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Your Inside Track In The World Of Property

Your Inside Track In The World Of Property
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Your Inside Track In The World Of Property






How Passive Is Passive Income? (PCEO0201)

“How Much Work Is Really Involved With Property?” We all like the sound of passive income, and it’s one of the major attractions of the property world. But exactly how passive is it in reality? Here Ian Child from propertyCEO takes a look at each of the main project strategies and gives us a flavour of how much work is really involved with each, and how you can go about finding out for yourself how much work is involved before you commit to your own strategy. There’s also some fighting...


How To Find Property Deals (PCEO0110)

“Effective Frog Kissing” Kissing frogs might not be everyone’s idea of a good time but when it comes to finding property deals, you invariably need to check out a lot of ugly sisters before you find Cinderella. In this episode Ritchie Clapson from propertyCEO mercifully ditches any further Disney analogies and instead heads straight for the heart of the matter – where you should be looking to find your next property deal, and more importantly how you can do it effectively and efficiently....


Avoiding Legal Pitfalls In Property (PCEO0109)

“What Your Solicitor Really Thinks About You.” Legal problems are the last thing any property developer wants to encounter, but what can a less-experienced person do to head these issues off at the pass? In this episode Ritchie Clapson from propertyCEO catches up with award-winning solicitor and development conveyancing specialist Paul Sams from law firm Dutton Gregory. Paul explains the importance of getting an experienced solicitor on your team from the outset and looks at the most...


Outsource Your Life (PCEO0108)

“Improving your hourly rate…” Many businesses use outsourcing but what about you? And more specifically have you ever thought about outsourcing things in your personal life to free up time for yourself or your business? In this episode, Ian Child from propertyCEO introduces us to the world of personal outsourcing and looks at a number of ways in which we can both free up time and improve our hourly rate. We also get to find out what price Ian himself places on his time (it’s a shocking...


Essential Property Business Skills (PCEO0107)

“What every property investor and developer needs to know…” “You don’t know what you don’t know” goes the saying – and this is never truer than in property, where many people start a property enterprise without ever having run a business before. But this can all too often prove to be a recipe for disaster… As both a property mentor and business advisor, Ritchie Clapson of propertyCEO has witnessed many casualties over the years – property people who hadn’t mastered the basic business...


Finding Finance (PCEO0106)

“Show Me The Money” Money may be the root of all evil, but it’s still pretty essential when it comes to property development. In fact one of the great things about property is that you're able to leverage other people’s money; you don’t actually need to have to have any of your own to invest. So where does this money come from? Ritchie Clapson from propertyCEO has been talking to leading commercial finance broker, Terry Rice of TJR Commercial, who gives us the lowdown on how your broker...


Build Your Own Time Machine (PCEO0105)

“Back To The Future?” We always seem to be busy – there are never enough hours in the day. So how can we find the time to create or manage a property business? Is it even possible that we could claw back some time in our future? propertyCEO’s very own Ian Child believes he may just have the answer. His goal is to get you back 42 hours a week – that’s a whole 25% of your life! It’s a bold claim but when you hear some of the shocking statistics about how we waste our time, you'll start to...


Picking The Right Property Strategy (PCEO0104)

“Which Path Should You Take?” For many people the world of property investment appears pretty straightforward. Surely you just buy a house and rent it out, right? However, scratch the surface and it’s clear that the property world offers an abundance of different strategies. So which is the best one for you? Some offer great long-term equity growth whilst others focus on generating income. Some require your own capital to be invested whilst others can be done with none of your own money....


What Makes Estate Agents Tick (PCEO0103)

“What Do Estate Agents Really Think Of You?” Ever wondered what goes through the mind of an estate agent when you're meeting him or her for the first time? How do you come across? Do they think you're a time waster or a great new source of business? And how can you make sure you get that early call from them before a new opportunity property has gone on the market? Ritchie Clapson from propertyCEO interviews Andrew Furnell, Managing Director of leading independent estate agents Taylor Hill...


The Science Of Successful Networking (PCEO0102)

“The Story Of The Collector, The Wallflower And The Clinger” How many times have you heard the expression; Your Network Is Your Net Worth? So many people go to networking meetings and many of them sit there, quietly petrified, pretending to fiddle with their phones instead of introducing themselves to new connections. And most of the rest do such a bad job of networking that they may as well have gone down the pub. Ian Child from propertyCEO gives a great insight into what can make you a...


Who Needs Property Training? (PCEO0101)

“Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants?” There are lots of training solutions available to both new and experienced property people, but how do you find out which one is right for you? And once you know what solution you need, how do you know whether the training is going to be any good? Ritchie Clapson from propertyCEO has been training and mentoring property developers for over 35 years and in this episode he gives you the lowdown on all the essentials: - Do you actually need to be...