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Discover the University of Portsmouth through our podcasts. Here you'll find interviews with researchers, lecturers, as well as graduates and current students highlighting some of the best parts of being at our university.

Discover the University of Portsmouth through our podcasts. Here you'll find interviews with researchers, lecturers, as well as graduates and current students highlighting some of the best parts of being at our university.


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Discover the University of Portsmouth through our podcasts. Here you'll find interviews with researchers, lecturers, as well as graduates and current students highlighting some of the best parts of being at our university.






News Update - Election violence in the Philippines

A new report published in Pacific Affairs, co-authored by Dr Tom Smith, Principal Lecturer in International Relations and Terrorism, investigates election violence in the Philippines. It is the first academic research published on the issue in 23 years and with new elections taking place next year, the research suggests they could be the bloodiest ever. In a new podcast, Dr Smith examines the increasing violence, the armed groups involved and murky role of state security forces across the...


Remembering the past – 100 years after one of the UK’s most fatal railway staff accident

The centenary of one of the UK’s worst railway track worker accidents will be remembered on Sunday 26 September 2021. Dr Mike Esbester, Senior Lecturer in History at the University of Portsmouth, has been investigating the tragic accident in Bristol as part of the 'Railway Work, Life & Death' project.


News Update - Making football a Fair Game

In a new podcast, Christina Philippou talks about her role with Fair Game, who recently revealed a new vision for our national game. Christina has joined 25 clubs from the English Football League, 40 world-renowned experts and 19 leading politicians to launch their new vision for football. Christina is the Director of Policy of Fair Game and has joined 25 clubs from the English Football League, 40 world-renowned experts and 19 leading politicians to launch a new vision for our national game....


News Update - Do older lives matter?

In a new podcast, Dr Bethany Simmonds talks about her research that examines aging and the health and social care crisis, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. In her new book, ‘Ageing and the crisis in health and social care: global and national perspectives’ Dr Simmonds, Senior Lecturer in the School of Education & Sociology, explores how Neoliberalism has been successful in perpetuating ‘New Ageism’ and driving intergenerational conflict by suggesting that older people’s wellbeing is...


News Update - Protecting the Solent's marine environment

In a new podcast, Dr Ian Hendy talks about his research that will greatly improve the vibrant wildlife, the environment and benefit communities local to the Solent. Dr Hendy, Senior Teaching Fellow in the School of Biological Sciences, is involved in a number of exciting marine conversation projects on the South Coast of England including a re-wilding project that aims to create a safe habitat for one of the UK’s native seahorse species, the protected Short Snouted Seahorse and a Sir David...


Fingerprinting pangolin scales to fight wildlife crime with Dr Nick Pamment

In this episode of Life Solved, we hear about a cross-disciplinary project to help fight the illegal trade in plants and animals. Dr Nick Pamment tells us about his Wildlife Crime module and how this led to a collaboration with Jac Reed, a lecturer in Criminology and Dr Paul Smith, a Reader in Crime Science. Together the team have combined their expertise in criminology and forensics to help tackle the illegal wildlife trade. Rangers working in the field can find themselves in dangerous...


Episode 5 - Where could university take you?

With so many subjects to choose from at university, it can be daunting for a young person to decide which they would prefer, which is best for them and which provides them with the best prospects. In this episode, current student Andrew talks about his own challenges of choosing a university course and his experience of transferring courses in his first year of university and the career considerations he had along the way. We look at the independence and transferable skills university...


Episode 4 - Living independently at university

Many students move away from home to study at university; some receive a lot of support from their parents and relatives, some now need to live completely independently. Ruth is estranged from her parents, and in this episode, she talks about her experiences of moving to university and learning to support herself as an independent student. Talking through her experiences of independent living, Ruth discusses the ‘fresh start’ that university gave her and the importance of the friends she...


Episode 3 - Looking after your mental health

Different things in our lives can impact our mental health in different ways. In this episode, current students Andrew and Tia discuss the ways that relationships, personal circumstances and education can affect our mental health and wellness. Andrew and Tia stress the importance of checking in with yourself regularly and promoting mental wellness. As well as discussing possible activities and interventions individuals can try themselves, the students also explore the various ways a young...


