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Prepare for your U.S. Citizenship Interview with mock interviews, civics quizzes, and the latest citizenship and immigration news and resources.

Prepare for your U.S. Citizenship Interview with mock interviews, civics quizzes, and the latest citizenship and immigration news and resources.
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Prepare for your U.S. Citizenship Interview with mock interviews, civics quizzes, and the latest citizenship and immigration news and resources.






What's New with USCIS? An Interview with USCIS Public Affairs Officer Arwen FitzGerald

We are back from our hiatus with an interview with USCIS Public Affairs Arwen FitzGerald. She talks about the latest developments from USCIS, particularly the MyUSCIS account which you can use to apply for citizenship online. Download and listen: Read the transcript: Video with subtitles: For more information, see USCIS Home Page Look...


Citizenship Quiz for All Saints and Day of the Dead 2018

All Saints and Day of the Dead are part of a 3-day festival that remembers the lives of those who passed before us. Here are some great Americans who passed away this year. Citizenship Quiz for All Saints and Day of the Dead 2018 listen: read: watch: coming soon! Many children like to dress up as superheroes for Halloween. Their favorite, Superman,...


Min Hui Liu Talks about her U.S. Citizenship Interview

Next week is Constitution and Citizenship Week during which students young and old study and sign the Constitution, affirming their commitment to uphold the principles and laws of the United States. USCIS and federal judges co-host special Oath Ceremonies in honor of the signing of Constitution on Sept 17, 1787. Today we will listen to our second interview with Min Hui Liu, who passed her citizenship interview on Sept 11, and has been invited to take her Oath of Naturalization during one...


U.S. Citizenship Interview with Officer David Part 2

Every week, we bring you practice interviews, quizzes, resources, and the latest news that help you get ready for your US citizenship interview. Before we begin, we would like to note that the Senatei s discussing the nomination for the next Supreme Court justice. Please follow the debate and vote on You can also use the Countable app to contact your Senators and make your opinion known about this issue and other upcoming legislation. Today we will listen to our second...


U.S. Citizenship Interview with Officer David

Before we begin, we would like to mark the passing of Senator John McCain. in the democratic strongholds of San Jose and Milpitas, this republican senator is held in high esteem as a warrior who pursued peace out of his deep respect for the Vietnamese people. His wisdom will be deeply missed. Because it is the beginning of the school, we will listen to an easy Citizenship Interview of 15 questions based on the N- 400 Application for Naturalization plus geography and...


US Citizenship Interview with Felipe Toledo

Today we celebrate Back to School Week with an quick interview with Felipe Toledo. Felipe is a proud father of five children, whose daughter is currently serving in a non-combatant position in the US Army Reserves. Let's get started! LISTEN to US Citizenship Podcast US Citizenship Podcast Show website US Citizenship Podcast Daily blog: Our videos on YouTube: Order "US...


Min Hui's Citizenship Interview

Applicants who used to wait about four months for a Citizenship Interview appointment are now waiting eight months or more. This weekend I received a joyful text from my long-time student, Min Hui, that she finally received her citizenship appointment letter. (She applied in Sept 2107). Here is her practice interview from June plus a round-robin civics quiz from her fellow citizenship students. After her interview, I will talk a bit more about how to check USCIS Processing times. How to...


US Citizenship Interview with Min Zheng

Please forgive my sudden hiatus--my father has a series of stroke during Memorial Day and died in early in July. He was a master teacher, and although I am devastated my his loss, I continued to work with my students during this time. Here is a recording with Min Zheng, a doctor from China. After her interview, the students ask her the civics questions. It may be a little difficult to hear and understand some of the questions. Use this opportunity to listen for key words and practice...



Today we talk to Annie Marie Rivera Montes, who is a native of Guam and a teacher (retired) of the Chamorro culture. Guam is a territory of the United States in the western Pacific Ocean. It is the westernmost point (in terms of jurisdiction) and territory of the United States, along with Northern Mariana Islands. The inhabitants of Guam are called Guamanians, and they are American citizens by birth. Indigenous Guamanians are the Chamorros, who are related to other Austronesian natives to...


Linda Chen talks about PASSING her US Citizenship Interview

Linda Chen talks about studying for, going to, and PASSING her US Citizenship Interview. At the end of the interview, she gives tips in Mandarin and Taiwanese. Listen to all three of Linda's practice interviews: A Casual Citizenship Interview with Linda Chen Linda Chen's Second Citizenship Interview A "Regular" Citizenship Interview...


