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Your Inside Track In The World Of Property

Your Inside Track In The World Of Property
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Your Inside Track In The World Of Property






Why Use An Interior Designer? (PCEO305)

“How interior design can add thousands to your bottom line” Many property people including developers or landlords make the mistake of viewing interior design as an unnecessary expense. After all, as long as the design isn’t offensive, surely there’s no need to hire an interior designer? Isn’t it something you could do yourself for free? Time to meet Jo Balston from interior design specialists Venture & Flourish. In this episode, Jo not only shows us how an interior designer can help add...


Managing Risk (PCEO304)

“De-risking your property deals” All property development carries risk; after all without risk, there’s no reward. And development is a great way of making some serious profits. But how can you protect yourself against the downside as much as possible? In this episode Ritchie Clapson gives us seven great tips for minimising risk, from the type of project you look at through to the way you work your numbers. You can’t avoid risk completely, but armed with good advice you can certainly reduce...


How To Get Credibility In Property (PCEO303)

“Making sure you look the part” As someone who’s either new to property development or may be thinking about getting into it, how can you get the credibility you need to be taken seriously? After all, if you’ve got no previous experience, surely that puts you at a big disadvantage? Ritchie Clapson has worked with property developers for over 35 years and in this episode he gives the inside track on what skills you REALLY need to become a developer. He also shares how you can present yourself...


Setting Up Your Property Business (PCEO0302)

“Getting it right from the start” Many people jump in to property projects with enthusiasm and can’t wait to get their deals moving forward. But according to Ray Khan, property entrepreneur, tax and business advisor and founder of leading accountancy firm Khan Morris Accountants, a few hours spent going slowly at the start can save you thousands later on. In this episode Ray tells us some of the things we should consider when setting up a property business. He also shares some great tips on...


5 Essential Mindset Tools (PCEO0301)

“Focusing on what really makes a difference” The world is full of personal development advice, tools, books and courses. It would take more than a lifetime to research them all. So how do you work out what works? In this episode Ian Child gives us the lowdown on 5 tools that he thinks can make a big difference. By focusing on a small number of things that have big impact you can really supercharge your success in whatever area you want to excel. This can apply not only to property but also...


Free Money (PCEO0210)

“More sound advice from our friendly property lawyer” In this sparkling episode we get to hear the second part of an interview with top property solicitor Paul Sams from law firm Dutton Gregory. Paul gives some great advice on many different aspects of property, including how to build a winning relationship with your solicitor and maximise the value you get from them. He also tells us why a large number of people leave a lot of cash on the table when doing property deals, and how we can make...


Commercial Conversions (PCEO0209)

“Getting to grips with this popular strategy” There’s been a lot of noise about commercial conversions over the last few years, but what exactly are they and how do you do them? In this episode Ritchie delves into his 35 years of property experience during which he’s worked on many types of conversion both large and small. Whilst the name ‘commercial conversion’ is relatively new, the conversion of commercial buildings into residential has been happening for decades and has proved to be a...


How To Structure Your Business (PCEO0208)

“Tools to make your business more successful” You probably wouldn’t take a holiday without planning where you were going and knowing how you’d get there. So why is it that so many people run a business without much more than a vague concept of where they’re headed? And if you were just starting out, what would be the best way of structuring your business? In this episode Ritchie gives us his top tips on how to approach your business so that you're in a better place to make it successful. He...


What Your Contractor Really Thinks About You: Part 1 (PCEO0207)

“The contractor’s tale” The role of the contractor is pivotal to any property project, and as developers we want not only to keep them onside; we want to get the very best out of our relationship. In this episode Ritchie interviews Mark Legg, founder of highly successful contractors CDM Group to get the inside track on what contractors really think about developers, and how by getting educated in what makes contractors tick we can make our developments even more successful. Mark gave us so...


How To Set Goals (PCEO0206)

“How to achieve goals automatically…” We all know that personal goal setting is probably something we should do, but how do we actually go about doing it so that it just works? Ian Child from propertyCEO takes a look at some of the key elements of personal goal setting that can make it easier to achieve our long-term goals. This includes understanding the actions we can take to ensure we actually hit our goals automatically as well as how to make sure that the things we do every day move us...


