hasn't Resources - - - The Captivating Public Speaker on Amazon -