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TruthPoint Videos are produced in greater Austin, Texas. Our entire team is passionate about, and highly engaged in, the production of videos on topics that are important to us all. We come at the great questions of our day from a unique Biblical persp...


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TruthPoint Videos are produced in greater Austin, Texas. Our entire team is passionate about, and highly engaged in, the production of videos on topics that are important to us all. We come at the great questions of our day from a unique Biblical persp...






Family of Yeshua-Public meeting

Due to the early attempts to remove Messiah's family from favor, the narrative representing them as unbelieving and unhelpful in Messiah's ministry was generated. Even today this negative view of Messiah's family is still accepted by many. Yet, there are only a couple of passages in the Gospels that can be used to put Messiah's family in a negative light. Its time to shine a positive light on those passages, revealing Yeshua's family for the pillars of the true faith that all early believers...


Signs American is Doomed-Pointing the Way Out!

The date half way between two rare “American Total Solar Eclipses” is December 14,2020 - The day the Republic died. Greater than any “writing on the wall” - a mighty sign was seen in the heavens indicating the Creator crossing out America! Everything has changed now. What do we do? Visit for more. . .


Timely Public Meeting

Signs America is Doomed


One and Only Nation Written in the Stars Part4

The One & Only Nation Written in the Stars! Part Four: Recent Signs in the Sun, Moon, and Stars - While human space exploits are indeed part of the signs of the times, these are not the only "signs in the sun, moon, and stars." The Creator has signs of His own that He has been displaying upon His great canvas in the heavens. Those signs are especially for His servants, and can only be discerned by them. Here is a video update on some of the more recent signs in the sky that only the Creator...


One and Only Nation Written in the Stars Part 3

According to Scripture, the wrath of God will soon fall on "ALL the nations" of this world (Isaiah 34:1-2). Could that include America? What about the word ALL don't you understand? America gets no special pass exempting it from righteous judgment against the corruption and evil that now permeates this land. Some are putting up a valiant fight against the corruption, but at this point the die is cast, and America is already lost with the other nations - even if many can't allow themselves to...


The One and Only Nation Written in the Stars! Part 2

If you will view this new video all the way through, Discovering the Nation Written in the Stars, you will be witness to a jaw-dropping truth. Judge the evidence for yourself as you view this message. I believe the evidence is so clear you will be forced by the evidence to accept that the Creator inscribed a nation in the stars when He created the stars, and that remains so to this day! Adding to the weight of this astounding fact is that He wrote this in the heavens before He ever even...


The Creator Wrote Signs in the Sky

A global dictatorship: That's what the corrupt super-wealthy globalists are bringing on mankind, powered by money, influence and technology to make it happen. Globalist traitors, betrayers, double agents, saboteurs, opportunists and cowards now riddle the governments and bureaucracies of, not only America, but of every major country in the world. Unimaginable money has been spent and is being spent to buy politicians and other players in strategic positions to act, like an army of termites,...


End of the World - Ages of the World Video Series (Video 4 of 4)

THE AGES OF THE WORLD, PART 4, THE END OF THE WORLD - As we look back over the 21st Century, we see a pattern over time that looks something like a layer cake, with layers laid down and left in place, with each successive layer stacked one upon the other. At this point, remaining future layers, as projected and published by the globalist architects - the 'bakers' of the cake - can be known. The bakers may vary the timeframe a little, so the dates may vary a little, but this is a pretty good...


Last Great Day - Last Age of the World

Next in our Month 7 live-streams is: Last Great Day - Last Age of the World. This the third video of four in this series. View the archives at for the recordings. During the broadcast, "this week's Tsiyon News" is mentioned. Here is a link to that Tsiyon News edition.


