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Your Inside Track In The World Of Property


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Your Inside Track In The World Of Property






Insurance: What You REALLY Need To Know (PCEO410)

“Getting the inside track on property insurance…” Insurance is a necessary part of everyday life, and property is no different. Whether you're a developer or a landlord, insurance is an essential ingredient in your business, and it’s one that you need to know you can rely on should the worst happen. Unfortunately, it’s also one of a thousand different things that property people have to worry about, and as a result it can sometimes become something of an afterthought. Today we welcome...


Financial Freedom (And Where To Find It) (PCEO409)

“What does it mean and how can we get it?” Financial Freedom is a phrase that we hear very often these days and it’s no wonder; for most people the thought of being financially free sounds truly aspirational. But what exactly does to be financially free actually mean and, even if you know what it means to you, how can you get there? In this episode Ian and Ritchie look at why financial freedom means different things to different people. They also touch on the exciting world of passive income...

Try A Little Tendering (PCEO408)

“How to compare apples and apples…” Putting your projects out to tender is a critical part of the development process, however it can be fraught with difficulty. Who should you ask to quote and how many contractors should you ask? And what exactly should you be asking for? One of the key problems that developers encounter is that they either get too few quotes or the quotes they get range from the sublime to the ridiculous. In some cases, it’s as if they're quoting for a completely different...


Planning Permission vs Permitted Development (PCEO407)

“Getting control of your development…” There are lots of scary planning stories out there. People who buy a building or plot of land with the intention of starting a development only to find that the project gets refused by the planners or gets stuck in a seemingly endless planning approval process. And all the while the clock is ticking and the finance costs ramp up; it can be a frustrating and expensive place to find yourself, and one as a developer you want to avoid at all costs. Enter...


Nailing Your Personal Brand (PCEO406)

“Everything counts…” Personal branding is critical in the world of property, no matter which part of the market you're involved in. Whether you’re buying to rent, developing property, sourcing or doing rent-to-rent, you need people to see you as a credible person with a credible business. The problem comes when people limit their branding efforts to things like their business card and their website – the reality is that there is a lot more you need to do to get your branding on point....


Making Offers & Negotiating (PCEO405)

“How to maximise your profit at the start…” Generally, you make your money in property when you buy, so learning how to improve your offer-making strategy can be critical to nailing a good deal. So, what are the dos and don’ts when you’re putting forward your offer, and how can you negotiate a better deal? In this episode Ritchie gives us the lowdown on the best techniques and strategies to apply when doing a deal, including how to approach estate agents and why you really need to be talking...


The Architect’s View (PCEO404)

“More than just part of your design team…” The architect is without doubt one of the most important and influential professionals on any development project, and their input and influence can extend well beyond the design process. But for both new and existing developers, how do they know if they’re getting the best out of that relationship, and what mistakes do developers commonly make when engaging the services of an architect? Mike Sandhu, director of architects SC Architecture pops into...


Communication Is King (PCEO403)

“Keeping the relationship” The path to successful property development is built on personal relationships. But it’s also a bit of a minefield, often with lots of emotion involved particularly on the part of the developer. This can quite often be the case when challenges crop up on a project. So how do you make sure that you keep your relationships working effectively? Here Ritchie gives us the benefit of his 35+ years of development experience as he takes us through some of the key things to...


Nail Your Viewings (PCEO402)

“It’s all in the checklist” One thing most property people have in common is that at some point, they have to do viewings. Whether you're a developer or a landlord, viewing properties goes with the territory. So why is it most people do it so badly? In this episode Ritchie takes us through his top tips for doing viewings. What equipment do you need to take with you? What should you have on your viewing checklist? And most importantly, what are the things you should be looking for when you're...


Wisebites #1 (PCEO401)

“Sharing words of wisdom” Not all popular ideas are particularly wise, but sometimes you come across a concept that just makes so much sense you can’t believe it’s not common knowledge. Ian has spent more time than he cares to remember studying personal development, and whilst he’s seen his fair share of concepts that don’t exactly fall into the wisdom category, there have also been quite a few ideas that caused a light bulb moment. In this episode he shares three of his favourites. We...


