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Join Australian educator Chris Betcher as he talks with leading teachers from around the globe about how they use technology in their classrooms.

Join Australian educator Chris Betcher as he talks with leading teachers from around the globe about how they use technology in their classrooms.
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Join Australian educator Chris Betcher as he talks with leading teachers from around the globe about how they use technology in their classrooms.




VSR46: This is Personal

Kathleen McClaskey and Barbara Bray take a special interest in personalised learning, differentiated instruction and the whole concept of Universal Design for Learning (UDL). In this episode we dig into many of these concepts to learn more, including the sharing of some useful apps for personalised learning. listen/download the audio file here Personalized Learning Toolkits: Designing New Pathways for Each Child Kathleen’s...


VSR45: Blocks and Filters

Like most teachers, Brett Moller, Bruce Fuda, Ashley Proud and Carolyn Foote all have to deal with the realities of filters and blocks on their school Internet connection, although they all experience this reality in slightly different ways.. In this episode we talk about web filters, the need to keep kids safe online and try to balance the argument with good old fashioned some common sense. listen/download the audio file here Ashley Proud- @ashleyproud...


VSR44: A World of Difference

Michael Graffin is a young relief teacher from near Perth, Western Australia who has never had his own classroom but has still managed to discover the joys of working across the Internet on global projects. In this episode, Michael is joined by one of his collaboration partners Theresa Allen from Chicago, and also Lisa Parisi from New York, as we discuss the wonders of learning using online collaborative projects. listen/download the audio file here Michael Graffin - @mgraffin...


VSR43: The Global Village

John Warnken is a good guy. He's 58 years old, lives in Florida and is not officially a teacher. However, John has been voluntarily working with students from all over the world to help them improve their English and broaden their view of the world. He's now on a mission to help other seniors do the same. Using the power of Skype, John has spent the last 4 years Skyping into classrooms all over the world working with kids that want to talk with a native English speaker. It's a short podcast,...


VSR42: iOS App Smackdown!

Deon Scanlon, Andrew Churches, Allanah King and Amanda Marrinan are leading Australian and New Zealand educators who use iPads, iPods (and even iPhones) in their work with kids. In this episode we share 48 of our favourite and most useful iOS apps… some fun, some silly, some educational, some serious; but all amazing! listen/download the audio file here @deonscanlon@achurches@allanahk@marragemThe 48...


VSR41: Culture and Vision

Helen Otway is an assistant principal and Ultranet Coach in Victoria, Australia. She is passionate about ICT, professional development and developing a school culture of continual learning. In this episode we talk about a range of topics including sharing to build school culture, learning through failure, and developing a more thoughtful approach to teaching and learning through reflective practice. listen/download the audio file here We also talk about the Victorian iPad Trial and where...


VSR40: There's an App for That

Apple's iDevices are gaining lots of traction in the education sphere lately, and with good reason. They have many of the characteristics of an almost perfect learning device, so it's no wonder so many schools around the world are trying to work out how they might best fit into the learning process. Rob Newberry, Tyler Sherwood and Brett Moller all work in schools that are exploring ways that the iPad, iPhone and iPad touch can be leveraged for greater learning. listen/download the audio...


VSR39: Scientific Curiosity

Tim Kong, John Pearce, Britt Gow and Leigh Zeitz get together to chat about science education, but we soon get carried away talking about some of the bigger, broader issues of teaching in general. In the end, we cover a whole lot of different stuff. This was another podcast organised over Twitter at short notice. listen/download the audio file here Links for this episode John Pearce @mrpbps Britt Gow @brittgow Tim...


VSR38: Student Voice

When it comes to blogging with students, Linda Yollis and Kathleen Morris know what they're talking about. In this episode they share some of their wisdom about getting very young students to blog effectively. Some great tips and advice on blogging. Both Linda and Kathleen had their blogs nominated for the 2010 Edublog Awards, and Linda was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award. If you're looking for great advice about student blogging, this is the place! listen/download the audio file...


VSR37: Design is Everything

Melinda Alford is a teacher who cares about design. From the design of her classroom, to the design of her school, to the design of the work she expects from her students, design plays an important role in the things she does. In this episode we talk to Melinda about her classroom, her school, her city and a bunch of other things. listen/download the audio file here Melinda is from Atlanta Georgia in the USA, but teaches at Concordia International School in Shanghai China, where she's...