Six Ages of the World - Video 2 of 4

SIX AGES OF THIS WORLD - This is the second video in the Ages of the World series, namely: Six Ages of the World. You may have heard it said that this world must end after 6000 years of human history. You may not know where this idea comes from or what it is based on, however. This presentation gives you the background that will clear that up for you! This video deals with Bible chronology and prophecy regarding the 6,000 year period that is believed by many to end with the Return of Messiah...



HOPE! - This is something we all need! Why not take a moment away from #crazy2020 and be inspired and encouraged by this Scriptural message of HOPE! Join us for more at: TruthPoint.Info Videos which pierce the darkness! Tsiyon Road Radio Fellowship, Bible-studies, prophecy seminars and more. Eliyahu's Author Page


7 Days of Creation - Ages of the World Video Series

It is a known fact that in any crisis those who accept reality early, and adapt with faith, courage and a sound mind, are the ones who overcome. That's why I've been speaking harsh reality for decades. Not to discourage people or to ruin their fun. No. I want to prepare them for the end of the world. For real. Most still don't want to hear it. Yet, those who are ready for a teachable moment will benefit greatly from this Ages of the World video series. Remember this: the end of the world is...


Trumpets - Yom Teruah Meeting

For those who belong to Messiah, at His Return, death will be completely canceled out! When Messiah appears in the clouds as promised, and we hear the archangel's voice, and the sound of the last trump, those who have died in Him will be raised first! What a comfort this is as we endure the loss of believing loved ones. Yes, we still grieve such losses, but "not like the rest who have no hope." We know we will be reunited with them again, on that Day! Those of us who live until the Day of...


What Happens When we all LOVE Elohim?

"Eye has not seen, and ear has not heard," now has it risen up into the heart of man, the things which Elohim has prepared for those that love Him. 1 Corinthians 2:9 Thank you for joining us in this Restoring the Assembly - Beyond Acts 9 video series. Did you miss any of the video content? All 9 videos are available at Want more great content? Check back in 2-3 days we will be live-streaming over the next 4 weeks.


Restoring Israel is Restoring the Assembly

The Gentile Church has had nearly 1,900 years to fulfill that purpose of the Lord, and has not, can not, and will not. The reason, as has been revealed in the Restoring the Assembly video series, is because the Gentile Church is a manmade construct - not the original body organized and empowered by Messiah in the 1st Century. The Assembly of Messiah in the 1st Century was the Renewed Nation of Israel! To fulfill Messiah's prayer for His unified people will require returning back to the...


The Great Gentile Schism

Next in our Restoring the Assembly video series. The Christian Church was Never Part of Messiah's Original Assembly! It is easily proven that these 2nd Century Gentile "Christians" outnumbered the original Hebraic Messianic believers by a large margin, so were easily able to redefine the word Christian to refer to themselves, making it appear they were the original group. They weren't. They were a break-off faction from the original movement, a schism, a mutation, a monstrosity. They totally...


Paul Was Never Part of the Christian Church!

Next in our Restoring the Assembly video series. Revisionism of Rome Completely Distorted the Historic Role of Paul! The real truth is this: The movement of Messiah and the Apostles of the 1st century stands alone. There is no historical link, other than falsified documents, connecting that 1st century movement with the Gentile Christian movement of the mid 2nd century, that evolved into the institutionalized Roman Church reformed by the Protestant reformers. No Christian wants to believe...


The Great Judaic Schism

Next in our Restoring the Assembly video series. What REALLY happened in Israel when Messiah came in the First Century?


Restoring the Assembly

Restoring the Assembly video series - Beyond the Book of Acts


Lord of the Rings - Insights into the growing darkness of this Last Age

Timeless principles unfolding before our eyes are the key to understanding the confusing darkness that has overtaken our modern world. Some of these principles were masterfully woven together into the imaginary world, the legendarium, of J. R. R. Tolkien, defining the fantasy world of Lord of the Rings fame. In those books an almost imperceptible rising dark cloud of evil began to intermittently disturb the otherwise tranquil patterns of life in the realms of Middle Earth. While most paid it...