Understanding Development Stages (PCEO310)

“Understanding the language of property development stages” Property development is a process that follows a well-trodden path, from the initial concept right through to project completion. But what’s the batting order and exactly what is involved at each stage of the process? In this last episode of season 3, Ritchie takes us through the end-to-end development journey and gets us familiar with the eight RIBA work stages. We then take a closer look at the three design stages and some of the...


Ritchie’s Stripping Secrets (PCEO309)

“Getting the lowdown on strip outs” In this worryingly named episode, Ritchie exposes us to his impressive expertise in the important area of stripping out a development site. Stripping out a building can throw up both problems and also opportunities. But how should you approach it? Will you get your main contractor to do it as part of the overall conversion or should you run a separate tender? Ritchie gives us the lowdown on five key things you should consider when stripping out a building,...


Lean Startup Learnings (PCEO308)

“What we can all learn from Silicon Valley” Lean Startup is more than a book or a concept; over the last few years it’s become a movement, embraced by both new start-ups and established corporates alike. At its heart is a simple principle – we make too many assumptions and take too much time delivering new products, businesses or solutions. What we need is a way of learning what works quickly and cheaply so that we can dramatically increase our chances of success. In his previous corporate...


What Makes A Good Developer (PCEO307)

“Avoiding the common development pitfalls” Over the last 30+ years Ritchie Clapson has worked with every type of developer, from those just starting out on their development career to those with decades of experience. And whether they're new to development or old hands, there are a number of key challenges that he sees crop up time and time again. In this episode Ritchie lifts the lid on the top 5 problems that he encounters with almost every type of developer and explains how we can avoid...


Making First Impressions Count (PCEO306)

“Getting off to the right start” You only get one chance to make a first impression and for many people, their business card is one of the first things people see. No matter how well you come across face-to-face, you won’t be there when the recipient of your card scrutinises it and decides whether or not to add you to their Rolodex. Critical then that your card should say all the right things about you. Ian explains in this episode how so many people get this wrong whilst sharing some great...


Why Use An Interior Designer? (PCEO305)

“How interior design can add thousands to your bottom line” Many property people including developers or landlords make the mistake of viewing interior design as an unnecessary expense. After all, as long as the design isn’t offensive, surely there’s no need to hire an interior designer? Isn’t it something you could do yourself for free? Time to meet Jo Balston from interior design specialists Venture & Flourish. In this episode, Jo not only shows us how an interior designer can help add...


Managing Risk (PCEO304)

“De-risking your property deals” All property development carries risk; after all without risk, there’s no reward. And development is a great way of making some serious profits. But how can you protect yourself against the downside as much as possible? In this episode Ritchie Clapson gives us seven great tips for minimising risk, from the type of project you look at through to the way you work your numbers. You can’t avoid risk completely, but armed with good advice you can certainly reduce...


How To Get Credibility In Property (PCEO303)

“Making sure you look the part” As someone who’s either new to property development or may be thinking about getting into it, how can you get the credibility you need to be taken seriously? After all, if you’ve got no previous experience, surely that puts you at a big disadvantage? Ritchie Clapson has worked with property developers for over 35 years and in this episode he gives the inside track on what skills you REALLY need to become a developer. He also shares how you can present yourself...


Setting Up Your Property Business (PCEO0302)

“Getting it right from the start” Many people jump in to property projects with enthusiasm and can’t wait to get their deals moving forward. But according to Ray Khan, property entrepreneur, tax and business advisor and founder of leading accountancy firm Khan Morris Accountants, a few hours spent going slowly at the start can save you thousands later on. In this episode Ray tells us some of the things we should consider when setting up a property business. He also shares some great tips on...


5 Essential Mindset Tools (PCEO0301)

“Focusing on what really makes a difference” The world is full of personal development advice, tools, books and courses. It would take more than a lifetime to research them all. So how do you work out what works? In this episode Ian Child gives us the lowdown on 5 tools that he thinks can make a big difference. By focusing on a small number of things that have big impact you can really supercharge your success in whatever area you want to excel. This can apply not only to property but also...