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Illustrating the Teenage Brain: Think Differently and Deeply Ep.10

As a St. Andrew's student, alumna Joy Reeves '18 contributed to the CTTL as a research fellow and a resident illustrator, having designed the covers of two workbooks for the Science of Teaching and School Leadership Academy. She returns to St. Andrew's after her first semester at Duke University to chat with Glenn about her experience bringing Mind, Brain, and Education Science strategies to her college course load.


Reading "Unhappy" Books: Think Differently and Deeply Ep.9

Why do we teach serious novels and tragic dramas, rather than "happy" books, in high school English? Andrew Seidman, St. Andrew's English teacher, shares how reading "unhappy" books helps students put themselves in someone else's shoes, an exercise in theory of the mind that builds social cognition and empathy.


Spaced Repetition for Math Success: Think Differently and Deeply Ep. 8

Have you ever passed out a final exam review packet, only to hear students ask, "Did we ever learn about this?" Karen Kaufman, St. Andrew's Math Department Head, speaks with Glenn about how she introduced the Mind, Brain, and Education Science strategy of spaced repetition to keep her math students from slipping down the "forgetting curve."


Mindfulness in Early Childhood and Elementary Education: Think Differently and Deeply Ep.7

What are the benefits of mindfulness for preschool and elementary-age children, and how can mindfulness practices be integrated into the classroom and at home? Jordan Love, St. Andrew's Head of Lower School, shares how introducing yoga, movement, breathing and other mindfulness practices have transformed the classroom experience for students and teachers alike. Listen to the end for a guided mindful moment with Jordan and Glenn.


Establishing Social Norms in Middle School: Think Differently and Deeply Ep. 6

Dr. Rodney Glasgow, a co-founder of the Student Diversity Leadership Conference and founder of the National Diversity Practitioners Institute, is an in-demand speaker, facilitator, trainer and activist in the areas of diversity, equity and social justice. He's also St. Andrew's Head of Middle School, and sat down with Glenn earlier this year to talk about the social mindset in middle school and how diversity in schools encourages learning through cognitive dissonance.


A Conversation with Dr. Daniel Willingham: Think Differently and Deeply Ep. 5

Dr. Daniel Willingham is a leader in translating university research on Mind, Brain, and Education Science for a K-12 teacher audience. The author of several books, including "Why Students Don't Like School," "The Reading Mind," and "Raising Kids Who Read," Dr. Willingham also wrote the forward to Volume 3 of "Thinking Differently and Deeply." He sat down with Glenn during the Science of Teaching and School Leadership Academy in July to share his experience and insights.


Mastering Memory through Reflection: Think Differently and Deeply Ep. 4

What can teachers do to prepare students for new academic challenges and ensure they don't hit "the wall" when they reach third grade? Christine Lewis, Intermediate School teacher and Responsive Classroom facilitator, shares how her emphasis on reflection exercises made a difference for her third graders.


Reinventing the Final Exam: Think Differently and Deeply Podcast Ep. 3

Does a rigorous final exam need to be done with pen and paper? St. Andrew's Episcopal School science teachers Kim O'Shaughnessy and Phyllis Robinson proposed an alternative exam to their students and offered them a choice. In the third episode of our podcast, Kim and Phyllis share how choice sparked intrinsic motivation and inspired success among their biology students.


The Stone of Knowledge: Think Differently and Deeply Podcast Ep. 2

Active learning happens when children ask questions - just ask first grade "knowledge makers" at St. Andrew's Episcopal School. First-Grade Teacher Sung Hee Kim shares how she introduced elementary school students to metacognition with help from a stone.


Our Research-Informed Schedule: Think Differently and Deeply Podcast Ep.1

What does a research-informed school day look like? The first episode of the Think Differently and Deeply Podcast features Dr. Ian Kelleher, Director of Research for the CTTL, and Head of Intermediate School Judy Kee, who discuss the creation of the school’s new 2018-2019 schedule.