How To Win Estate Agent Deals (PCEO0205)

“Impress agents regardless of your experience…” Some people who are new to property often wander into estate agent’s offices in the same way they might nip into a newsagent; and then find their chances of getting taken seriously suddenly take a big backward step. First impressions count and in this episode Ian Child from propertyCEO talks us through the things we can all do that will impress agents and hopefully get us to a place where we're not only getting treated as a serious player;...


Discovering Industrial Conversions (PCEO0204)

“The undiscovered property strategy…” Can there really be such a thing as an undiscovered property strategy? Commercial Conversions have been popular for some time now, with lots of developers pursuing an ever-decreasing number of conversion opportunities. But is there a golden opportunity hiding in plain sight that they're all missing? In this episode propertyCEO’s Ritchie Clapson gives us the low down on the little-known strategy of Industrial Conversions, which many people are now...


Essential Brain Training Part 1 (PCEO0203)

“Making the most of the little grey cells…” Your mind plays a fairly pivotal role in your success, but do you understand what’s really going on upstairs? Here Ian Child from propertyCEO takes us on a journey to the inner recesses of our minds, helping us understand how we can actually start to reprogramme our brains to make ourselves more successful. In Part 1 Ian offers up irrefutable evidence that Ritchie’s wife technically married someone completely different, and gives us a scientific...


The Part-Time Property Developer (PCEO0202)

“The truth about developing property in your spare time…” Many people think property development is complicated – but can it really be done in your spare time? Meet Simon Boyden; good friend and business partner of Ian Child, who plots his journey from being a complete property novice buying a plot of land on a whim during his very own ‘sliding doors’ moment, to completing multi-million pound developments over a quarter of a century (and over 50 builds) later, with all of it being done in...


How Passive Is Passive Income? (PCEO0201)

“How Much Work Is Really Involved With Property?” We all like the sound of passive income, and it’s one of the major attractions of the property world. But exactly how passive is it in reality? Here Ian Child from propertyCEO takes a look at each of the main project strategies and gives us a flavour of how much work is really involved with each, and how you can go about finding out for yourself how much work is involved before you commit to your own strategy. There’s also some fighting talk...


How To Find Property Deals (PCEO0110)

“Effective Frog Kissing” Kissing frogs might not be everyone’s idea of a good time but when it comes to finding property deals, you invariably need to check out a lot of ugly sisters before you find Cinderella. In this episode Ritchie Clapson from propertyCEO mercifully ditches any further Disney analogies and instead heads straight for the heart of the matter – where you should be looking to find your next property deal, and more importantly how you can do it effectively and efficiently. As...


Avoiding Legal Pitfalls In Property (PCEO0109)

“What Your Solicitor Really Thinks About You.” Legal problems are the last thing any property developer wants to encounter, but what can a less-experienced person do to head these issues off at the pass? In this episode Ritchie Clapson from propertyCEO catches up with award-winning solicitor and development conveyancing specialist Paul Sams from law firm Dutton Gregory. Paul explains the importance of getting an experienced solicitor on your team from the outset and looks at the most common...


Outsource Your Life (PCEO0108)

“Improving your hourly rate…” Many businesses use outsourcing but what about you? And more specifically have you ever thought about outsourcing things in your personal life to free up time for yourself or your business? In this episode, Ian Child from propertyCEO introduces us to the world of personal outsourcing and looks at a number of ways in which we can both free up time and improve our hourly rate. We also get to find out what price Ian himself places on his time (it’s a shocking...


Essential Property Business Skills (PCEO0107)

“What every property investor and developer needs to know…” “You don’t know what you don’t know” goes the saying – and this is never truer than in property, where many people start a property enterprise without ever having run a business before. But this can all too often prove to be a recipe for disaster… As both a property mentor and business advisor, Ritchie Clapson of propertyCEO has witnessed many casualties over the years – property people who hadn’t mastered the basic business skills...


Finding Finance (PCEO0106)

“Show Me The Money” Money may be the root of all evil, but it’s still pretty essential when it comes to property development. In fact one of the great things about property is that you're able to leverage other people’s money; you don’t actually need to have to have any of your own to invest. So where does this money come from? Ritchie Clapson from propertyCEO has been talking to leading commercial finance broker, Terry Rice of TJR Commercial, who gives us the lowdown on how your broker...