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Event: The Eritrean National Service: Servitude For The Common Good and the Youth Exodus

Event recording from 27/03/2018. The Eritrean National Service: Servitude For The Common Good and the Youth Exodus - Book Launch by Professor Gaim Kibrea. Summary: The Eritrean National Service (ENS) lies at the core of the post-independence state, not only supplying its military, but affecting every aspect of the country's economy, its social services, its public sector and its politics. Over half the workforce are forcibly enrolled into it by the government, driving the country's youth to...


Event: The Origins of International Counterterrorism - Book Launch by Dr Aviva Guttman

Event recording from 08/03/2018. The European continent was struck by a wave of international terrorism for the first time in the 1970s, and governments had to develop concerted responses and policies to counter the threat. In The Origins of International Counterterrorism, Aviva Guttmann analyses this inter-governmental process from Switzerland’s perspective. Swiss authorities played a surprisingly important role in shaping international counterterrorism cooperation, especially on the secret...


Podcast: Assessing the Future Challenges for the UK's Ministry of Defence

On the 20th March 2018, Stephen Lovegrove, Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Defence, addressed the 27th meeting of King’s College London’s Strand Group. Speaking on the topic of ‘Future Challenges for the Ministry of Defence’, the Permanent Secretary discussed issues relating to deterrence, technology, personnel and value for money. We spoke to event attendees James Silverman, an MA student in the Department of War Studies, Deborah Haynes, the Defence Editor at The Times, and...


Event: Prince Harry Challenges Public Misconceptions About Mental Health Among Veterans

Prince Harry delivered a keynote speech at the annual Veterans’ Mental Health Conference held at King’s College London, on Thursday, March 15th. The event was organised by the King’s Centre for Military Health Research supported by the Forces in Mind Trust. It brings together leading academics, researchers, medical professionals and charities to discuss the key issues in military mental health. This year's event took place under the theme ‘From Enlistment to Retirement'. His Royal Highness...


Student Insight on the Impact of Secrecy on the Intelligence World

War Studies student, Isabella Gardner, interviews Professor Michael Goodman after his inaugural lecture on January 30, 2018, on "The Joint Intelligence Committee and Surprise Attack: Lessons from History". Professor Goodman considers the evolution of the Joint Intelligence Committee’s role as Britain’s watchdog, focussing primarily on the Cold War period. Professor Michael S. Goodman is Professor of ‘Intelligence and International Affairs’ in the Department of War Studies, King's College...


Podcast: Women in War

The theme of this year's International Women’s Day is 'Strength of a Woman: Press for Progress'. Across the world, women are making positive and empowered progress every day. All progress, however small or ordinary it may seem, is one more positive step towards reaching gender equality. In this podcast, we will be exploring the advent of female engagement teams in military situations with Major Nicki Bass, women as perpetrators of terrorist activities and the work of women in...


Event: “The Lion and the Eagle” – Saki Ruth Dockrill Memorial Lecture 2018

Throughout modern history, British and American rivalry has gone hand in hand with common interests. In this book Kathleen Burk examines the different kinds of power the two empires have projected, and the means they have used to do it. What the two empires have shared is a mixture of pragmatism, ruthless commercial drive, a self-righteous foreign policy and plenty of naked aggression. These have been aimed against each other more than once; yet their underlying alliance against common...


Event: Fake News - A Roadmap

Event recording from 28/02/2018 Since 2015 NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence has developed a successful and long-lasting partnership with the King's Centre for Strategic Communications(KCSC) at King's College London. Based on this rewarding experience, the KCSC and the NATO StratCom COE have been developing new ways to put their cooperation into practice. The book “Fake News: A Roadmap’ is one of them. In this project, a group young talented students from the Strategic...


Podcast: Perspectives on Nationalism and the Trump Presidency

In this week’s episode, we explore ideas around nationalism, identity politics, and what the Trump presidency means for the world. We spoke to Dr Pablo de Orellana, Filimon Nomikos, and Dr Charlie Laderman. ____________________ Dr Pablo de Orellana, Fellow of the Department of War Studies at King’s College London, says that 2018 is the year we need to start breaking down the identity-related divisions that nationalism relies upon. We spoke to Dr de Orellana and Filimon Nomikos about the...


Event: The Forgotten Front: Patron-Client Relationships in Counterinsurgency

Event recording from 22/11/2017 In conversation with Deborah Haynes, defence correspondent for The Times, Dr Walter C. Ladwig III discusses the challenges of intervening in internal conflicts and how the United States can best exert influence over a government it is supporting in counterinsurgency to change their policies. Summary: Why has it been so difficult for the United States to effectively assist countries like Iraq and Afghanistan in counterterrorism and counterinsurgency? That's...