Episode 2 - University housing, landlords and flatmates

This episode explores the various housing options available to students at university. Current students Ruth & Charlie discuss the pros and cons of both halls of residence and private renting. Sharing their own experiences of moving away to university, the students talk us through what it was like to live with new people and make new friends. Ruth and Charlie also chat about how they found their student housing and the processes involved in working with landlords and estate agents. This...


Episode 1 - Impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic

In this episode, we hear from students currently studying at both the University of Portsmouth and the University of Southampton. The students chat about what it’s been like to study during the pandemic, the impact of the lockdown measures on their personal lives, and their time at university. We also take a look at some of the steps people have taken to look after themselves and their mental health during this challenging time. This series has been created as part of our Moving UP outreach...


News Update - New source of gravitational waves discovered

For the first time, scientists have picked up the ripples in space-time caused by the death spiral of two celestial juggernauts – a neutron star and a black hole. Listen to a podcast with Dr Ian Harry and Dr Laura Nuttall from the University of Portsmouth's Institute of Cosmology and Gravitation about this brand new source of gravitational waves.


News Update - New UN report calls for urgent help for world’s oceans

Professor Steve Fletcher talks about a new report he has written and why Life in our oceans will continue to be destroyed without a coordinated global approach.


News Update - Learn more about the King of Horror

Fans of Stephen King, and those wanting to understand why screen adaptations of his tales of terror and suspense are so successful, can join a free all-day symposium at the University of Portsmouth on Friday 21 May. Dr Rebecca Janicker from the School of Film, Media and Communication at the University of Portsmouth, who is hosting the event - tells us more.


News Update - Mental health: Our job is to bear witness

In this podcast for National Mental Health Awareness Week, Dr Sandra Walker urges us to approach anyone we suspect to be suffering from a respectful curiosity. She discusses how mental illness is not something to recover from, but can be a way of discovering who you will next be, and the community's role is to give care and support, to bear witness, rather than try to fix things.


News Update - DinoMAYnia celebrates all things dinosaur

In a new podcast, Dr Nizar Ibrahim talks about all things dinosaur and why we are still fascinated by these animals, millions of years after they became extinct. The first annual DinoMAYnia, a month-long celebration of all things dinosaur from National Geographic Kids, is underway. Dr Nizar Ibrahim, Senior Lecturer in Palaeontology in our School of the Environment, Geography, and Geosciences and spokesperson for the event, talks about what is happening during the coming weeks. In the...


Making Waves - Godfrey Atuahene Jr

In this episode, we speak with the University of Portsmouth alumnus Godfrey Atuahene Jr BA (Hons) Business Studies & HR Management ’11 about his work as Secretariat Task Force lead at the Cabinet Office. Having joined the Cabinet Office during the pandemic, Godfrey was immediately thrown into the midst of the Government response. Now working on the vaccine rollout, the roadmap out of lockdown, as well as projects around mental health, diversity and inclusion, it is Godfrey's desire to help...


Revealed - the 100-million-year-old secret of prehistoric flying giants “ridiculously long” neck

Professor of Palaeobiology, David Martill, talks about discovering the incredible secret to the success of the flying pterosaur with a neck longer than a giraffe.


Making Waves - Rosaria Barretto

In this episode, we speak to the University of Portsmouth alumnus Rosaria Barreto, Personal Trainer and founder of VitalityHub, a health and fitness movement encouraging people who find exercise difficult to move more. With a dream of transforming communities through the benefits of better physical and mental health, Rosaria has been working with the most isolated and lonely members of society - an effort that has proved even more vital during the COVID-19 pandemic. Discover more about our...


Making Waves - Nida Malik

In this episode, we speak to the University of Portsmouth alumnus Nida Malik, Teaching Fellow and founder of Dental Adventures, A UK based charity offering free dental camps in Nepal. Inspired by research she undertook as part of her Master’s Degree, Nida is using her dental skills to empower people in rural areas of developing countries by providing vital healthcare and education, an effort that is inspiring her students at Portsmouth. Discover more about our Alumni at Portsmouth:...