Citizenship Interview with Osman Nejat (Kabul, Afghanistan)

A short citizenship interview with "examiner" with Osman Nejat (Kabul, Afghanistan), the Citizenship and GED/HiSET teacher from New Haven Adult School. After the interview, Teacher Osman reflects on being bi-lingual and bi-cultural in America. This interview was recorded at the 2018 conference in Fresno,CA. Read more about Teached Osman's journey from ESL student to ESL teacher


Citizenship Interview with Nahil Ireiqat (Jerusalem)

In honor of Ramadan, my fellow teacher, Nahil Ireiqat (Jerusalem), asks questions based N-400 Application for Naturalization and requests further explanation for Part 12 vocabulary. You can follow along at: A “Regular” Citizenship Interview Based on the USCIS N-400r (6 pgs, 75 questions) (updated 10/01/2016) pdf: ppt: vocab pdf: N-400r Part 12 Overview pptx via Google Slides (30 vocabulary words)...


San Diego Citizenship Interview with Teacher Thu Ha Nguyen

In this interview, I interview Teacher Thu Ha Nguyen about her online citizenship course that she developed for the San Diego Continuing Education (SDCE) which is the adult education division of the San Diego Community College District (SDCCD). This interview was recorded at the San Diego CATESOL Conference where we also recorded five quick citizenship videos with her fellow SDCE citizenship teachers, Mechelle Perrot and Rose-Elena Lopez. The first video is up now in which I, the...


Milpitas Adult School Open House Citizenship Interview with Chris Norwood

Part 1: Chris Norwood, Vice-President of the MUSD School Board of Trustees, conducts a mock Citizenship Interviews with Teacher Jennifer Part 2: Chris Norwood, Vice-President of the MUSD School Board of Trustees, talks about the Milpitas Unified School District ( He describes our Parent University and an upcoming bond measure that will support the growth of the Ayer Adult Education Center (amongst other MUSD projects). Furthermore, he encourages adult students and citizens...


Adult Education Matters Interview Part 2

An interview with Principal Giuliana Brahim of Milpitas Adult Education. First, you will hear basic 25 question interview based on the USCIS N-400. Then, Principal Giuliana describes Milpitas Adult Education and Corrections programs and the future of Adult Education. The mission of Milpitas Adult Education is to empower, strengthen, and grow our adult learners. Learn more at For our students' convenience, we have taken sound bites from this podcast and posted...


Adult Education Matters Interview Part 1

An interview with Principal Giuliana Brahim of Milpitas Adult Education. First, you will hear a simple, 10 question interview twice: once with single words answers, and the second time Principal Giuliana answers the questions in complete sentences. Although the vocabulary and grammar become more difficult, it is important to note that both the short and long answers provide complete information. Remember: the USCIS officer wants the truth and needs complete information. Then, Principal...


A U.S. Citizenship Quiz for Easter

Today's quiz pairs ten citizenship questions with ten American Christians from the western Catholic and Protestant traditions: Bartolomé de las Casas Sojourner Truth Aimee Semple McPherson Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin Bishop Fulton Sheen Mother Angelica Billy Graham Huston Smith Watchman Nee This quiz is a follow up to last year's quiz about American Christians from the Eastern Orthodox traditions. Later, dig deeper into the lives of these saints. For example, Bartolome de las...


2018 Spring U.S. Citizenship Interview with Pari Akbari, Iran

Happy Spring! Before we begin today's interview, I encourage you to visit the updated homepage. Of particular note are their self-service tools under the Tool header. You can easily file your N-400 online, check your case status, check application processing times, and access many other services. In honor of Persian New Year, we are going to revisit an practice Citizenship interview that I recorded in 2007 with a fellow ESL teacher and great friend, Nilou from Isfahan, Iran. Every...


Ten New Citizenship Resources

Spring time is conference season! Here are ten new resources (in alphabetical order) that I talk about in my Citizenship workshops. Let's get started! 1. 60-Second Civics Podcast 60-Second Civics is a daily podcast that provides a quick and convenient way for listeners to learn about our nation’s government, the Constitution, and our history. Recent episodes have focused on the rights and responsibilities of citizenship. 2. CitizenshipWorks Prep...


Eight Outstanding Americans by Choice for International Women’s Day!

From 2006-2017, USCIS gave the Outstanding Americans by Choice Award to naturalized citizens who have made significant contributions to both their community and their adopted country, America. We continue this tradition with a quiz honoring eight outstanding immigrant women on International Women’s Day. Bonus content: quiz pdf More Citizenship Resources for Women's History Month at