Event: Rumour and the Second World War by Professor Jo Fox

Event recording from 06/02/2018: Sir Michael Howard Centre Annual Lecture Sharks in the Channel and Lions on the Loose: Rumour and the Second World War by Professor Jo Fox Belligerent nations during the Second World War went to considerable lengths to trace, document, and contain rumours. Propaganda campaigns were launched, elaborate mechanisms for recording the spread of rumours established, and rumour-mongers prosecuted and publicly vilified. Rumour-mongering was universally denounced as...


Podcast: Art & Reconciliation

Here at the Department of War Studies, we are particularly concerned with contemporary and historical security challenges – all kinds of war, terrorism and more. What these security challenges have in common is that at the heart of each is some aspect of conflict. So, it is not surprising that international organisations and governments have invested billions of dollars in funding projects in post-conflict settings. These projects are supposed to help war-torn and divided societies to...


Podcast: King’s Engaged in Africa – A Conversation with Professor Funmi Olonisakin

In this podcast, we are bringing you an exclusive interview with Professor Funmi Olonisakin. Professor Olonisakin shares her vision for King's College London and assesses the college's impact on the African continent. Also, Professor Olonisakin comments on US President Trump’s alleged comment describing African countries with an offensive word. Funmi Olonisakin is a Professor of Security, Leadership & Development at King’s College London. She is also founding Director of the African...


Event: Sea of Contradiction - Black Seafarers in the Royal Navy

Event recording from 09/11/2017 While Britain was becoming the largest trafficker in human lives across the Atlantic, the Royal Navy was simultaneously the world's largest employer of free African labour. This talk seeks to establish the origins, status and significance of this workforce and how their experiences aboard ship and ashore contributed to Black revolutionary thought across the Atlantic World and to the beginnings of multi-ethnic communities across the British Isles. Speaker S....


Event: The Clash of The New World Orders

Event recording from 4/12/2017; introductory remarks by Dr Natasha Kuhrt. Professor Sakwa explores how the tension between Russia and the Atlantic community mirrored a fundamental realignment of the international system from the late 1980s onwards. He provides a new analysis of the end of the Cold War and the subsequent failure to create a comprehensive and inclusive peace order in Europe. The end of the Cold War did not create a sustainable peace system. Instead, for a quarter of a...


Podcast: The US-UK Special Relationship

What made the transition of hegemonic power from British to American dominance uniquely cooperative and nonviolent? In this podcast, Dr Kori Schake analyses the so-called “special relationship” between the United States and the United Kingdom. One of her main argument is that the transition of hegemonic power between the United Kingdom and the United States was peaceful primarily because both countries shared similar domestic ideologies. But how will this special relationship continue...


Podcast: Peaceful Coexistence – Understanding Russia and the West

How has Russia's revolution in 1917 impacted the West? Can Russia and the West coexist peacefully? In this week's episode, we are bringing you an interview with Professor Alexander Sergunin from the St. Petersburg State University and a keynote address by Dr Samuel Greene from the King's Russia Institute at the conference "1917 to 2017: Russia’s unfinished revolution?”. Professor Sergunin examines how the ‘peaceful coexistence’ concept has impacted Russia's foreign policy since 1917 and...


Event: Harsh Lessons: Iraq, Afghanistan and The Changing Character of War

Event recording from 11/10/2017 Brigadier (Retired) Ben Barry examines the military evolution of the US-led interventions in Afghanistan and Iraq, and their implications for the future character of war. Speaker biography: Brigadier (Retired) Ben Barry, OBE is the IISS (International Institue for Strategic Studies) expert on the higher management of defence, military strategy, operations and tactics, military innovation and adaptation, modern warfare and land warfare in particular. Chair:...


Podcast: Remembering World War One: An Artistic Perspective

In this week’s episode, we are bringing you interviews with Professor Vivienne Jabri and Amanda Faber, founder of the Soldiers and Arts Academy, talking about the interface between arts and academia and how the arts can support war veterans. If you would like to watch the live-streamed video of the Remember Dance performance, you can find it http://bit.ly/2AjjVAK. UPCOMING EVENTS AT KING’S COLLEGE LONDON THE MARJAN MARSH LECTURE 14th November 2017 (18:00-20:00) War Studies Meeting Room...


Event: Soldiers In Revolt: Army Mutinies in Africa

Event recording from 16/10/2017 Dr Maggie Dwyer discusses her research and forthcoming book 'Soldiers in Revolt'. The book examines the understudied phenomenon of military mutinies in Africa. Through interviews with former mutineers in Sierra Leone, Burkina Faso, and The Gambia, it provides a unique and intimate perspective on those who take the risky decision to revolt. This view from the lower ranks is key to comprehending the internal struggles that can threaten a military’s ability to...


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