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Thomas Umstattd’s guest interviews on various podcasts.




Search Engine Optimization for Author Websites

Mark Dawson & James Blatch recently had me on the Self Publishing Show to discuss author websites, marketing data, Christian publishing, advertising, AI, and more. You can find the episode here. There is also a video version you can find here:


Should More Christians Write Novels?

In this episode of Cary and Cooper Have Words, we talk about the process of writing a novel, how to do it, and what pitfalls to look out for.


Novel Marketing And Christian Publishing on the Creative Penn Podcast

Thanks to Joanna Penn of the Creative Penn podcast for having me on as a guest! In this episode, we talk about: You can find the blog version of the interview here. If you don’t yet listen to the Creative Penn podcast, you should check it out. It is one of the best publishing podcasts […]


Creating a Guestcast to Share Your Interviews with Book Marketing Mania

In this episode you will learn: Advice for authors who worry “if I start talking about my book NOW, no one will buy it when it releases LATER” How to maximize the back of your book to build your email list and sell more books How podcast hosts can collaborate on one episode to air […]


Should Christian Creators Abandon Secular Fiction Markets?

In this episode of Fantastical Truth, E. Stephen Burnett, Zackary Russell, and I talk with me about how Christian authors can and should navigate secular publishing markets. Specifically, we talk about the myth that long ago, Christians and publishing companies lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed when evangelicals got fearful and/or legalistic, so they chose to leave […]


How to Create an Online Course

In this episode of Your Best Writing Life, Linda Goldfarb and Thomas Umstattd Jr. discuss why and where authors should start Creating Online Courses. Plus common mistakes writers easily make. Learn the first steps an author should take before creating a course, the common mistakes course creators make, how to attract students to your course, how to […]


Creativity & Podcasting with David Lee Martin

In this episode of The David Lee Martin Show, David and I talk about how to use podcasts to bless listeners.


Finding God in the Midst of a Mental Breakdown

Have you ever found yourself so busy that life just feels out of control? What if you had to lay down some of your responsibilities to find a bit of sanity again? Could you do it? In this episode of God in the Ordinary, Sharon Tedford interviews me about my mental breakdown and recovery. I […]


Applying Business Principles to Your Author Life and More

In episode 084 of the Wish I’d Known Then . . . For Writers Podcast I talk with Sara Rosett and Jami Albright about mistakes authors make with social media and how to avoid them. We delve into the world of ubiquity and scarcity and discuss how to use scarcity to sell your books. He’s […]


Developing Courage as a Writer

Erin and Karen had me on the Write from the Deep podcast to talk about courage. Without it, your writing will never touch hearts. You can find a link to the original episode (as well as subscribe links) here.


How to Grow Your Platform With Podcasting Kingdom Writers Podcast Interview

In this episode of Kingdom Writers, Shelley Hitz and I talk about how you can use the power of podcasting to reach more readers and sell more books. Links You can find the show notes and the video version of this podcast here. You can find my gear guide here.


Platform Building for Writers

I was recently a guest on the Your Best Writing Life podcast. Authors’ platforms – what a platform is and how to build yours. Where should you build your platform? Linda’s guest, Thomas Umstattd Jr. is here to answer our questions. Thomas is the founder of Author Media and the host of the Novel Marketing […]


Buzz on Book Biz

In this episode of Buzz on Book Biz. host Richelle Wiseman talks with me about platform building, book promotion, and the pros and cons of indie vs traditional publishing.


Book Marketing on the 20 Minutes of Influence

The 20 Minutes of Influence podcast explores the secrets to getting others to market and sell on your behalf. You can find my interview with Greg Jamison here.


How to Become a Great Writer

In this episode of Chad Cargill’s ACT Test Prep Podcast, Chad and I talk about how to get published and how to write a great book. You can find the original post here. Chad Cargill took the ACT test 18 times in high school raising his score 13 points and scoring in the 99.5 percentile. […]


All Things Indie Interview With Thomas Umstattd Jr. (Part 2)

We talk about publishing, crowdfunding, and more. You can listen to part 1 and part 2 on the All Things Indie website.


All Things Indie Interview With Thomas Umstattd Jr. (Part 1)

We talk about publishing, crowdfunding, and more. You can listen to part 1 and part 2 on the All Things Indie website.


Good Friday Testimony About Forgiveness

On Good Friday my church, Hope Chapel has a special service where people share testimonies reflecting on one of the last words of Jesus. This year, I shared a testimony reflecting on the phrase “Father forgive them, the don’t know what they are doing.” This is the recording of that testimony.


How to Make Money With Your Podcast – Thomas Umstattd on Nice Guys on Business

In this episode of the Nice Guys on Business Podcast, Doug Sandler and I talk about podcasting and specifically, how to make money with podcasting using platforms like Patreon. 854 Thomas Umstattd: Growing Famous and Rich


Thomas Umstattd on Creatives Making Money Podcast

In this episode, Jamie Jenson and I talk about crowdfunding for creative projects. You can find out more about her podcast here. Some Takeaways Include: How many ways you can use crowdfunding for your projects Understanding the difference between failure and intentionally failing How to find the type of customer that defends you The best […]