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Matt Myers & Kip North - "pay no attention to the man behind the curtain"

On this episode of the podcast, we talk to Matt Myers and Kip North, who serve as our school's athletic directors, and teach Social Science and Physical Education classes respectively. They let us know about the wonderful world of athletics, the diverse offering of classes their respective departments offer, our Elevate group, and what some might consider, the best rapid fire question segment since the pod's inception. #oneBG


Zach Crandall - "personal connections"

In Episode 7, I talk to Mr. Zach Crandall, Social Science teacher at BGHS. He tells about his passion for politics, his coaching experiences, how education has been a major influence on him his entire life, and we learn that him and Alexander Hamilton would probably be BFFs!


Steve Kolodziej and Kevin Schrammel - "a lotta La Croix"

This week, we interview the Dream Team...Mr. Kolodziej and Mr. Schrammel, our deans at Buffalo Grove High School. They tell us about their families, their interests, how they got into education, what deans do for students, their passion for La Croix, and most importantly...which member of the Kolodziej household take the longest to get ready! It's our longest episode to date, so if you're going to the football game tonight, this can definitely help the time pass! Don't forget to hit that...


Paul Genovese - "finding the right fit"

For episode 5, we sit down with Mr. Paul Genovese, our College and Career Counselor! We are in the heart of application season, and Mr. Genovese provides a wealth of knowledge and resources to help us navigate through the process. No matter who you are: student, parent, teacher, etc. there is a TON of useful information in this episode. We also get to learn a little about him, his family, his journey through education, and his passion for fishing!


Mental Health Committee - "it's so vital to our health"

This episode we had the pleasure of meeting with the Mental Health Committee. It is comprised of students Frank Adams, Logan Chessick , Noah Smith, Megan Fontanetta, Zori Angelova, and Kendra Lee. In our interview we learn about how the group came together, what their goals are, and how they plan to spread the word and education our community about the importance of addressing one's mental health.


Elizabeth Bennett - "the sound of a pencil dropping..."

This episode of The oneBG Podcast, we sit down with Elizabeth Bennett, Orchestra director and teacher at Buffalo Grove High School. In this episode, we talk about the first home football game, Grove Street, and "Application Season" for our seniors. Mrs. Bennett shares with us her journey to becoming a music teacher, how "Solces" came about, and the exciting updates all the construction around the school is bringing to the Fine Arts department. FIGHT ON!!!


Jeff Vlk - "well-rounded"

This is a special episode of The oneBG Podcast! This is the first episode since school has begun, we sit down with Jeff Vlk, an English teacher and head football coach, and senior Carter Gledhill will be helping me with hosting duties! We are going to talk about the start of the year, changes with some of the construction, the Mike Smith assembly, and more. Carter has advice for underclassman, and Mr. Vlk shares a funny story on how yoga made it's way to the football team! FIGHT ON!!!...


Jeff Wardle - State of the Bison Address

Welcome to the first ever episode of The oneBG Podcast In this special episode, we sit down with Principal Jeff Wardle to learn more about him in and out of school. You'll hear about his time teaching in another country, and an interesting fact about the interview that lead him to become our principal. He also has his first State of the Bison address to let us know about the current state of BGHS and everything going on at 1100 West Dundee. FIGHT ON!!!



It is finally here!! Buffalo Grove High School has finally joined the podcast world!! Hosted by Brian Linhart, each episode we will talk about upcoming events, important dates, and trending topics going on at 1100 West Dundee Road. We will also have our Meet a Bison segment where we will get to know a teacher, staff member, student, alumni, or figure in the community that make BG the best place in the world. FIGHT ON!!!!