VSR36: Connected

In this episode I get to have a fun chat with three highly connected educators about the value that being connected brings to them. Chrissy Hellier is a New Zealander working in Bangkok; Amanda Marrinan teaches in Brisbane Australia; and Paul Wood works in Dallas, Texas. listen/download the audio file here We talk about the idea of connectedness, the value of what it means to be a connected educator and the opportunities it can open for your classroom. We also talk about Skype, Twitter and...


VSR35: Free As In Speech

Mark Osborne from Albany Senior High School in NZ joins us to talk about the way his school leverages the power of Open Source software, cloud computing and hosted servers. We are also joined by Australian teachers Roland Gesthuizen and Peter Ruwoldt. listen/download the audio file here resources mentioned in the...


VSR34: Short Notice

After rustling these guys up on Twitter at short notice, Rob Newberry, David Wees, Linda Pilkington, Britt Gow and Suzie Vesper join us to talk about copyright, iPads and iPods, and pretty much anything else on their minds! listen/download the audio file here Suzie Vesper - @suzievesper Britt Gow - @brittgow Linda Pilkington - @linda_pilko Rob Newberry - @robinthailand David Wees - @davidwees Copyright...


VSR33: This Is Not Amazing

During the recent Australian ITSC Conferences run by Apple Australia, Chris Betcher gave the keynote address called This is Not Amazing. This podcast is a recording of that keynote. listen/download the audio file here The ITSC Conferences took place on the Gold Coast, Adelaide, Sydney, Perth and Melbourne, and contained a significant unconference component that allowed participants to play and explore ideas rather than just get talked at. However, there were still a few "talks", and this...


VSR32: Be Very Afraid

Be Very Afraid is the brainchild of Professor Stephen Heppell, a gathering that brings together students from all over the UK to showcase some incredible ICT related projects. In this episode we hear some Stephen's personal insights about BVA. listen/download the audio file here In this episode I have the great pleasure of having a chat with the enigmatic Professor Stephen Heppell. With a story for just about every occasion, Stephen is a absolute mine of great insights and perspectives...


VSR31: The Culture Shift

Pamela Livingston, Leslie Wison and Ben Jones know an awful lot about implementing successful 1-1 computing rollouts. In this episode we dig into the core ideas behind a successful 1-1 implementation. listen/download the audio file here Pamela Livingston, Leslie Wison and Ben Jones know an awful lot about implementing successful 1-1 computing rollouts. They have all had extensive experience with some huge state-wide rollouts of laptop devices to students. In this episode we dig into the...


VSR30: The Whiteboard Conundrum

In this episode as we speak with Rob Newberry, James Hollis, Danny Nicholson, Martin Levins and Stuart Walsh, five experienced and opinionated IWB users and try to explore some of the bigger, deeper questions behind the use of IWB technology. listen/download the audio file here Love them or hate them, interactive whiteboards seem to have become a part of today’s modern classroom. There are many teachers who see them as a wonderful ‘window to the world’, able to open their classrooms up to...


VSR29: The C Word

This episode is a roundup of thoughts, ideas and impressions from delegates at the recent IWBNet Leading a Digital School Conference on Australia's Gold Coast. listen/download the audio file here I wandered around on the last day with my iPhone voice recorder and asked a few people for their thoughts on the event and how they might put some of their ideas into practice. It was a terrific conference with a basic message about the need for change as we lead our schools forward into the 21st...


VSR28: All This Scratchin'

Bill Kerr and Peter Ruwoldt teach in South Australia and have been using Scratch extensively with their students for quite a while. Peter was very involved in Scratch Day, an annual event to promote Scratch, and he shares some of his insights about this. listen/download the audio file here Scratch is an easy to learn programming tool developed by MIT and is finding enthusiastic users all over the world. In this episode we have a chat to two experienced Scratchers, Bill Kerr and Peter...


VSR27: Raising The Bar

Jarrod Robinson, Ben Jones and Shane Roberts are not ones for sticking with the status quo. Our conversation explores some very cool tools being used for integrating technology with PE, such as Bluetooth broadcasting, QR codes and the Wii Remote. listen/download the audio file here Raising the Bar is an expression that comes from athletics, where high jumpers will keep pushing themselves just that little bit further… it also describes well the sorts of thinking you’ll find coming from...