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Education Podcasts A series of real talk weekly podcasts covering topics to inspire, educate and well, maybe even transform. Occupational psychologist Dr Paul Brewerton takes you inside some of the stuff that can help you get the most from work and from life, every day. Get ready. A series of real talk weekly podcasts covering topics to inspire, educate and well, maybe even transform. Occupational psychologist Dr Paul Brewerton takes you inside some of the stuff that can help you get the most from work and from life, every day. Get ready.


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Description: A series of real talk weekly podcasts covering topics to inspire, educate and well, maybe even transform. Occupational psychologist Dr Paul Brewerton takes you inside some of the stuff that can help you get the most from work and from life, every day. Get ready.




S13E5 Team well-being - the essentials guide

So what is well-being, because it seems to be a phrase on the tip of many people’s tongues these days? Well it depends who you ask but well-being is pretty well-defined by the New Economic Foundation: “…how people feel and how they function, both on a personal and a social level, and how they evaluate their lives as a whole.”


P25 Why you need a global perspective on DEI with Alison Pacifico-France

Today’s podcast is a next chapter in a conversation that started about 8 months ago on the topic of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. That conversation was the most downloaded of all the conversations I’ve had to date with some amazing guests and it was called ‘the future of DEI in organisations…courageous inclusion’ with today’s guest, Alison Pacifico-France. Welcome once again Alison.


S13E4 How to turn a leadership group into a leadership team

How often do you hear the term leadership group? Rarely, and when you do, it will be when describing a cohort of leaders on a development programme or some kind of discussion forum or committee. So, if you’re part of, or you know of, a leadership team actually running a function, department or whole organisation that right now is more group than team, then this episode is for you because my focus today is on turning a leadership group into a leadership team.


S13E3 Team onboarding 101 - top tips to help new colleagues get on the good foot

There’s a lot of churn out there right now. Lots of people moving roles, moving organisations and moving teams. And that means a lot of change for individuals and for teams too. So in today’s podcast I want to make a point, and I’ll give you some practical tips too on how to get new team joiners off to the best possible start when they’re joining a new team.


P24 Menopause means everyone – an essential guide to menopause at work and menopause coaching with Amantha King

Today’s podcast relates to a topic that is not talked about enough, not understood well enough and, as a result, is not provided for by organisations well enough at this point. But that’s all about to change. I am delighted to welcome to the podcast today someone who is at the forefront of thought leadership and practice in the area of menopause – menopause at work and menopause coaching – Amantha King.


S13E2 Hybrid team working - how to get the most from hybrid teams

How best to navigate hybrid team working in a post-pandemic world? How can you get the most from the teams you work in and who work for you? I have four areas to discuss and for each I’ll take you through the ups and downs as I see them and how you can get the best from all worlds…virtual and in person.


S13E1 Sticky teams - how to build a team that people just won't want to leave



P23 How to support parents at work - what organisations need to know with Charlotte Speak

Today we’re going to talk about the good, the bad and the ugly of supporting parents in the workplace. The hidden challenges that parents face and how organisations can do better to manage, motivate, retain and return parents well to organisational life. Char’s also going to be describing how she’s integrated being a pro/entrepreneur, being a human as well as being a parent and how that all works for her. As I say, this podcast is for everybody so without any more words of introduction,...


S12E12 Team development essentials – what teams often forget and where you can help…starting with strengths

This episode is about team development essentials, starting from a position of strength but moving into the development of positive team habits, to support a team through change and challenge.


S12E11 Assessing an organisation's culture right now - the definitive guide

Today’s episode is on assessing the culture you have right now, to get a sense of where your organisation is, so that you can get a sense of where you’ll need to prioritise actions in order to get closer to your envisaged future state. So let’s get to it.


S12E10 What is strengths-based learning and development and why does it matter?

The strengths-based approach offers a compliment and an antidote to the deficit approach. And strengths-based learning and development helps us focus on developing and stretching our strengths, rather than spending all of our time on hammering out our weaknesses and shortcomings.


S12E9 Why setting clear expectations is important and how to do it

A recent Towers Watson survey reported that half of managers don't set effective employee expectations or goals. And if, therefore, 50% of employees haven’t received a clear message on what is expected of them, they will figure out their own expectations, they won’t know how close or far away they are to what their manager had in mind and no one will know when or if the expectation has been achieved. This episode is all about the art of setting clear expectations and how to do it.


S12E8 What is a strengths-based approach in coaching?

In this episode, I discuss:


S12E7 How to map your future culture and how to work out when you need to

Today’s episode relates not necessarily to the assessment of your organisational culture right now, I’ll come back to that in a future piece. No, this blog is about mapping out your future culture and how best to do that.


S12E6 What is psychological safety and how can you get it?

I want to talk about psychological safety – what it is, why it’s important and how you can develop greater psychological safety in your organisation and within your teams.


S12E5 Strengthscope and Insights - are they happy together?

In this week's episode: 


S12E4 How to get the career you want - ikigai x strengths = your killer career

This episode is all about getting the career you want, being prepared to make your move when the market conditions are right, or, quite frankly, when your conditions are right…that is, when you’ve decided that a career or role change is right for you. To help you navigate these decisions, I have some reflections about what not to do if you want to get the career you want, need and deserve. I then want to move on to describing the Japanese concept of ikigai to help you find your career sweet...


S12E3 Goal setting for the year ahead - the strengths way

Why is goal setting important? It’s important because repeated research has shown that setting goals can make a difference to motivation and performance in many areas of life. In this podcast, discover the 4 steps you'll need which will help you to goal set in the year ahead, or any time of year, the strengths way…


S12E2 The changing psychological contract post-pandemic and why you need to take it seriously

In this weeks episode, discover:


S12E1 Beyond Hogan - the power of strengths

The Hogan suite of psychometrics is very widely used in organisations across the world. The best known tools in the Hogan portfolio are what Hogan call their ‘bright side’ profiler (Hogan Personality Indicator or HPI) and their ‘dark side’ profiler (Hogan Development Survey or HDS). In this podcast, discover: