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Podcast: Wargaming Today

Date of publication: 21/09/2018 Description: On 4-6 Sept, the Connections UK wargaming conference, hosted by King’s College London, once again succeeded in bringing together wargaming users, practitioners and academics "to advance and sustain the art, science and application of wargaming." In light of this event, we are once again going to talk wargaming. Despite how it sounds, Wargaming is not necessarily a leisure activity. Although war games are interesting and thrilling to play, many of...


Inaugural Lecture: Prof 'Funmi Olonisakin

Description: Leadership & 'Conversation' in Dialogue: Securing Peace in the Unromantic Context Stable peace continues to elude societies grappling with cycles of violent conflict and general insecurity. About half of the situations where the United Nations has intervened to bring about peace have experienced violent relapse. Liberal peacebuilding has only delivered mixed results. Yet a suitable alternative is yet to emerge. This lecture will argue for new thinking and approach to building...


Event: The Future of Relations between Russia and The West

Date of recording: 04/07/2018 Summary: Experts in both Russia and the West agree that the level of contemporary misunderstanding of actions, intentions and aims in the relations between Russia and the West might lead to irreversible miscalculations and responses that will increase the chances of an undesirable escalation, significantly endangering global security. In other words, the increasing popularisation of understandings based on mutual mistrust and emotional responses might lead to...


Podcast: The Art-IR Nexus

Date of publication: 20/07/2018 Description: On the 30th of June, Dr Pablo de Orellana of the Dept. of War Studies and Dr. Laurie Benson of the Dept. of Politics and International Studies at SOAS convened on a workshop titled, "War for Presence: Conflict and Identity at the Art-IR Nexus." This one-day workshop sought to open space for new dialogue between International Relations (IR) scholars, Art Historians, and cultural practitioners working on issues of art and conflict. The core...


Event: Conquer We Must: Writing About Britain In Two World Wars

Date of recording: 10/07/2018 Description: Prof. Robin Prior - This talk is based upon a book I have been commissioned to write by Yale University Press on the military history of Britain in two world wars. The book will have two main themes: the conduct of military operations, and the role of the civilian and military leadership in the inception and control of those operations. A vital aspect of the book is to reappraise issues of contention in the scholarly literature by returning to and...


Podcast: Studying with The Centre for Science and Security Studies

Date of publication: 06/07/2018 Description: The School of Security Studies at King's is not only home to the Depts of War Studies and Defense Studies, but it is also home to multiple research and teaching centres, one of which is the focus of today's podcast. The Centre for Science and Security Studies, or CSSS, is a multi-disciplinary research and teaching group that brings together scientific experts with specialists in politics, international relations and history across the Departments...


Event: Understanding Complex Conflicts: The First World War

Date of recording: 13/06/2018 Description: On the 13th of June, the School of Security Studies hosted its annual Understanding Complex Conflicts research conference, which showcased some of the research currently underway in the Departments of War Studies and Defence Studies. As the centenary of the First World War is nearing a close, the first panel of this research conference was dedicated to the exploration of the complexities of the Great War. This panel covered topics such as military...


Prof Andrew Lambert, 'The Development Of Maritime Strategy, 1914 - 1916

Professor Andrew Lambert discusses elements of the Battle of Jutland to mark the Centenary of the battle. Including the development of the UK's maritime strategy in the build up the battle and during the first few years of World War one. This paper was delivered in 2016 to mark the centenary of the Battle of Jutland, it was held at JSC Shrivenham in conjunction with a First World War research group. Professor Lambert is the chair of the Laughton Unit for Naval History in the Department of...


Dr John Brooks, The Battle Of Jutland 'An unpalatable result'

Alumni PhD researcher of the Laughton unit, Dr John Brooks discusses elements of the Battle of Jutland to mark the centenary of the Battle. It was held at JSC Shrivenham in conjunction with a First World War research group in 2016.


“The Battle Of Jutland 31st May – 1st June 1916” By Professor Andrew Lambert

“The Battle of Jutland 31st May – 1st June 1916” By Professor Andrew Lambert. Hosted by the First World War Research Group.


Occasional Laughton Paper 2017: Studying Naval History Matters to the Modern Navy, James W.E. Smith

Laughton Occasional Paper, James W.E. Smith details discussions points over the challenges naval historians faced post 1945 when attempting to communicate the value of the study of history when considering future defence policy and maritime strategy. DISCLAIMER: Any information, statements or opinions contained in these podcasts are those of the individual speakers. They do not represent the opinions of the Department of War Studies or King's College London.


Maritime Seminars 2017-2018: Australia and India at Sea: Contemporary Security, Helen Sellers

Kings Maritime Seminar Series 2017-2018. Helen Sellers presents on the topic of 'Australia and India at Sea: The Contemporary Security implications of Two Maritime Histories from ancient to modern times.'. The seminar took place on the 7th December 2017 in the Department of War Studies, Kings College London.


Occasional Laughton Paper: The Navy & War Studies

Professor Andrew Lambert and Professor Eric Grove discuss the development of discipline of naval history and its relationship with military history, Kings College London and War Studies.


Podcast: Leadership & 'Conversation' in Dialogue: Securing Peace in the Unromantic Context

Date of publication: 22/06/2018 Description: On the 9th of July, Prof. 'Funmi Olonisakin will give her inaugural lecture on "Leadership and 'Conversation' in Dialogue: Securing Peace in the Unromantic Context." This lecture will argue for new thinking and approaches to building peace that places “Leadership” and “Conversation” at its core. These seemingly simple, every day buzzwords mean something profound and transforming in the hardheaded context of recurring violence. Conversation can...


Event: The New Era of Counterforce

Date of recording: 30/05/2018 Summary: Nuclear deterrence rests on the survivability of nuclear arsenals. For much of the nuclear age, “counterforce” disarming attacks—those aimed at eliminating an opponent’s nuclear forces—were nearly impossible because of the ability of potential victims to hide and protect their weapons. Technological developments, however, are eroding this foundation of nuclear deterrence. Advances rooted in the computer revolution have made nuclear forces around the...


Podcast: Elite Bargains And Political Deals with Christine Cheng

Date of publication: 08/06/2018 Description: This week we are going to hear from Dr Christine Cheng, lecturer in the Dept of War Studies, about the "Elite Bargains and Political Deals Project". This project was initiated by the UK Stabilisation Unit to look into political deal-making in societies affected by armed conflict and instability. As a reminder, the UK Stabilization Unit is the cross-governmental unit tasked with supporting UK government efforts to address instability overseas. In...


Inaugural Lecture: Professor John Bew

22/05/2018 The Pursuit of World Order in Anglo-American Statecraft Description: The pursuit of world order has been an almost ever-present feature of Western — more specifically, American and British — statecraft for over a century. It is embedded in a discourse about international affairs that can be traced back to the late 19th century, when Britain became increasingly conscious of the fragility of its empire, and the United States began to recognise the full extent of its potential power....


Podcast: Security Studies and Understanding Complex Conflicts

Description: In this edition of the War Studies podcast, you will first hear from Prof. Wyn Bowen, Head of the School of Security Studies at King's College London, about the purposes and aims of the School, as well as the Understanding Complex Conflict research event. On 13 June, the Understanding Complex Conflict event will consist of two panels, each respectively dedicated to the First World War and the conflict in Syria. In the second segment of this podcast, you will hear from several of...


Maritime Seminars 2017-2018: Pageantry and Diplomacy in the late-Henrician Navy

Recorded: 10/05/2018 Speaker: Benjamin W. D. Redding, University of Warwick Abstract: Between the 20th and 30th of August 1546, Claude d’Annebault, Admiral of France, visited London as an honorary ambassador following the signing of the Treaty of Ardres. After a major French naval invasion attempt in the previous year, it was appropriate that d’Annebault’s entrance via the Thames was planned to include a ceremonial presentation of England’s naval resources. Bio: Dr Redding defended his...


Podcast: Cyber Conflict with Brandon Valeriano and Tim Stevens

Description Cyber operations are becoming increasingly important in contemporary statecraft, as they provide new means through which states may threaten or act against one another. The cases of Estonia, Saudi Aradia, Iran, and the 2016 US Presidential elections demonstrate that cyber operations can be used to compromise critical infrastructure, damage economies, undermine democracy, and can even amount to formal state conflict. However, according to Dr. Brandon Valeriano, "cyberconflict",...